Friday, June 22, 2018

"The Simpsons" saw it coming

Anti-Trump fake news (and other BS) - MAKE IT STOP!

You've seen it, right... the cover of the upcoming issue of TIME which implies... strongly... that President Trump is singlehandedly and personally responsible for tearing a two-year-old toddler from the arms of her illegal immigrant mother? Did you see the one on the left, from the June 16th Daily News, which makes the same point rather less subtly.

The Washington Post and the Clinton News Network were quick to lavish praise on TIME's cover design when it was released yesterday, calling it "powerful" and "resonant". CNN had a long article in which the writer raved that the cover "shows the compassion gap that exists between the Trump administration's 'zero-tolerance' border policy and the real-life people that are affected."

Unfortunately for the (((controlled media))) in general and TIME in particular, CBS News actually did a little fact-checking, reporting today that one of the border agents who encountered the girl and her mother told them [CBS] that little Yanela Denise was crying due to thirst and lack of sleep. "We were patrolling the border. It was after 10 o'clock at night," border agent Carlos Ruiz said. "We asked her to set the kid down in front of her, not away from her, she was right in front of we can properly search the mother. So the kid immediately started crying as she set her down. I personally went up to the mother and asked her 'Are you doing OK? Is the kid OK?' and she said, 'Yes. She's tired and thirsty. It's 11 o'lock at night."

But wait (as Vince Offer used to say), there's more. The border agent said the little girl and her mother were together... right? Right. And that's the way the girl's father tells it too! Other meeja types caught up with Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, who was still in the family's native Honduras. He told them he'd learned that his daughter and her mother weren't separated at all, but detained at a facility in Texas.

Sandra Sanchez, the girl's mother, had previously been deported to Honduras in 2013. According to Mr Hernandez, she left without telling him she was taking Yanela with her and he was unable to contact her. Then he saw the picture on the news. "You can imagine how I felt when I saw that photo of my daughter," he told the UK's Daily Mail. "It broke my heart. It's difficult as a father to see that, but I know now that they are not in danger. They are safer now than when they were making that journey to the border."

Today TIME admitted they'd blotted their copybook in this "correction":

But, TIME said in a lightning-fast reverse, "The June 12 photograph of the 2-year-old Honduran girl became the most visible symbol of the ongoing immigration debate in America for a reason. Under the policy enforced by the administration, prior to its reversal this week, those who crossed the border illegally were criminally prosecuted, which in turn resulted in the separation of children and parents. Our cover and our reporting capture the stakes of this moment." So that's all right, then.

"Callous. Soulless. Craven." Yes indeed, lovers of liberty everywhere. Trump is a monster. That's what TIME and the rest of the lamestream media would have you think, and they've been hammering away at that theme every blessed day since Mr Trump was elected. It doesn't matter what POTUS says or does because it's evil, pure evil, all the time. And that goes for his family too, as witness the hoorah over what was written on the back of Melania Trump's coat when she went to visit the holding facilities in TX to see for herself if all the fuss is justified. The New York Times headlined (((Vanessa Friedman's))) piece, "Melania Trump, Agent of Coat Chaos".

Dear readers, arentcha getting sick, sore and tired of the endless negativity, the ceaseless bashing and trashing of President Trump, his family and all his works? Watching or listening to the "news" on any outlet except Fox (or Canada's The Rebel) makes me want to SCREAM. So it was that I was delighted to read the following "report" on The Onion, yesterday. I quote their earnest plea for an end to all this in its entirety, except for one edit to delete a blasphemous (but common) expression of exasperation. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Claiming that they just couldn't stand this bullshit anymore, Americans across the country confirmed Thursday that someone, anyone needs to please, just make it stop. "Please, please, please, we're begging you here, just put an end to it immediately," said sources, noting that it had all gone way, way too far and they would do almost anything for even a few glorious minutes of respite. "We're on our hands and knees, pleading with you to make it all go away once and for all. What's it going to take? [Blasphemy deleted], just stop it! Stop it right now!" At press time, sources confirmed that they knew deep down it was never going to stop.

Good news! Martin the tortoise reunited with owner

In this week when all the talk -- in the (((controlled media))) at least -- has been about families being ripped apart by the people who don't want America to be inundated by third-world immigrants, it's nice to have a good news story. This one is about a pet being returned to his/her/its owner after having run away from home and been missing for 11 months.

