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How Austrians deal with the Muslim immigrant problem

In "Anti-immigrant Austrian voters won't be denied this time!" (WWW 15/10/17) Walt predicted that the results of that day's general election would come as an unpleasant surprise to the globalist, pro-EU politicians and (((controlled media))) who were saying that Marine Le Pen's defeat in last spring's French presidential election meant that nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment were on the wane in Europe. They were wrong. I was right! (Lifetime pct .992.)

When the votes were counted, the centre-right, (somewhat) anti-immigrant Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) came first, and my choice, the nationalist, (decidedly) anti-immigrant Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) came a respectable third. How (I hear some of you ask) can you say you were right? Well, here's what I wrote in the aforementioned post:

[Sebastian] Kurz [the leader of the ÖVP] seems likely to become the next chancellor (= prime minister) of a coalition government in which his party will be joined by... wait for it... the FPÖ! The Social Democrats, who were the junior partners with the ÖVP in the last government, will challenge the FPÖ for second place, but even if they finish second, the ÖVP will have little choice (because of the immigration issue) but to work with the FPÖ, leaving the liberals in opposition.

And so it came to pass that, on the 16th of this month, the new coalition government was announced. Herr Kurz is the Chancellor. The FPÖ, led by Heinz-Christian Strache (pictured) holds the key ministries of defence, foreign affairs and the interior. (For North Americans, the ministry of the interior, in most European governments, is responsible for such things as immigration, internal security and the police.)

The new government plans to act quickly and firmly to deal with the influx of Muslim "refugees" and asylum-seekers and the threatened Islamization of the land of the edelweiss. Here's how.
  • Welfare payments to accepted refugees will be cut in half.
  • Newcomers will have to hand over any cash and valuables they bring with them. (The Danes already thought of this.)
  • Newcomers will also have to waive medical confidentiality, so they can be properly screened for social and other diseases.
  • Islamic schools will be monitored more closely, and closed if they break rules or accept foreign funding.
  • Sentences for drug and sex crimes will be made stiffer.
  • Over 2000 more police will patrol the streets to keep Austrians safe.
And that's only part of the larger picture. Under the new coalition government, Austria is moving steadily to the right, and to closer co-operation with central European governments like those of Hungary and Poland who are pledged to halt or even reverse the Merkelization (read: Islamization or mongrelization) of Europe. Will the AABC countries draw any lessons Austria's vote to remain white and Christian? Let us hope so. Let us pray so!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

VIDEO BLOCKED! 6 New Year's resolutions for Hellery Clinton

Your liberal friends will love this one, originally tweeted by Vanity Fair, to whom Walt tips the ole chapeau.

Anna Wintour, the editor of Vanity Fair (and, by the way, a Brit), started apologizing profusely within hours of the video appearing on the Internet. Here's President Trump's reaction to Ms Wintour's egregious arselicking.

UPDATED 12/1/18: The person who posted this video has just sent us a copy of a notice from YouTube stating that the video has been blocked "at the request of CondeNast" (the owners of Vanity Fair) for infringement of their copyright. Sure, could be that... or could be that YouTube tries to limit or block entirely criticism of the First Lady Who Would Be President. Doesn't really matter. Hellery probably abandoned any aspirations to the presidensity she may have held once the Hollywood glitterati came out in favour of Oprah.

RIP Johnny Bower (obituary by Poor Len Canayen)

So farewell then, Johnny Bower. You were the greatest goaltender to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the modern (post-WWII) era. You helped the Leafs win their last Stanley Cup, over half a century ago. You hoped you would live to see them win another... but you didn't.

Poor Len Canayen here. Regular readers of WWW will know that I am a lifelong fan of the Montréal Canadiens. I call the Habs "Canada's team" but there are many, especially in Ontario, who take issue with that appellation, claiming "Canada's team" is really the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What I can say is that there is no greater hockey rivalry than the Habs vs the Leafs, and no team I would rather see le Canadien beat than the Leafs. And if les Glorieux can't carry off Lord Stanley's silverware, then let the victors be the Leafs, and I will congratulate them and be happy.

That's what happened in the spring of 1967 -- I remember it well -- when Johnny Bower, along with the estimable Terry Sawchuk, backstopped the Mapleos to a surprise win over a strong Montréal club. Bower was the old man of the team, officially 43, although there were those who said he was five or ten years older. During his long hockey career, his age seemed "flexible", but his family confirmed his age following his death from pneumonia yesterday. He was 93.

I can now reveal that Johnny Bower was a Ukrainian-Canadian. His real family name was Kiszkan. He grew up, with eight sisters, on a farm outside of Prince Albert SK, where I had the displeasure of living at one time. He taught himself how to play hockey, using a branch as a stick, and made goalie pads for himself out of old mattresses.

In 1940, when he was 16 (or perhaps 15), he lied about his age (not for the last time) and enlisted in the Canadian Army during World War II, where he served in England from 1940 to 1943. His service ended when he was discharged due to rheumatoid arthritis in his hands. "It's a good thing I didn't [see action]", he told an interviewer, "because the Germans were right there waiting. A lot of guys there were killed on the beaches. I know four or five good hockey players from Prince Albert who were killed. They never came back."

Upon his return, Bower played junior hockey with his hometown Prince Albert Black Hawks. When he turned pro with the AHL Cleveland Barons in 1945, he changed his name to Bower because he felt Kiszkan was too difficult to pronounce. He played eight seasons in the AHL, earning MVP honours three times, before getting a chance in the NHL.

Bower played all 70 games for the New York Rangers in 1953-54, but for the following year the team chose to go another of my old-tyme all-time favourites, Gump Worsley, and Bower was sent down to the minors for another four years, before being traded to Toronto in 1958. "I didn't even want to come to Toronto, to be honest with you," he said, "because I was 35 years of age at that particular time and I didn't know I could help them." (Let's see. 1958 minus 35 would make his birth year 1923.) "I had the experience, mind you. But I was happy in Cleveland, I enjoyed myself there and had a good job. When they picked me up, I didn't want to go. And [Cleveland GM James] Hendy said, if you don't go, they'll suspend you."

Johnny Bower went on to become a fixture with the Maple Leafs, finally retiring after playing just one game in the 1970-71 season, four months past his 45th birthday, or so he said. 1971 minus 45 is 1926! He was always coy about his age. When asked about it upon his retirement, he said, "If you don't know by now, you never will."

He played 552 regular-season NHL games with 250 wins, 195 losses and 90 ties. He posted 37 regular-season shutouts and had a goals-against average of 2.52. Combining his AHL and NHL appearances, he appeared in a total of 1207 regular-season games. He won the Vezina trophy twice and had his name inscribed on the Stanley Cup that one time, with the 1966-67 Maple Leafs. After his retirement, he stayed in the Toronto organization, working as a goalie coach and a scout.

In his later years, he was involved in numerous charity causes and made numerous appearances for the Leafs on special occasions, including his (supposed) 90th birthday, always to warm applause. Right up until his death yesterday, Johnny Bower remained one of the most beloved Leafs. He will be missed by his former teammates, Toronto fans, and all those who love the greatest winter sport of all, including... Yours very truly, Poor Len Canayen.

Footnote: The defenceman shown in the picture, No. 7, is Tim Horton. Canadians will know what that means.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Political victory for Marine Le Pen: French deport migrants FAST

Marine Le Pen lost France's presidential election last year, but is now justified in claiming a moral victory as centrist (read: not quite socialist) President Emmanuel Macron adopts exactly the kind anti-migrant policies and tactics she advocated. The difference is nobody calls M Macron a racist or Islamophobe. They say only that he's being practical about cleaning the garbage off the streets of Paris.

While mouthing the usual liberal platitudes about brotherhood and diversity -- "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" and all that -- the French President has made clear he doesn't want economic migrants in France. As for the "refugees" and asylum-seekers, M Macron wants those who don't qualify for expelled, and quickly too!

M Macron has promised the French people, who are more than fed up with having to thread their way through hordes of bogus refugees -- mostly brown or black, mostly Muslim -- thronging the streets of the City of Light, that he will get migrants off France's streets and out of forest hideouts by the end of this year. With four days left, it's a safe bet that won't happen (lifetime pct .989) but the authorities are ramping up expulsions and allowing ID checks in emergency shelters. Can you imagine that happening in New York or Los Angeles or Toronto?!

