Monday, December 31, 2018

Walt wishes Senator Warren good luck running for President!

The ladies who blab at The View and the lamestream media generally are gushing [Please don't go for a cheap joke... yet! Ed.] over reports that Senator Elizabeth Warren has formed an exploratory committee to see if it would be feasible to throw her headdress in the ring for the presidensity of the Excited States of America in 2020. She would presumably be vying for the Democratic nomination, along with at least a dozen other presidential wannabes including Senator Bernie Sanders [Isn't he an Independent, again? Ed.] and Senator Camela Harris. But Ms Warren is the first to announce, and that oughta count for something, right?

Senator Warren became a darling of the left in 2011 when she appeared in a viral video in which she defended federal taxes, which she spoke of as a form of "social responsibility", against the efforts of the newly-elected Republican majority in the House of Representatives to resist the efforts of the Prez [Who? Ed.] to raise taxes as an alternative to cutting out-of-control federal spending.

Before entering the Senate, Ms Warren had a job teaching bankruptcy law at Harvard. Her appointment had something to do with the university's affirmative action programme, but we'll come to that in a minute. In the aftermath of the financial meltdown of 2008, she was named by Guess Who to chair the Congressional Oversight Panel which oversaw the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the government's trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street.

Sadly for Ms Warren, her reach exceeded her grasp. She jumped the shark [for the first time? Ed.] when she proposed the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an agency that lacked congressional oversight, and which many conservatives contended was established in violation of the Constitution. Republicans in Congress blocked her appointment to lead the new agency, but she rose, phoenix-like, from the ashes of that defeat to become a Senator from Massatushetts.

During her campaign for the Senate, it was discovered that Ms Warren had somewhat overstated her claims of Cherokee heritage, made at a time when Harvard Law School was under severe pressure to hire and promote female and minority faculty members. Critics took to calling her "Pocahontas", after the famous 17th-century daughter of an Indian chief and a popular figure in American history and pop culture.

Donald Trump stuck the "Pocahontas" appellation on her during the 2016 presidential campaign and she has worn it, along with "Fauxcahontas" and "Focahontas" ever since. Obviously stung by suggestions that she was guilty of cultural appropriation [at least! Ed.], Senator Warren took a DNA test a few months ago, and thought it not unwise to publish the results showing that she might have 1/1024 Native American ancestry. (Apparently there aren't enough full-blood Indians in the database to give reliable result.)

Though Senator Warren and her supporters touted the results as proof of her family lore, critics noted that it may actually have proven the opposite, since she had no more Native American ancestry than a typical white American like, for instance, Joy Behar. Being a charitable person, Walt accepts Ms Warren's claim for what it's worth, and wishes her well in her quest to run against President Trump. Anyone wishing to place money on the outcome of a Trump-Warren race should contact me at the usual address. Your dollar gets 1000 of mine if Focahontas wins. Lifetime pct .989.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Egyptian woman jailed for sexual harassment... of monkey!

Walt is a clean-living guy and doesn't pay a lot of attention to stories about sexual perversions, unless of course it's the ones recommended in the new sex-ed curriculum introduced by Ontario's former Liberal government and now "being reviewed" by the Conservative Ford government. But every now and then I see a story about bestiality -- humans having sex with animals -- which is sick but (IMHO) funny.

Earlier this month we had a story from Zimbabwe involving a man and a goat. Other countries mentioned in the past included the USA (Alabama), Germany and Canada. Since, as we all know, Islam forbids such things, I didn't think I would ever see such a story emanating from a Muslim country. I was wrong!

Yesterday the Arabic website Albawaba reported a case in the Mansoura (Egypt) Misdemeanor Court in which a housewife was sentenced to three years in prison for sexually harassing a monkey in a pet shop in Mansoura city by touching its genitals. The actual charges were: inciting sedition, "provoking emotions" [Emotions are illegal in Egypt? Ed.] and committing lewd acts in public.

Unfortunately, Ed. has been unable to find the video of the incident which Albawaba says went viral on social media in October. Apparently it showed the defendant touching the genitals of a monkey in a public store "with the intention of arousing the animal's sexual instincts and inciting the public to commit adultery." Don't people often get such feelings when watching the monkeys at the zoo?

The police identified the suspect, a woman named Nesma, 25, who resides in a village in Dakahlia government. Inspector Mohammed testified that Nesma had previously been charged in a prostitution case and was trying to promote herself by using this video. She confessed that, with the help of a friend who was recording the video, she tried to arouse the monkey sexually by fondling its genitals. Albawaba does not specify whether the monkey was male or female but perhaps that's best left to readers' imagination.

I'm reminded of an old joke about two British army officers who were stationed in Egypt during the British occupation in World War I. As they chatted in the mess, one said to the other, "Did you hear about Smedley? Got drummed out of the corps for having sex with a camel!"
Asked the other, "Male or female camel?"
"Female, of course," the first replied. "Nothing wrong with old Smedley!"

Meanwhile, in the Muslim-majority nation of Indonesia, a zoo keeper at the Surabaya zoo has been arrested and charged with sexual assault on a number of animals, including impregnating a female orangutan. reposts an item in the Kalimantan Press which says the 38-year-old man was caught red-handed (so to speak) by hidden cameras put in place by the zoo's security officials after the man's "devious actions" towards the zoo animals aroused suspicion.

A longtime zoo employee, obviously troubled by the news, told the meeja, "Some animals seemed sexually aroused when it was time to feed them. But what made us most suspicious was when we discovered Marylin, our oldest orangutan, was pregnant. She has never been in contact with any other orangutans because of her aggressive nature, so it didn't make any sense."

Note from Ed.: Limitation of space preclude any more stories about bestiality. We also wish to make clear that the monkey pictured is not the alleged victim of the Egyptian woman.
[It's a chimpanzee, not a monkey! Walt]

Thursday, December 27, 2018

VIDEO: Marine Le Pen explains the Yellow Vest protests

This is a follow-up to our posts earlier this month on the gilets jaunes (= yellow vests) protests which started in France and spread to other European countries, and even Canada. See "What the 'Yellow Vests' want for France - good for us too?", WWW 10/12/18.

That report was a long one, containing as it did a chart of the demands of the protesters, along my list, in English, of what I considered to be the key points of their manifesto. About the time we posted that item, Emmanuel Macron, the Emperor of France [actually President pro tem (we hope). Ed.] gave a televised address in which he announced a few tepid reforms intended to placate the yellow vest protesters. 23 million Frenchmen/women watched the speech, carried on RTV, the state broadcaster.

For some reason (LOL), the state broadcaster chose not to air the response of Walt's favourite female politician, Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front. Her explanation of what the French people want, and why M Macron's condescending "reforms" are insufficient was posted on her Facebook page the following day, and has now appeared on YouTube. Here it is -- the truth in under six minutes!

Further reading: "Eurabia news roundup - latest on the yellow vests", WWW 17/12/18.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

VIDEO: Une carte de Noël pour nos amis francophones

Walt, Poor Len Canayen [et Ed.]
vous souhaite Joyeux Noël et
bonne et heureuse année 2019

Monday, December 24, 2018

A Christmas greeting to all our Christian readers

Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace to men of good will.
St. Luke 2:14

Walt, Poor Len [and Ed.];wish you
a Happy and Holy Christmas.

Note from Ed.: This version of the Madonna and Child was created by Parker Fitzgerald as a Christmas card for ColdWater Media. The final design was drawn by Mr Fitzgerald and coloured by artist Brittany Richardson. According to Mr Fitzgerald, "The point of the card was to create an image of Mary and Jesus while adding an Irish taste in the vein of the Book of Kells. I've always liked traditional Christian art, so I wanted to try to do an 'old meets new' kind of thing."

