Sunday, June 17, 2018

Brit wearing "stab-proof" vest dies after stabbing himself

Darwin was right. It's the strongest and the smartest who will survive. I haven't checked the Darwin Awards website in some time, but Ed. had a look today and assures me that they haven't yet got this one, from a report in the Teesside Gazette, a rather obscure English newspapers. (That's "English" as in location, as well as language.)

The local coroner's court heard this week how, last summer, 22-year-old Jordan Easton bought himself what was advertised as a "stab-proof vest". Assistant Coroner Karin Welsh told the hearing that soon after getting it, while visiting with a friend, Mr Easton "took hold a knife to demonstrate [the vest] was stab-proof and sadly realized it wasn't the case."

Mr Easton was rushed to the hospital, where he died. Friends described him as a "one of a kind kid" with a "golden heart." His mother said in court that her son's stabbing himself was "out of character", and added she "can't absorb it."

The newspaper reported that while his injuries were self-inflicted, there was no evidence that Mr Easton purposely tried to harm himself. His death was ruled a "misadventure", which Ms Welsh said meant he died from consequences which were not intended. Indeed.

Encore en France - "Allahu akbar!"

Associated Press reports that the sleepy town of La Seyne-sur-Mer, in the rather lovely department of Var, in southeastern France, is the latest place to have its sleep disturbed by shouts of "Allahu akbar!".

A woman [not exactly as pictured. Ed.] shouted the slogan, in Arabic -- not in French or English, as reported by AP -- when she slashed at shoppers in a supermarket, wounding two of them with a box cutter.

The attacker has now been detained, AP sez, but the district prosecutor has been coy about the details of the "incident" and what charges, if any, the Muslim woman -- for such she was -- might face.

Lest you think that a boxcutter isn't much of a weapon, don't forget that the 9/11 terrorists -- every one a devout follower of the prophet -- were armed with boxcutters when they hijacked the airliners that they caused to crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

For reasons of political correctness -- and reluctance to admit that Islamic terrorists pose a threat to the people of France every day and everywhere -- the authorities are still reluctant to make the connection between such attacks and ISIS, but the similarity to previous Islamic terror attacks, in France and elsewhere, is painfully obvious.

Nigel Farage, former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) criticized AP for erroneously reporting that the attacker shouted "God is great" (but in French, bien sûr), in quote marks no less, in a social media bulletin breaking the news, when in fact she shouted "Allahu Akbar". "This," he said "is why people don't trust mainstream media anymore."

Further reading
: "83% of French back expulsion of 'most dangerous' foreigners", WWW 2/4/18.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

VIDEO: 1000+ Europeans killed/maimed by asylum-seekers since 2014

An Eritrean asylum seeker and his British Muslim partner have been found guilty of plotting an ISIS-inspired terror attack over the 2017 Christmas holiday period.

According to the Derby Telegraph, Munir Mohammed, 37, a resident of Derby, met Rowaida El-Hassan, 33, from London, on a Muslim dating website. Mr Mohammed is a devout follower of the Prophet after whom he was named. So firm in his beliefs was he that he once chastised a neighbour for wearing shorts. When arrested by Inspector Knacker in December, he was days away from launching a "Mother of Satan" a bomb or poison attack. Click on the video to get the details.

That was six months ago. My point here is that, although Mr Mohammed and Ms El-Hassan were foiled, other "radicalised" Islamic asylum-seekers have murdered or injured more than 1000 people in terror attacks in Europe between January 2014 and December 2017. In that period, 32 Islamist plots involved those who had sought sanctuary. 44 "refugees" had either carried out atrocities or been thwarted before they could bring bloodshed to the streets.

The findings echo warnings by law enforcement chiefs that some ISIS fanatics bent on killing "infidels" -- not just non-Muslims but Muslims of the wrong sort! -- posed as "refugees" fleeing war and persecution in the shithole countries of the Middle East. They exploited the "migrant crisis" by pretending to be asylum seekers, in order to sneak into Europe and cause carnage.

