Friday, September 16, 2016

Muslim "refugees" living on Paris streets sent packing

The first foreign city I ever lived in for any length of time was Paris. I was a young lad then [before the earth's crust cooled. Ed.] and the City of Light had yet to be invaded by the hordes of "refugees", asylum-seekers and other Third World trash who are polluting the city by their very presence. The streets of Paris, in those days, didn't look like this.

Disgusted at having the streets and sidewalks turned into squatter camps -- you can imagine the squalor -- officials today gave gendarmes the order to evacuate more than 1600 "migrants" -- 99.99% of them followers of the Prophet -- who have drifted into the city from Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea and other shithols who have been living on the streets of northern Paris for weeks.

Ethnic cleansing operations -- let's speak frankly here -- were carried out this morning on a stretch of pavement underneath an elevated metro line not far from Sacré Coeur in the once-picturesque Montmartre neighbourhood. So as not to offend Muslim sensibilities, one task force focused on about 80 women and children, while the other focused on the men. By mid-morning, about 1000 "refugees" had been transported to temporary shelters, leaving some 600 to 800 still squatting in the streets.

The foreigners are being bused to 74 sites around the Paris region, where they will be given food and medical treatment, courtesy of French taxpayers. Not unsurprisingly, a number of the migrants refused to get on the buses, because they would prefer to be taken to Britain, where the freebies are better.

Further reading: "Brits to build wall to keep Muslim invaders out", WWW 7/9/16.

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