Monday, September 5, 2016

UPDATE: VIDEO: Strange wedding custom (NOT Chinese!)

At Ukrainian weddings, guests pay to dance with the bride. In China, apparently, you get a little more for your kwai. I must admit that during my sojourn in the People's Republic, I never heard of, let alone saw anything like this, but Agent 6 assures me this is the real deal.

UPDATE 6/9/16 - Agent 88, who is definitely Chinese, writes:
Just watched the video. Like all the other popular "Chinese videos" shared in western media, it is another video NOT Chinese. This is a personal shot of Thailand she-man, he got paid for taking naughty photos and videos. Because in China, sexual commerce (is the phrase existing?) is forbidden, so that when Chinese has chance to go to another country and reach to it, they get crazy... And Thai looks similar to Chinese, there comes the rumors....

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