Sunday, December 9, 2018

VIDEO: Rex Murphy is still alive, still speaking the truth

It's been ages since we were able to post anything by Rex Murphy. After being for decades one of the leading pundits on the airwaves of the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, he got booted off Cross-country Checkup a couple of years ago, and was not invited back to The National following its reset this past summer. Now I can only find his amusing musings in print, in the occasional column in the National Post.

Fortunately, Mr Murphy has not yet been totally "deplatformed", as the lefties say. From time to time he gets invited to speak in public. Recently he was a featured speaker at the Manning Centre Red Deer conference. [Red Deer is a place in Alberta, Canada. Ed.] He had much to say about the climate change myth, the crisis in the oil patch and other topics which have made him a target for Climate Barbie and other liberal eco-weenies.

Here's the video, Rex Murphy's complete speech (running time 54 minutes), with an introduction by Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta's United Conservative Party [sic], busily trying to distance himself from his work as Immigration Minister in the government of Steve Harpoon. Forget about him; enjoy Rex.

Key quotes:
"The cardinal resource of our entire civilization is energy!"
"If you can't take care of your own back yard, don't go fixing the global climate."

Saturday, December 8, 2018

"Yellow vest" protests spread to Belgium, Netherlands... even Canada!

As is well known, the dream of every Frenchman [and Frenchwoman! Ed.] is to pay no taxes. Thus the plan of the government of Emmanuel Macron to raise the tax on fuel sparked a wave of protests which started a month ago and continued today in Paris and other French cities. The protesters have adopted dayglo yellow safety jackets as their uniform. Today some 125,000 "gilets jaunes" (= yellow vests) took to the streets to rally against the fuel tax, the high cost of living, and... wait for it... Emperor [President, shurely! Ed.] Macron himself. Here's a video clip.

In Paris today, 1000s of police used armored vehicles, tear gas and water cannons to "contain" demonstrators numbering over 10,000, by the estimate of the Ministry of the Interior. Some protesters set fire to cars and smashed windows. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said 1385 people had been arrested across the country. 17 law enforcement officers and just over 100 protesters suffered injuries.

Is this really just about having to pay a few cents more in taxes on gasoline? Mais non! The protests took place despite the government announcement on Wednesday that the fuel tax hike would be "suspended until furter notice". (Governments never admit they made a mistake, eh.) The demonstrators who turned out today broadened their list of grievances to include high living costs and economic reforms proposed by M Macron, which are seen to benefit business rather than workers.

And then there's the little matter of immigration, and how much more Islamization France can take before ceasing to be France. The big picture is that the majority of French citizens are sick, sore and tired of being governed by liberal elitist one-worlders. Speaking after today's protests had ended, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the time had come for a dialogue "to knit our national unity back together." He added that the Emperor [President! I won't tell you again! Ed.] would address the protests and their grievances "next week."

Readers in other countries may be thinking, "Hey, we have problems with our government too! When are we gonna get up on our hind feet? If the cheese-eating surrender monkeys can do it, we can too!" And so it has come to pass. The yellow vest movement has now spread across the globe. There were protests today in Belgium, France and... wait for it... even peaceful and polite Canada!

In the western Canadian province of Alberta, which holds oil in even higher regard than do Texans, there is huge resentment over the plans of the federal government (Junior Trudeau, Prop.) and the socialist provincial government to impose a carbon tax, in the interests of saving the world from climate change of course. There's also the anti-immigrant sentiment which Albertans share with their fellow citizens from coast to coast to coast.

Yellow vest protesters braved the sub-zero weather in Edmonton and Calgary today to let their governments know what they think about these insane liberal policies. (Not that their governments give a shit, of course.) The protests were free from physical violence, but the demonstrators spoke pretty plainly (for Canadians).

In Calgary, Allison Prentice told the CBC, "We are Canadian, we're not anywhere close to that kind of radical. I'm proud to be here and represent people who care about Canadians first." Others chanted "No Trudeau. No Trudeau!" outside of city hall. Some yelled "String him up!" Others yelled "traitor." Through a megaphone, one speaker said, "They hate our country and they hate our way of life," without specifying who "they" are. He didn't have to. Canadians know who their enemies are. Do you?

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Wow! That's so ironic!

Funny (both "funny haha" and "funny strange") item kicking around the Net today. Here's the tweet from the Irvine Royal Academy in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Wouldn't you think they'd have seen that coming? But noooo...

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

VIDEOS: Snowflakes, #MeTooers silence this popular holiday song

Now that the season is upon us, Walt presents, for your "winter holiday" [sic] enjoyment, the "official" version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside", performed by Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé.

Mr. Herbert approves this video. Walt can't believe that the usual suspects haven't demanded its removal from YouTube for the "sexualization of pre-teens". Other than that, what could be wrong with it? Plenty, according to "some" #MeTooers, SJWs and other NPC snowflakes.

