Tuesday, May 21, 2019

One-worlders quake with fear as nationalists win elections everywhere

George Soros, his puppets and minions, are much disturbed this week by results (actual and anticipated) of elections in India, Australia and the European Union. Around the world, nationalism -- not "white nationalism", but nationalism pure and simple -- is on the rise, along with anti-immigrant backlash and pushback against the globalists' one world, "new world order" agenda.

In India, the world's largest democracy (TM), exit polls suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is on course to win the general election which has been in progress for the last two months. The official results will be announced on Thursday, but expectations are that the BJP will emerge even stronger than after its 2014 landslide, with a majority in the Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament) a possibility.

Why does this bother the gliberals? Who cares what happens in India? To find the answer, look up "Hindutva" in the dictionary. It means "Hinduness", thus "Hindu nationalism", not "Indian nationalism". (There can be no such thing as "nationalism" in a state with such a diversity of languages, races and religions!) For Mr Modi and his people (Walt uses the term advisedly) it's not "India first!" but "HINDUS first!", to the exclusion of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and even Sikhs. The spectre of more sectarian strife, and even another shooting war with Muslim Pakistan, looms. The prospects for peaceful coexistence in south Asia are just about nil.

Meanwhile, a couple of thousand miles to the southeast, Australia's ruling conservative coalition won a "miracle" victory in last week's general election, stunning Antipodean pollsters, the (((controlled media))) and the opposition Labour party, which, like Hellery Clinton's Democrats, had been seen as certain to win. Apparently Aussie voters didn't buy into Labour's progressive plans to fight climate change and "inequality".

And there was the immigration issue, which proved to be a ballot question for the "quiet Australians" who fear being called "racist" but fear even more Labour's proposed "humanitarian" relaxation of strict border controls which have kept boatloads of bogus refugees on islands off the Australian coast. The Financial Times quotes Duncan McDonnell, a professor of politics at Griffith University in Queensland, as saying, "The heart of Australian politics beats on the right. It's a conservative country and I think there was a trend in this election in which voters asked 'if it isn't broke, why fix it?'"

And now we come to Europe, where opinion polls show populist forces set to make major gains in the European Parliament election to be held later this week. All of Europe's mainstream, pro-EU political alliances are expected to lose seats, with the big winners likely to be the Europe of Nations and Freedom group, anchored by Matteo Salvini's League in Italy and Marine Le Pen's National Rally in France.

Take note of the name "Europe of Nations and Freedom". The group rejects absolute the idea of  a "post-national" Europe run by a supra-national government at Brussels which would have the power to override the wishes of the different peoples of the different nations which comprise the EU. As the sign says, their ideas of  "power to the people" and "a Europe of free nations"  are spreading everywhere in Europe. 

Last Saturday, Matteo Salvini led a rally of right-wing populist leaders in Milan, as they campaign for the transformation of European politics. Sig. Salvini, Minister of the Interior and head of the League party, is at the forefront of a growing movement of nationalist leaders seeking to free the 28 nations of the EU from what he calls the "illegal occupation" of Brussels.

Sig. Salvini was joined by ten other nationalist leaders, including Marine Le Pen of France’s National Rally and Joerg Meuthen of the Alternativ für Deutschland. The event was a major tour de force for the expanding movement ahead of the vote that will take place in all 28 EU nations on May 23rd-26th.

In his speech, Sig. Salvini decried unchecked migration, pledging to close Europe's borders to migrants. He also attacked Islam, saying it mistreats women. He said Turkey would never be a part of Europe and rejected the label of extremists for the leaders with him. "In this piazza, there are no extremists," he said. "There are no racists. There are no fascists. If anything in Italy and in Europe, the difference is between who looks ahead, between who speaks of the future...instead of making trials of the past."

Dog lover to be deported from Oregon... eventually

Over the years, Walt has occasionally posted stories about zoophilia -- sexual attraction to animals -- described over a century ago by Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing in his seminal work [Careful! Ed.] Psychopathia Sexualis. [Ed., have you seen my copy? It's not in its proper place in the library!]

Bestiality -- having sex with an animal -- is one of the few perversions still considered a crime, maybe not in the Middle East but in the rest of the world. Examples posted on WWW include horses, goats, and, from Egypt, a story about a woman who molested a monkey. Just this past March, Walt passed on a report of an illegal alien who was arrested for boffing a cow. WWW 27/3/19.

