Thursday, August 16, 2018

MSM - The truth is not out there! The truth is HERE!

Trust in the lamestream media is at an all time low. There are heavy agendas at work, and people have noticed. Much of the "news" purveyed by the likes of the Clinton News Network, MSNBC, Canadian Broadcorping Castration and even ESPN is either fake or so biased it might as well be fake. Conservative/Republican/alt-Right BAD!
Liberal/Democrat/antiFa/SJW/"progressive" good. Just compare the coverage of the same story -- any story -- on (for example) CNN and Fox News. Are they reporting on the same event? Are they living on the same planet?

More problematic, in terms of getting the truth, is what the lamestream media don't tell us. Anything that doesn't fit the liberal narrative, or makes the "progressive" flavour-of-the-month look bad, is suppressed. In a lame effort to show that it is fair and unbiased (as it should be, since it's taxpayer-funded), the CBC allows comments on its news site. But only sometimes. And only some comments! Two of Walt's readers have been having fun trying to post disparaging words about Canada's SJW "Minister of Global Affairs". They are competing to see who can get more comments "pinked" (= disabled). One of them, who I'll identify only as "JU" is currently in the lead, having been banned from the boards for three week. The words "hate crime" were used in the notice of his punishment.

Here's another example. This week I put up a post on the latest terror attack in London, in which "someone" drove a car into a crowd outside Westminster, the British parliament building. It took two days for the London police and the state-owned BBC to provide any information about the attacker. When the facts could be suppressed no longer, they finally admitted the would-be killer was "a British citizen", to which they added, almost in a whisper "born in another country". Turns out the other country was Sudan, a predominantly Muslim country in Africa.

But wait (as Vince Offer used to say), there's more. From Breitbart News (a source routinely disparaged by the LSM) we learn that Salih Khater "came to Britain after spending two years in Libya, and was granted asylum by the British government. Just weeks before what police are treating as an attempted terror attack, Khater was granted full British citizenship. And yes, he's a Muslim. (To be fair, Breitbart cribbed their report from the Times of London, one of the least worst mainstream sources.)

The media, academia and the clever folks in Hollywood still can't get over the fact that Donald Trump won the election in spite of their strenuous efforts. Alleged people like Joy Behar jsut can't get over it! They rail against POTUS for every supposedly evil deed, word or even thought committed since his election, or before it, or expected to be committed in the future (e.g. starting a war with Iran).

At the moment they're consigning him to hell for having supposedly used the word "nigger" --  notice I didn't wimp out and refer to it as "the N-word" -- a decade or so ago. And for calling a woman of colour a "dog", even though the Donald has used the same epithet, recently, to describe a number of white men. Honestly, dear reader, who amongst us has never in his life called people names like that... or worse?

Fortunately, it doesn't matter. Outside of the chattering classes on the coasts, no-one cares. No-one is even listening! Last week, more viewers tuned in to the history channel and HGTV than CNN. Fox news is still the most-viewed news channel. In the (((controlled media))) you'll find all the "truth" that (((George Soros'))) of Jeff Bezos' or can buy, or that the liberal democratic governments of Canada and Britain will allow. But the real truth is over here, in the wonderful world of blogs and independent media.

Here, as a public service, is my highly selective list of blogs and websites which present real news and alternative opinions. I won't embed URLs because I know my readers are intelligent enough to use a search engine to find the ones they're looking for. Most of these have been quoted or mentioned on WWW, so you can also use the search window in the top right corner to find them.

Bill Whittle; Blazing Cat Fur; Breitbart News; Canadian Times; Dr Rich Swier; Lew Rockwell; Michelle Malkin; The Occidental Observer; People's Cube; Post Millennial; Rebel Media; The Remnant (great site for traditional Catholics!); Ron Paul Liberty Report; Small Dead Animals; Steyn Online; White Genocide Project.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

UPDATED: VIDEO: Black man drives car into crowd near UK parliament, cops "suspect terrorism"

I'm not going to spend too much time one this because it's all becoming so depressingly familiar, besides which no-one was killed... this time.

