Wednesday, September 21, 2016

UPDATED: Obama and Trudeau tell UN "Let's all be nice to each other"

Not all of Walt's readers pay a lot of attention to the intersection of American politics and Canadian politics. But you have to be have your anti-liberal blinkers firmly in place to not see the fine bromance that has developed between the Prez and Canada's ultra-photogenic new(ish) Prime Minister Justin "Selfie" Trudeau.

Sadly for their countries, the two amigos share not just a love of the adoration of the masses, but liberal, one-world views on globalization, free trade, refugees and immigrants (especially Muslims), and the war on The Enemy Which Cannot Be Named (especially Muslims). Now that President Obama is the lamest duck of all, Justin ("Himself Redux") is bidding fair to become the leader of the forces of liberalism, secular humanism and the war for "social justice". To him, from President 0's failing hands, the torch of progressivism is about to be thrown. (The Prez's preferred recipient, Hellery Clinton, is, alas, not guaranteed to be well enough to lift her arms high enough to make the catch.)

Messrs Obama and Trudeau were in the Big Apple this week to case a few pearls before the swine at the Disunited Nations. Some have suggested that Ahmed Khan Rahami was out to get the Prez when he planted his little bomb in Chelsea. (Shoulda used a GPS, Ahmed!) If he had, the assembled parasites would have been spared a speech in which POTUS actually admitted that his country was going to have to give up its "freedom of action" and "bind itself to international rules". If you think Walt is making this up, click here. Don't say you weren't warned.

Here's part of what Ted Cruz had to say about Mr Obama's suggestion that the US surrender to the Islamists. "At the United Nations today, President Obama took to the podium to once again blame the United States for the woes of the world. He suggested our country is just one of many that need to get beyond the old divisions of nationality. He chided those who would limit the inflow of refugees from nations infiltrated by Islamic terrorists as ignorant bigots, predicted climate change would destroy countries and cause mass conflicts, and referred to Israel as an occupying power. Mr. Obama would have done much better to use this opportunity to advance an American agenda, not a global one."

Mr Obama's speech was a pretty hard act to follow -- or swallow -- but M Trudeau tried out his "sunny ways" shtick on a half-empty General Assembly. In an article headlined "Mission accomplished: Trudeau wins over UN with strange speech full of liberal platitudes", John Ivison writes: "The lesson from both Obama and Trudeau is that if everyone just did more nice things, and not so many awful things, things would be much nicer." That's all ye know and all ye need to know.

Further reading, added 23/9/16: Rex Murphy calls Justin Trudeau's UN address "a meaningless speech to a worthless body": National Post, 23/9/16.

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