In an article published by the Washington-based Heritage Foundation, terrorism expert Robin Simcox says it was "disturbingly simple" for jihadists to hide among genuine refugees because Europe's borders were under huge strain. European leaders, he explains, "inadvertently increased the terrorist threat" as a direct result of their catastrophic handling of controversial immigration and open-border policies. He singles out German Chancellor [for the time being! Walt] Angela Merkel, who sparked fury by throwing open the doors to Syrian refugees, leading to an influx of more than one million people in 2015.

Mr Simcox makes clear that the fault for 11 successful attacks involving asylum-seekers, which killed 182 people and injured 814, lay with the terrorists, but "Ill-conceived immigration policies have made it easier for them to strike. European leaders were either naïve about the risks or failed to communicate honestly with the public the impact that accepting such large amounts of people would have on security.... The fall-out from the decision to take in such a large amount of unvetted people in such a short time will continue for decades to come."

Here are the key takeaways from Mr Simcox's article:

  1. Islamism poses a clear and present national security threat to Europe. This threat has mainly converged on France, Germany, and the U.K.
  2. Over time, the plots have increased in frequency. Defeating ISIS militarily is clearly vital. Yet such a defeat alone would not mean the danger has passed.
  3. The US can and should help its friends in Europe [assuming it has any left] face these challenges. Nonetheless, a robust response to Islamism in Europe must be led from within Europe.

According to Mr Simcox, "Europe has faced a severe threat from Islamist terrorism for years. Yet Chancellor Merkel's decision to open Germany's borders in 2015 unfortunately increased that threat.... While only a minority of asylum seekers pose a security risk, the plots carried out by those exploiting migrant routes – in Paris, London, Berlin, Stockholm and elsewhere across Europe – demonstrate that even a low number of extremists can still cause huge amounts of damage."

Walt would like to be a little more specific. Let's make that "low number of extremists" one percent (1%) -- one crazy Muslim fanatic out of 100. Angela Merkel permitted the entry of a million "refugees" and asylum-seekers into Germany in just one year. 1% of 1,000,000 is... wait for it... 10,000.

10,000 potential Islamic terrorists on the loose right now. If 44 "radicalized" Muslims were responsible for murdering or injuring 1000 innocents, 10,000 jihadis could potentially kill or maim... let's see... 230,000. Does it make sense to keep letting these people into our countries? Please direct your answer to Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau and all the other Islamophile "leaders" we foolishly expect to protect us.

Further reading: "European Islamist Plots and Attacks Since 2014 — and How the U.S. Can Help Prevent Them", by Robin Simcox, The Heritage Foundation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Adam Smith says POTUS is wrong on tariffs and trade

Who dares to take issue with President Trump's desire to raise tariffs on steel, aluminum and a wide range of goods America imports from its friends and allies, and thus provoke a trade war? Adam Smith, that's who!

Mr Smith was a Scottish economist, philosopher and author as well as a moral philosopher, a pioneer of political economy and a key figure during the Scottish Enlightenment era. He is best known for two classic works: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776) and The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759). The former, usually abbreviated to The Wealth of Nations, is considered his magnum opus and the first modern work of economics.

Adam Smith was a classical liberal -- the good kind -- and a firm believer in free trade. In The Wealth of Nations, he argues for three foundations of modern economics, viz.:
  1. pursuit of self-interest - It's OK to look out for Number One
  2. division of labour - It's folly to have everyone build his own house when different people can be employed to dig the foundation, do the framing and put the roof on
  3. freedom of trade - I give you something you want, and I get something I want, which goes back to the first principle. 
The Wealth of Nations is a huge book -- huge in its impact on political thought and, unfortunately, huge in size -- over 900 pages even in an abridged edition. Everyone who fancies himself [or herself! Ed.] a thinker refers to Adam Smith, but few actually quote him because few have read this literally magnum opus. P.J. O'Rourke has done so, or skimmed through it at least, and has produced a remarkably slim "Best of Adam Smith" book called On the Wealth of Nations (Douglas & McIntyre, 2007), from which I've drawn this passage (from Book 4 of the original work). The words of Adam Smith, himself, are shown in italics.