The French president doesn't even want migrants to try to come to his country. He has been rolling out a multi-pronged approach that stretches to Africa (where most of the bogus claimants come from), with points set up in Chad and Niger to weed out potential economic migrants and preselect those certain of gaining asylum. Back at home, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has ordered prefects to crack down on illegal immigration, "act quickly" to expel those who fail to gain asylum and report results within weeks.

That was in November. This month M Collomb went even farther, ordering regional authorities to set up mobile teams to run checks in emergency housing to ascertain the status of migrants. Emergency shelters are considered bedrocks of the French tradition of open arms to those in need and have been considered untouchable, even by security authorities, much like American "sanctuary cities".

Critics contend that Macron's increasingly tough policy on migrants contradicts his image as a humanist who defeated an anti-immigrant populist (Mme Le Pen) for the presidency, and has crossed a line passed by no other president in the land that prides itself as the cradle of human rights. And what does the leader of the Front National say? Probably the French equivalent of "I told you so."

Footnote: A learned professor at a French university tut-tutted that President Macron's policy was the toughest seen since World War II, and was really inconsistent with French respect for human rights, yada yada yada. He may have forgotten that just after WWII (before Mme Le Pen was born), the greatest French president of all time, Charles de Gaulle, warned that measures such as those now being employed would be necessary to keep France France! Click here to read le Général's warning to the French people.

Further reading: "Ann Coulter: 'Let's Start by Deporting the DREAMers!'", Breitbart News, 25/12/17.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Walt and Poor Len [and Ed.! Ed.]
wish all our readers
and Christians everywhere
and a peaceful and prosperous
New Year 2018

Thursday, December 21, 2017

UPDATED: Afghan refugee drove into Melbourne pedestrians to protest "mistreatment of Muslims"

Walt is just getting the news from Down Under -- i.e. Australia, specifically Melborune -- where a man drove an SUV through a crowd of pedestrians at one of the city's busiest street corners earlier today. 19 people were injured, four of them critically. Have you jumped to any conclusions yet? Have words like "terrorism", "Muslim" and/or "Islamic" sprung to your mind? How about "Allahu akbar!"?

So far there have been no reports of "God is great!" or any Arabic or other version thereof having been yelled by the perp, but Inspector Bruce Knacker is calling the "incident" on Flinders Street a "deliberate act". When asked about the motivation of the driver, the coppers said they "have no indication that it is connected to terrorism." The driver, who was arrested at the scene, was known to authorities, a top cop told reporters, but apparently not so well known as to be identified by name!

The man "has a history of drug use and mental illness," said Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton, as well as "historical assault" convictions. Although ACC Patton wouldn't give out the name of the driver, the Melbourne Herald Sun identified him as "ice-addicted, Afghan-Australian Saeed Noori."

Although Australia has no equivalent to Canada's M-103 which "discourages" any mention of anything which would fan the flames of Islamophobia, Aussie police appear to have received the same memo as the Canadian police who deemed it politically incorrect to reveal the name, ethnicity, religion or citizenship status of the man who burst into a Vaughan ON bank last Friday demanding drugs and a telephone call to President Trump. The man, who may (or may not) have had a history of drug use and mental illness was shot dead by the Canuck cops. See "Canuck cops cover up terror attack outside Toronto", WWW 16/12/17.

Mr Noori got off lightly. An off-duty police sergeant shopping nearby was the first to arrive at the scene, taking hold of the driver seconds after his SUV crashed into a bus stop. Footage from a local TV station showed uniformed cops dragging him from the crumpled vehicle and cuffing him a short time later.

UPDATE ADDED 22/12/17: The Melbourne Herald Sun, the first to identify the attacker as Saeed Noori, persuaded the chief inspector of the Victoria State Police to walk back earlier statements that the coppers knew of no reason for the terrorist crime or of what might have motivated the "Afghan-Australian" driver of the vehicle to ram it into a crowd of pedestrians.

The latest version of the official story is that Mr Noori is an Afghan refugee -- not a citizen as the phrase "Afghan-Australian" was meant to suggest -- and "attributed his actions to perceived mistreatment of Muslims." The top cop said that when the perp was interviewed (see picture above), he "spoke about dreams, he spoke about voices...but he also did attribute some of his actions to the poor treatment of Muslims. I don't know the exact detail, to do with Allah [like "Allahu akbar!"? Ed.] and some ramblings about ASIO (the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation)."

Asked if there were links to terrorism, Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton -- for it was he -- said, "That's certainly one area we're exploring in respect to motivation." Another stunning example of the greatest oxymoron of all -- "police intelligence".

VIDEO: Science confirms location of Christ's tomb

This is more than a little out of season, but good news is always good news, no matter how long it takes to travel to our corner of the forest.

An article which appeared in National Geographic confirms that the truths of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition can often be proven to the skeptical by the methodologies of modern science. An example of a recent find corroborating an ancient belief is the confirmation by archaeologists that early Roman Christians were correct in the location that they believed to be the tomb of Jesus Christ. The results of scientific tests appear to show that the limestone cave whose remains are enshrined within the venerable Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was in fact the burial site of Our Lord and Saviour.

Mortar sampled from between the original limestone surface of the tomb and a marble slab that covers it has been dated to around A.D. 345. According to historical accounts, the tomb was discovered by the Romans and enshrined around 326. Until now, however, the earliest architectural evidence found in and around the tomb complex dated to the Crusader period, making it no more than 1000 years old. But new dating results put the original construction of the tomb securely in the time of Constantine the Great (c. 306-337), Rome's first Christian emperor.

When Constantine's representatives arrived in Jerusalem around 325 to locate the tomb, they were allegedly directed to a Roman temple built some 200 years earlier. The Roman temple was razed and excavations beneath it revealed a tomb hewn from a limestone cave. The top of the cave was sheared off to expose the interior of the tomb, and the Aediculum (little house) was built around it. Inside the Aediculum is a long shelf, or "burial bed", which according to tradition was the place where the body of Jesus was laid out following His Crucifixion.

Here's a link to the National Geographic article (26/10/16), from which this video was taken.

Dear Catholic readers, the things we have always believed, on the foundation of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition -- dogmatically the two fonts of the Catholic Faith -- are every day being confirmed by modern science. We have nothing to fear from science. What we must fear, and pray for protection against, are the false teachings of those who would lead us into skepticism, or, worse, non-belief, or, worse yet, heretical denial of that which the Church has always declared to be true.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Meanwhile, the investigation into "collusion" with Russia continues

While researching yesterday's post on the successes of President Trump, Ed. stumbled across a website we hadn't seen before:, which (to our surprise) is part of the USA Today network. They have a columnist and cartoonist -- there's a parlay for ya -- who goes by the name of Gary Varvel. From a quick read of some of his posts, Walt takes Mr Varvel for an evangelical Christian, which is almost as good as being a traditional Catholic.

Mr Varvel shares our views on President Trump. Click here to read "Trump’s successes have been underreported", which, by an amazing coincidence was posted yesterday. His list of the achievements of the Trump administration is more complete than ours [yet more succinct. Ed.]. [Whose fault is that? Walt]

If you liked that, you can sign up for Gary Varvel's e-newsletter Views from the Right. Tell him Walt sent ya, and wish him MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Best Remnant TV VIDEO... ever!

It seems like just yesterday that we featured Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant, talking about the latest stupidities emanating from the Vatican. [It was six days ago. Ed.] That was a fine video, but the one we're embedding today is even better. In fact, it may be (IMHO) the best video from down in the Catacombs that I have ever seen.

As Facebook blocks ads that include photos of the Vatican's weird Nativity scene -- for being sexually provocative! -- Mr Matt comments on this and other indicators that suggest a weakening of the gale force Modernist winds that have been blowing the Catholic Church off course for half a century or more.

Has Pope Francis gone too far? What are we to make of the latest news regarding Robert Cardinal Sarah? What about the New Mass? Has it contracted a terminal disease? Mr Matt thinks the winds of change are blowing this Christmas. They bring bad news, yes, but also clear signs of hope and a worldwide Catholic awakening.

