Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Muslim journalist admits Mark Steyn was right

Nearly ten years ago, Mark Steyn wrote what would prove to be a best-selling book entitled America Alone. Although Mr Steyn's opus has pride of place on my working library bookshelf, I never got around to reviewing and recommending it in WWW. Click here to read a review by blogger Tim Challies.

Mr Challies admits to borrowing a summary of America Alone's main points from yet another blog, so I'll borrow his.
1) In the ongoing conflict between the West and Islam, both the demographics and the will to power favor the Islamists. That a country like Spain, with a birth rate of 1.15 children per adult women, will extinguish itself in a few generations, while immigrants from countries such as Pakistan (birth rate 4.53) will move in to fill the vacuum.
2) As an aggressive, unassimilated minority edges closer to a majority (as in France, with an estimated 30% Muslim population in the under 20 age group), the character of the democratic institutions will become more closely aligned with Islamic law and culture.
3) The post-Christian welfare state is largely to blame for the pessimism and failures of will demonstrated by Europe.
4) America represents the primary exception to this trend, if only by degree, and that only a concerted effort to save our society stands a chance of reversing these trends.

Howls of indignation and accusations of racism and Islamophobia followed the publication of America Alone is overseas in connection with research for a new book. But his decade-old bestseller America Alone as surely as Eid-al-Fitr follows Ramadan. Among those calling for Mr Steyn's head were two columnists for the Toronto Sun, Tarek Fatah and Farzana Hassan. As their names suggest, both are followers of the Prophet.

Recent events, including the Orlando massacre of nearly half a hundred people by another follower of the Prophet, seem to have prompted Mr Fatah to have another think. Here's the the beginning of his column, headed "West bowing to radical Islam", in today's Sun.

Almost 10 years ago, Maclean's magazine published an essay by Mark Steyn titled, "The future belongs to Islam".
In it, he suggested, "the West is growing old and enfeebled, and lacks the will to rebuff those who would supplant it."
It was an extract from Steyn's then best-selling book America Alone, where he concluded, "It's the end of the world as we've known it..."
There was an outcry among Canada's Islamists, who took Steyn and Maclean's to the Ontario and British Columbia Human Rights Commissions.
My fellow Sun columnist, Farzana Hassan, and I wrote a rejoinder in Maclean's titled, "Mark Steyn has a right to be wrong."
Today, I recognize, Steyn was right and I was wrong.

If you felt it was unfair of me to mention the Orlando massacre in the paragraph introducing the excerpt, please understand that it was the deliberate coverup -- by the FBI, the lamestream media and the liberal elites up to and including Hellery and the Prez -- of Omar Mateem's religion and motive that prompted Mr Fatah to write what he did today. Here's how he puts it.

If there were any doubts the West is abdicating its responsibility to stand up for Western values, the amateur attempts by the FBI to cover up the Islamist nature of the Orlando attack, removed them.
At first, the FBI refused to even mention the fact the Orlando jihadi was inspired by ISIS, but after criticism, released the text of his 911 calls, but not the audio.
It replaced the word "Allah" with "God", despite knowing precise words matter in truth-telling.
It was clearly an attempt to make the attack appear homophobic, not Islamist.
President Barack Obama and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton deflected attention from the obvious Islamic nature of the terrorism to a debate about gun control.

Mr Fatah concludes, and Walt concurs, that "Orlando was an act of Islamic terror and of Islamofascism, a doctrine of hatred towards the West and what it stands for, including LGBTQ rights.
It holds secular liberal democracy in contempt, hates non-Muslims, degrades women and is racist towards non-Arabs, especially black Africans.
It is a supremacist death cult that has the end times as its ultimate goal."

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