Smith disdained trade retaliation: "Those workmen...who suffered by our neighbours' prohibition will not be benefited by ours. On the contrary, they and almost all the other classes of our citizens will thereby be obliged to pay dearer than before for certain goods."

And Smith gave the lie to claims that tariffs protect working stiffs: "To lay a new tax upon them...and because they already pay too dear for the necessaries of life, to make them likewise pay too dear for the greater part of other commodities, is certainly a most absurd way of making amends."

As for all our money going overseas, Smith had shown in book 2 of Wealth why this doesn't harm an economy: "we must not imagine that it is sent abroad for nothing." And Smith was referring to gold bullion. Gold always has some value.... The American money that the Chinese are getting is fiat currency that could turn into wastepaper at any time.

By holding dollars and dollar-denominated securities, China is buying our debt. Smith had declared, "A man must be perfectly crazy who...does not employ all the stock which he commands, whether it be his own or borrowed." If Americans think they're using all the capital they can get their hands on "in the way that they judge most advantageous to themselves," they'd be crazy not to be in debt.

As I pointed out in "MAGA to MAAA - Walt explains President Trump's 'trade war' strategy", WWW 1/6/18, Making America Great Again doesn't necessarily involve Making America Alone Again. Reverting to the protectionism of a hundred years ago will almost certainly be counter-productive. If POTUS persists in making war on America's allies (no matter how irritating their leaders may be), it will not end well. Lifetime pct .986.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The infamous G7 photo

We haven't received any entries yet in our contest to find the best caption for the infamous G7 photo of POTUS staring down (or being stared down by) Angela Merkel, but here's one posted today on Blazing Cat Fur.

Think you can do better? Send your submissions to Walt at the usual address.

Could MH370 have been hacked? It's possible!

To no-one's great surprise -- certainly not mine -- the latest search for the remains of the Malaysian Airlines B-777 used on flight MH370, which disappeared on 8 March 2014, has come up with nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. How could it be otherwise, when (as I've said repeatedly, as in "New search for MH370 - Walt's advice on how to get answers", WWW 6/1/18), the searchers are almost certainly looking in the wrong place! reported last week
that although they lost out on the multimillion-dollar finder's fee, the underwater exploration company Ocean Infinity is showing no sign of giving up on the lost plane. Even though the search has been officially called off (again), the Norwegian research vessel MV Seabed Constructor is continuing the hunt on its own, and is now looking in "previously uncharted areas".

Today, instead of talking about where MH370 wound up, let's talk about why it dove into the Indian Ocean (if indeed it did). The leading theory at the moment is that the pilot was suicidal, and flew the aircraft into the briny deep, after depressurizing the cabin to kill all the pax. Plausible, but not the only possibility.

Think about this. Almost anything that's connected to the internet can be hacked. (Look up "internet of things" on Google.) Things connected to the internet include airline operatins and... wait for it... flight controls. That's why airline ops occasionally grind to a halt "because the computer's down."

Thus the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported in government documents, obtained by Motherboard, that it's "only a matter of time" before cyber criminals are able to hack and remotely control an airplane.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a Department of Energy government lab, warned in a recent presentation that the "potential of catastrophic disaster is inherently greater in an airborne vehicle." The presentation, about methods used to identify vulnerabilities in commercial aircraft, expanded on research done by the DHS last year, in which they successfully hacked a Boeing 737 by remote means.

Greg Phillips, head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada, told Global News that the cybersecurity of commercial aircraft is indeed a major concern for the industry. "Any significant systems that involve human life are potentially targets for hacking," he said, "and that’s everything from the power grid to the water supply to the sewer to any kind of transportation, so aircraft, rail, etc. They’re all potentially vulnerable because they’re all controlled by computers, so yeah, we do need to worry about them."

A spokesthingy for Airbus Industries commented, "This is an industry issue, and one that we take seriously. However, we do not see any way for this to happen today, and we are constantly reviewing our systems and security procedures to continue to protect against potential cyber-attacks."