In London today, at 0737 local time, a man drove a car at high speed along the road in front of Westminster, the seat of the Mother of Parliaments [Notice he didn't say "Mother of ALL Parliaments"? Ed.], hitting several pedestrians and cyclists before crashing into barriers outside the Houses of Parliament.

A black man in his late 20s was arrested at the scene on "suspicion of terrorist offences", according to Inspector Knacker of the Anti-Islamophobia Command of the Metropolitan Police. Yes, we have video showing a man in a puffy black jacket being surrounded by officers, handcuffed and led away from a silver car.

Two people were taken to local hospitals, but authorities said their injuries aren't believed to be life-threatening. Witnesses, however, were shocked, shocked by the "incident", which was reminiscent of a similar occurrence near the same place a year ago, when four people were killed and at least 50 were injured after a man, later identified as Khalid Masood, a follower of the Prophet, drove an SUV into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

Some witnesses went so far as to suggest that today's "incident" was deliberate. The Counter-Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police is now in charge of the investigation, but are keeping the usual politically correct silence about the suspect. "He was arrested on suspicion of terrorist offences," the bobbies said in a statement. "There was nobody else in the vehicle, which remains at the scene and is being searched. No weapons have been recovered at this stage." Nothing to worry about or even talk about, then.

UPDATE ADDED 14/8/18 at 1055: We now have a photo of the "suspect" dragged out of the car by the police.

Doesn't look like an Arab, does he. But that doesn't mean he's not an Islamist. Latest reports say the "suspect" lived in Birmingham. His identity has not yet been revealed -- mustn't provoke Islamophobia, you know -- nor has his status in the UK. Mustn't provoke xenophobia or anti-immigrant backlast either!

UPDATED ADDED 15/8/18 at 0440: The suspect now having his collar felt by London police has been identified as Salih Khater, a 29-year-old "British citizen of Sudanese origin". He was living in public housing about 10 minutes from the former home of Khalid Masood, the Islamic terrorist responsible for last year's London bridge massacre. Diffident British "authorities" still haven't used words like "Muslim" or "Islam", but no-one is being fooled by the cover-up.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Top Conservative says diversity will destroy formerly Great White North

Cazart! Maxime Bernier, runner-up to Andrew Scheer in last year's contest for leadership of Canada's so-called Conservative Party, showed this weekend that he had the cojones to say -- OK, to tweet -- what his party won't even imply. See "Canuck 'conservatives' wimp out, pull anti-border jumpers ad", WWW 18/7/18.

In a thread of six tweets posted yesterday, the Québec MP accused Canuck Prime Minister Just In Trudeau of fostering a "cult of diversity" that he believes will destroy the country. He said that more diversity (which he described as "cultural balkanization") will "divide [Canada] into little tribes" and bring "distrust, social conflict, and potentially violence."

Walt is pleased to share the entire six-part thread. Note especially #4. Truer words were never spoken, and they apply not just to Canada but to all the AABC countries and the ultra-liberal democracies of western Europe as well.

1/ Trudeau keeps pushing his “diversity is our strength” slogan. Yes, Canada is a huge and diverse country. This diversity is part of us and should be celebrated. But where do we draw the line?
Diversity is what makes Canada strong: Trudeau
8:28 PM - Aug 12, 2018

Replying to @MaximeBernier
2/ Ethnic, religious, linguistic, sexual and other minorities were unjustly repressed in the past. We’ve done a lot to redress those injustices and give everyone equal rights. Canada is today one of the countries where people have the most freedom to express their identity.
8:29 PM - Aug 12, 2018

Replying to @MaximeBernier
3/ But why should we promote ever more diversity? If anything and everything is Canadian, does being Canadian mean something? Shouldn’t we emphasize our cultural traditions, what we have built and have in common, what makes us different from other cultures and societies?
8:31 PM - Aug 12, 2018

Replying to @MaximeBernier
4/ Having people live among us who reject basic Western values such as freedom, equality, tolerance and openness doesn’t make us strong. People who refuse to integrate into our society and want to live apart in their ghetto don’t make our society strong.
8:32 PM - Aug 12, 2018