VIDEO: "Silent Night" debuted 200 years ago

24 December 1818. HRH George III is still kind of Britain, Ireland and all his realms except the former North American colonies. James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States of America, but was over four years away from announcing his doctrine opposing European colonialism in the Americas. And in Oberndorf-bei-Salzburg, Austria, Father Joseph Mohr led his church choir in singing a new song which he had written especially for Christmas Eve, set to music by the local schoolteacher, Franz Xavier Gruber. It was called "Stille Nacht" (= "Silent Night"), and it sounded like this.

The orioginal manuscript was lost, and over the years Father Mohr's name was forgotten. Although Herr Gruber was known to be the composer, the melody was often mistakenly attributed to Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven. It wasn't until 1995 that a manuscript in Father Mohr's handwriting was discovered and dated by researchers as "c. 1820". It states that the priest wrote the words in 1816 when he was assigned to a pilgrim church in Mariapfarr, Austria, and that the music was composed in 1818. This is the earliest manuscript that exists and the only one in Father Mohr's handwriting.

"Stille Nacht" was declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2011. It has been translated into many languages, and recorded by a large number of singers in nearly every musical style. The version sung by Bing Crosby is the third best-selling single of all-time.

Friday, December 21, 2018

VIDEO: "Cheesy the Christmas Rat", sung by Red Green (and Harold)

Ed. here. Walt had to go all the way into downtown Fort Mudge to do his Christmas shopping -- left it till the last minute as usual -- and has called to say he won't be back until sometime tomorrow, too late to write anything to fill this space. But that's your good luck, because Walt's absence allows me to post a delightful new(ish) song which is bound to become a Christmas classic. It's "Cheesy the Christmas Rat", sung(ish) by Red Green and his nerdy nephew Harold.

Red (Steve Smith) and Harold (Pat McKenna) and the other members of Possum Lodge have been entertaining millions of real men (and a few women) since 1991. Reruns currently air on The Comedy Network and various PBS stations. Click here to visit the official Red Green website.

Getting out of the Muslim civil wars - about time!

I don't understand the reaction of American civilians, Republican and Democrat alike, to Still-President Trump's announcement this week that he intends to bring US troops home from Syria and Afghanistan. Daniel McAdams, writing on Ron Paul's website, says that "Washington heads are exploding", and so it would seem, but why? Is the Paranoid States of America a nation of warmongers? Do Americans really believe that the best defence against Islamic terrorism is to hammer the jihadis in their own sandpit? Does no-one see any merit in getting out of the Muslim civil war that is really none of our business? As Mr Trump says, "Are we going to stay there forever?"

Mr McAdams writes: The warmongering Left has joined forces with the neocons to demand that President Trump reverse course in his recent decision to pull US troops from Syria. Neocons claim that ISIS will increase with the US absence, but it was the very US intervention in the region - that they supported - that led to the rise of extremist and terrorist groups.

Indeed. It was interventionism -- the insane desire to be the world's policeman and bring the so-called "pax Americana" to a war-weary world -- that got the USA into the Gulf Wars. Shortly after 9/11, US troops stormed into Afghanistan, which had littlel if anything to do with the attack. Since then, America has lost more than 2400 soldiers and spent nearly a trillion dollars in its longest war ever. And with what result? The Islamists control about half of that shithole, the rest being controlled (in theory) by a feckless government that can't keep its notional army from killing the Westerners who are there to "help" them. Does that make any sense?

I can understand the displeasure of the American military with the President's decision. Secretary of Defense James Mattis departed in a huff [a minute-and-a-huff? Ed.]. He is emblematic of the super-macho militaristic types that have held the highest ranks in the American armed forces ever since World War II. They are the philosophical heirs of Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, William Westmoreland, and [That's enough generals. Ed.] who delight in sending American kids overseas to kill... and be killed... because there's no fighting to be done at home, but if there's no fighting, there won't be any need for the billions in defence spending, and many brass hats will be out of their jobs.

And what is the result? "Pax Americana" is a myth! Ever since its troops landed in Korea as part of the Disunited Nations' "police action", America has been at war -- declared or otherwise -- with someone, somewhere, every single hour of every single day. What has that cost the nation, in treasure, in lives, and the foregone benefits of peace? With President Trump, I ask: Is this going to continue forever?

In the summer of 2017, the President announced that he was adding about 1000 more troops to those already in Afghanistan to bolster the "training and advising" mission, which we are supposed to believe doesn't involve any fighting, just teaching the Islamists how to fight. But, Mr Trump said, doing so went against his instinct. Since then, security conditions in Afghanistan have not improved, according to the latest government watchdog report.

And then there's Syria. US forces were sent to that shithole to Syria to work with local Syrian and Kurdish "partners" on the ground to help defeat ISIS. Now, the President says, that mission has been largely accomplished, and in terms of the amount of territory controlled, that would appear to be the case.

Of course the jihadis haven't been exterminated. They've simply gone to ground, or gone elsewhere. 1000s of them have migrated to Europe and, yes, America, disguised as "refugees" and asylum-seekers. So the fight against them should continue, wherever they may be found... but not in the sandpit. Leave the mopping up to the Turks, the Kurds and other Muslims. "Keep at it, Mohammeds, and lots of luck to you. We're done with you!" That's what I would like to hear all of the lawmakers in Washington say. I can't understand why anyone would think otherwise.

Zimbabwe parliament a model for Africa... and America ???

Comrade ED (Erectile Dysfunction?) Mnangagwa, President of Zimbabwe, listens attentively as the shithole country's parliament discusses how much foreign aid money (Thank you, America!) to pay its members for rubber-stamping whatever acts of profligacy or repression his kleptocratic "government" puts before them. Here is Zimbabwe Newsday's report of their "debate".

Members of Parliament yesterday arm-twisted Finance minister Mthuli Ncube into raising their budgetary allocation by 44% and demanded the latest 4×4 luxury Toyota Land Cruisers, among other perks, despite the government implementing austerity measures to contain its runaway spending. Parliament bid for $163 million in the 2019 budget, but was allocated $101 million.

Yesterday, MPs from across the political divide threatened that they would not pass Ncube’s 2019 National Budget unless they got things their way. After haggling, the MPs eventually settled for $145 million after they demanded that their welfare be improved to equal that of members of the Executive and the Judiciary. They also want Parliament to be equipped with state-of-the-art gyms, vehicles, computers, and other such luxuries.

In his "Austerity for Prosperity" budget, Ncube sought to cap government borrowing, cut spending on flagship projects as command agriculture, end all quasi-fiscal expenditure and limit borrowing from the central bank to 5% of the prior year’s revenue. He also cut salaries for the President and senior government officials by 5% and will fire the nearly 4000 "youth officers" by year-end. Ncube also cut the amount of bonuses paid to civil servants, but the wage bill is still expected to go up by 5% to $4.05 billion in 2019, constituting 61% of total revenue from 73% this year.

The budget, however, piled the weight of austerity and more taxes on the ordinary citizen, who, in addition to the 2% tax on all electronic transactions, will also pay more in excise duty for fuel and cigarettes, while imports of vehicles and other goods is now levied in foreign currency. After getting their demands met, the MPs ignored the debate on the vote of the Public Service Commission, which takes care of the country’s impoverished civil servants, including teachers and doctors, despite doctors being on strike and teachers threatening one.

Norton MP Temba Mliswa (independent), who was instrumental in canvassing MPs to demand good perks, said, "MPs are handicapped and we are talking of only one car, a Land Cruiser, which is the only car good enough for MPs to do their work because the Mazdas and Toyotas we get are not good enough."

Mliswa said MPs were looked down upon because they did not even have iPads, adding that the $75 per diem was a pittance, and needed to be reviewed. Mliswa said the diet of MPs, where they eat a one course meal with a banana or apple for desert, was not proper as other Parliaments had more savoury desserts like trifles and ice cream. "MPs must have world-class gyms and recreational facilities to play golf. MPs must also be given diplomatic passports," Mliswa said.

Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya (MDC Alliance) said Parliament was so underfunded to the extent that it relied on development partners to finance the work of its committees. He added there was need to finance constituency information offices for MPs, and employ more staff in Parliament to assist in research and committee businesses.