Is it possible, then, for cyber criminals to remotely control airplanes today? Probably not, but, Mr Phillips said, it can't be ruled out entirely. "You’d have to be able to communicate with the aircraft either on the ground or while it's in flight, and ideally what you'd want to be able to do is communicate with it in real time so you could tell it to do something like go into a power dive right now and kill everybody."

Say wut?! Isn't that the latest theory on what happened to MH370, which numbered among its passengers scores of Chinese IT professionals? Errr, yes... but of course we're only speculating here. It's equally possible (IMHO) that MH370 was shot down, accidentally or on purpose, by a missile launched by Indian or American armed forces, the latter operating out of the US base at Diego Garcia. Who knows....

Monday, June 11, 2018

VIDEO: Starbucks sensitivity training

No matter what Donald Trump says, the truth is that Canadians are always playing catch-up, trying to keep up with their American cousins, not just in trade but in entertainment, culture [There's "culture" in America? Ed.], politics (e.g. Doug Ford's win in Ontario a year and a half after the Trump Triumph), and, sure enough, political correctness.

Earlier this year, after two black men got arrested for loitering in one of its Philthydelphia stores, Starbucks discovered that it had a problem with cultural insensitivity. (Loitering comes naturally to black dudes, see, and you're not allowed to call them on it.) So they decided to close all the stores in the Paranoid States of America on May 29th to give the baristas a Special High Intensity Training course in sensitivity.

A bit later, somebody at HQ said to somebody else, "Hey, we forgot about Canada!" The response likely was, "We have stores there? Oh geez, better put them down for some of that SHIT too!" And so, Agent 3 informs me, SHIT happened in Canada today, from sea to sea to sea. Agent 3 donned a green apron and snuck into one of the sessions, from which he sent this spycam video.

VIDEO: Stefan Molyneux likens Ontario election result to defeat of Hellery Clinton

I like this video because Mr Molyneux's analysis of why Kathleen Wynne's Liberals got thrashed pretty much accords with mine. See "Wynne loses, conservatives win in ON -- a warning to 'progressives'", WWW 8/6/18 (the day after the election). Liberal elites, incessant identity politics, arrogance, incompetence, mismanagement, completely out of step with what the plain people of Ontario want... And let's not forget the pro-queer sex education curriculum. The list goes on, but let Mr Molyneux tell it. Running time 6:11.

Parsing the G7 summit: triumph for Trump or Trudeau or just chaos?

Six of the G7 leaders who met at Charlevoix, Québec, this weekend thought it was a good meeting. As everyone who reads Dilbert knows, if the point of the meeting is to get together around a table (preferably at a luxury resort) and have a good yak, a meeting which doesn't end in mayhem is "good", even though nothing is actually accomplished.

POTUS seems to be obsessed with accomplishing something, so he doesn't agree that the meeting was a success. He came late and withdrew early [Huh? Ed.] thus avoiding most of Canuck Prime Minister "Junior" Trudeau's agenda for the gabfest. Saving the whales, keeping the earth from burning up and improving the miserable lives of girl children don't interest Mr Trump very much. He wanted to talk business -- trade and tariffs -- but the Euroweenies and Canuck Liberals aren't interested in those things. See "MAGA to MAAA - Walt explains President Trump's 'trade war' strategy", WWW 1/6/18.

Reuters got an excellent picture which sums up the tenor of the talks. Six friends and a stranger, but when the stranger is the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, what difference does it make? What this picture really needs, though, is a caption. There are already hundreds of memes floating around in cyberspace, but I thought I'd add a couple more.

Note from Ed.:
OK, it's Monday morning so we have to make allowances, but honestly, I think Walt's captions are kind of lame. Surely some of our readers can do better? E-mail your suggestions to me at the usual address and we'll post a couple of good ones... if there are any.

Footnote: After his abrupt departure from the meeting, POTUS lobbed a grenade at the assembled globalists and progressives (especially "Mr Socks") by walking back his agreement to a group statement on trade, complaining that he had been blindsided by M Trudeau's criticism of his tariff threats at the summit-ending news conference. As he flew from Canada to Singapore Saturday night, POTUS vented his wrath on Twitter. Among other things, he called Junior "weak" and "dishonest", something Canucks have known since shortly after he took office, but nevertheless found a tad insulting, eh.