Sadly, such shockingly deviant behaviour is being reported more often than was the case before hordes of illegal immigrants started streaming across the Rio Grande to take up residence in America's stupid "sanctuary cities". This week we have a report from Breitbart News of the release from detention of Fidel Lopez -- that's him in the picture -- an illegal alien convicted of raping a dog to death. Mr Lopez, aged 52, was turned loose by the sanctuary state of Oregon after being sentenced to just 60 days in prison, for killing his girlfriend's small Lhasa Apso with kindness, so to speak. The judge in the case said he would have given the perv a longer sentence, but that 60 days is the max under Oregon law.

Mr Lopez was able to walk, after hearing his sentence, because he'd already done the time while waiting to stand trial. But what about his illegal alien status, Walt hears you ask. ICE (the Immigration and Customs Enforcement folks) had requested that Mr Lopez be turned over to them for deportation should he be released from prison, but officials in Multnomah County ignored the request and released the illegal alien into the community.

But there's a happyish ending. ICE arrested the miscreant and expect he will be deported from the US of A one of these days... unless sympathetic Democrats and SJWs intervene on his behalf.

Thanks to Agent 6 for the link to this tale of depravity, which Walt would otherwise have missed since, as is well known, he doesn't pay attention to such things!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Niagara Falls starts using "low-sound" fireworks - Walt reveals why

This is a holiday weekend in parts of the Great No-longer-white North. On Monday locals in the more British parts (i.e. not Québec) will celebrate the Queen's Birthday. Not Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but the very late Queen Victoria. That shows you how up-to-date Canadians are.

In Niagara Falls -- the clean one on the Canuck side of the river -- the Niagara Parks Commission begins its nightly fireworks showed, intended to make clear to those stuck on the shabbier side of the river that people on the western side are having lots more fun. Not just two casinos instead of one, and a lower drinking age, but fireworks too!

The nightly pyrotechnic display is pretty spectacular, to be sure. And it used to be pretty noisy too. Depending on the wind, you could hear the explosions echoing through and above the Niagara Gorge, up to ten miles away -- especially those ones that explode in a small circle of white light followed by an almighty BANG! Why, they sounded just like bombs, or cannon fire. You know, the kind of noises you'd hear if you were in a war zone. And that, gentle readers, turned out to be a problem.

To understand the dilemma faced by the NPC, you need to know that (according to Agent 78, who does know), white Canadians don't visit Niagara Falls. The whities you see oohing and awing are mostly Americans, who haven't heard about Canada's changing demographics. (Merci, Justin Trudeau, et mange d'la merde!) Canadian visitor are mostly immigrants, including hordes of Middle Eastern and south Asian "refugees" and asylum-seekers. And they, poor things, have a tendency to be "triggered" by the sound of explosions. At least, that's what the SJWs told Niagara Parks.

As a result, in a display of sensitivity and political correctness unusual even by Canadian standards, the NPC has sourced some new "low sound" fireworks for the nightly show. Instead of going "BOOM", these ones just explode with an inoffensive "pop". Less bang for the beaverbuck! And so the "accommodation" of "newcomers" reaches another high... or low... depending on how you look at it.

Footnote: The same argument was used last summer to dissuade the organizers of the CNE Airshow, the largest in Canada, to cancel the show entirely because the noise of the "warplanes" could "trigger" the poor downtrodden "refugees", yada yada yada. Fortunately the CNE has more guts than the NPC. Or at least they did last year.

Friday, May 17, 2019

VIDEO: Japanese precision walking champions -- really...

And now (as John Cleese would say) for something completely different...

This video has been on YouTube since November of 2011, but only came to Walt's attention today. [It's been a slow news day, thank goodness... Ed.] There are lots of videos of military drill teams, but I don't remember ever having seen a company of civilians. The differences seem to be that (a) they're not marching but walking and (b) not carrying weapons or flags, and thank goodness for that too. Amazing choreography -- that's certainly the right word -- here, including, near the end, a backwards crossover, which I'd have thought all but impossible.

I am not very knowledgeable about the ways of the inscrutable Orientals, and am left wondering... Are these people professionals? Is it possible to be a professional walker? Or are they merely talented amateurs? Do the Japanese have clubs or societies for this kind of thing? How often do they meet to practise? You couldn't get this good just getting together every couple of months for a bit of walking and some ice-cold Asahi... could you? Is there money involved? Do they have a yen for fancy walking? [Couldn't resist, could you? Ed.] Ah, the mysterious East...