Plus... you won't believe what William F. Buckley Jr thought of the Second Vatican Council and its New Mass. If I'd heard at the time what he said forty years ago, I'd have saved myself a lot of intellectual torment and emotional grief.

Dear Catholic readers, please listen up! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

A year of accomplishment under President Trump

As we hit the 11-month mark in the first presidency of Donald J. Trump, let's be clear about one central truth. MAGA was never going to happen overnight. It will take years to undo the damage done by previous administrations, particularly that of President 0, and realize the hopes and dreams that inspired Americans to elect Mr Trump POTUS. That said, even the lamestream media must admit (although they probably won't) that President Trump has done a tremendous amount of good in the first year of his first term. In Walt's opinion, he fully deserves two thumbs up!

His many detractors, like CBC's Neil Macdonald, want President Trump to fail, even if America goes down with him. They can't bring themselves to admit or even talk about the many good things he's accomplished in less than a year: the small ones (like making it OK to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" again) or the big ones, like pushing through a much-needed tax reform in spite of the opposition of Democrats and the Republican establishment. The fact is that Mr Trump has, in less than a year, done more than his predecessor did in eight years and more than the Republican Establishment did in a decade of controlling Congress!

The aforementioned tax cut and simplification bill will excuse a majority of Americans from personal income tax altogether. 80% of taxpayers will be able to file their returns on a post card. The top personal rate goes down to 37% the corporate rate to 21%. Americans will be able to keep more of the money they earn and put that money back into the economy.

The Democrats keep saying the tax reform will drive the budgetary deficit out of sight. Walt calls BS on that. According to the Federal Reserve, the annual deficit will be eliminated in less than three years and the national debt (as a percentage of GDP) will start to shrink. GDP growth should be close to 4% -- roughly double that of Canada -- generating nearly a trillion dollars of additional production and transactions in 2018 with only minimal inflation.

The result will be the revival of the spirit of entrepreneurship and capitalism, and the end of the Prez's defeatist warnings that the USA must learn to live with a mere 1% annual growth rate and ever-rising numbers of Americans surviving by sucking on the government tit. And, even better, the gap between the USA and China will finally stop narrowing, as America increases its lead as the world's largest economy.

In the first year of President Trump's term, 2,500,000 jobs have been created -- 228,000 jobs last month alone. The jobless rate is at a 17-year low. In 2017, 171,000 manufacturing jobs were created, compared with 16,000 lost in 2016.The unemployment rate is at its lowest this century! And that's not just for whities like Walt, but for Latinos too. Their unemployment rate is down to 4.7%, the lowest since recording started 45 years ago.

And how about the stock market? Since Mr Trump was elected, the Dow has risen by some 5000 points -- almost 30%. New highs have been hit over 15 times, and Walt predicts the Dow will hit 25,000 by New Year's Eve. (Lifetime pct .988.) Energy production has been drastically deregulated and imports of petroleum reduced to a third of the country's needs and falling steadily. And just this week, the bunkum of "climate change" -- the "global warming" that was -- has been taken off the list of threats to America.

Getting the costs of America's so-called health care "system" under control has presented a challenge, sure enough. President Trump said he would sign any health care bill Congress could pass. They tried twice to come up with a replacement for Obamacare, and failed twice. That's not the President's fault, but that of the Republicans in Congress, some of whom (Hello! Mitch McConnell) are working against the President's agenda, for reasons which we can only guess.

In his draft report card on the first year of POTUS' administration, Scott Adams writes that the only way to get a good health care bill is by letting the Republican Congress fail a few times so they become flexible (more bipartisan) later. He predicts that President Trump's potential influence over health care will grow over time as both sides look at a failing Obamacare system and don't want to explain their failure to voters next year.

And finally -- this is just a partial list of achievements -- there's immigration. Prototypes for the components of the Wall have been built and displayed. It will be built! The Department of Homeland Security reports border patrol arrests have dropped to a 45-year low, down 25 percent from this time last year. The millions of aliens who are in the USA illegally or on sufferance are getting nervous and are starting to go home or, like the Haitian "refugees" who've been in America for a decade, heading for Canada, where they'll be welcomed by the Trudeau government, if not the Canadian people.

Neil Macdonald and the other bleeding hearts in the media should realize that American voters didn't elect Donald Trump to be nice. They elected him to get things done. And that's exactly what he's doing.

Footnote from Ed.: The source of most of the statistics presented in this post is this week's (16/12/17) issue of The Economist. Even they, guardians of the liberal progressive ideal, are forced to admit that the outlook for the USA in 2018 is, errr, positive.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Swedes to raise retirement age to pay for welfare for "refugees"

One of the Big Lies that the human rights and pro-migration industries tell you is that bringing in hundreds of thousands of immigrants is good for the economy. They will be working, they say, and buying stuff, and paying taxes, and the economic benefits far outweigh the initial costs of bringing them to our countries and looking after them while they "adjust".

Walt calls BS on that one, and, as proof of the lunacy of the claim that mass immigration is a wonderful opportunity, passes on a report from Expressen that the increasing costs of population growth in Sweden -- driven almost entirely mass immigration -- have forced the government to seriously consider raising the national retirement age to pay for the additional costs.

The Swedish newspaper says that Magdalena Andersson, the finance minister of the country's socialist government, announced in October that the retirement age would likely be raised in the near future in order to offset increased welfare costs. "Looking at those who start working at 30, there should be opportunities to work longer than 65." she said. "Opportunities to work..." Dontcha love it? Forget about freedom at 55 or even freedom at 65. Stay in your cubicle for a few more years, while those who the Muslim-loving socialist SJWs have invited into your country continue to live in the houses and eat the meals which you have so graciously provided.

Ms Andersson made her helpful suggestion following an economic report from Sweden's Local Authorities and County Council released earlier. According to that organization, because of the dramatic rise of Sweden's population, the welfare state would grow faster than revenue obtained through taxation. The rise in population is not due to a sudden desire by native-born Swedes to breed litters of blonde, blue-eyed offspring, but to the influx of mostly Muslim immigrants, who do not believe in birth control and who outbreed Swedes by a ratio of 4 or 5 to 1. Some Swedish cities, like the southern city of Malmö, owe their population growth almost entirely to mass migration from the sandpits of the Middle East.

While the 1000s of "refugees", asylum-seekers and economic migrants are increasing the cost of the Swedish welfare state in terms of added infrastructure and cost for services, many are unemployed and directly on welfare. A recent report showed that while the native Swedish unemployment rate was just under 4%, the figure for Swedish residents from foreign backgrounds stood at almost 22%.

Prof. Jan Tullberg of Stockholm University did some math. Based on welfare and housing costs, education costs and other factors, he calculated that the one-year cost of the migrant crisis for the Swedish taxpayer could amount to as much as 600 billion Swedish Kronor -- over 70 billion dollars in real money. That's enough to pay for the national armed forces for the next 14 years.

Comparable figures from the AABC countries (America, Australia, Britain and Canada) were not immediately available to Walt's research team. [That would be me. Ed.] We would like to know, from our political "leaders", how much longer we will be expected to keep working to fund the Welcome Wagon for our new (shudder) neighbours.

Footnote: Speaking of Malmö, just a few days ago I posted "Followers of "the religion of peace" express their opinions on American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital... in Sweden!" (WWW 11/15/17) which contained a video showing a crowd of Islamofascists in that city protesting the announcement by POTUS that the US of A formally recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They were chanting anti-Semitic slogans and warning that "Jews should remember that the army of Muhammad will return." The video has since been removed by YouTube, presumably so as not to fan the flames of Islamophobia. So much for free speech on the Internet!

Further reading: "Sweden and the Politics of Denial", by Andrew Stuttaford, in the National Review, 15/12/17.
And, from (a website for Eritrean migrants!), "Sweden sends refugees back to Denmark or Germany – Europe Migrant Crisis". No, this is not a spoof. At least some of the Swedes are waking up and smelling the coffee -- and good Ethiopian/Eritrean coffee it is, too!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Canuck cops cover up terror attack outside Toronto

Agent 3 gave us this story yesterday but Ed. thought we should sit on it for 24 hours to see if the Canadian "authorities" would tell their people the whole truth, but they didn't, so we will!