New Italian government turns back boatload of "refugees"

Firmness is all it takes! Italy's new government, elected in a surge of anti-immigrant backlash, has kept its promise -- imagine that! -- to close the ports through which hundreds of thousands of Muslim "refugees" and asylum-seekers from north Africa and the Middle East have overrun the country. This weekend, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini tweeted

Putting it bluntly (and in English), he said, "Enough is enough! Saving lives is a duty, but transforming Italy into an enormous refugee camp isn't. We're closing the ports!"

Following up those words with action, Italy as well as neighbouring Malta refused today to let a rescue ship, the MV Aquarius, dock in their ports, leaving 269 "refugees" stranded at sea.

Sgr Salvini and his party, the League, campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform that also included a vow to expel hundreds of thousands of migrants already in Italy. For its part, Malta has consistently refused to take in migrants, citing its small size and limited capacities. Over the past decade, the tiny island nation has reduced the number of migrants it has taken in, from a high of 2775 in 2008 to just 23 last year. All it takes is firmness.

Sgr Salvini pointed to Malta's example when he accused the rest of western Europe of leaving Italy to deal with the "refugee" crisis on its own. He noted that other European countries are very much involved in current rescue operations in the Mediterranean, but no country is stepping up to actually take in the migrants. "Italy has stopped bowing our heads and obeying," he said in a Facebook post. "This time we say no!"

UPDATE: Word just reached us on the mojo wire that the socialist government of Spain has decided to welcome this boatload of... words fail me. More fools they (the Spaniards).

Further reading: "Beware that Latin Mass! The Political Miracle in Italy and Its Link to Catholic Tradition", by Chris Ferrara, Fatima Perspectives, 7/6/18.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Wynne loses, conservatives win in ON -- a warning to "progressives"

It's taken me a few hours to get going this morning, following a night of toasting [marshmallows? Ed.] but a small serving of Ma Nifkins' jellied gin has me almost back to normal, so let me share some thoughts from yesterday's provincial election in the Canadian province of Ontari-ari-ario.

To set the stage, and get our American readers up to speed, Ontario is one of the more "progressive" provinces in one of the most liberal nations on earth, outside of Scandinavia. For the last 15 years it has been misruled by the Liberal Party -- the party of Big Government and social justice for all (except for straight, white, Canadian-born males). For the last five years, the Premier (head of the provincial government) was Kathleen Wynne, pictured at left below, the image on the right being that of her sister.

Ms Wynne is proud to be a lesbian, and is largely responsible for the much-reviled dirty sex education curriculum imposed on Ontario schools (including Catholic schools) in 2015. See WWW passim.

After 15 years of the Liberal nanny state's social engineering and tax-and-spend mismanagement, the people of Ontario were crying, begging for change. But who would change what the liberal elites and the (((controlled media))) keep saying is the natural order of things? Could anyone promise to turn back the clock?

Two other parties -- three, if you count the Green Party -- said they would do things differently. The socialist New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Andrea Horwath -- another short, shrill lady (?) -- promised to tax more and spend more, to give Ontarians free drugs, free dental care, and the sun, moon and stars, all by making the corporations and the rich, pay for it. As part of that, Ms Horwath said she would declare Ontario a "sanctuary province", so the bounties of socialism would be available to the huddled masses entering Canada illegally, at a cost of a mere C$2.5 billion (about $1.93 billion in real money).

The alternative -- and quite a stark choice it was, according to Ms Wynne herself -- was the oxymoronically named Progressive Conservative Party, led by Doug Ford, brother of the late Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, famous for having appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Like his brother, Doug Ford portrayed himself as a tax-cutting warrior, a fiscal conservative who believes governments waste too much taxpayers' money. Over and over, he repeated a simple message: a Ford government will be a responsible steward for taxpayers' money, and that "help is on the way for hard-working families!"