Replying to @MaximeBernier
5/ Trudeau’s extreme multiculturalism and cult of diversity will divide us into little tribes that have less and less in common, apart from their dependence on government in Ottawa. These tribes become political clienteles to be bought with taxpayers $ and special privileges.
8:34 PM - Aug 12, 2018

Replying to @MaximeBernier
6/ Cultural balkanisation brings distrust, social conflict, and potentially violence, as we are seeing everywhere. It’s time we reverse this trend before the situation gets worse. More diversity will not be our strength, it will destroy what has made us such a great country.
8:36 PM - Aug 12, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

RIP V.S. Naipaul: he said what white men couldn't

So, farewell then, V.S. Naipaul -- racist, misanthropist and Nobel Prize winner. Another Trinidadian writer, C.L.R. James, said that his views on the world -- "The world is what it is" -- and its human inhabitants simply reflected "what the whites want to say but dare not." That explains why I, being Whiteman by name and white man in fact, have underlined so many passages in his books, of which I've read (and recommend) almost all.

Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul was born five days shy of 86 years ago in Trinidad, a descendant of impoverished Indians shipped to the West Indies as coolies -- bonded labourers. "I was born there, yes," he told an interviewer in 1983. "I thought it was a great mistake." In 1950, Mr Naipaul was awarded a scarce government scholarship to study in Britain, and left his family to study English literature at University College, Oxford. He never really returned.

Mr Naipaul saw himself as a lone, stateless observer, free of ideology, politics and illusion. From his base in England, he travelled for extensive periods to pen journalistic essays and travel books. He flew three times to India, the land of his ancestors, to write about its culture and politics, which he disliked intensely. He spent time in Buenos Aires to write about Eva Peron, the former First Lady of Argentina. And he went to Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia to research and write books about Islam, which he condemned.

That Sir Vidia Naipaul (knighted in 1990) was a great writer -- a master stylist and story-teller with a cold, clear eye for the ironies, tragedies and sufferings of mankind -- is beyond doubt. But he is one of those authors who one either loves or hates. To his detractors, he was essentially political, bearing witness against the post-colonial world with great writing but shielded from criticism by virtue of being "one of them". His many critics called him "troubling", even "bigoted". They saw him as a "hater", a purveyor of stereotypes, wallowing in loathing of the world from which he came.

His supporters, however, found in his fiction merciless comic clarity, and in his travel writing a terrifying honesty. He refused to glamorise or idealise the developing world, but delivered original, scorching critiques, devoid of political correctness. He was fearless and unbiased in his criticism, attacking the cruelty of Islam, the corruption of Africa and the self-inflicted misery he witnessed in the poorest parts of the globe. The Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk said that Mr Naipaul represented third-world people "not with sugary magic realism but with their demons, their misdeeds and horrors -- which made them less victims and more human."

"There probably has been no imperialism like that of Islam and the Arabs", he once declared. He was scornful of the Caribbean, predicted that Africa would revert to bush (as indeed it has, IMHO) and often veered towards unapologetic misogyny. Indian women, he once wrote, wear a coloured dot on their foreheads to say "My head is empty."

V.S. Naipaul had little time for idealistic westerners who romanticised India and looked to it for a spiritual awakening. In the land of his ancestors, he saw only ugliness and a smug refusal to recognise the horror of the "narrow, broken lanes with green slime in the gutters, the chocked back-to-back houses, the jumble of filth and food and animals and people, the baby in the dust, swollen-bellied, black with flies, but wearing its good-luck amulet."

He was even more contemptuous of Islamic fundamentalism, which he decried long before 9/11 in The Believers (1981). One New York Times writer observed that it bore an antipathy to Islam so naked "that a book taking a comparable view of Christianity or Judaism would have been hard put to find a publisher" in America. An academic, Edward Said, said he found it hard to believe any rational person would attack entire cultures on such a scale.