Zanu PF's Goodlucky Kwaramba said MPs were impoverished as the Ford Ranger vehicles they were given last time were already broken down. Chegutu West MP Dextor Nduna (Zanu PF) said MPs were given fuel coupons in a humiliating manner. Wedza North MP David Musabayana (Zanu PF) said MPs were the poorer cousins of the Executive and Judiciary, to the extent that they begged for fuel coupons at ministers' offices for resale, as well as soliciting for allowances and gifts from organisations that fund parliamentary trips and committees.

Ncube promised that MPs would comparatively [sic] get their vehicles, but said the agreed model was a Toyota Hilux twin cab vehicle. Ncube said he would also look at the issue of pensions for MPs who have served for a term, and also suggested to increase Parliament's budget from $101 million to $120 million. But Binga North MP Prince Dubeko Sibanda (MDC Alliance) said it was not the duty of the Executive to appropriate finances, but Parliament, also adding legislators were not going to allow the budget to pass if it did not increase Parliament’s vote.

Sibanda said the $163 million that Parliament wanted did not even consider inflation. "If the minister does not allocate Parliament what it requests, then he should have his 2019 budget passed elsewhere," Sibanda said. After the increase, there was jubilation in the House, with MPs from across the political divide hugging Ncube.

And they say [you say! Ed.] Africans are incapable of governing themselves. Ha! Methinks there are lessons there for the Congress of the Excited States of America and for Still-President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump threatens a partial shutdown of government -- maybe not such a bad idea? -- unless the latest spending bill includes money for the much-needed wall to keep out the alien hordes. Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 217-185 for a version of the bill which includes such funding. On Wednesday the Senate passed a different version, with no "wall money". 

As the honourable senators now consider the House version, they would do well to consider the advice of Prince Dubeko Sibanda. Give the President what he wants, but don't be afraid to demand additional tons of pork for yourselves and your families, friends and supporters! It's not just the African way, but the American way too!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas gift suggestion for your teenie-bopper

I feel like the butcher who backed into his meat slicer... got a little behind in my orders! While I'm digesting the news of the week (so far) we have to fill this space somehow, so Ed. has found something on the People of Walmart blog. Yes, it's a Christmas gift suggestion, something to stick in your teenage kid's stocking.

Yes, it's Pimple Pete! Whoever compiles the funny pix at the People of Walmart blog says he doesn't know where this was taken, but Poor Len Canayen thinks, from the bilingual packaging, that it must have been somewhere in the Great No-longer-white North. Get on up there, Walmart shoppers!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Leon DeWinter: Not the citizen but the small elite chooses

As promised, here is the English translation of the opinion piece by Leon DeWinter which appeared in the December 12th edition of the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf. Thanks to Agent 69 for sending this and providing the translation as well.

Throughout Europe, citizens look powerlessly at the decisions of ruling political‐cultural classes that deal with awe‐inspiring issues.

One such issue is mass migration. The welfare states, according to the elites, must open their borders to non‐Western migrants. The welfare state does not exist outside the Western Protestant nation states, or: its religious‐cultural identity is of crucial importance. Do immigrants with non‐Western religious cultures disturb the welfare state, which is an impressive function of the cultures of northern European peoples? Can the welfare state survive if it also needs to be an immigration state? The elites claim that this is possible ('Wir schaffen das') but refuse to mention the confusing consequences that disrupt mutual trust: chronic unemployment, high crime rates, religious backwardness.

And the energy problem? There are scientists who think differently about climate change than the elites, but moderates and skeptics have not been heard by parliament. They also do not speak in the media. And if that does happen, they are put away as 'deniers' ‐ in the sense of Holocaust deniers, so genocidal climate killers.

Since the beginning of parliamentary democracy in the nineteenth century, 'climate' has never been on the agenda of parliament and government. This subject is larger than any other subject, apart from war, and has only existed for two decades; the choices that our elites make as a result of this have enormous consequences for the energy supply, and thus for the foundations of our society.

Today, in The Hague and in Brussels, themes are so extensive that they transcend the field of politics. But the decision‐making process has remained the same. On the basis of a vote issued by the civilian population once every four years, a small elite claims the right to change our society existentially and forever. They do not want to realize that the gigantic extent of the problem is not in balance with that
one election vote.

Brussels has processes that are intentionally complex and largely invisible. The unification of Europe has been set up from the beginning as a 'top‐down' project: the elites lead their peoples to an ever closer form of living together, which ultimately leads to a real union led from a powerful center. For this, the nation states, and everything that belongs to them culturally, such as patriotism, nationalism, ethnic and religious identity, must be watered down. The people involved are not asked for approval while they are being rummaged into a union.

Just like migration, the so‐called energy transition shakes society to its foundations. Here the elites claim apocalyptic problems; if they really are so colossal, should citizens nevertheless express themselves through binding referendums on the need to adapt the fabric of society to the smallest fibers?

In the back rooms in the Hague, the unelected stakeholders discussed the energy transition. Many hundreds of billions have to finance the build‐up of geothermal energy, solar energy and wind turbines. Yield: in 2100 a heating reduction of 0.0003 Celsius (if the calculation models correctly predict the warming, which is still the question).

The elites have annexed and closed the major themes of our time for those who disagree with them ('racist', 'Islamophobic', 'sexist', 'fascist', 'Jew‐hater'). The so‐called 'populism' is a direct reaction to this. Just like the Yellow Hesjes. Just like Trump and the rise of the Alternative für Deutschland.

Most media behave like state propaganda organs as their journalists inhabit the same ideological and cultural cosmos as the political elites. Thus politicians, without being denounced by most media, can propose propaganda and censorship models in the Marrakesh Pact that until recently only occurred in tyrannies. They are counting on the powerful online companies to censor unwelcome messages. They do so eagerly because their directors also live in that cosmos.

Due to migration and energy adjustments, Western life patterns come under pressure, and many Europeans realize this, most of whom are reasonably satisfied with their current existence. Numerous middle groups, better educated and better informed by the Internet than any other generation in
human history, conclude that they are pawns in a transnational, globalistic chess game of intellectual and political upper layers, often organized in elusive NGOs, the shock troops of the left, who work with government subsidies and donations from just as elusive billionaires. The 'common man' should not curse but -- submissive and meat‐free and sugar‐free -- follow the visionary elites when they go to the diversity, gender, climate, migration and identity paradise.

I'm curious how long this goes on before the bomb really bursts.

Indeed. We are all waiting to see when the balloon goes up... and who goes with it!

Leon DeWinter: Niet de burger maar de kleine elite kiest

From across the pond, Agent 69 has sent us the op-ed section of the December 12th edition of the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. Since blowing up the photo may not work for you, 69 has kindly copied the text of the excellent column by Leon DeWinter, which follows. He's also given us a translation into English, which I'll post next. Ed.

In heel Europa kijken burgers machteloos naar de besluiten van heersende politiekculturele klassen die zich bezighouden met ontzagwekkende issues.

Eén zo’n issue is massamigratie. De verzorgingsstaten, zo menen de elites, moeten hun grenzen openen voor niet-westerse migranten. De verzorgingsstaat bestaat niet buiten de westers-protestantse natiestaten, ofwel: zijn religieus-culturele identiteit is van cruciaal belang. Verstoren migranten met niet-westerse religieuze culturen de verzorgingsstaat, die een indrukwekkende functie is van de culturen van NoordEuropese volken? Kan de verzorgingsstaat overleven als hij ook een immigratiestaat moet zijn? De elites beweren dat dat kan (’Wir schaffen das’) maar weigeren de verwarrende gevolgen te benoemen die het onderlinge vertrouwen verstoren: chronische werkloosheid, hoge criminaliteitscijfers, religieuze achterlijkheid.

En de energieproblematiek? Er zijn wetenschappers die anders over klimaatopwarming denken dan de elites, maar gematigden en sceptici zijn niet gehoord door het parlement. Ze komen evenmin aan het woord in de media. En als dat wel gebeurt, worden ze weggezet als ’ontkenners’ – in de zin van Holocaust-ontkenners, dus genocidale klimaatmoordenaars.

