Tuesday, January 22, 2019

VIDEO: Why Ron Paul voted against Martin Luther King Day

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday in the USA, although not widely celebrated everywhere, including in my corner of the woods. The law proclaiming the holiday was passed by Congress in 1983. Dr Ron Paul was a member of the House of Representatives then. In this 21-minute video he explains why.

Monday, January 21, 2019

VIDEO: Populism marches on! Today, Spain! Where next?

For months now, Walt has been reporting on the rise of parties of the "populist right". (There are so many terms in use now -- conservative, neo-conservative, libertarian, right-wing, alt-right etc -- that I'm trying for one phrase which encompasses all the groups and movements whose goal is to overturn the socialistic, politically correct, one-world orthodoxy of the liberal elites, so "populist right" it shall be, at least here on WWW.

Spurred on by the success of the Brexit referendum and the election of President Donald Trump -- still going strong half-way through his first term -- parties that represent the real people who have been the silent majority in Europe and North America have won several sub-national and national elections, and are poised to take power soon in such bastions of liberalism as Germany (Goodbye, Angela Merkel!) and Canada (Good riddance, Justin Trudeau!)

Which brings us to Spain. [What?! Ed.] Yes, you heard right, friends. It wasn't so long ago that Deutsche Welle, the official German broadcaster, featured a story headed "Spain proves sterile ground for far-right parties". I love it when analyses such as that come back to bite the writer in the bum, and that's what happened in the Spanish province of Andalusia this weekend, when the populist right Vox party made huge gains in the provincial election.

In a result which the same Deutsche Welle says "has shaken Spain's political foundations", Vox won 12 seats (out of 109) in the elections, marking the first time they've made it into a Spanish parliament.

Political scientist Eduard Güell, the "unbiased" political scientist quoted by DW, says the fact that it happened in Andalusia, which has been ruled by a social democratic party since 1982, was all the more surprising.Until now, it seemed that Spain was somehow immune to the electoral rise of the populist right, like Germany's Alternative für Deutschland, Italy's League and many others. See "People's Parties on the rise. Are you in?", WWW 21/9/18

Why did Vox win bigly? An anonymous voter told Deutsche Welle's reporter, "[Vox] are the ones who have prioritized the defence of our homeland." Right! Defence of the homeland. Defence against what or who? The foreign invaders, possibly? [What? Who? Ed.] Do I have to name them? In the video you'll hear them called "migrants". What is meant is... wait for it... Muslim "refugees" and asylum-seekers. See "Saint James Matamoros, Spain needs you again!", WWW 29/7/18. Includes video on how Saint James the Great came to be called "Matamoros".

What does this mean for the future of Spain, and of Europe? Prof Güell concedes that most polls predict that Vox will make similar gains at the national level. "All signs indicate that Vox has come to stay," told DW. In his opinion, "one cannot understand how the far right has erupted in Spain without understanding the European and international perspective and how these populist far-right parties communicate and feed off each other."

Why so? Because -- this is Walt talking now -- border security and keeping out those who would replace our culture and way of life with their alien laws and ideology is the chief concern of the majority of "real people" in every country of Europe and North America! It is no surprise to me that the populist right is on the rise. The only question is whether we, the people, will rise up soon enough and strong enough to save our civilization.

Further reading: "Will the radical right consolidate power in the heart of the EU this year?" by Cas Mudde, in the very liberal Guardian, 11/1/19.
Walt's answer to the question, noting that Marine Le Pen's Front National stands at 24% in French polls, compared with 17% for Emperor Macron's party, and that Matteo Salvini is far and away the most popular politician in Italy, is YES! `tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Further viewing: "Bannon vs Frum: The future of Western politics is populist", WWW 16/11/18 - Complete video of the now famous debate.

VIDEO: Undefended border with Canada threatens both countries

For many months now, Walt has been reporting on the problems at the World's Longest Undefended Border (TM), particularly at St-Bernard-de-Lacolle QC, where 10s of 1000s of "refugees" from the USA (!) have crossed illegally into the Great No-longer-white North following Canuck Prime Minister Trudeau's infamous tweet in which he offered asylum to anyone, anyone fleeing the horros of Trump's Amerika. No questions asked. Welcome to Canuckistan. See "True stories from the US-Canada border", WWW 11/2/17 and "Canucks ask US Homeland Security to help turn back border jumpers", WWW 23/10/17.