Vaughan ON is a fast-growing bedroom community which sprawls along what was once good farmland to the north of Metropolitan Toronto. Apart from a third-rate theme park called "Canada's Wonderland" [not "Canada in Wonderland?" Ed.], it has the usual collection of ticky-tacky tract homes, strip malls and what have you. "What have you" includes a large population of immigrants and a minority of "old stock Canadians".

On Wednesday afternoon, a man walked into a bank branch in a strip mall in the Woodbridge area, just north of the boundary with Toronto, with a gun in his hand and, around his torso, a belt to which was fastened what appeared to be an explosive device of some kind. A serious armed robber, you might think, but nooooo....

Nasir Labib was standing in the doorway of his dental office at around 1300 Wednesday when a customer from the bank just across the plaza came looking for help. Dr Labib picks up the story. "She said there was a young guy inside the bank, had a gun in his hand and had a belt, I think with explosives. And he wasn't asking for money, he was asking for, I believe, a bag of drugs and to talk to Donald Trump by five o'clock or otherwise he's going to blow everybody away."

Dr Labib said the middle-aged woman was traumatized after coming face to face with the gunman, who then asked a customer to give him his cell phone so he could call police. Dr Labib again. "What the lady told me he made them sit down and tied their hands, but she wasn't tied. When I asked her, 'How did you run away?' she said, 'I wasn't tied and then he found out that my hands are free and he asked one of the tellers to tie my hands.' While the teller was doing that, the alarm went off. So her and the teller managed to run out from the fire exit and that's how we found her in front of the office here."

13 staff and customers were in the bank at the time of the incident. York Regional Police officers first on scene were able to get some of them out. The cops, including members of the emergency response unit -- that's what they call SWAT teams these days -- tried trying to negotiate with the suspect, while about 50 children from a daycare centre just a few doors down were escorted into Dr Labib's dental office.

Negotiations failed or at least broke down, so two York Region cops shot the suspect... fatally. And good for them, sez I. Now here's what we know about the deceased. He was a 25-year-old man who lived about 5 miles from the scene of the "incident". That's all the York Region PD would say. Their excuse for not naming the late perpetrator or saying anything about his ethnicity, religion or citizenship status was that the Ontario Special Investigations Unit was in charge of the case, investigating (of course) the conduct of the cops who shot the hostage-taker.

So we have a man armed with a gun and an explosive device entering a bank, not to rob it, but demanding to be put in touch with President Trump. (Some drugs too, please.) We also know that the RCMP were called in. In Ontario, the Mounties only get involved with things like, errr, threats to national security and, errr, terrorism. We also know that the so-called Greater Toronto Area is "home" to 1000s of "refugees", asylum-seekers and other migrants -- legal and illegal -- a large percentage of whom are followers of the Prophet. Mosques, halal butcheries and shawarma shops are springing up everywhere.

Can we then say with any degree of certainty that the attacker or hostage-taker was a "terrorist"? Certainly the lady who told her story to Dr Labib was terrified, as were the other hostages and innocent bystanders. OK, but was the perp an Islamic terrorist? Was he a "Mohammed"? None of those whose mission is "to serve and protect" (ha!) is saying. Perhaps they are constrained by M-103, a motion of the Canuck parliament intended to stop the spread of Islamophobia, by which they mean stopping anyone from saying anything negative about Muslims.

Fortunately for seekers of the truth, a reporter went to the suspect's home and got talking to a man outside of the house who identified himself as the 25-year-old's uncle. According to the uncle, the suspect was a young child when he came to Canada from Iran with his family. Walt will update this post as the truth leaks out. For now, that's all ye know and all ye need to know.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Academic illiteracy, African style

There is such a thing as "Zimbabwean English". You can look it up in the Oxford Companion to the English Language, which I'm sure you keep on your night table for bedtime reading. Or you can take my word for it. During my time in the land of bambazonke, I was often amused by the locutions peculiar to its denizens.

The horrible white racists who settled and ran Zimbabwe in the colonial era -- it was known as Rhodesia in those days -- built lots of schools, with the result that the English literacy rate was one of the highest in sub-Saharan Africa.

Since independence in 1980, standards have slipped considerably. But Zimbabweans still have a great love of sesquipedelian words and grandiose phrases. If you know a lot of big words, they seem to think, you must be educated, and therefore not just fit but entitled to lead the country's institutions.

During the Mugabe era (April 1980 through December 2017) it was customary for businesses, government agencies, and individual public figures to insert huge advertisements in the local press, particularly the state-owned Herald of Truth, congratulating Comrade Bob on everything from his birthday to the opening of a new Blair toilet. To describe the messages which took up pages upon pages of newsprint as fawning would be an understatement. "Adulatory" would be a better word.

Following the (mostly) bloodless coup earlier this month, there is a new dictator in town, but the custom continues. But the quality of the English in the congratulatory ads, and in public speech generally, seems to have declined. Walt's old friend Dr CZ printed this egregious example in his column in today's Financial Gazette.

His Excellency Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, The Principal, Eng T Madondo, Advisory Council, Management, Staff and Students of Harare Polytechnic joins the nation in congratulating Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on your appointment as Head of State and Government and Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. You demonstrated resilience, tenacity and composure as you rose through the echelon and fastigium of presidency. The humility you portrayed revealed the axiologies and phronesis of a leader. Harare polytechnic shares the developmental trajectory you enunciated on your inauguration and is ready to hit the ground running.

I cannot add my "amen" because he can't figure out what the principal of Harare Polytechnic (or whoever wrote this for him) is trying to say. [I'm working on it. Always like to increase my vocabulary! Ed.] So all I can do is encourage Comrade ED (no relation to our Ed.) to take Eng Madondo's words for what they're worth -- about $1.98.

Dr CZ ends his column with some words of wisdom which I will copy here, since it seems to me their application is not restricted to the Dark Continent.
The African education system has many surprising outcomes. The smartest students pass with first class marks and get admission to medical and engineering schools. The second class students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the first class students. The third class students enter politics, and rule both first and second class students. The failures join the army and control politicians who, if they are not happy with, they kick or kill. Best of all, those who did not attend any school, become prophets and witch doctors, and everybody follows them!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

VIDEO: Michael Matt excoriates the latest stupidities from the Vatican

That's "stupidities", plural. Michael Matt, Editor of The Remnant newspaper, is audibly and visibly out of patience with the pontificate of Pope Francis, and with the Holy? Father himself. Was it really necessary, he asks, for the Vatican's Christmas Nativity scene to include a statue of a naked man? Does the Our Father (or Lord's Prayer, if you like) really need to be edited? The Pope's call to correct the 2000-year-old prayer dominates international headlines and confounds Catholics and Protestants alike. With Mr Matt we say, "STOP IT, FRANCIS!"

And there's more. At about 10:30 of the video, Mr Matt reports the good news -- something of a rarity in the Church today -- of the Pledge of Fidelity now being circulated and signed by pro-life and pro-family leaders throughout the world. They pledge to resist pastors -- including Pope Francis -- who deviate from authentic Church teaching on marriage and the family.

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Obviously you're a racist!

University College London is No. 16 in the Times of London World University Rankings, just a bit above such institutions of the liberal (and we do mean liberal) arts as University of California, Berkeley. It strives very hard to promote diversity and progressive thought, and to maintain an atmosphere of welcome and inclusion at all times and for all people, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, yada yada yada. Thus it came as a surprise to many of its students and alumni when a reference to "White Christmas" popped up in an official university Tweet. Here's what it said.

Stunned by the implicit racism of the Tweet, Aman Thankar, who describes himself (it's Aman, geddit?) as "an alumni" replied "This UCL Alumni is not dreaming of a white campus, thanks." Another south Asian snowflake, @KhayerChowdhury, said, "Definitely wasn't my dream 4 years ago."

A little later, an SJW calling himself @KevinAllred was a little more vehement in his reaction to the dreaded trigger-words, writing, "fuck white america. fuck white supremacy. fuck white people. fuck an inability to see beyond our own noses. and fuck the faux concern for tragedies in the past while allowing them to continue in the present." Mr Allred used to be a professor at Rutgers, and has a history of being barking mad when it comes to Donald Trump.