Mr Ford said he would cut taxes, cut the price of gas, cut hydro rates, cut the price of beer and eliminate the deficit while spending billions on transit and infrastructure projects. He had a simple product, and he was selling it at a lower price than anybody else in terms of tax cuts and other commitments of reduced prices. Those are tangible things that people understood and -- after 15 years of liberalism -- very much wanted.

And guess what, folks? It worked! The simple small-C conservative message, delivered by a straight white male -- the kind of guy you'd like to have a beer with -- carried the Progressive Conservativess to a solid victory over lefties. Here's Doug Ford celebrating going to Queen's Park today as the head of a majority government.

Any resemblance to Donald Trump is purely coincidental, don't you think? Mr Ford's detractors say otherwise. They accused him of cultivating the same image to win the same voters -- the plain people of Ontario, ignored for so long by liberal chattering classes of downtown Toronto. Whether he did so deliberately or not doesn't matter. It worked! Don Guy, a veteran Liberal political campaign strategist and former chief of staff to Kathleen Wynne's predecessor, Dalton McGuinty, said "[Mr Ford] was the ideal candidate because he gave small-c conservative voters a very comfortable home, a very comfortable archetype and a very strong message."

Kathleen Wynne had a mutual love affair (philosophical, not physical!) with Canuck Prime Minister Justin "Mr Socks" Trudeau. She shared Junior's "progressive ideals", and could be counted on to support his view of government as an agent for change. Doug Ford? Not at all! A price on carbon? He's against it. Asking the wealthy to shoulder a greater tax burden? He's against that, too. Free drugs for all? Social housing, especially for "refugees" and the idle poor? Gender-based analysis of government initiatives? Such entitlement programmes weren't at the bottom of Mr Ford's to-do list. They weren't on it at all! The priorities of a Ford government, he told voters, begin with "A" for "austerity".

A political scientist at Queen's University, in Kingston ON, said, "I think the fact that he came across as sensible during the debates really helped him a lot. He didn't get upset during them. It was a very controlled campaign. He was very much in control as well. He had his key messages. He stayed on point. He repeated them." Mr Ford's message that he would find "efficiencies" in government resonated with Ontario voters, she said. "People do see government as being wasteful in some ways. Everybody's got a story about that, so that kind of hits home."

As well as a warning to the libtards, progressives and SJWs, Doug Ford's victory -- and it's very much his, personally! -- is a good lesson for small-C conservatives everywhere. Keep the message simple, stay focussed on bread-and-butter issues more than ideology, and you will win. Next target for Canadians -- turf Trudeau in 2019! If I were "Mr Socks", I'd be quaking in my loafers.

Note from Ed.: For American readers who are wondering what's with all the blue in a conservative celebration... party colours in Canada are, like those of Britain, the reverse of what you're used to in the Excited States of America. Liberals wear red. Conservatives wear blue. The Greens favour green -- DUH! As for the NDP, who you'd think would be in the pink... their colour is orange. Go figure.

Asylum-seeker who raped and murdered German teen arrested in Iraq

Just a short story off the AP mojo wire to get your blood boiling today. Inspektor Katzenjammer of the German Polizei told the meeja today that a young follower of the Prophet man alleged to have raped and murdered a 14-year-old schoolgirl in western Germany has been arrested in his homeland. Ali Bashar, aged 20, was arrested by Kurdish security forces in northern Iraq early Friday at the request of German authorities.

The girl disappeared on May 22nd and her body was found in Wiesbaden on Wednesday, about the same time Mr Bashar and his family left Germany, travelling to northern Iraq via Turkey. What had Mr Bashar and his family been doing in the Fatherland? Why, they were "refugees", of course.

The accused rape-murderer arrived in Germany in 2015, at the crest of the tidal wave of "refugees", asylum-seekers and other less-than-desirable migrants. His asylum application was rejected, but of course he was still in Germany, appealing the rejection. Meanwhile, police allege, he was running around loose, committing a string of offences in the same area.

That's the problem with the immigration and justice "systems" in Germany, Canada, and the rest of the nations of western Europe and North America. Scum like Mr Bashar have the benefit of due process, so their bogus claims of persecution yada yada yada in their shithole countries get a sympathetic hearing. If their claims are rejected, they have a right of appeal -- all this with the assistance of legal counsel paid out of the public purse, of course -- and even if they are ordered deported, such orders are almost never executed.

