Sunday, March 18, 2018

VIDEO: Is Trump funny? SNL alumnus Norm Macdonald answers

Norman Gene Macdonald, better known as Norm Macdonald, is a Canadian stand-up comedian, writer, producer, actor and all-round funny guy, eh! (Why so many of these funny guys are Canucks is one of the Great Mysteries of the North.) He is known for his five seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, which included three years as anchor of the "Weekend Update" segment. Early in his career, he wrote for the sitcom Roseanne and made appearances on shows including The Drew Carey Show and NewsRadio. He starred in The Norm Show from 1999 to 2001. Paste named him #31 of their 50 Best Stand-up Comics of All Time.

Norm has a brother, Neil Macdonald, an arch anti-Trumper and all-round liberal who masquerades as a journalist with CBC News. I wanted to find out if Norm shared his brother's gene for progressive bullshit, so tuned in to an interview he gave to Joyce Napier on rival CTV's Question Period earlier today. Turns out Norm has a better opinion of President Trump than does brother Neil, and shares Walt's opinion of Hellery Clinton. He has comments, too, on the Prez and Alec Baldwin's unfunny impression of President Trump. Give a listen.

Note from Poor Len Canayen: I trust that all you hockey fans noticed the CH on Norm's cap.

VIDEO: WWW TV commercial of the year 2017

As Frances McDormand said, there are already way too many awards, so one more won't hurt. That's right, campers, it's time for our annual WWW Excellence in Advertising Award for the year 2017. This year we have two strong contenders. The first to be nominated was "Gear of a champion", advanced last spring by the Bank of Nova Scotia to prove that even big banks can be athletic supporters.

The other, first flighted last fall, is "Return of the Snowman", which Walt believes was created by the same agency that did "Winter Warriors", our winner for 2013. Our apologies, but YouTube... or someone... has taken down the video to which that post links. Here's the 2017 version, even better than the first one -- a minute of winter horror for Nissan Canada.

And the winner is... may I have the envelope please... cue drum roll... "Gear of a champion"!

Note from Ed.: We don't really do this every year, just whenever there's something that tickles Walt's funny bone, like the Olex caveman commercial which should have won in 2014 except we forgot.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to yez!

Walt Whiteman, Poor Len Canayen
[and Ed.! Ed.]
wish all our readers

(We'll all be Irish after a couple of beers!)

Shocking reveal about the Flat Earth Society

Agent 34 (to whom be thanks) sent us this unintentional revelation from the Flat Earth Society's FB page.

Suspicions confirmed!!!

A stark warning to the West from Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán

Credit where credit is due. What follows are key quotes from a speech given recently by the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, as reported by Jack Montgomery on Breitbart News.

In a speech on Hungary's National Day, March 15th, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán issued a stark warning to the peoples of Europe, telling them that "Europe is now under invasion", and that "the empire of (((George Soros)))" is seeking to "break Hungary" for standing in its way.

"The situation, dear friends, is that there are those who want to take our country from us," he said. "Not with the stroke of a pen, as happened one hundred years ago at Trianon; now they want us to voluntarily hand our country over to others, over a period of a few decades. They want us to hand it over to foreigners coming from other continents, who do not speak our language, and who do not respect our culture, our laws or our way of life: people who want to replace what is ours with what is theirs.

"What they want is that henceforward it will increasingly not be we and our descendants who live here, but others. There is no exaggeration in what I have just said. Day by day we see the great European countries and nations losing their countries: little by little, from district to district and from city to city. The situation is that those who do not halt immigration at their borders are lost: slowly but surely they are consumed.

"External forces and international powers want to force all this upon us, with the help of their allies here in our country. And they see our upcoming election as a good opportunity for this. National and globalist forces have never squared up to each other so openly. We, the millions with national feelings, are on one side; the elite 'citizens of the world' are on the other....

"We who believe in nation-states, the defence of borders, the family and the value of work are on one side, and opposing us are those who want open society, a world without borders or nations, new forms of family, devalued work and cheap workers -- all ruled over by an army of shadowy and unaccountable bureaucrats. On one side, national and democratic forces; and on the other side, supranational and anti-democratic forces."

Prime Minister Orbán was clear that, in his view, the consequences for Europe of acquiescing to the European Union implementing what his government has described as the "Soros Plan" would be dire: "This is our homeland, this is our life, and we have no other."

He declared that his party, Fidesz, would "fight for it to the end and never surrender." But he acknowledged the strength of the forces arrayed against it, which seek to "break Hungary, which stands in the path of immigrants; and settle thousands, then tens upon tens of thousands of immigrants in Hungary within a few years.

"Europe is now under invasion," he added. "The western half of Europe looks at all this with its hands raised in surrender. Those who raise their hands have laid down their weapons, and will never again decide their own fate. The history of the defeated will later be written by others. The young of Western Europe will see this when they become minorities in their own countries, and they have lost the only place in the world that could be called home."

Finally, he warned that "Forces are appearing, the like of which the world has not seen for a long time. In Africa, there will be ten times as many young people as in Europe. If Europe does nothing they will kick down the door on us. Brussels is not defending Europe and it is not halting immigration, but wants to support it and organize it. It wants to dilute the population of Europe and to replace it, to cast aside our culture, our way of life and everything which separates and distinguishes us Europeans from the other peoples of the world.

"It will be small consolation," Mr Orbán concluded, "that the peoples of Europe will not forgive those leaders who completely changed Europe without first asking its people."

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Aussies welcome Boers fleeing South African land grab

Walt has some good news for all the Boers (Afrikaner farm folk) who were wondering what they were going to do when the black invaders come for your farms... not to mention your cars and your wives and daughters! (See "South Africans won't slaughter white farmers... at least not right now", WWW 3/3/18.) If you're smart enough to get out while the getting is good -- before South Africa turns into Zimbabwe -- Australia will welcome you!

Peter Dutton, Australia's home affairs minister, told the Sydney Daily Telegraph today that the Aussie government is ready to consider issuing special visas to South African farmers due to the "horrific circumstances" they face -- land seizures, violence and murder, at the hands of the now-"empowered" black majority. Such is the level of violence in South Africa that thousands of mainly white, Afrikaans-speaking farmers have taken to the streets to protest and plead for help.

Last October, #BlackMonday protests (pictured) were organized after the AfriForum civil rights group released figures showing a murder rate for South African farmers of 156 per 100,000 -- well above the already high national average and making farming in that country arguably the most dangerous occupation in the world outside a war zone!

South Africa's new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has vowed to pursue the same course as Zimbabwe's former dictator, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe (who's still alive, by the way!) in expropriating farmland owned by whites without compensation. South Africans of all colours -- black, white and striped -- are worried that doing so will destroy the country's already tottering economy, just as it did in Zimbabwe, Zambia and other black-ruled countries.

At the same time, the number of slain farmers, farm workers, and family members — most of them white — had hit 71, surpassing the estimated death toll for 2016.

Now Australia stands ready to offer help. "If you look at the footage and read the stories, you hear the accounts, it's a horrific circumstance they face," Mr Dutton told the Telegraph. He said Australia has refugee, humanitarian and other visa programmes which have the "potential to help some of these people." He had asked his department to look at the options, he added, "because from what I have seen they do do need help from a civilized country like ours."

Tuesday, March 13, 2018