Sir Vidia Naipaul will be remembered as a magical craftsman of English prose. He leaves behind a complex, challenging library of work which captures the complexities of the modern world in a unique blend of imagination, travel writing and autobiography. RIP.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

While Canuck minister plays SJW, USA and Mexico near NAFTA deal

Canadian investors and businesspeople are chewing their nails, waiting and hoping for their federal government (Just In Trudeau, Prop.) to get serious about reaching a deal with the Paranoid States of America (and maybe Mexico) to renew the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The economies of the Land of the Somewhat Free and the Great No-longer-white North are so intertwined that a reversion to the status quo ante would be disastrous for Canada, less so for the USA. Canucks are worried about the possible failure of negotiations, Americans... not so much.

Chrystia Freeland, Canada's silver-spoon liberal Minister of Global Affairs [sic], announced as negotiations got under way that her Liberal government's priorities would be: aboriginal rights, gender equity and climate change. The American negotiators replied, "Huh? Don't you want to talk business?" Months of dithering have passed with Canada and the USA failing to even get on the same page, while the Mexicans look on in puzzlement.

So tired are the Americans of having to deal with the fragrant Ms Freeland and her SJW agenda that they resorted to holding "lower level" meetings without her. See "Canuck foreign minister Freeland skips 5th round of NAFTA talks", WWW 16/11/17. Mr Socks responded by putting former Conservative Prime Minister Lyin' Brian Mulroney and cabinet minister Rona Ambrose on the negotiating team, but everyone knew that was just for show since Ms Freeland won't talk to anybody who doesn't agree with the liberal orthodoxy. "These people are impossible to deal with! I'm going home!" was how she responded to questions from the Belgian government during negotiations for a Canada-European Union trade deal.

The Americans' next ploy was to let it be known, through "back channels", that they would be happy to sit down with someone more business-minded. That led to a clandestine visit to the White House by Stephen "Call Me Steve" Harper, the Conservative who Junior defeated in October of 2015. See "Mysterious meeting between WH bigshots and former Canadian PM", WWW 28/6/18. Unfortunately, word of the visit leaked out, and the Liberals can't afford politically to follow up on any progress which might have been made.

The state of play at the moment is that, absent the distraction of Ms Freeland and her SJW demands, the USA and Mexico are having productive talks, getting down to where the rubber meets the road. Reports this week suggest they're getting close to a deal, including an agreement on the contentious auto sector. That a deal is imminent was confirmed by none other than POTUS himself, who sent out this tweet on Friday.

Because of tariffs and trade barriers, President Trump said, "Canada must wait." Bad news for the Canucks, but not unexpected.  Two days earlier, Breitbart News reported that former New York Stock Exchange President Tom Farley said expected Trump to reach a trade deal with Mexico before the midterm elections. "Likely not Canada. China will be the bogeyman," he said. "You’ll see China continue to struggle. And then the idea will be can we get a big trade deal prior to [Donald Trump's] next election" in 2020.

Before the NAFTA negotiations got underway, many predicted that President Trump would have the hardest time working with Mexico because of his promise to erect a wall along the border. Instead, American negotiators have discovered they have a lot of common ground with the Mexicans, and talks have gone well. The stumbling block in renegotiating a tripartite NAFTA is... wait for it... Canada!

Friday, August 10, 2018

By the company they keep shall ye know them

Canada's Liberal Party, which presently forms the federal government (but just till October 2019!) and ruled the province of Ontario for 15 years until a fed-up public turfed them out in June, has often been accused of cozying up to Muslims. Putting the welcome mat out for Muslim refugees, M-103 (which prohibits saying anything bad about Islam), a Somali-born Muslim as Minister for Refugees -- it's all part of the irreversible browning of Canada. Not to mention Isalmization [M-103! Ed.] and adding 1000s of Mohammeds to the Liberal voter base.

Every once in a while a story emerges to prove that what the liberal progressives claim is a nutty conspiracy theory is actually true. Here's an interesting photo, taken in 2013, showing John Fraser (second from left), a member of the Ontario legislature and now leader of the Liberal Party in that province, and David McGuinty (second from right), a Liberal member of the federal parliament (and brother of the second-last Liberal premier of Ontario) at the Assalam mosque in Ottawa, the capital of Canuckistan.