And so the jihadis, criminals, misfits, remain amongst us. The doors to our homelands, now opened by the liberals and SJWs, cannot be shut again. What fools we be.

Further reading: "Italian Populist Interior Minister Vows Deportations After Viral Police Migrant Attack Video", Breitbart News, 8/6/18. "Italy’s populist deputy Prime Minister has rallied to the defence of police officers who were hospitalised by a migrant gang during an illegal goods seizure.... The provincial secretary of a police union...said the incident gave 'a snapshot of a paradoxical situation in our city, with people who live constantly outside the law, practising an illegal trade, in the belief that the institutions can not do anything against them.'" Trouble is, he's right!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Where's Walto?

Ed. here. Walt is on assignment, as they say in the meeja, observing what looks like being an interesting election in Ontario (Ontario, Canada, not Ontario, California).

Kathleen Wynne, proud lesbian and Premier of the province until tomorrow night has already thrown in the pink towel, conceding Saturday morning that there's no way she and her Liberal Party can be returned to power. Walt says they will be lucky to hold onto two seats in the 124-seat legislature.

The real contest is between the socialist(ish) New Democratic Party, led by Andrea Horwath and the oxymoronical Progressive Conservative Party, which, under new leader Doug Ford (brother of the late mayor of Toronto) is emphasizing the second half of its name rather than the first. Walt has endorsed Mr Ford, but is more than a little unhappy with his decision to reject the candidacy of Tanya Granic Allen.

The latest polls show the PCs with a thin margin in the popular vote, but a substantial lead in the projected number of seats, enough to form a majority government, after 15 years of Liberal misrule. I expect a report from Walt on Friday, DV. Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

VIDEO: British politician's gay lover murder plot to be reinvestigated

We have a great video today, featuring the late Peter Cook, of Beyond the Fringe and other estimable British comedy shows. It is timely today, as Inspector Knacker of the Yard has just announced that the murder plot which is the subject of Mr Cook's monologue is about to be investigated again, after a hiatus of a mere half century or so -- a tribute to the ineptitude ["persistence", shurely! Ed.] of British policing.
Let me set this up for you.

The gentleman -- absolutely the right word -- at the centre of the picture, and of a very English scandal, is the Hon. Jeremy Thorpe, since deceased. Mr Thorpe was at all material times (the hippy-dippy 60s) the leader of the Liberal Party, since folded into the moribund Liberal Democratic Party. The gentleman (?) at the left is Norman Scott, who was alleged to be Mr Thorpe's homosexual lover, this at a time when proper British society didn't ask and didn't tell. In fact, at that time, homosexual acts were still criminal offences in the United Kingdom

The gentleman at the right is Andrew Newton, who was convicted of killing Mr Scott's wee dog in what (Mr Newton alleged) was actually a plot to kill Mr Scott himself. The plot was allegedly masterminded by Mr Thorpe, who, as mentioned above, is dead now. He and three others were charged with conspiracy to murder, but were acquitted following a sensational trial at the Old Bailey in 1979. In the video, Peter Cook gives what he imagines to have been the judge's charge to the jury.

Following the acquittal, the British public demanded justice, since no-one other than Mr Newton had been convicted of anything substantial, and a lot of taxpayers' money had been wasted. A while later -- 2015, to be exact -- the BBC produced a documentary in which it claimed that the police had altered the evidence of another person hired to kill Mr Scott. The investigation was duly reopened, but closed again after they concluded that Mr Newton, who was still the key suspect, was as dead as Mr Thorpe.

Mr Scott, who is now 78 but very much alive, told the BBC, "I just don’t think anyone's tried hard enough to look for [Mr Newton]. I really don't. I thought [Gwent Police] were doing something at last and soon found out that absolutely they weren't, they were continuing the cover-up as far as I can see."