The tortoise named Martin went missing from his Oakville ON home in July 2017, and was just recently reunited with his owners, Rachelle Green and her husband Daniel Kneblewski recently.

Ms Green, who plastered the small city west of Toronto with flyers when her beloved pet escaped by crawling under her backyard fence, said she received a phone call from the Oakville and Milton Humane Society, asking whether Martin had ever been found. "It kind of shocked me since it had been such a long time," she said.

According to the report on the Inside Halton website, the caller told Ms Green that Martin "was found by a man gardening about two blocks down the road from where we live."

One of the tortoise's shell sections had a small birth defect, and as she looked him over, she saw that first old scar in his shell and she burst into tears, realizing this was indeed Martin. "I vividly remembered certain markings that only my little Martin had," she told the press. "After 11 months of some sort of adventure that only Martin will ever know, his journey brought him home. If only he could talk!"

Although Martin was unable to tell what happened to him, a gentleman called Ms Green four days after the joyous reunion to say that he was the man who had dropped Martin at the humane society. He told her he found Martin while he was gardening in his backyard, about two blocks away.

The man's son had wanted to keep the tortoise, but when he took Martin to the humane society for advice on feeding and care, they immediately seized him. He shared the story with friends at a neighbourhood bar, and that's when he heard the story of Martin, and phoned the number listed on the flyers that had been distributed during the lengthy search. (The missing tortoise story had also appeared in a local newspaper -- the Oakville Beaver -- and that's all I'll say about that!)

Ms Green said she and her spouse had searched the neighbourhood for months. Initial reports when he first went missing stated that a man had been seen scooping him up from the lawn of his Bridge Road home, and apparently headed to the lake to release him. It's a good thing that report was unfounded, as Martin is a desert tortoise and can't swim.

Ms Green reckons that Martin managed to stay warm this past winter, perhaps under someone's deck, close to a heating source, where he would have hibernated until the warmth of spring hit. Her husband believes differently, thinking someone took him in, then later Martin escaped, or was set free. Whatever the case, Ms Green said her newly fenced yard, and a GPS tracking device, will prevent him from going missing again, and she’s just thrilled that Martin is back home, ready for another season of gardening.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Merkel government could fall over failed open-border policy

June is proving to be a worse-than-usual month for discredited German Chancellor [pro tem] Angela Merkel as she struggles to keep her government from breaking up over her disastrous open borders policy, under which well over a million undesirable and unassimilable Muslim "refugees" and asylum-seekers have invaded das Vaterland in less than four years.

Frau Merkel is in a stand-off with her ally, Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister-party to her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and now Interior Minister in her tottering federal government. The row is centered on Herr Seehofer's asylum system reform plan, under which migrants who have already been registered as asylum-seekers in another European Union country would be turned away at the German border. Frau Merkel opposes such a ban, fearing that other countries will impose similar border controls.

Yesterday the CSU leadership agreed to delay introducing their entry ban until after a European summit to be held at month-end, allowing Frau Merkel time to seek an EU-wide solution. The compromise means Herr Seehofer can introduce immediate expulsion for people who have already been turned back at Germany's borders. "We wish the chancellor much luck," Herr Seehofer said at a presser in Munich. "This is not about winning time or anything like that but rather that in July, if there is no result at European level, we must implement this – that is a question for the functioning of our constitutional state."

Also on Monday, President Donald Trump, defending his own tough anti-immigrant polices, waded into the Germany debate on Monday with a series of tweets criticising Frau Merkel's open-border policy as a "big mistake" that had fuelled crime in Europe. POTUS wrote: "We don't want what is happening with immigration in Europe to happen with us!" And then this:

Further reading:
"Migrant overload spells doom for European Union" (retitled in some editions, for the sake of political correctness, as "Immigrant overload, not Brexit, heralds the end of the European Union") by Niall Ferguson, South China Morning Post, 18/6/18.
"EU official admits: Europe has no strategy for the impending new wave of migrants", by Christine Douglass-Williams, Jihad Watch, 28/11/17.

Handwriting on the wall for Justin "Mr Socks" Trudeau

Poor Len Canayen here, taking a break from my summer vacation to bring you news of omens of doom for Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau II. Earlier this month it was the convincing win of Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives [sic] in the Ontario general election. Now (OK, last night) the federal Conservatives crushed M Trudeau's ruling Liberals in a byelection in the Québec riding of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord.

