Friday, September 2, 2016

10 Montenegrin commandments

Don't send me an e-mail complaining that I'm anti-Montenegrin or anti-Slavic [Ed. Are Montenegrins Slavs?] or any other kind of racist. These 10 Montenegrin commandments were sent to me by... wait for it... a Montenegrin.

1. Man is born tired and lives to get a rest.

2. Love your bed as you love yourself.

3. Rest during the day, so you can sleep well at night.

4. Do not work. Work kills.

5. If you see someone resting, help him out.

6. Work as little as you can, and convey as much work as you can to another.

7. In shade is salvation. No-one ever died from resting.

8. Work earns illness. Do not pass away young.

9. If you have an urge to work, sit down, wait, and it will pass.

10. When you see people eat and drink, approach them. When you see people work, withdraw yourself so as not to trouble them.

Gee... I wonder if it was really a Montenegrin who sent me this... The commandments could be words to live by for people of any ethnicity, eh....

Note from Ed.: Wikipedia sez: Montenegrins (Montenegrin: Црногорци / Crnogorci, pronounced [tsr̩nǒɡoːrtsi] or [tsr̩noɡǒːrtsi]) are a nation and South Slavic people mainly living in the Balkans, primarily inhabiting Montenegro. Migrant communities exist in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, United States, Argentina, Germany, Luxembourg, Chile, Canada, and Australia.

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