Sinds het begin van de parlementaire democratie in de negentiende eeuw heeft ’Klimaat’ nooit op de agenda’s van het parlement en van de regering gestaan. Dit onderwerp is groter dan enig ander onderwerp, op oorlog na, en bestaat pas sinds twee decennia; de keuzes die onze elites naar aanleiding hiervan maken hebben kolossale consequenties voor de energievoorziening, en dus voor de fundamenten van onze samenleving.

In Den Haag en in Brussel spelen tegenwoordig thema’s die zo omvangrijk zijn dat ze het terrein van de politiek overstijgen. Maar het besluitvormingsproces is hetzelfde gebleven. Op basis van een stem die door de burgerbevolking één keer per vier jaar wordt uitgebracht, claimt een kleine elite het recht onze samenleving existentieel en voor altijd te veranderen. Zij wil er zich geen rekenschap van geven dat de gigantische omvang van de problematiek niet in balans is met die ene verkiezingenstem.

Brussel kent processen die met opzet complex zijn en grotendeels onzichtbaar blijven. Het unificeren van Europa is vanaf het begin als een ’top-down’ project opgezet: de elites leiden hun volken naar een steeds hechtere vorm van samenleven die uiteindelijk moet leiden tot een heuse unie geleid vanuit een krachtig centrum. Daarvoor moeten de natiestaten, en alles wat daar cultureel bij hoort, zoals vaderlandsliefde, nationalisme, etnische en religieuze identiteit, worden afgezwakt. De betrokken volken wordt niet om goedkeuring gevraagd terwijl ze een unie in worden gerommeld.

Net als migratie doet de zgn. energietransitie de samenleving op haar grondvesten schudden. Het gaat hier, zo beweren de elites, om apocalyptische problemen; als ze werkelijk zo kolossaal zijn, dienen burgers zich toch via bindende referenda te uiten over de noodzaak het weefsel van de samenleving tot in de kleinste vezels aan te passen?

In Haagse achterkamers bespraken clubjes ongekozen belanghebbenden de energietransitie. Vele honderden miljarden moeten de opbouw van aardwarmte, zonneenergie en windmolens financieren. Opbrengst: in 2100 een opwarmingsreductie van 0.0003 Celsius (als de rekenmodellen correct de opwarming voorspellen, wat nog maar de vraag is).

De elites hebben de grote thema’s van onze tijd geannexeerd en afgesloten voor wie het met hen oneens is (’racist’, ’islamofoob’, ’seksist’, ’fascist’, ’jodenhater’). Het zgn. ’populisme’ is hierop een directe reactie. Net als de Gele Hesjes. Net als Trump en de opkomst van de Alternative für Deutschland.

De meeste media gedragen zich als staatspropaganda-organen aangezien hun journalisten dezelfde ideologische en culturele kosmos bewonen als de politieke elites. Dus kunnen politici, zonder daarvoor door de meeste media te worden gehekeld, in het Marrakesh Pact propaganda- en censuurmodellen voorstellen die tot voor kort alleen bij tirannieën voorkwamen. Zij dragen de machtige online-bedrijven op onwelgevallige berichten te censureren – dat doen zij gretig omdat hun bestuurders ook in die kosmos leven.

Door migratie en energie-aanpassingen komen de westerse levenspatronen onder druk te staan, en dat beseffen veel Europeanen, van wie de meesten redelijk tevreden zijn met hun huidige bestaan. Talloze middengroepen, beter opgeleid en mede door internet beter geïnformeerd dan enige andere generatie in de menselijke geschiedenis, stellen vast dat zij pionnen zijn in een transnationaal, globalistisch schaakspel van intellectuele en politieke bovenlagen, vaak georganiseerd in ongrijpbare ngo’s, de stoottroepen van links, die werken met overheidssubsidies en donaties van net zo ongrijpbare miljardairs. De ’gewone man’ moet niet zeiken maar gedwee en vlees- en suikervrij de visionaire elites volgen wanneer ze optrekken naar het diversiteits-, gender-, klimaat-, migratie- en identiteitsparadijs.

Dus wordt er ’tegen’ gestemd. Trekken Fransen gele hesjes aan. Gaan mensen zich te buiten aan gescheld en getier. Wordt Zwarte Piet een halszaak. Want ’de’ politiek heeft zich van hen afgekeerd.

Ik ben benieuwd hoe lang dit doorgaat voordat de bom echt barst.

Dhr DeWinter is not alone. We are all waiting to see when the balloon goes up... and who goes with it!

Eurabia news roundup - latest on the yellow vests

Walt didn't spend a lot of time this weekend thinking, let alone worrying about the latest examples of the Islamization of Europe and the revolt of white Christians against it. But I won't leave you without a quick summary of what happened, since WWW may be the only place where you'll see the truth.

The death toll from the Strasbourg Christmas market shooting rose to five -- six if you count the Islamic terrorist, Cherif Chekatt, who was shot dead by French police after a two-day manhunt which led to his discovery not far from the scene of the atrocity. In an interview with state-run broadcaster France-2, the Algerian man's father said his son subscribed to the beliefs of the Islamic State (ISIS). Abdelkrim Chekatt said he tried to talk his son out of doing anything, but kids, what're ya gonna do...

Meanwhile, police in Paris said they were optimistic that the gilets jaunes (= yellow vests) protests were waning, since only 5000 or so demonstrators turned out for the festivities on Saturday. Police used water cannon, batons and tear gas to deal with the demonstrators. 168 people were arrested on Saturday alone. One was not arrested because he was dead.

Ahead of more protests expected the weekend before Christmas, French security forces are preparing to smother the centre of Paris with a "last resort" chemical weapon -- a debilitating powder which can be spread across an area the size of six football fields in just ten seconds. That Emperor Macron the First [and last! Ed.] is contemplating chemical warfare against its own citizens highlights the increasing desperation of his government as it faces up to a law and order crisis which is rapidly turning into a rightist revolution.

Meanwhile (again) yellow vests protests intensified in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Brussels, over 5000 of sprouts wearing the iconic apparel were met with water cannon and tear gas as they marched against the UN migration pact signed last week in Marrakech, which they fear could lead to an increase in immigration. (Duh!). The rightist N-VA party, the largest member of Belgium's ruling coalition, left the Belgian government last Sunday in protest against the prime minister's decision to sign the agreement.

The president of the youth wing of the Flemish nationalist party, Vlaams Belang, told the meeja that people should have been consulted before Belgium signed up to the deal. "It's been approved apparently, but the opinion of the people was never asked." A spokesthingy for the nationalist youth organisation Schild en Vrienden, said the protesters wanted to "raise our voice against the Marrakech pact. We think the decision was not made in a democratic way, with a minority in government and a minority of the Belgian people," he said. "That's what we are protesting against."

For those who don't read Flemish, the signs the protesters are carrying read "First OUR people". Nice sentiment, that.

Footnote: Even in Toronto, the poster city for the benefits of multiculturalism, Canucks weary of diversity are starting to raise their voices against unprecedented levels of immigration. A couple of hundred yellow-vested protesters got together in front of city hall for a scuffle with a like number, also clad in yellow vests, who turned up to support the migration pact, which Junior Trudeau has approved on behalf of sheeplike Canadians. As reported here on December 8th, similar protests were held earlier this month in Calgary and Edmonton, but the opinions of red-neck westerners don't count with Mr Socks.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

VIDEO: Politically incorrect CHRISTmas song

Have you gotten sick, sore and tired of all the Christmas music? Or should we say HOLIDAY music? I can't stand it any more. Just make it stop! Except for this one, which Ed. just discovered while browsing YouTube. It's been disliked by over two hundred NPCs and multiculti weenies, so I'm giving it a big thumbs up and sharing it with you, my dear readers.

