Tuesday, September 6, 2016

History of the condom

As I write, Canada's celebrity Prime Minister is winging his way home from the G20 meeting in China, having accomplished nothing of note beyond having his picture taken another 1000 times.

While he was out of the country, some minion in his foreign affairs ministry -- now called "Global Affairs" -- announced that the Canuck government would no longer refer to the Islamic State as IS or ISIS or ISIL. Instead, they're going to start calling it "Daesh", following the lead of the ultra-PC Toronto Red Star and others who don't want to offend the "moderate Muslims" by suggesting that the extremists who have murdered 1000s of people on five continents are... errr... Islamists. Jihadis. Followers of the Prophet bent on exterminating infidels. Pretty hard to fight enemies, eh, when you can't even bring yourself to call them by name.

Ah, but this is the wimped-out society in which we live. Our so-called leaders are pretty much a bunch of pussies who persist in making nice with the Islamists. "Oh PULEEZE, Mohammed, don't kill us!"

Well, Walt and most of his agents are not afraid to call a Mohammedan a Muslim. Here's a little something that Agent 34 sent along.

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  1. Are you implying that Arabs are just a bunch of goat-fuckers?! You will not get away with it! I will come to your house and kill you! Just as soon as I finish what I'm doing here...