Those stories have focused on the problems caused by the lack of border controls on the Canadian side. A particularly egregious example is the true story of Abdullahi Hashi Farah, a follower of the Prophet Mohammed who came to the USA as a refugee only to commit numerous criminal acts. American authorities would like to arrest and (maybe) deport him, so he did the logical thing and refugeed right quick to Canada, where he was arrested and released three times because he was honest enough to declare that he was in trouble in the USA. See "Somali gangsta enters Canada illegally, allowed to stay 'because he was honest'", WWW 14/12/18, includes video.

But the ever-increasing tide of terrorists and criminals runs in both directions, and at least some American lawmakers have started to notice. Last week, the incoming chair of the House Homeland Security Oversight and Management Efficiency Subcommittee, Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA), said that President Trump's focus on the US-Mexico border is leaving unaddressed threats from America's northern border. In an interview with CTV's Richard Madan, Mr Correa said that, because personnel and resources are being diverted to the southern border, the northern border is "totally wide open". Here's the report from CTV News.

"Big swaths of area between Canada and the U.S. -- nobody watching," said Mr Correa. "A lot of negative things go in and out: drug trade, arms trade, things that happen on the northern border that nobody's watching. And it's happening now." He said he had been warned by a US border agent that the Canadians were being complacent, worrying only about the bogus refugee claimants coming into their country from the the USA.

In its "Northern Border Strategy", the Department of Homeland Security said the biggest threat from Canada was the illicit drug trade. It also warned of terror threats "from homegrown violent extremists [Not Islamists, surely! Ed.] in Canada who are not included in the American government's consolidated terrorist watch list and could therefore enter the United States legally at Northern Border ports of entry...without suspicion."

Rep. Correa's accusations aren't new. At a hearing of the same committe back in November of 2017, Rep. John Katko (R-NY) warned that several facilities on the American side of the border, including crossings at Niagara Falls NY and Champlain NY, have been "woefully neglected". A sign at one border crossing shows there are "200 vacancies" for Border Patrol agents at the Canadian border.

For want of adequate manpower to do proper inspections and vetting, Islamic terrorists and criminals of all religions can slip the great undefended border without detection. "We have to recognize the northern border is a threat just like the southern border," he said, "and I would argue that because of lack of attention it is more than a threat."

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Attention Canucks! People's Party of Canada now OFFICIAL

Regular readers of WWW will know that Walt is sympathetic to Canadian Member of Parliament Maxime Bernier and his newly-formed People's Party of Canada. If you want to know why, check out "'Max! Max! Max!' - Bernier's Toronto speech, complete" (26-minute video), WWW 20/11/18. One of our agents has forwarded an e-mail received from Max yesterday afternoon. Here's what he had to say.

Today is a historic day. Only four months after I announced its launch, the People's Party has today officially been registered by Elections Canada.

We are the fastest-growing political party in Canada's history! I am incredibly proud of our team of supporters and organizers across the country who made this possible.

There follows a pitch for donations, which are now tax-deductible. Our agent tells me that in less than 24 hours, that appeal brought in $72,000! Even when you convert it to real money (US$54,000) that's a lot for less than a day in Canada!

The ultra-liberal government of Just In Trudeau has called four by-elections for February, which will provide a quick test of their popularity -- falling fast! -- and the appeal of the new People's Party. If you're a Canadian citizen (no matter where in the Great No-longer-white North you live), now is the time to get involved with the only party that speaks for you!

Click here to read the party's platform -- interesting to note the similarities with the aims of France's gilets jaunes (= yellow vests) movement -- and click here to join the People's Party of Canada! Tell `em Walt sent ya!

Friday, January 18, 2019

VIDEO: "Ordinary Muslim" sez banning the burqa makes sense

Tarek Fatah, who's been mentioned and quoted in WWW before, is a columnist for the Toronto Sun. He's also a Muslim -- not one of the Islamic fanatics, but by his own account an "ordinary Muslim". Another thing that he's not is a right-wing ranter. In this video, he says that in the Ontario provincial election last June, he didn't vote for Doug Ford, the populist who won in a landslide.