Before the clock on the university's tower had struck noon, the school's politically correct administration had backed down and, of course, apologized profusely. @ucl Tweeted, "We chose our words very poorly yesterday when thinking of this song: We’re sorry and we’ll choose our words more carefully in the future."

If you followed the link, you'll know that the song UCL had in mind was the old standard by Der Bingle. Walt likes it, but also likes this more modern version by The Drifters.

And here, just to prove that Walt too is against racism and in favour of diversity, inclusivity, yada yada yada, is a picture of The Drifters.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to them and to you!

Monday, December 11, 2017

VIDEO: Followers of "the religion of peace" express their opinions on American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital... in Sweden!

Malmö used to be a Swedish city. It is still in Sweden, but now it's "home" to tens of thousands of Muslim "refugees", asylum-seekers and other poor, misunderstood followers of the Prophet. Many of them are unemployed -- living on the largesse of Swedish taxpayers -- and have nothing better to do than turn out for anti-American, anti-Western, anti-everything demonstrations, like the one shown in this video.

These Islamists were ostensibly protesting the announcement by POTUS -- see Walt's post earlier today -- that the US of A formally recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and will be moving its embassy there in the near future, as required by US law since 1995. The Islamofascists chanted anti-Semitic slogans and warned that "Jews should remember that the army of Muhammad will return."

Swedish state radio reported that the militant Muslims shoulted "We have announced the intifada from Malmö. We want our freedom back, and we will shoot the Jews." In typically Swedish politically correct fashion, Sveriges Radio broadcast only audio of the event, which would have been unintelligible to Swedes who don't speak Arabic (the country's new second language). I suppose they didn't want to show the video, or provide translations of the epithets, for fear of fanning the flames of Islamophobia. Fortunately, this video with crowd-sourced subtitles appeared on YouTube within a few hours.

Port Authority terminal bomber inspired by ISIS - "Allahu akbar!"

While I was writing the ppst about President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel -- scroll down -- Ed. has been following the breaking news of the bombing near the Port Authority terminal in New York City. We hope Fox News won't mind our reposting, almost verbatim, their latest report. (Hey! We're building up your readership here!)

Fox News says that a Bangladeshi national living in Brooklyn prematurely detonated his "low tech device" in an "attempted terrorist attack" inside New York City's Port Authority bus terminal Monday morning -- a blast that rocked the city during rush hour, causing chaos and halting several subway lines.

In a hastily called news conference, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that Akayed Ullah, 27, set off the "effectively low tech device" in a subway passageway just before 0730 EST. Mr Ullah suffered burns and wounds to his body and appeared to be the only person seriously injured in the pipe bomb explosion, authorities said. At least three other people suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Said the Gov, "This is New York, the reality is that we are a target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy, against freedom." New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio concurred, saying, "This was attempted terrorist attack." Neither Mr Cuomo nor Mr De Blasio mentioned the words "Islamist", "Muslim" or "ISIS".

However, law enforcement sources told the New York Post that Mr Ullah's attack was inspired by ISIS. The suspect allegedly packed the 5-inch metal pipe bomb and battery pack into the right side of his jacket, but the device exploded earlier than intended. The suspect told police he made the bomb at the electrical company where he works.

This is breaking news. We'll have more later, although to be honest, the only thing I'm waiting for is a statement from the perp that he did it to protest POTUS' recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Stay tuned.

NYC bomb related to POTUS' recognizing Jerusalem as Israel capital?

Fox News reports that several people were injured and one person was in custody after an explosion near New York City's Port Authority bus terminal during this morning's rush hour, prompting mass chaos and halting multiple subway lines, according to a report citing law enforcement sources.

NYPD and the FDNY confirmed to Fox News they are investigating reports of an explosion "of an unknown origin" near 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue. Police tweeted A, C, E subways lines are being evacuated. NYC Office of Emergency Management also tweeted there was "police activity" near West 42nd Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues and advised commuters to expect delays.

I'm listening to the rangdeedio right now, hoping to learn more. Another source says the explosion was caused by a pipe bomb in a walkway or tunnel under the bus terminal. No word yet on the citizenship, ethnicity or religion of the person taken into custody. Of course that person may or not be the bomber, and may or may not be named "Mohammed" something or other.

Regardless of whether or not the perp is an Islamic extremist, I predict the bombing (if that's what it was) will be blamed by the lamestream media, Democrats and other anti-Trumpers on POTUS' statement last week that the US of A officially recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. (Lifetime pct .986.) A lot of people -- Western politicians as well as bitter Palestinians and fanatical Muslims -- seem to be pretty worked up about this, so let's examine it.

Regular readers should know that I hold no brief for Israel or the Jews. Any reasonably astute observer of the politics and economics of America and the rest of the West should know, too, that the things that really matter -- banks and the monetary system, the lamestream media, even the entertainment industry -- are controlled by international Jewry. One of the most powerful political groups in the USA, and Washington in particular, is the Jewish lobby. Both openly and secretly, Jews provide major funding to both the Democrats and Republicans. No matter who's in power, you will never never find the nominal rulers of America challenging or even criticizing Israel.

Israel is, when you think about it, the creation of Adolf Hitler. Lots of Jews -- maybe not 6 million, but lots -- died or were displaced in World War II, and the victorious Allies, suffering badly from Christian guilt, decided that something must be done for those who survived. Like giving them their Promised Land. Not a chunk of Europe, of course, but some other land, inhabited (if at all) by less deserving people. And so, out of a barren territory called Palestine, the United Nations carved the "Zionist entity" known as Israel.

Speaking yesterday at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, (((Benjamin Netanyahu))), the President of Israel, said that Jerusalem has for 1000s of years been "the capital of the Jewish state." You could look it up, he said. "It's in the Bible." That is true if one speaks of the homeland of the Jews in the religious sense, but only partially true if one looks at world politics and international law.

A century ago, as World War I drew to a close, the territory in question was part of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish-ruled "sick man of Europe". When the sick man lay dying, the Great Powers -- Britain and France, in this case -- carved up the Middle East between them. You can find a reference to the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 in the movie Lawrence of Arabia. Britain's share included the land of Palestine, which had been a southern part of Syria. (The French got the northern part of Syria -- lucky them.) The British mandatory territory of Palestine was established by the League of Nations, and existed from 1920 until 1948, with its capital at Jerusalem.

Under the 1947 UN Partition Plan to divide Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, Jerusalem was meant to be placed under international sovereignty and control. It was granted special status based on its importance to the three Abrahamic religions -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As so often happens in that awful part of the world, war broke out following the UN's recommendation, and in 1948 Zionist forces took control of the western half of Jerusalem and declared the territory part of its state.

Not quite two decades later there was another war between the Arabs and Israelis, worse for the Arabs than the first. During the Six-Day War, Israel captured the eastern half of Jerusalem, which was under Jordanian control at the time, and effectively annexed it by extending Israeli law, bringing it directly under Israeli jurisdiction. This is what lawyers call de facto jurisdiction, meaning an administration or government that holds power as a matter of fact, not necessarily as a matter of law.

Having thus had de facto control of all of Jerusalem since 1967, the Israeli government, in 1980, Israel passed the "Jerusalem Law", stating that "Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel", thereby formalising its annexation of East Jerusalem. And that's how the situation stands today, as far as the state of Israel is concerned. Until President Trump's announcement, no other country -- well, none that counts -- acknowledged... or denied... the validity of the Jerusalem Law. Most countries -- the ones that count -- maintain their embassies and other missions in Tel Aviv, the capital ordered by the UN Partition Plan, which still remains Israel's commercial capital.

What the anti-Trumpers aren't admitting is that the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is not an idea that sprang fully formed out of President Trump's mind. Egged on by the powerful Zionist lobby (see above), the 104th Congress passed, on 23 October 1995, the Jerusalem Embassy Act, signed into law by the unimpeachable President William Jefferson Clinton.

The purpose of the Jerusalem Embassy Act was to initiate and fund the relocation of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That was to be done by 31 May 1999, at the latest. The Act also calls for Jerusalem to remain an undivided city and for it to be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel. You can look it up!