The Assalam mosque is notable for having just been stripped of its status as a charity by the Canada Revenue Agency (the Canadian version of the IRS). Why? Well... errr... because of "activities that promote hate and intolerance". ☪ Hate and intolerance. In a temple of the Religion of Peace™. Can you imagine ?!?!™

Losing its charitable status means the mosque no longer benefits from the tax advantages enjoyed by government-registered charities. Even better, it can't collect money to support Islamic terrorism and allow donors to claim their contributions as income tax deductions.

The CRA took the action against the Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque following audits that raised concerns about the Islamic extremists who appeared there as guest speakers. In a letter to the mosque's executive, a CRA bureaucrat wrote, "Many of the views expressed by the organization's speakers are misogynistic, homophobic, racist and/or promote violence." Again... imagine that!

The CRA also expressed concern that "radicalized individuals" had attended the mosque. One such jihadi-wannabe, Ashton Larmond, is now doing time in the federal rock hockey arena for attempting to join ISIS.

Canada's Global News published documents detailing the results of the CRA audits. The agency admitted being unable to determine exactly what the various speakers said while rousing the rabble at the mosque, but found views publicly expressed elsewhere by a number of the speakers and found them to be at odds with the "public benefit| required of charities under Canadian tax law.

The documents singled out Abu Usamah At-thahabi, Bilal Philips, Hakkeem Quick and Saed Rageah, all of whom had spoken at the Assalam mosque one or more times. According to the CRA, Mr At-thahabi has called women "deficient", said Christians and Jews were enemies (no surprise there), spoke about throwing homosexuals off a mountain, and said apostates -- people who leave the Islamic faith -- should be killed.

Mr Philips has been denied entry to several countries (but not Canada, thanks to the Liberal open border policy) and has been described as "anti-Semitic, intolerant and 'contrary to integration'", whatever that means. In a video described in the CRA documents, he said Islam was opposed to terrorism but "does not shrink from using violence to gain some of its ends, to establish itself in certain areas/to gain control of Muslim lands."

Mr Quick had "advocated for the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to be liberated from the filth of the Jews" and was condemned by the New Zealand Broadcasting Authority in 2004 for what was termed "hate speech" towards homosexuals, the CRA said. Mr Rageah runs a Toronto Islamic centre. The CRA quoted an Australian newspaper report that said he had been denied entry to the country and "displayed anti-Western and homophobic attitudes."

According to the documents, the CRA also has concerns with regard to Mr. Rageahès relationship with the Al-Magrib Institute, and his role as founder and leader of the Journey of Faith conference, which has afforded individuals known for their extremist opinions an opportunity to address thousands of gatherers in Toronto.

Walt is shocked, shocked, not by the list of provocations and offences committed by these apostles of militant Islam, but by the fact that the Assalam Mosque and Ottawa Islamic Centre are actually being punished (albeit mildly) for hosting them. You'd think with Liberal friends like Messrs Fraser and McGuinty they'd be able to preach hatred with impunity.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Winnie the Pooh film banned in China

Are you looking forward to taking the kiddos to see Christopher Robin, the new Disney film based on A.A. Milne's famous Winnie the Pooh books? Lots of Chinese were hoping to see it, but Agent 88 sends word that they're SOL, as the film has been banned in China.

No official reason has been given for the film's having been "denied release" (as a spokesthingy for The Mouse put it), Winnie the Pooh has become a symbol of resistance to the Communist Party that rules China after bloggers started to compare Chinese President Xi Jinping to the friendly but clumsy, slow-witted and tubby toy bear.

The new film tells the story of a now middle-aged Christopher Robin, whose mundane life takes a turn when he is unexpectedly reunited with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and other animals from his childhood. Coming soon to a cinema near you. (Not you, Chen!)

Further reading: Winnie the Pooh has been mentioned before on WWW, just once. See "Fired on the first day of work", 7/4/14, one of Walt's most-read posts!