Imagine the coppers' embarrassment when they had to annouonce, a few days ago, that they were reopening the case after finding information indicating Mr Newton may still be, errr, as alive as Mr Scott. In a statement to the BBC, they said: "Enquiries were completed which indicated Mr Newton was deceased. We have now revisited these enquiries and have identified information, which indicates that Mr Newton may still be alive.
As a result, further enquiries will be conducted to trace Mr Newton to assess if he is able to assist the investigation."

This may take a while, but do stay tuned, won't you?

Friday, June 1, 2018

Jill Colton strikes again - Trudeau 2019 campaign ad

Speaking of Canuck Prime Minister Just In Trudeau (mentioned in my earlier post today), many Canadians are relieved to know that Mr Dressup has to face the electorate in about 16 months. Yet they are anxious over the possibility that he just might be re-elected, if campaign ads like this one impress a sufficient number of hosers.

To Jill Colton, a big WELL DONE. Keep `em coming. And thanks to Agent 3 for sending us the link.

MAGA to MAAA - Walt explains President Trump's "trade war" strategy

The (((controlled media))) in the USA, Canada and western Europe are aghast at the American government's announcement, yesterday, that punishing tariffs against imported steel, aluminum and other products would go into effect today.

The importation of such good from coutries such as Canada and Mexico, the administration says, constitutes a threat to national security. Mr Dressup, the Acting Prime Minister of Canada, calls that claim "absurd", and for once he is right. But that doesn't mean President Trump is wrong to fire the first shot in what could become a global trade war. Walt will explain.

Next weekend Canada is due to hose ["host", shurely! Ed.] the G-7 summit, a meeting of the leaders of the world's seven most economically important countries, including Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Canada, and the USA. [That's only six. Ed.] [I can't remember the seventh. Would you believe Italy? Walt] A few years ago they were trying to bring Russia into the circle, to make it G-8, but President Putin wasn't having any. Now the libtards on the "At Issue" segment of the CBC national news are suggesting that the coming meeting will really be the G-6+1, since (they say) President Trump has clearly signalled his intention of "taking the USA out of the world community". That is not absurd. Walt will explain.

The "world community" is a pretty sick community. With the possible exception of Japan and the certain exception of the red half of the Paranoid States of America, the G-7 is infected with four fatal diseases, which are killing western, Christian (?) civilization, slowly but surely. The diseases, which are now not epidemic but endemic, are:
Globalism - aka one-worldism; the rich must give their wealth to the poor
Multiculturalism - all races and cultures are equally good, but the white race is not so good as the others
Secularism - denying religion and the need for religion; making man into god
Relativism - the notion that all cultures, are civilizations are of equal value

We could add liberalism and "progressivism", which are the creeds of all right-thinking people in western Europe and North America, according to the elites and opinion-makers who know (better than you and I) what's wrong with the world -- racism, colonialism, white supremacy, yada yada yada -- and what must be done to fix it. What's that, you ask? Why, the establishment of a one-world government, of course, so that the Disunited Nations can rule us all. Political rock stars like Canada's Trudeau II are practically wetting themselves in anticipation of being chosen Benevolent Dictator of the Brave New World.

"Join us! Join us!", the one-worlders say to the only country which stands apart from the movement to make us all one big happy family. That country is the USA. The Prez nearly succeeded in eradicating American exceptionalism and surrendering the country to the feckless foreigners. Truly, Americans dodged a bullet by rejecting Barry's anointed successor, the one who would carry on his "legacy". Under President Trump, America stands alone against the suicide of the west, and a good thing too!

It's not easy to read POTUS' mind [Reminder: Comments are moderated! Ed.] but my take on the imposition of tariffs against America's "allies" -- like the French surrender-monkeys -- is that it's just part of a bigger vision, which is... wait for it... to take the USA out of the so-called "world community". However timidly, Britiain is backing out of the European Union. Why can't America leave the G-7, the World Trade Organization, the UN, and any other international organization which exists chiefly to subjugate the USA and "redistribute" American wealth to the shithole countries of the world? If that's President Trump's real goal, Walt says GO FOR IT! Make America Great Again is a good idea. Make America Alone Again is even better!

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