For reasons which we can only guess, Presidents Clinton, Bush II, and Obama, ignored the wishes of Congress and the law of the land, and refused to implement the Jerusalem Embassy Act. Their excuse was that the Act was a Congressional infringement on the executive branch's constitutional authority over foreign policy. All three of them consistently claimed the presidential waiver on national security interests.

President Trump signed the waiver in June 2017, but apparently changed his mind some time later and decided to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital -- which it is, as a matter of fact -- and begin the relocation of the US embassy, as required by American law. If any political scientist or constitutional scholar can advance a good argument for doing otherwise, I would like to hear it.

Footnote: Quod scripsi, scripsi. But I still like the illustration Ed. chose for this piece. My preference would be to see Jerusalem declared an international city, the capital of neither Israel nor the proposed separate Palestinian state. I fear that solution is too sensible, too peaceful to be accepted by the extremists, whether Zionist or Islamist. I expect the war of words... and worse... to continue.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Shocking new poll reveals Ontarians don't like poor people, Muslims, trannies and refugees

Agent 3, always on the lookout for examples of government waste, reports that the human rights industry is thriving in Ontario, particularly in the province's Political Correctness Police Commission [Human Rights Commission, surely! Ed.] Under the leadership of its SJW Chairthingy, Renu Mandhane (pictured), the OHRC has just spent an undisclosed [read: ridiculously large] sum on a poll to study discrimination.

The Environics Research Group (which has no connection whatever to Ontario's Liberal government), surveyed 1501 people from across the province, including 720 from the minority-majority Greater Toronto Area. The public opinion survey, touted as the first of its kind, is entitled Taking the pulse: People's opinions on human rights in Ontario. To the surprise of no-one other than Ms Mandhane and the progressive thinkers in the Liberal Party and the CBC, the poll found that the majority of Ontarians have negative feelings toward the poor, refugees, transgendered people, Muslims and Arabs.

The lowest approval score was given to those on "public assistance" [read: welfare]. Only 39% of those polled said they feel at least
somewhat positive towards this group. Arabs were second-lowest, with only 44% of respondents expressing at least somewhat positive feelings about them. Why Arabs and Muslims were treated as discreet categories is not made clear, but a slightly higher number -- 45% -- had positive feelings towards followers of the Prophet. Refugees and transgendered people came in at 46%.

There were some positives. 64% of those polled were favourable to people with disabilities, and 62% had positive feelings about "Asians". The survey question apparently did not distinguish between south Asians (like Ms Mandhane) and east Asians (Chinese and Japanese, for instance) or southeast Asians (like Filipinos). 57% of respondents had positive feelings toward Indigenous people (or First Nations, or whatever today's PC term is), although that group was the largest to complain about being discriminated against.

Agent 3 wonders why it was necessary to spend thousands or millions of beaverbucks to get opinions which could have been discerned by spending a few hours eavesdropping on conversations in Tim Hortons coffee shops. But doing that wouldn't have been scientific, EH!

Habs report: Inconsistent Canadiens baffle Poor Len

Poor Len here. Ed. asked me a week ago [Only a week! Ed.], after the Montréal Canadiens had won their fourth game in a row, thumping Detroit 10-1, if I wasn't going to write something on the team's incredible turnaround. "Let's wait a few days," I told him. "I think I may be dreaming. I want to see if this is real." Alas and eheu! It wasn't.

This past Tuesday the Habs lost a close one (4-3) to a bigger, tougher team, the St. Louis Blues. On Thursday they lost 3-2, in overtime. tio the Calgary Flames, a team they should have been able to beat handily. Their play in the couple of minutes of extra time was a model of ineptitude. And then there was last night, when they got mauled 6-2 by one of the worst teams in the Western conference, the Edmonton Oilers. It's been a tough week to be a fan of la Sainte Flannelle.

Their modest winning streak seemed attributable, in large part, to the return of Carey Price. "Mr Saturday Night" appeared to have regained his all-star form, allowing just two (2) goals in the first three games he played since coming off the injury list. And he played in the games against St. Louis and Calgary, getting his GAA for the season down to 3.00 going into last night's game. Last night, for some reason, he fell apart, getting the hook at 2:24 of the second period, after allowing 4 goals on 15 shots.

Price gave the impression of having no energy, and not being in the game mentally. Why? Who knows? It's not for lack of rest. He played two games in two nights the week before, winning both. Perhaps it's a recurrence of rumoured personal problems that (they say) were part of the reason for his time off for most of November. To be fair, last night's débâcle was not his fault alone. As Shea Weber told the meeja, "Why should he deserve all the blame? It's a team sport. I don't know why the finger should be pointed only at him."

Indeed, there's plenty of blame to go around. The Canadiens were outshot 40-26. Where was the defence?! Weber was -3 last night. So was Jordy Benn. But it's not all down to the D either. There are still some forwards -- step forward Alex Galchenyuk -- who are either unaware of or incapable of performing their defensive duties. Captain Max Pacioretty said, "From the first face-off, we were back on our heels, worrying too much about playing defence against some of their players [meaning Connor McDavid, no doubt] who were coming through the neutral zone at speed."

Quite so. Brendan Gallagher, who I love to bits, took two penalties in quick succession, near the beginning of the third period, trying to stop Edmonton rushes. Sure enough, the Oilers scored on one of the ensuing power plays. Cap'n Max says "The best way to defend against that kind of thing is to create an attack." That would have been fine, except the Habs forwards didn't do that. Rookie goaltender Laurent Broissoit, who started the game with a GAA of 3.71, was never sorely tested.

The warning signs were there in Tuesday night's 4-3 loss to the Blues. St. Louis scored first, and Montréal was able to tie the game and then go into the lead (which they blew) thanks to goals by the aforementioned Weber (2) and Benn, both defencemen. Where was the offence? MIA.

And there you have the problem of this season's edition of the Canadiens in one word: inconsistency. One night there's no offence. The next night there's no defence. And on the third, the (former?) best goalie in the world has an "off night"...or a night off. Price was defensive in the meeja scrum after last night's game. "I didn't get up this morning intending to be pulled in the second period!", he snapped.

I believe him. I believe they all want to win. And they know I and 1000s of other fans of Canada's team want them to win. I just wish that the forwards, the defence and the goaltenders could all get their acts together for sixty minutes in the same game, 6 or 7 times out of 10, from here until April. Ainsi soit-il!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Reverse racism rules at the Canadian Broadcorping Castration

In Adios America!, Ann Coulter dissects and gives numerous examples of the extraordinary lengths the (((controlled))) lamestream media -- Hello, New York Times ! -- goes to to suppress any information about the race, ethnicity, religion and/or immigration status of persons accused of crimes. Descriptions of perps routinely omit words, such as "black", which might help the general public to indentify the wrong-doers and thus assist the police in bringing them to what we laughingly call "justice".

Here's a case in point from the Great No-longer-white North. Last Saturday, a young man by the name of Yosif Al-Hasnawi (religion and immigration status unreported) had just left his mosque in downtown Hamilton ON, when he spotted two men accosting another man. Mr Al-Hasnawi tried to intervene and was subsequently shot by one of the assailants. Hamilton police issued a warrant for James Burningsky King, pictured below.

The picture at right was the first one released, apparently taken from police files. The picture at left was released a couple of days later, by which time Mr King had cut his hair and shaved off his facial hair, thus rendering himself less identifiable as a... errr... First Nations person, or indigenous person, or, to use the now proscribed, politically incorrect term, Indian.

Canadians (and probably Americans too) would have figured out his race anyway, from his name. Unless of course they listened to Canada's state broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcorping Castration. Reporting on his arrest yesterday (in the vicinity of the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation reserve near Hagersville ON), the CBC used only the left-hand picture and identified the accused, now facing a murder charge, as plain old "James Kind". The ultra-PC broadcaster has thus done its bit to avert race war between Muslim migrants and the warriors of the Six Nations. Good for them!