Friday, December 14, 2018

University to pull down statue of historical figure now deemed racist

You thought it was going to be another statue of Robert E. Lee, destroyed by another southern city or school eager to prove how politically correct they are by denying public space to one of the great heroes of American -- yes, American! -- history. Noooo... This time the beloved historical figure who is to be insulted and dethroned [There must be a better word, but I can't think of it. Ed.] is none other than Mohandas Gandhi, one of the 20th century's greatest fighters against colonialism and racism.

Or so it was thought. After all, didn't the Mahatma (Great Soul) lead the non-violent revolution that succeeded in driving the evil white British out of India? Was his campaign not just against the Brits, but against racism? Didn't he believe that all men [and women. Ed.] are created equal? Errr, maybe not.

This statue of the Indian independence leader was erected two years ago at the University of Ghana, in Accra, the shithole country's capital, but was removed in the middle of this past Tuesday night, after professors at the university began a petition against the statue, which has since gained over 2000 signatures. The petition claims Mr Gandhi was a racist, citing his writings over the years in which he said Indians were "infinitely superior" to Africans, whom he called "kaffirs", a racist slur at the time.

In 1896, the Mahatma wrote: "Ours is one continual struggle against a degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the Europeans, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with and, then, pass his life in indolence and nakedness."

Mr Gandhi was in South Africa at the time. Perhaps there was some truth to what he said in 1896, but certainly there is no truth whatever to it 122 years later. Right? Anyway, his statue is gone now. It has not been replaced by a statue of an African hero [or heroine. Ed.] because [Unfortunately, considerations of space prevent us from posting the rest of Walt's comment. Ed.]

VIDEO: Somali gangsta enters Canada illegally, allowed to stay "because he was honest"

Abdullahi Hashi Farah, a follower of the Prophet Mohammed, was admitted to the USA as a "refugee" from Somalia, one of the shittiest shitholes of Africa. He made his way to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, which has the highest concentration of Somalis south of the Canadian border, and quickly got into the gangsta life. When complications with the law ensued, he fled to the Great No-longer-white North, crossing the 49th parallel illegally near Emerson MB. See "100s of Muslim invaders pour through swiss cheese-like Canuck border", WWW 6/3/17.

That was in October of 2017. After braving the cold and snow, Mr Farah was given a warm place to stay by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and eventually appeared before the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, whose mission it is to give the tired, the poor and the huddled masses of the Third World an excuse to stay in Canada. This short video tells what happened next.

The amazing thing about this video is that it actually aired on The National, the main news telecast of Canada's state broadcaster, the CBC... in spite of the fact that Canada's Minister of Refugees, Immigration and Citizenship [sic], Ahmed Hussen, is himself a Muslim "refugee" from Somalia. Amazing... O Canada!

Further reading:
"Why no-one wants to take in Somali 'refugees'", WWW 16/10/17
"The Muslim invasion of Canada has begun (but not where you think)", WWW 6/1/17.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

VIDEO: Crisis in the Church is not all Francis' fault, sez Michael Matt

It's been some time since we posted a talk from Michael Matt, editor of the traditional Catholic Remnant newspaper. In his latest video from the Underground, Mr Matt calls for a moratorium on digging up more sordid details of the clerical sex scandals. Enough, already! We've got the tee-shirt and the hat... even the tote bag. It's time, he argues, to get back to the root cause of the crisis. Pope Francis didn't start the fire, so let's find out who did.

How did the Church fall so low? Where did Francis come from? How does his "Church of Accompaniment" fit into the whole Vatican II revolution against the Mass, the priesthood and Catholic Tradition? What can we learn from Pope John Paul's inter-religious day of pagan and Christian prayer for peace at Assisi on 27 October 1986? Has everyone forgotten life before the latest Unholy Father? Mr Matt also comments on Michael Voris' latest attack on the Society of St Pius X.

A suggestion for Christmas giving: If you like Michael Matt's videos from the Underground, if you agree with what the voices of Catholic tradition are saying, may we suggest making a donation to The Remnant. American taxpayers will get a tax deduction.

AND, if you're Catholic and have not yet found your way to a chapel of the Society of St. Pius X, click here to find one near you -- a good place to hear Midnight Mass, in Latin according to the traditional rite, the way it should be. For those living in the Great No-longer-white North, here's a list of SSPX priories in Canada.

VIDEO: Speaking of Christmas markets

No, I'm not going to post video clips from yesterday's atrocity at the Strasbourg Christmas Market. I'm tired of videos showing how the "Religion of Peace" celebrates diversity. Besides, in the run-up to the Christmas season, we should have something positive. And merry! So here is the Kassensymphonie (Cashiers Symphony) at an Edeka supermarket in Germany, with their well-orchestrated veersion of Jingle Bells.

This all-time favourite Christmas song was played by 9 cashiers and recorded by 13 different cameras to see shoppers reactions. Edeka is the largest supermarket chain in Germany and it appears that the holiday shoppers enjoyed this musical surprise. But (I don't hear you ask) where and when was this recorded? Where in today's Germany would you find a store full of Germans, with not a Muslim in sight? Thanks to Agent 6 for passing this on.

Answer from Ed.: The text accompanying the YouTube video says this was posted in December 2014, before Angela Merkel flung open the doors.

UPDATED: Strasbourg shooter identity confirmed; sure enough...

It's now the morning after the Strasbourgh Christmas Market shooting, and Walt must admit to being only partly... OK, mostly right about the nationality, ethnicity and religion of the man who shot and killed three people in the French city yesterday. The Paris public prosecutor told the meeja that the assailant "previously known to police" is Chérif Chekatt, born in France of Arab parents. M Chekatt is a Muslim. Walt's lifetime pct .990.

It is also correct (if not politically correct) to call M Chekatt a terrorist... an Islamic terrorist. According to the authorities, he was already in the French government's "S-file" -- a security watchlist that is so big as to make it impossible to monitor all the potential threats. Police had raided M Chekatt's apartment yesterday morning, but, not finding him at home, turned their attention to other things. A few hours later, the follower of the Prophet was heard yelling "Allahu Akbar!" (= "God is great!") as he opened fire on people enjoying an evening out at the Christmas market.

The public prosecutor said two people were killed and one left brain-dead. Twelve were wounded, six seriously. M Chekatt did not return to his apartment, and is still at large. The Deputy Minister of the Interior acknowledged that he may no longer be in France. Where might he have gone? Belgium? Germany? Not-so-great Britain? Or maybe he has gone to claim asylum in Canada... Allah knows!

Further reading: For a complete rundown of M Chekatt's history and criminal record, read "The Strasbourg attack suspect's criminal past in Germany", on the Deutsche Welle website, 12/12/18. It's not until the last sentence that the PC state broadcaster gets around to telling us that "French investigators say Cherif C., who is of North African descent, was radicalized in prison and had been on a watch list as a potential security risk."

UPDATE ADDED 13/12/18: As of this morning (FMT), French authorities are still looking for M Chekatt. Where or where could he be? Meanwhile, Emperor Macron's government has asked the Yellow Vests protesters not to take to the streets again this weekend, because (they say) the security forces are stretched thin and stressed out because of the Strasbourg shooting and the ensuing (and ongoing) manhunt. How convenient!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

UPDATED: Uh-oh! Shots ring out in French Christmas market, 4 killed

This is a breaking story. I'll update it as soon as my suspicions (and yours!) are either confirmed or denied.

A report coming in on the mojo wire from Thomson Reuters says that at least two people were killed and another eight wounded today in a shooting near a Christmas market in the eastern French city of Strasbourg. A local shopkeeper told a TV station, "There were gunshots and people running everywhere. It lasted about 10 minutes."

Police say the gunman is still at large. The French Minister of the Interior told the meeja the suspect has been identified and is known to have a criminal record. Thomson Reuters quotes a source at the local prosecutor's office as saying that an investigation is underway, and... wait for it... that the motive behind the shooting was not immediately clear.