Cleveland radio station WDOK-FM announced earlier this week that it won't play the song any more, in response to listener feedback. "Some" people [Who? How many? Ed.] took issue with the words used by one singer trying to persuade the other to stay inside, including such inappropriate language as "Baby, don't hold out."

North of the World's Most Porous Border, the ultra-PC lamestream media -- the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, Bell Canada and Rogers -- have joined the chorus (pun intended) of disapproval, pulling the politically incorrect song from their holiday rotations. Don't listen for it on the Fireplace Channel, because it won't be there!

CBC public affairs head Chuck "Charles" Thompson said "Song lyrics are always open to interpretation, and we fully acknowledge there are two camps regarding this issue. While we consider both points of view, and in light of the times we are living in, we have chosen to remove the song, for the time being [Until spring? Ed.] from two of our holiday music streams."

Across the pond, feminist writer Daisy Buchanan a writer's calls for the holiday classic Baby it's Cold Outside to be banned caused a furore on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.

The ITV show hosted a debate about the Christmas song following news that a US radio station had removed the track from its playlist because the lyrics have 'predatory undertones' it deems 'inappropriate'.

Writer and feminist Daisy Buchanan infuriated Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan when she claimed that the famous Christmas ["holiday", shurely! Ed.] song was offensive to women and, in the 1949 film Neptune's Daughter, was played during a scene that "amounted to sexual assault." Mr Moron angrily told his guest to shut up when she insisted that in the movie scene the song is played while the male singer is "invading her space, he's coming up next to her."

You be the judge. Ed. has found a clip of the scene which has triggered the feminist snowflakes. Here `tis.

For all you old movie buffs who weren't quite sure, that's Esther Williams with Ricardo Montalban and, yes indeed, Red Skelton. Keenan Wynn, Xavier Cugat and Mel Blanc also appeared. Shame on all of them, the writers, directors, producers and MGM for popularizing such unbridled sexual harrassment. Let us speak of such things no more!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Springsteen doesn't see anyone who could beat Trump in 2020

Not long ago, slovenly media star Michael Moore opined that the Democrats didn't have anyone [excluding himself? Ed.] capable of defeating Donald Trump in the presidential election due in just under two years. Now a real A-list celeb echos that sentiment. Bruce Springsteen hisself gave an interview to the Sunday Times a few days ago to promote his upcoming Netflix special Springsteen On Broadway. Naturally he was asked to give his learned opinion on American politics, and replied that he doesn't see anyone out there at the moment -- man, woman or "other" -- who's got a shot at taking down the President.

In "Bruce Springsteen on how Donald Trump won over his blue-collar fans", the Times says, "Donald Trump's most dangerous opponent may not be a politician, but a blue-collar rocker called Bruce Springsteen who shares millions of the same supporters as the Republican president, and also understands what makes grassroots America tick. So Trump should be pleasantly surprised to learn that Springsteen, a long-standing Democrat who campaigned for Barack Obama, believes the Donald is heading for a second term in the White House. The president has a flair for winning over working-class voters that the Democrats can't rival, the singer admits. In short, Trump was born to run, and may be unstoppable."

The Boss told the paper, "I don't see anyone out there at the moment -- the man who can beat Trump, or the woman who can beat Trump." In other words, the Democratic Party simply has no "obvious effective presidential candidate" who will be able to take on the president, because they don't "speak the same language" he does. The language he was referring to, he explained, is the language of Middle America.

According to the singer-cum-pundit, Mr Trump spoke directly to the concerns of Americans in flyover country about employment and economic stagnation. The Donald addressed issues that were neglected by both Democrats and Republicans over the last few decades, including the shutting down of steel mills in the 70s and 80s, which Mr Springsteen described as a "severe blow to working people."

Mr Springsteen went on to say that the massive changes occurring at an "incredibly rapid pace", particularly as a result of technological developments, left many Americans seeing their means of income and ways of life in upheaval. What Mr Trump had to say resonated with many traditionally Democrat voters, particularly in the Rust Belt, and (the opinions of the lamestream media pundits notwithstanding) his election was inevitable.

"Add to that," the singer-songwriter added [haha. Ed.], "someone comes in and plays on your racial anxieties, and blames an enormous amount of this on the 'other' from the southern side of the border, and you're going to have an audience for those views." Walt notes that Mr Springsteen didn't say Mr Trump was wrong, only that what he had to say found a receptive audience, just like The Boss's alleged music. Walt predicts that, like Mr Springsteen's concerts, President Trump's act is good for another tour in 2020. Lifetime pct .989.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Environmentalist writer shocked to find his book wrapped in plastic

We live in a world covered in plastic. Plastic packaging, shrink-wrap, containers, even our garbage dumps -- all smothered in plastic. Walt has considerable sympathy with the environmentalists and eco-wienies who say this has got to stop. One such is British writer Martin Dorey, author of No. More. Plastic.: What You Can Do to Make a Difference – the #2minutesolution (Penguin, 2018).