Thursday, May 16, 2019

VIDEO: World leaders imagine world peace (song by John Lennon)

What follows is a fuzzy-minded utopian vision reduced by John Lennon to a simple song. Yes, folks, all you have to do is "Imagine" and everything will be just fine, in spite of the Islamic extremists. Bullshit! But this video is worth seeing, just for the technical skill involved in putting it together.

Thanks and a tip of the turban to Agent 6 for sending this along.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

VIDEO: Tim Conway: Mr Tudball hires a secretary, all the outtakes

Tim Conway, the second banana who quickly became the star of the Carol Burnett Show (IMHO) passed away yesterday, at age 85. In memoriam, we're reposting the long version of the outtakes of the sketch in which Mr Tudball and Mrs Wiggins meet for the first time. There's a shorter version on YouTube, but the long version disappeared some time ago. Fortunately, Ed. downloaded it for the WWW archives. You need to see the first couple of minutes, before the entrance of Mrs Wiggins, to understand what follows. Enjoy.

Farewell, Tim, and RIP. Hope you're looking down on us from above and laughing.

Sri Lankans strike back at Muslims after Easter Jihad bombings

The south Asian island nation of Sri Lanka has been under a state of emergency since the Easter Jihad in which bombings at three Christian churches and three hotels killed more than 250 people on the holiest day of the Christian calendar. See "Sri Lanka massacre work of 'the Religion of Peace'? Hmmm?", "Sri Lanka: Suspicions confirmed; Islamic terrorists kill nearly 300" and "ISIS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka massacre of over 300 Christians", WWW 21-23/4/19.

Jesus called on his followers to "turn the other cheek", and, predictably, nominally Christian and secular world leaders, up to and including Pope Francis, called on Lankan Christians (90% of whom are Catholic) to keep calm and carry on, be tolerant, and understand that it's the Muslim terrorists who are the real victims of racism, marginalization, yada yada yada. We mustn't provoke them any more!

So the apologists for Islamic terrorism tell us, but in Sri Lanka at least some Christians are getting up on their hind feet to counter the Islamic jihad. Despite a nationwide curfew, there have been dozens of attacks on mosques, Muslim-owned businesses and Muslim people. Muslims constitute some 10% of Sri Lanka's 22 million people; Christians make up around 7.5% of the population. The majority are Sinhalese Buddhists, and it should be noted that many Buddhists have joined in the riots. Here, then, is a thought for the day.

Monday, May 13, 2019

"Just making sure their instruments were right size" defence succeeds; ex-violin teacher acquitted of measuring girl students' bare breasts;

It's been a while since our legal beagle, Agent 3, sent us a good story, but today we have a titillating tale from the courts of Ontario, Canada. Crown prosecutors will ask the Ontario Court of Appeal tomorrow to overturn a lower court judge's finding that Claude Trachy, of Chatham ON, a former violin teacher, did not act "with a sexual purpose" when he measured more than 20 of his teen students' bare breasts while fitting them for shoulder rests. Rather, the trial judge found, M Trachy (not pictured) believed it was necessary to properly equip the students.

The Crown is now asking the appellate court to convict the ex-teacher on some of the charges, or at least order a new trial on all of them. In its appeal documents, filed today, the Crown says the complainants, who are now adults, testified they were asked to remove their shirt and bra on the left side so that Trachy could measure them from collarbone to nipple. They testified he touched their breast during this process and often would then have them play with their left breast exposed. Four complainants also alleged he took a plastic mould of their left breast.

M Trachy took the stand in his own defence, and swore he did indeed ask the girls to undo their blouses so he could measure them, but maintained he derived no sexual gratification from it. He also denied cupping or rubbing any of the complainants' breasts, as some of them alleged.

In its factum, the Crown notes that "no boys, notwithstanding their growth, size or shape, were touched in this fashion." Neither was M Trachy's daughter, who also played violin. It also says the perfesser didn't have a formula for how the measurement translated into shoulder rest adjustment, and had no rationale for how often the girls needed to be assessed.