UPDATED: VIDEO: Why Al Franken has to quit and POTUS doesn't

I saw clips from soon-to-be-ex-Senator Al Franken's churlish and mean-spirited announcement that he would be leaving the Senate at some unspecified time in the future. The New York Times described the Democratic Senator from Minnesota as "emotional...defiant and mournful but hardly contrite" as he denied allegations of having groped and made improper advances towards "at least" six women.

Mr Franken again denied the allegations but said he'd resign anyway -- a strange position for a lawmaker of the US of A, where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Why didn't he insist on having his day in court, so he could confront his accusers mano-a-womano and show them up for the Trumpian conspirators that they undoubtedly are?

Instead, as his Democratic colleagues -- the ones who threw him under the bus -- looked on, the SNL alumnus took a parting shot at President Trump and Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate in today's special election in Alabama. (Walt predicts Judge Moore will win by a comfortable margin. Lifetime pct .989.)

Groping for words (this time), Mr Franken told the meeja "I, of all people, am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office, and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party."

What Mr Franken really meant is: "How come I have to quit and the other two don't?" Walt will explain four words: It's that picture, stupid! Unlike President Trump or Judge Moore, Mr Franken has been caught red-handed, so to speak.

The allegations of misbehaviour against Judge Moore are decades old, and the only "evidence" that has been produced is an inscription alleged to be in the high school yearbook belong to one of the accusers, of which only a photo has been made public. The lawyer for the offended woman refuses to produce the actual yearbook so the authenticity of the not-very-damning writing can be verified.

The case against President Trump is even weaker, weak to the point of being non-existent. There is only the little Billy Bush video clip in which (if you believe it hasn't been tampered with) you can hear Mr Trump saying that, because of his celebrity status, he could, if he wanted to, grab a woman by the pussy and get away with it. If he wanted to! He didn't say he did that, and no-one -- no-one! -- has come forward to say he did that, or anything like it.

Compare that with the numerous allegation of sexual harassment and misconduct made against Mr Franken's political crony, Bill Clinton, for crimes and misdemeanours which he committed while he was in office as Governor of Arkansas or President of the Excited States of America. In spite of the shitload of evidence against him, Hellery's husband was never impeached and never resigned, so if and when Mr Franken actually leaves the Senate, we'll give him that one. Resigning would show that, at last, he gets it!

BREAKING NEWS: UPDATED AT 1000 today: Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against US Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore. Click here to read the story on Breitbart News. Great timing, eh, since the special election is less than a week away.

With his usual impeccable timing, our good friend Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant, has just posted a video in which he  discusses sexual harassment in politics and entertainment, and asks the question: Where is the media's newfound moral indignation coming from? What did they expect after 50 years of sexual revolution, classroom sex education, free love, and women demanding to be treated just like men? Plus, is there a connection between all of this and the total breakdown of modesty in dress in our culture?

Walt remembers well the hippy-dippy 60s, in which all this started. The middle of that decade coincided with the Second Vatican Council, the beginning of the suicide of the Roman Catholic Church. The steady decline of Western society started in those years. I expect that decline to end -- in the total collapse of western civilization -- any day now.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Winning bigly: SCOTUS upholds POTUS travel ban

"The wheels of justice may grind slow, but they grind exceeding fine." Following President Donald Trump's appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court created by the death of the late and much-missed Antonin Scalia, we are finally starting to see some sensible (read: constructionist, not activist) rulings coming from that august body. Yesterday, by overturning the injunctions of two lower courts, SCOTUS enabled President Trump's travel ban to largely go back into effect.

The Supreme Court dismissed lawsuits based on earlier, temporary versions of the ban, because those versions had expired. The third, now permanent version, promulgated in September after an interagency review of the dangers posed by the different countries included, goes back into effect while the case on the merits works its way through the court system. The review provided justification, the government argued, for the inclusion of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen, all of which pose threats to the security of the USA.

The orders come in response to filings by the Department of Justice asking the Supreme Court to stay the preliminary injunctions in the two main travel ban cases, Hawaii v. Trump in the Ninth Circuit and International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump in the Fourth Circuit, which have been bouncing around the federal court system for months. The district courts had repeatedly ruled that the bans must be blocked from going into effect or, at least, be interpreted in such a way as to not discriminate against Muslims. The majority of the countries named in the ban are majority Muslim, and the problem has been how to separate the Islamic terrorists from legitimate travellers.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called yesterday's ruling "a substantial victory for the safety and security of the American people." He went on to say, "We are pleased to have defended this order and heartened that a clear majority Supreme Court has allowed the President's lawful proclamation protecting our country's national security to go into full effect. The Constitution gives the President the responsibility and power to protect this country from all threats foreign and domestic, and this order remains vital to accomplishing those goals."

Tax reform last week, enhanced border security this week. Slowly but surely, President Trump is winning -- making good his promise to Make America Great Again. Take heart, Americans, there is hope yet!

Monday, December 4, 2017

VIDEO: Now, more than ever, the USA is full of shit

Walt cannot ignore the questions any longer. Readers, and even some of my agents, want to know when I'm going to say something (profound or otherwise) about:
  • Michael Flynn's plea of guilty to lying to the FBI
  • Hellery Clinton's not having been charged with lying to the FBI
  • Judge Roy Moore being accused of chasing after jailbait, decades ago
  • (((Harvey Weinstein))) (and 100s of (((Weinstein))) wannabes) grabbing 1000s of T&A
  • Billy Bush saying Donald Trump really did talk about grabbing women by the pussy
  • Rumours that Rex Tillerson will be dumped from his position as Secretary of State
  • White House denials that Rex Tillerson will be dumped
  • Brian Ross's fake news that POTUS knew Michael Flynn lied to the FBI
  • Joy Behar declaring (anent the above) that she was "guilty of premature evaluation", but anyway, Mr Ross just made a mistake
  • Etc etc and so forth
One reason why I haven't written much on these subjects is that I've been waiting for the other shoe(s) to drop. One day the truth will out... or so the old saying goes. The other, more cogent reason, is that I just don't care, and neither does anyone else outside of the Excited States of America.

Do you know that the Russians, the French and even the Canucks just laugh at these examples of "American exceptionalism"? Where on earth, other than the USA, would a rich and powerful older man -- an old pervert, if you like -- trying to get his hands on a hot piece of teen talent make National Headline News? As for lying to the FBI, where on earth, other than the USA, is it a criminal offence to lie to the cops who are out to get you? And about the fake news... how much of the "news" that we're exposed to every day -- "news" about the Kardashians, for example, or Bruce/Caitlin/Whoever Jenner -- do you think is real?

Dear reader, 99% of what is passed off by our lamestream media as "news" is the veriest bullshit! And that's not my original thought. In his very readable autobiography, Last Words (Free Press, 2009) George Carlin wrote: "Bullshit is the glue of America!" He said the same thing -- much more eloquently -- as part of a stand-up routine. Check out this short video.

According to Mr Carlin, he got his BD detection sense genetically, from his father Patrick Carlin Sr. In his later years, Carlin père had a job at radio station WATN (the voice of Watertown NY), where he devised a station sign-off he said he'd like to deliver some day: "I pledge allegiance to the people of the United States of America and all the political crap for which they stand. Big dough shall be divisible with union dues for all." That was amidst all the patriotic fervor of World War II. Has anything changed? You be the judge.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

VIDEO: President Trump wishes everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The official lighting of America's Christmas tree at the White House didn't get much play in the lamestream media, because to have given the ceremony time and space would be to have admitted that President Trump did a Good Thing. Not only that, but he used the politically incorrect greeting "Merry Christmas", and even went so far as to say that the holiday commemorates the birth of "Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ".

This video was posted on YouTube by our friends at The Remnant, with this comment: During the annual lighting of the White House Christmas tree this year, President Donald Trump made good on his promise to bring "Merry Christmas" back to America. He then doubled down by referring the Jesus Christ as "God" and "Our Lord and Savior". As the economy continues to soar and Hilary continues to sour, it's pretty difficult not to be a little hopeful this Advent. At the very least, we can all agree that our situation as Catholic Americans could be a lot worse this Christmas. Thanks, Mr. President. Merry Christmas indeed!

VIDEO: A millennial job interview

Ed. is always complaining that it's impossible to find good help nowadays, so I set up a webcam to record an actual interview with a millennial job-seeker.