A couple of paragraphs later, the wire service adds that France remains on high alert after a wave of attacks commissioned or inspired by Islamic State militants since early 2015, in which about 240 people have been killed. Hm.

They forgot to add that Christmas markets are favourite targets of the jihadis. Not quite two years ago, a follower of the Prophet drove a large truck into a Christmas market in the heart of Berlin, killing nine people and injuring many more, perhaps as many as 50. See "Islamist truck attack in Berlin leaves 9 dead", WWW 19/12/16.

Watch this space to see if we'll be able to substitute the words "Allahu akbar!" for "Uh-oh!" in the headline.

UPDATED ADDED at 1630 FMT: French authorities now confirm that "at least four people" have been killed, with another half dozen wounded, and counting. The dead do not include the suspect, who they are saying is a "common criminal, known to police." While the flics hunt for him, parts of Strasbourg are on lockdown and a major security operation is underway around the city's famed Christmas market.

Walt asks, if the suspect is known to police, why aren't they telling us who he is? Is it possible he's a Muslim immigrant? What they do say is that the police counter-terrorism unit has taken over the investigation. I guess that's all the answer we need. But stay tuned anyway.

Monday, December 10, 2018

What the "Yellow Vests" want for France - good for us too?

Walt is waiting for reports from the City of Light [Light Brown? Ed.] as to what Emmanuel Macron, the Emperor [I warned you last time! Ed.] sorry, President of France, had to say to the nation in response to the fourth straight weekend of protests by the gilets jaunes (= Yellow Vests). See "'Yellow vest' protests spread to Belgium, Netherlands... even Canada!", WWW 8/12/18.

Without foreknowledge of the contents of his TV address, I am prepared to bet that he did not offer to resign. (Lifetime pct .990.) He would be no more inclined to do so than would have Louis XVI. We can only hope that he will meet the same fate. Off with his head! (I'm speaking figuratively, of course.) As for the grievance which sparked the demonstrations cum riots -- a threatened hike in taxes on gasoline and other fuel -- the Chief Surrender-Monkey has already caved on that one. The tax increase has now been "suspended until further notice".

Walt is also prepared to bet that whatever M Macron said he would do (or not do) in response to the protests will not be enough to satisfy the yellow vests. I know this because some person(s) purporting to speak for the yellow vests today issued a manifesto listing no fewer than 25 principles or reforms which they demand the government act on immediately for the good of the country. Here they are.

Yes, yes... I know that's not easy to read. I suggest saving it, then using the magnifier (the icon of the little magnifying glass) in your viewer to blow up [careful. Ed.] the image and focus on whatever parts of the manifesto you want to study. I also know that most of our readers don't speak French, so here's a summary of the points which are of most interest to me.

Part I - Economy/Work - A lot of unrealistic, quasi-socialist stuff here

1. Taxes to be capped constitutionally at no more than 25%
4. Massive construction projects to house 5 million homeless
5. Break up the "too-big-to-fail" banks and separate regular banking from investment banking. Wait till (((Goldman Sachs))) reads that one!

Part II - Politics - This is where the best stuff is -- much food for thought in the AABC countries as well as France

7. Rewrite the constitution to protect the interests of the people, including binding referenda to give the people control of government
8. Prohibit lobby groups and (((vested interests))) from political decision-making. That would include things like PACs
11. Immediate cessation of privatization, and the renationalization of public assets. Statists, these people, not much in favour of private enterprise. Bring back Air France?
13. Take ideology out of education and end "destructive education techniques". Walt's friends at PAFE will like this one.
14. Quadruple the budget for law and order. Put time-limits on judicial procedures. Make the justice system accessible to all.
15. Break up media monopolies and end their interference in politics. Make media accessible to citizens and guarantee a plurality of opinions. End editorial propaganda. Gotta love-love-love this one, as well as the next one...
16. Guarantee citizens' liberty by prohibiting completely any interference by the state in private citizens' decisions concerning education, health and family matters.

Part III - Health/Environment - This is for the eco-weenies, except, oddly for...

21. Reindustrialize France, thereby reducing imports and thus pollution. More thought needed here.

Part IV - Foreign Affairs - The one-worlders have it wrong. And President Trump won't like this either.

22. Get out of NATO, and end France's participation in foreign wars of aggression. As Walt has been saying for years, we have no dog in Middle East fight.
23. Cease pillaging and interfering, politically and militarily, in "Francafrique". Immediately repatriate all French soldiers. "Francafrique" includes places like Mali where not just the French but Canadians and other NATO troops are busy keeping the non-existent peace; see point 22.
24. "Hinder" the influx of migrants who cannot be accommodated or integrated. The majority of Americans, Australians, Brits and Canadians would surely agree with the majority of Frenchmen on that one!

The Yellow Vest Manifesto -- especially Parts II and IV -- seems to me like a good basis for a libertarian-populist election platform. There isn't one country in Europe or North America where the ideas expressed wouldn't find substantial support. I have just received from Agent 3 the platform of the newly-formed People's Party of Canada, and will be going through it line by line to see how it aligns with the Manifesto. Good luck to the PPC, and to the Yellow Vests! I'm with you!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

VIDEO: Rex Murphy is still alive, still speaking the truth

It's been ages since we were able to post anything by Rex Murphy. After being for decades one of the leading pundits on the airwaves of the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, he got booted off Cross-country Checkup a couple of years ago, and was not invited back to The National following its reset this past summer. Now I can only find his amusing musings in print, in the occasional column in the National Post.

Fortunately, Mr Murphy has not yet been totally "deplatformed", as the lefties say. From time to time he gets invited to speak in public. Recently he was a featured speaker at the Manning Centre Red Deer conference. [Red Deer is a place in Alberta, Canada. Ed.] He had much to say about the climate change myth, the crisis in the oil patch and other topics which have made him a target for Climate Barbie and other liberal eco-weenies.

Here's the video, Rex Murphy's complete speech (running time 54 minutes), with an introduction by Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta's United Conservative Party [sic], busily trying to distance himself from his work as Immigration Minister in the government of Steve Harpoon. Forget about him; enjoy Rex.

Key quotes:
"The cardinal resource of our entire civilization is energy!"
"If you can't take care of your own back yard, don't go fixing the global climate."

Saturday, December 8, 2018

"Yellow vest" protests spread to Belgium, Netherlands... even Canada!

As is well known, the dream of every Frenchman [and Frenchwoman! Ed.] is to pay no taxes. Thus the plan of the government of Emmanuel Macron to raise the tax on fuel sparked a wave of protests which started a month ago and continued today in Paris and other French cities. The protesters have adopted dayglo yellow safety jackets as their uniform. Today some 125,000 "gilets jaunes" (= yellow vests) took to the streets to rally against the fuel tax, the high cost of living, and... wait for it... Emperor [President, shurely! Ed.] Macron himself. Here's a video clip.

In Paris today, 1000s of police used armored vehicles, tear gas and water cannons to "contain" demonstrators numbering over 10,000, by the estimate of the Ministry of the Interior. Some protesters set fire to cars and smashed windows. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said 1385 people had been arrested across the country. 17 law enforcement officers and just over 100 protesters suffered injuries.

Is this really just about having to pay a few cents more in taxes on gasoline? Mais non! The protests took place despite the government announcement on Wednesday that the fuel tax hike would be "suspended until furter notice". (Governments never admit they made a mistake, eh.) The demonstrators who turned out today broadened their list of grievances to include high living costs and economic reforms proposed by M Macron, which are seen to benefit business rather than workers.

And then there's the little matter of immigration, and how much more Islamization France can take before ceasing to be France. The big picture is that the majority of French citizens are sick, sore and tired of being governed by liberal elitist one-worlders. Speaking after today's protests had ended, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the time had come for a dialogue "to knit our national unity back together." He added that the Emperor [President! I won't tell you again! Ed.] would address the protests and their grievances "next week."