So it seems Tarek Fatah is a pretty reasonable person. He's the one who gives the lie to the contention that there are no "moderate Muslims". Yet he advocates a ban on Islamic dress, particularly the burqa -- the shroud-like garment which covers conservative Muslim women from head to toe, leaving only a small slit through which they can look out. In just under seven minutes, Mr Fatah gives his reasons for such his views, characterized by the usual SJWs and NPCs as "racist" and "Islamophobic". Can you imagine a Muslim being an Islamophobe? Check it out.

Thanks and a flip of the fez to Agent 6 for sending us the link to this interview.

Further reading:
"French leader calls for ban on religious headgear and symbols in all public places", WWW 21/10/16.
"Politically incorrect Denmark bans burqa, niqab", WWW 31/5/18.
"Majority of Québécois want crucifix displayed in National Assembly, religious headgear banned in public sector", WWW 26/11/18.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Indonesian fisherman says he saw MH370 crash

Regular readers of WWW will know of my abiding interest in the flight of MH370, the Malaysian Airlines B-777 which vanished from the face of the earth on 8 March 2014. The Malaysian and Australian governments have been working, off and on, to find more than a few fragments of the plane, but admitted last fall that they still don't know what happened to it, or where. For a recap of the more recent developments, see "More pieces of MH370 (?) spark calls for renewed search", WWW 30/11/18.

Theories, including conspiracy theories, abound. My own, as posted several times in the years between then and now, is that the plane crashed into the northern part of the Indian Ocean, somewhere east of the island of Diego Garcia, which is home to a huge US military base. I believe the Pentagon, which has kept shtum on the matter, knows what happened and who is responsible, if only through a regrettable accident. Of course I could be wrong, but... lifetime pct .988.

Still, the mystery remains unsolved a new clues continue to surface. [Was that pun intended? Ed.] Today Yahoo News UK reports that an Indonesian fisherman claims he knows exactly where the missing aircraft went down. He is seen here pointing to the location, in the Strait of Malacca, a busy shipping lane wast of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Rusli Khusmin, a 42-year-old fisherman, says he saw the plane go down in a plume of thick black smoke. "I saw the plane moving from left to right like a broken kite," he told the meeja. "There was no noise, just black smoke as a result of fires before it crashed into the water." He added that there was a strong smell of acidic fumes in the air before the plane crashed. As he watched he recorded his co-ordinates on a GPS, which has now been handed over to investigators.

Mr Khusmin did not say why he waited nearly five years to come forward, but swore an oath of truth on the Koran. His evidence will be sent to Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. Stay tuned.

VIDEO: Kenyan jihadi blows self into tiny Muslim-bits

If I weren't so damn lazy, I could post a story about Islamic terrorism every day. Right now, somewhere, possibly in your neighbourhood, a demented follower of the Religion of Peace (sic) is getting ready to kill you, and possibly him/herself, by whatever means available -- vehicular homicide, shooting, stabbing or perhaps a suicide bomb. Stories like this have become so routine -- the new norm for our One World -- that Ed. and I have decided to report only the more egregious examples. Like Tuesday's attack on a Nairobi hotel complex.

The DusitD2 complex, situated in Nairobi's well-to-do Westlands neighbourhood, is popular with expats, especially non-Muslim Europeans, or "kafirs", as the Islamists call us. Kenyan police say the attack began with an explosion outside the complex, followed by a suicide blast inside, before armed assailants arrived and opened fire. The first explosion, on the terrace of the hotel's restaurant, was captured on video. CCTV footage just released to local meeja shows the attacker walking calmly to a spot in front of the terrace, waiting a few moments, then blowing himself into Muslimburger. Here it is.

At least two people can be seen passing the assailant, one of them appearing to turn his head to take a close look at him. The assailant stands still in front of the covered terrace for almost a minute, before he blows himself up. Soon after, panicked guests and workers are seen running past the scene.

The militant Islamist group known as Al-Shabaab, which is based in Somalia and allied with al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the brazen attack, which claimed the lives of 21 people, plus the five militants killed. Kenyan authorities say all the followers of the Prophet have gone to Paradise and are being serviced by 72 virgins... each. Nothing more to see here folks, nothing to worry about... until next time.