A Millennial job interview from @TheDanielBrea on Vimeo.

OK, so it's not real. But the problem is real! And kids wonder why they don't get hired. Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS to Agent 9 for sending this along.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Liberal academic surprised and saddened by truth about diversity

Dr Robert D. Putnam could well be called the archetypal liberal academic. He is a social scientist, and Professor of Public Policy at Harvard. Until recently his best-known work was Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community (Simon & Schuster, 2000).

The good doctor is, by his own admission, pro-diversity, one of the "useful idiots" who believe that immigration is good for us because, in the words of Canuck Prime Minister Junior Trudeau, "diversity makes us strong". (Ann Coulter is one of many who disagrees. See "Diversity does NOT make us strong, sez Ann Coulter", WWW 28/11/17.) For years after writing Bowling Alone, Dr Putnam studying the effect of ethnic diversity on a community's well-being, striving to prove that he was right and that "nativists" like Ann Coulter (and Walt!) are wrong.

In 2006, Dr Putnam won the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, given by the eponymous foundation at Sweden's Uppsala University. His lecture at the award ceremony was entitled E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century. In his lecture Lecturethe good doctor had to admit that he was wrong, after all, and that diversity makes us weak, not strong. Contrary to his expectation -- and desire! -- his study showed that the greater the ethnic diversity, the less people trusted their neighbours, their local leaders, and even the news.

People in diverse communities gave less to charity voted less, had fewer friends, were more unhappy, and were more likely to describe television as "my most important form of entertainment". Dr Putnam did not find that people in diverse communities trusted people of their own ethnicity more, and other races less. They didn't trust anyone! The difference in neighbourliness between an ethnically homogeneous town, such as Bismarck ND, and a diverse one, such as Los Angeles, he said, is "roughly the same as" the difference in a town with a 7% poverty rate compared with a 23% poverty rate.

Most of the data on which Dr Putnam relied were collected around the same time he was doing the research for Bowling Alone. But he didn't publish his study right away, because he didn't like the results. As a "liberal academic whose own values put him squarely in the pro-diversity camp," said the New York Times, he had hoped to find some other explanation. He reran the numbers, accounting for differences in crime rates, age, income, marital status, home ownership, education language, mobility, and every other factor he could think of. But no matter how may variables he took into account, he kept getting the same result. Diversity damages social cohesion.

Further reading: E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century, The 2006 Johan Skytte Prize Lecture by Dr Robert D. Putnam, in its entirety (38 pages), published by the Nordic Political Science Association, 2007.

Credit where credit is due: Although I knew of Dr Putnam and Bowling Alone, which I've read and recommend, I wouldn't have known of his later work had I not read about it in Ann Coulter's Adios America!, from which this post was adapted.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Are you ready for the brave new world of fashion?

As the pussification of the West progresses, here's what you can look forward to in the brave new world of fashions for ze.

Credit where credit is due. This was created by "Captain Craptek (Haberdasher in training)" and posted on The People's Blog. Don't break your wrist clicking on the link to read the accompanying text because there isn't any. But I do recommend you bookmark the blog. You may think it's satire but it's actually a grim prediction of the world in which we'll be living in soon... too soon... if the "progressives" have their way.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Canuck university offers "emergency hijab kit"

In spite of the incessant repetition of the "Diversity is our strength" mantra by Prime Minister Justin "Junior" Trudeau, Canadians appear to be just as resistant as Americans to the seemingly irreversible browning of the Great No-longer-white North. In Halifax NS, opposition to the Islamization of Canada allegedly manifests itself in the harassment of Muslim (and wannabe Muslim) women who wear the hijab.

So says Amina Ajawaby, pictured, wearing her hijab at left. Ms Ajawaby is president of the Dalhousie University Student Union, which is now offering "emergency hijab kits" to anyone whose hijab is ripped off (literally) by racist, Islamophobic Canucks, or who fear such an outrage might happen but decide to wear the Islamic headgear anyway.

For that matter, anyone who just wants a hijab to carry around in her (or his?) purse, as a form of virtue-signalling or proteest, can call Dalhousie security services -- seriously -- which will deliver a kit to them anywhere on campus. The kits include a piece of fabric, pins, a small guide on how to wrap the hijab and important numbers for reporting such hate crimes.

The kit, sponsored by the Dalhousie Student Union (Amina Ajawaby, prop.) and the pro-diversity Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group, was launched last week after "many students" said they were concerned for their safety following the shooting earlier this year at a Québec City mosque. No incidents of violence have actually been reported in Halifax, but Ms Ajawaby said she previously was told of cases on campus and off. "I don't know if they have been necessarily reported, but just by being a member of the Muslim community, people have come to me and let me know."

Diversity does NOT make us strong, sez Ann Coulter

I don't know about you, dear reader, but I am sick, sore and tired of having pro-diversity propaganda shoved down my throat by the lamestream media 24/7. Fifty years ago the aim of all progressive and right-thinking people was "integration". It didn't take long for people to realize that "integration" lasts from the moment the first black family moves into the neighbourhood until the last white family moves out. So, in much the same way as "global warming" morphed into "climate change", yesterday's push for integration became today's shove towards "diversity", the more the better. Because diversity makes us strong. Right? Well, I call BS on that!

"Diversity is a strength" is a big black crock of bullshit, a Big Lie of which Joseph Goebbels would be proud. That's not just my opinion, but that of Ann Coulter, expressed very forcefully in Adios America! (Regnery Publishing, 2015), which I am just now getting around to reading. [My keyboard won't make the upside-down !. Ed.] Here, by way of my strong recommendation, is an excerpt.

The companion lie to the "America is a nation of immigrants" lie is "diversity is a strength." Praising diversity is simply part of the PC dogma, a mantra constantly being pounded into our heads. Repeat after me: Diversity is a strength. Diversity is a strength. Diversity is a strength. It's like the shrieking radios permanently attached to bright people's ears in the Kurt Vonnegut story "Harrison Bergeron", to prevent them from using their superior intelligence. Contrary to everything you've heard, never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a disaster.

Look at Ireland with its Protestant and Catholic populations, Canada with its French and English populations, Israel with its Jewish and Palestinian populations. Or consider the warring factions in India, Sri Lanka, China, Iraq, Czechoslovakia (until it happily split up), the Balkans and Chechnya. Also review the festering hotbeds of tribal warfare -- I mean the "beautiful mosaic" -- in Third World disasters like Afghanistan, Rwanda, and South Central LA. If diversity is their strength, I'd hate to see what their weakness is. The fact that we have to be incessantly told how wonderful diversity is only proves that it's not....

In response to the wanton slaughter of thirteen American troops at Fort Hood by a disgruntled second-generation Muslim immigrant, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, Army Chief of Staff General George Case went on Meet the Press and said, "Our diversity, not only in our army but in our country, is a strength." Then a few years later, after two Chechen immigrants bombed the Boston Marathon, former CIA director Michael Hayden told a Fox News Sunday panel, "We welcome these kinds of folks coming to the United States." Really? The kind that launch murderous attacks on Americans? Do people even listen to themselves when they spout these bromides, or is it just background music? Saying he was speaking "as the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency," Hayden added, "Immigration to this country contributes to our national security." The 9/11 attackes must have been fantastic for national security!

Hayden also made the strange announcement that America is "required to look like the world." Is that in the CIA charter? I know it's in the Democratic Party's platform and also in the wedding vows of John Kerry and Teresa Heinz. This wasn't some nut from the ACLU. It was a former government official -- the head of the CIA. At least it becomes less of a mystery why no one at the CIA saw 9/11 coming.

A few days later on MSNBC, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of California responded to Muslim immigrants' bombing the Boston Marathon by saying, "The American-Muslim community is a source of great strength to us...our strength in America has always been our diversity." Do these people have a silicone chip in their brains that makes them say that? How about a rousing chorus of: "Four legs good, two legs bad!" This is the sort of brainwashing Americans are relentlessly subjected to, day after day, from every major news outlet. The good news is, even after years of wall-to-wall propaganda, Americans still aren't sold on the idea.

Thus endeth the excerpt. Buy or borrow Adios America!, and read the truth the government and the lamestream media won't trust us with.