Readers in other countries may be thinking, "Hey, we have problems with our government too! When are we gonna get up on our hind feet? If the cheese-eating surrender monkeys can do it, we can too!" And so it has come to pass. The yellow vest movement has now spread across the globe. There were protests today in Belgium, France and... wait for it... even peaceful and polite Canada!

In the western Canadian province of Alberta, which holds oil in even higher regard than do Texans, there is huge resentment over the plans of the federal government (Junior Trudeau, Prop.) and the socialist provincial government to impose a carbon tax, in the interests of saving the world from climate change of course. There's also the anti-immigrant sentiment which Albertans share with their fellow citizens from coast to coast to coast.

Yellow vest protesters braved the sub-zero weather in Edmonton and Calgary today to let their governments know what they think about these insane liberal policies. (Not that their governments give a shit, of course.) The protests were free from physical violence, but the demonstrators spoke pretty plainly (for Canadians).

In Calgary, Allison Prentice told the CBC, "We are Canadian, we're not anywhere close to that kind of radical. I'm proud to be here and represent people who care about Canadians first." Others chanted "No Trudeau. No Trudeau!" outside of city hall. Some yelled "String him up!" Others yelled "traitor." Through a megaphone, one speaker said, "They hate our country and they hate our way of life," without specifying who "they" are. He didn't have to. Canadians know who their enemies are. Do you?

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Wow! That's so ironic!

Funny (both "funny haha" and "funny strange") item kicking around the Net today. Here's the tweet from the Irvine Royal Academy in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Wouldn't you think they'd have seen that coming? But noooo...

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

VIDEOS: Snowflakes, #MeTooers silence this popular holiday song

Now that the season is upon us, Walt presents, for your "winter holiday" [sic] enjoyment, the "official" version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside", performed by Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé.

Mr. Herbert approves this video. Walt can't believe that the usual suspects haven't demanded its removal from YouTube for the "sexualization of pre-teens". Other than that, what could be wrong with it? Plenty, according to "some" #MeTooers, SJWs and other NPC snowflakes.

Cleveland radio station WDOK-FM announced earlier this week that it won't play the song any more, in response to listener feedback. "Some" people [Who? How many? Ed.] took issue with the words used by one singer trying to persuade the other to stay inside, including such inappropriate language as "Baby, don't hold out."

North of the World's Most Porous Border, the ultra-PC lamestream media -- the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, Bell Canada and Rogers -- have joined the chorus (pun intended) of disapproval, pulling the politically incorrect song from their holiday rotations. Don't listen for it on the Fireplace Channel, because it won't be there!

CBC public affairs head Chuck "Charles" Thompson said "Song lyrics are always open to interpretation, and we fully acknowledge there are two camps regarding this issue. While we consider both points of view, and in light of the times we are living in, we have chosen to remove the song, for the time being [Until spring? Ed.] from two of our holiday music streams."

Across the pond, feminist writer Daisy Buchanan a writer's calls for the holiday classic Baby it's Cold Outside to be banned caused a furore on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.

The ITV show hosted a debate about the Christmas song following news that a US radio station had removed the track from its playlist because the lyrics have 'predatory undertones' it deems 'inappropriate'.

Writer and feminist Daisy Buchanan infuriated Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan when she claimed that the famous Christmas ["holiday", shurely! Ed.] song was offensive to women and, in the 1949 film Neptune's Daughter, was played during a scene that "amounted to sexual assault." Mr Moron angrily told his guest to shut up when she insisted that in the movie scene the song is played while the male singer is "invading her space, he's coming up next to her."

You be the judge. Ed. has found a clip of the scene which has triggered the feminist snowflakes. Here `tis.

For all you old movie buffs who weren't quite sure, that's Esther Williams with Ricardo Montalban and, yes indeed, Red Skelton. Keenan Wynn, Xavier Cugat and Mel Blanc also appeared. Shame on all of them, the writers, directors, producers and MGM for popularizing such unbridled sexual harrassment. Let us speak of such things no more!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Springsteen doesn't see anyone who could beat Trump in 2020

Not long ago, slovenly media star Michael Moore opined that the Democrats didn't have anyone [excluding himself? Ed.] capable of defeating Donald Trump in the presidential election due in just under two years. Now a real A-list celeb echos that sentiment. Bruce Springsteen hisself gave an interview to the Sunday Times a few days ago to promote his upcoming Netflix special Springsteen On Broadway. Naturally he was asked to give his learned opinion on American politics, and replied that he doesn't see anyone out there at the moment -- man, woman or "other" -- who's got a shot at taking down the President.

In "Bruce Springsteen on how Donald Trump won over his blue-collar fans", the Times says, "Donald Trump's most dangerous opponent may not be a politician, but a blue-collar rocker called Bruce Springsteen who shares millions of the same supporters as the Republican president, and also understands what makes grassroots America tick. So Trump should be pleasantly surprised to learn that Springsteen, a long-standing Democrat who campaigned for Barack Obama, believes the Donald is heading for a second term in the White House. The president has a flair for winning over working-class voters that the Democrats can't rival, the singer admits. In short, Trump was born to run, and may be unstoppable."

The Boss told the paper, "I don't see anyone out there at the moment -- the man who can beat Trump, or the woman who can beat Trump." In other words, the Democratic Party simply has no "obvious effective presidential candidate" who will be able to take on the president, because they don't "speak the same language" he does. The language he was referring to, he explained, is the language of Middle America.

According to the singer-cum-pundit, Mr Trump spoke directly to the concerns of Americans in flyover country about employment and economic stagnation. The Donald addressed issues that were neglected by both Democrats and Republicans over the last few decades, including the shutting down of steel mills in the 70s and 80s, which Mr Springsteen described as a "severe blow to working people."

Mr Springsteen went on to say that the massive changes occurring at an "incredibly rapid pace", particularly as a result of technological developments, left many Americans seeing their means of income and ways of life in upheaval. What Mr Trump had to say resonated with many traditionally Democrat voters, particularly in the Rust Belt, and (the opinions of the lamestream media pundits notwithstanding) his election was inevitable.

"Add to that," the singer-songwriter added [haha. Ed.], "someone comes in and plays on your racial anxieties, and blames an enormous amount of this on the 'other' from the southern side of the border, and you're going to have an audience for those views." Walt notes that Mr Springsteen didn't say Mr Trump was wrong, only that what he had to say found a receptive audience, just like The Boss's alleged music. Walt predicts that, like Mr Springsteen's concerts, President Trump's act is good for another tour in 2020. Lifetime pct .989.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Environmentalist writer shocked to find his book wrapped in plastic

We live in a world covered in plastic. Plastic packaging, shrink-wrap, containers, even our garbage dumps -- all smothered in plastic. Walt has considerable sympathy with the environmentalists and eco-wienies who say this has got to stop. One such is British writer Martin Dorey, author of No. More. Plastic.: What You Can Do to Make a Difference – the #2minutesolution (Penguin, 2018).

In 2009, Mr Dorey launched the "2 Minute Beach Clean campaign" to encourage people to pick up marine litter. He also maintains the No More Plastic website, encouraging people to find ways to use less plastic. On the landing page we read, "We call on our favorite brands to find innovative alternatives." Who could argue with that?

Well... the US distributors of No. More. Plastic. seem to have a problem with that statement. According to a recent report in The Telegraph, Mr Dorey was not just dismayed but furious to find that his book is being sold in the Excited States of America nicely wrapped in shrink-wrap!

In an Instagram post, Mr Dorey called the distributor's decision an "absolute shambles", adding, "It undoes all our hard work and proves once again that we are using plastic with our eyes closed. We toiled hard on this. We worked with the printer to make it one of the most environmentally friendly books this year. And then this!"

Mr Dorey told The Telegraph, "I know my publishers are working hard to stop this in future but it still happens further down the line. It makes me very sad indeed that we are so clever, but so stupid." The publishing house, Penguin, said "We hope this image makes people stop and think as we head into a busy Christmas period." They promised to contact the US distributors to get them to stop using the plastic covering.