The byelection was precipitated by the resignation of rookie Liberal MP Denis Lemieux, and came just as "Mr Socks" picked a fight with American President Donald Trump over trade issues. POTUS has imposed a 10% tariff on aluminum imports and 25% on steel, claiming the security of the Paranoid States of America is put at risk by all those Canadian products coming across the border. M Trudeau called that suggestion "insulting" -- no kidding! -- and vowed to slap dollar-for-dollar tariffs on a range of US exports to Canada, starting on Canada Day, July 1st.

The riding is in Québec's Saguenay region, the heart of the province's aluminum industry. While opinion polls suggest Canadians have rallied behind Mr Dressup, the issue evidently didn't help Liberal fortunes in yesterday's byelection. Neither did hundreds of millions of dollars of pork-barrel promises.

In the first test of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's effort to recreate the nationalist-conservative coalition that helped federal Tories dominate the province in the 1980s, his candidate, Richard Martel, captured 53% of the vote, more than 5000 votes ahead of the Liberal, who took 29%. The pinko NDP (led by a Sikh who wears a turban but not a tie) and the separatist Bloc Québécois received 8.7% and 5.7% respectively, with the Green candidate last at just 3.1 per cent of the vote.

The Liberals' handling of the impending trade war with the USA was certainly top-of-mind for the voters of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, but un petit oiseau tells me that a close second, not mentioned by the (((controlled media))) for reasons of political correctness, was the feds' failure to turn back the 1000s of bogus "refugeees" and asylum-seekers flooding across the border at Lacolle. See "Canuck Conservatives demand Liberals stop border jumpers", WWW 24/4/18. Mr Scheer has said he'd give Québec more power over culture and immigration and has promised to crack down on the influx of "irregular refugee claimants".

M Trudeau -- or at least the handlers who pull his strings -- should pay attention. The old-stock Canadians have had more than enough of the Liberals' incessant identity politics and pandering to minorities. At the first opportunity they will boot out the liberal elites, and dat's for sure, eh!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Brit wearing "stab-proof" vest dies after stabbing himself

Darwin was right. It's the strongest and the smartest who will survive. I haven't checked the Darwin Awards website in some time, but Ed. had a look today and assures me that they haven't yet got this one, from a report in the Teesside Gazette, a rather obscure English newspapers. (That's "English" as in location, as well as language.)

The local coroner's court heard this week how, last summer, 22-year-old Jordan Easton bought himself what was advertised as a "stab-proof vest". Assistant Coroner Karin Welsh told the hearing that soon after getting it, while visiting with a friend, Mr Easton "took hold a knife to demonstrate [the vest] was stab-proof and sadly realized it wasn't the case."

Mr Easton was rushed to the hospital, where he died. Friends described him as a "one of a kind kid" with a "golden heart." His mother said in court that her son's stabbing himself was "out of character", and added she "can't absorb it."

The newspaper reported that while his injuries were self-inflicted, there was no evidence that Mr Easton purposely tried to harm himself. His death was ruled a "misadventure", which Ms Welsh said meant he died from consequences which were not intended. Indeed.

Encore en France - "Allahu akbar!"

Associated Press reports that the sleepy town of La Seyne-sur-Mer, in the rather lovely department of Var, in southeastern France, is the latest place to have its sleep disturbed by shouts of "Allahu akbar!".

A woman [not exactly as pictured. Ed.] shouted the slogan, in Arabic -- not in French or English, as reported by AP -- when she slashed at shoppers in a supermarket, wounding two of them with a box cutter.

The attacker has now been detained, AP sez, but the district prosecutor has been coy about the details of the "incident" and what charges, if any, the Muslim woman -- for such she was -- might face.

Lest you think that a boxcutter isn't much of a weapon, don't forget that the 9/11 terrorists -- every one a devout follower of the prophet -- were armed with boxcutters when they hijacked the airliners that they caused to crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

For reasons of political correctness -- and reluctance to admit that Islamic terrorists pose a threat to the people of France every day and everywhere -- the authorities are still reluctant to make the connection between such attacks and ISIS, but the similarity to previous Islamic terror attacks, in France and elsewhere, is painfully obvious.

Nigel Farage, former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) criticized AP for erroneously reporting that the attacker shouted "God is great" (but in French, bien sûr), in quote marks no less, in a social media bulletin breaking the news, when in fact she shouted "Allahu Akbar". "This," he said "is why people don't trust mainstream media anymore."

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: "83% of French back expulsion of 'most dangerous' foreigners", WWW 2/4/18.