In 2009, Mr Dorey launched the "2 Minute Beach Clean campaign" to encourage people to pick up marine litter. He also maintains the No More Plastic website, encouraging people to find ways to use less plastic. On the landing page we read, "We call on our favorite brands to find innovative alternatives." Who could argue with that?

Well... the US distributors of No. More. Plastic. seem to have a problem with that statement. According to a recent report in The Telegraph, Mr Dorey was not just dismayed but furious to find that his book is being sold in the Excited States of America nicely wrapped in shrink-wrap!

In an Instagram post, Mr Dorey called the distributor's decision an "absolute shambles", adding, "It undoes all our hard work and proves once again that we are using plastic with our eyes closed. We toiled hard on this. We worked with the printer to make it one of the most environmentally friendly books this year. And then this!"

Mr Dorey told The Telegraph, "I know my publishers are working hard to stop this in future but it still happens further down the line. It makes me very sad indeed that we are so clever, but so stupid." The publishing house, Penguin, said "We hope this image makes people stop and think as we head into a busy Christmas period." They promised to contact the US distributors to get them to stop using the plastic covering.

The final word goes to Mr Dorey. "The point is that this book is about no more plastic and some idiot shrink-wrapped it in plastic without thinking. We're sleep-walking into oblivion with plastic and we need to change everything from the bottom up. We need to understand that this is not good enough."

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Political correctness kills black student on field trip

The Toronto District School Board is the largest in Canada, as well as the looniest. They're just crazy for inclusion, diversity and political correctness. Check out the examples in "Canada's loony left, pro-Muslim 'public' school board", WWW 16/1/18 and "Chinese-Canadians protest hijab hoax", 29/1/18. On Friday we had another head-scratcher from the TDSB, in the form of a memorial ceremony for Jeremiah Perry, a former student at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute (read: high school), one of the hundreds run [into the ground? Ed.] by the TDSB.

C.W. Jefferys is located in a predominantly black area [Thank you for not using the G-word. Ed.] in northwest Toronto. The majority of the school-goers are "students of colour". The school isnot noted for academic achievement, nor even for having good football or basketball teams. It is one of many TDSB schools which have "challenges" and "opportunities", including the "opportunity" to prove to a skeptical public that diversity is Canada's strength, and inclusivity can work to improve the lot of kids like Jeremiah Perry.

As part of their politically correct programme to make sure everyone gets treated the same, the TDSB promotes field trips and holiday adventures, so that black kids who've never been out of the, errr, city, can enjoy the beauties of Canada's countryside, just like the white kids. In July of 2017, staff at C.W. Jefferys organized a week-long canoe trip through Ontario's famous Algonquin Park, about three hours' drive and hundreds of light years in character north of the Wormy Apple.

Kids who wished to go on the trip didn't need money. This was all paid for by the taxpayer, natch. They didn't even need to have any experience canoeing, because they'd be taught the basics by the teachers and guides who would accompany them at all times. But they did need to know how to swim (just in case the lessons didn't take), and swim tests were duly administered at a local pool.

Here's where the political correctness kicks in, with sad consequences for Jeremiah Perry. Jeremiah, you see, didn't know how to swim, and failed the test. So by rights he should have been left behind. But hey, "No child left behind!" Right? Especially if the child is, errr, non-white and might therefore feel discriminated against. So Jeremiah went along with all the others.

As surely as the sun rises in the east, the unintended consequences of too much political correctness befell Jeremiah on 15 July 2017, when he went swimming with his mates, at dusk, sans life-jacket or other PFD. He soon disappeared under the waters of Big Trout Lake. His body was found the next day by Ontario Provincial Police search and rescue divers.

Jeremiah's death spurred investigations by the OPP and TDSB, who pointed the finger of blame at a teacher who was acting as a supervisor on the trip. A charge of criminal negligence causing death was laid this past July -- a year later -- and the accused teacher is now on "home assignment" meaning he gets paid not to come to work.

The TDSB, for its part, implemented a number of new measures to ensure safety on future field trips, including a requirement that parents be notified if their child passes or fails mandatory swim tests. A prominent accounting firm was hired by the province of Ontario to conduct a review of outdoor education policies at Ontario school boards. Its finding have not been made public.

On Friday, the C.W. Jefferys gym was renamed to honour Jeremiah Perry. Not because he was a great athlete. Not because he was a great all-round student. But (although this wasn't said) because he was the first black student in Ontario to die because of political correctness. That's all ye know and all ye need to know.