The final word goes to Mr Dorey. "The point is that this book is about no more plastic and some idiot shrink-wrapped it in plastic without thinking. We're sleep-walking into oblivion with plastic and we need to change everything from the bottom up. We need to understand that this is not good enough."

Further reading (added 9/6/19): "Oops! Missed World Oceans Day", WWW 9/6/19.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Political correctness kills black student on field trip

The Toronto District School Board is the largest in Canada, as well as the looniest. They're just crazy for inclusion, diversity and political correctness. Check out the examples in "Canada's loony left, pro-Muslim 'public' school board", WWW 16/1/18 and "Chinese-Canadians protest hijab hoax", 29/1/18. On Friday we had another head-scratcher from the TDSB, in the form of a memorial ceremony for Jeremiah Perry, a former student at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute (read: high school), one of the hundreds run [into the ground? Ed.] by the TDSB.

C.W. Jefferys is located in a predominantly black area [Thank you for not using the G-word. Ed.] in northwest Toronto. The majority of the school-goers are "students of colour". The school isnot noted for academic achievement, nor even for having good football or basketball teams. It is one of many TDSB schools which have "challenges" and "opportunities", including the "opportunity" to prove to a skeptical public that diversity is Canada's strength, and inclusivity can work to improve the lot of kids like Jeremiah Perry.

As part of their politically correct programme to make sure everyone gets treated the same, the TDSB promotes field trips and holiday adventures, so that black kids who've never been out of the, errr, city, can enjoy the beauties of Canada's countryside, just like the white kids. In July of 2017, staff at C.W. Jefferys organized a week-long canoe trip through Ontario's famous Algonquin Park, about three hours' drive and hundreds of light years in character north of the Wormy Apple.

Kids who wished to go on the trip didn't need money. This was all paid for by the taxpayer, natch. They didn't even need to have any experience canoeing, because they'd be taught the basics by the teachers and guides who would accompany them at all times. But they did need to know how to swim (just in case the lessons didn't take), and swim tests were duly administered at a local pool.

Here's where the political correctness kicks in, with sad consequences for Jeremiah Perry. Jeremiah, you see, didn't know how to swim, and failed the test. So by rights he should have been left behind. But hey, "No child left behind!" Right? Especially if the child is, errr, non-white and might therefore feel discriminated against. So Jeremiah went along with all the others.

As surely as the sun rises in the east, the unintended consequences of too much political correctness befell Jeremiah on 15 July 2017, when he went swimming with his mates, at dusk, sans life-jacket or other PFD. He soon disappeared under the waters of Big Trout Lake. His body was found the next day by Ontario Provincial Police search and rescue divers.

Jeremiah's death spurred investigations by the OPP and TDSB, who pointed the finger of blame at a teacher who was acting as a supervisor on the trip. A charge of criminal negligence causing death was laid this past July -- a year later -- and the accused teacher is now on "home assignment" meaning he gets paid not to come to work.

The TDSB, for its part, implemented a number of new measures to ensure safety on future field trips, including a requirement that parents be notified if their child passes or fails mandatory swim tests. A prominent accounting firm was hired by the province of Ontario to conduct a review of outdoor education policies at Ontario school boards. Its finding have not been made public.

On Friday, the C.W. Jefferys gym was renamed to honour Jeremiah Perry. Not because he was a great athlete. Not because he was a great all-round student. But (although this wasn't said) because he was the first black student in Ontario to die because of political correctness. That's all ye know and all ye need to know.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

UPDATED (and WOW!) Told ya so! Grewal now says he will NOT resign

Here's the latest on Raj Grewal, member of the Canadian parliament representing the Sikh-majority riding of Brampton East. As Walt reported a week ago -- see "Canuck media treat troubled Liberal MP with kid gloves", WWW 24/11/18 -- Mr Grewal used Facebook to announce to his constituents that he intended to resign in order to deal with "medical and personal problems".

Walt (and many others in the alt-media) were brave enough to ask, aloud and in print, for specifics of the MP's "problems". In response, the office of Prime Minister Just In Trudeau issued a statement saying that Mr Grewal had informed them that he was receiving treatment from a health professional "related to a gambling problem that led him to incur significant personal debts. Based on these circumstances, we agreed that his decision to resign as member of Parliament for Brampton East was the right one. We hope he receives the support he needs."

So that's all right then... nothing to see here, folks... Except that Mr Grewal failed to actually resign. There are procedures to follow, notices to be given to Elections Canada and other authorities. But after making the announcement through the social media, Mr Grewal went to ground, refusing to speak to the meeja or occupy his seat in the House of Commons.

Once again, the lamestream media buried the story of the non-resignation below the fold, so it fell to Walt to explain why Mr Grewal was reluctant to give up his seat. Agent 3 suggests that there's more at stake than a Member's six-figure salary and generous expense account. Of even greater benefit to Mr Grewal, it seems, is the immunity from arrest that a member enjoys while Parliament is in session.

I wrote that on Tuesday. Yesterday, Mr Grewal sent a video to "Canada's national newspaper" [sic], the Globe and Mail, in which he said... wait for it... that he may not resign after all! (Lifetime pct .990.) He admits to having accumulated personal debt in the "millions of dollars" by playing high limit blackjack at the casino across the river from Parliament Hill. But, he said, that debt is now fully repaid. What he did not say is where he got the funds to pay back "millions of dollars".

Mr Grewal called his gambling a mental disorder, born "out of human frailty". [I'll give you 8 to 5 on that. Ed.] He went on to say that the problem "escalated" after he was elected in 2015. Although he announced on Facebook (!) that he was going to resign to deal with the problem, Mr Grewal now says the post was "ill-advised" and the job he was elected to do in his riding of Brampton East "remains unfinished." Hey, there's almost a year of feeding at the public trough before the next election!

Mr Grewal concluded by saying he will make his final decision after Parliament resumes in the new year. Although he will cling to his seat, he will resign from the Liberal caucus so as not to be an embarrassment to Mr Dressup. "I've decided that I will be leaving the Liberal caucus and will be taking a leave of absence to focus on my mental health and treatment plan," Mr Grewal said... again... Stay tuned.

UPDATE ADDED at 0715 -- Ed. no sooner posted the latest chapter in the saga of Raj Grewal's non-resignation when Agent 3 sent us a story which just appeared in Canada's real national newspaper, the National Post, headlined "RCMP called to probe tale of two Liberal MPs, a suburban overpass, trip to India and multimillion dollar land deal". The two Liberal MPs referred to are Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains, on the left in the NP pic, and... sure enough... Raj Grewal, still the honourable member for Brampton East.

Both gentlemen are Sikhs. Further reading (especially for readers in Brampton):
"To my friends in Brampton", WWW 24/10/09
"Saying the unsayable about the unspeakable in Brampton, Canada", WWW 25/4/14.
Is this really what you wanted?

Zimbabwe: land of animal lovers

Although it has been 17 years since he lived there, Walt still has contacts in the Land of Bambazonke, aka Zimbabwe, in the southeast part of darkest Africa.

Zimbabwe is full of wildlife. Tourists come from the four corners of the earth to see the animals before they are poached and eaten. The locals -- notice I didn't say "natives" -- are great animal lovers too, as evidenced by a case heard in the court at Marondera this week.

Not pictured above is Tawanda Rangwani, aged 18, of Kuwarega village in Masomera, who pleaded not guilty to a charge of bestiality, after (allegedly) having been caught with his pants down having relations with a neighbour's goat.

The court was told that the complainant Ndaizivei Mero tied her goat to a tree and left it grazing. The accused allegedly untied the goat and took it to a nearby bush where he sexually abused it. He was allegedly caught in the act by another villager, Chamunorwa Mhimha, and fled from the scene. Mr Mhimha pursued the accused and apprehended him before filing a police report.

In his defence, Mr Rangwani said he had been framed. Magistrate Sharon Mashavire will give her judgment on December 4th. The state was represented by Marvelous Machacha, whose name has been entered in Walt's collection of marvelous African monikers.