The Crown alleges the trial judge made a number of errors, including oversimplified the allegations to focus exclusively on whether the accused acted with a sexual purpose. Prosecutors say sexual intention is only a necessary element of some of the charges, such as sexual interference, but does not need to be proven for others, such as sexual assault, which only requires that the touching be of a sexual nature. They argue as well that the trial judge failed to properly consider the evidence of an expert witness, who testified there was no justification for touching the students' breasts as part of a fitting, nor was it a known or documented practice.

As might be expected, counsel for the defence take the position that the appeal has no legal basis and the Crown is simply seeking a do-over of the trial. "Though framed in terms of legal error," their factum says, "the Crown's appeal amounts to a thinly disguised claim of 'unreasonable acquittal', a ground of appeal that does not exist in Canadian law." Their written submission continues, "Focusing primarily on the respondent's purpose for the touching was in no way improper because, in these circumstances, this was going to be the crucial issue determining proof of guilt."

Agent 3 discounts as an "inside joke" the rumour in legal circles that Donald Trump, Slick Willy Clinton and Creepy Joe Biden are seeking intervenor status in the case.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

VIDEO: The Rebel's May 3rd interview with Maxime Bernier

Ed. here. Some churl has e-mailed to say that WWW seems to be turning into the Max Bernier channel, or maybe the People's Party of Canada channel, because we've run several videos featuring Mad Max and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. Let me `splain. While most of our readers are in the Excited States of America, we do have a significant number from North of 49.

They tell us the lamestream media of Canuckistan seem to have agreed (or been directed by Justin's minions) to not give any airtime to, or even mention "Max Bernier's People's Party", as they call it disparagingly. The Sunday morning snorefests -- they have those in Canada too -- regularly feature Elizabeth May, "leader of the Green Party", which until Monday last was a party of one, i.e. Ms May. But do they ever invite M Bernier to weigh in with comments on such "non-issues" (as the meeja would have it) as immigration and climate change? Noooo.

So for those who are wondering where Max has been and if he's saying anything about the things that matter, here's a 49-minute conversation between M Bernier and David Menzies of TheRebel.media, in which they discuss everything from immigration and censorship to political correctness and the media conspiracy to demonize conservatives.

Footnote: At the 36 minute mark of the video, you'll here David Menzies mention (on the subject of free speech and the CBC) the name of Don Cherry, featured here on May 5th: "Don Cherry for NHL Hall of Fame!". Check it out.

"Royal baby" tweet - British are not amused

British DJ Danny Baker is the latest quasi-celebrity to run afoul of the PC police, and in this case the boyz in blue as well. Inspector Knacker of the Yard is investigating a tweet sent out by the BBC Radio 5 Live personality making a joke about Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the newly-born and newly-named son of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, the Duchess.

The tweet said, simply, "Royal baby leaves hospital", followed by a photo which the lamestream media won't publish, but have labelled "racist". Here's what all right-thinking people are objecting to.

Mr Baker's tweet was posted on Wednesday, May 8th, the same day the Duke and Duchess introduced their firstborn son to the public. Mr Baker says his tweet was not "racially motivated", but merely an ill-chosen pic lampooning the news cycle. He was immediately fired by the Beeb anyway.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

MUSIC VIDEO: Duelling trombones! New Orleans Jazz Hounds

Ed. here. Occasionally, when Walt was feeling "blocked", we've reposted music (or other entertaining) videos scraped from YouTube. Most of these have been well received, judging from the number of click-throughs, so it may be that our faithful readers like the occasional break from Walt's rants about religion and politics.

With that in mind, I've found -- recommended by Agent 3, thank you -- a great Dixieland jazz band which I hadn't heard of before. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, and I dare say nobody expects an excellent jazz combo named the New Orleans Jazz Hounds to be an all-Japanese group! And who would expect a 7-piece band to include three -- count `em, 3! -- trombones. Here they are, with a terrific rendition of "Careless Love"

Recorded At The Hub Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. For more, search "New Orleans Jazz Hounds" on YouTube. You're welcome.

Note from Walt: Well done, Ed. I admire your self-control not to have gone for the cheap gag about the tune being called "Careress Rove". I couldn't resist it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

WARNING: Eat this and DIE!

Just in case you were on another planet today, Walt relays herewith a too-true story from Mongolia, where a husband and wife ate... raw... the organs and flesh of one of these things, in the belief that doing so would be good for their health.

They were wrong. The animal pictured is a marmot. Marmots are rodents, like those cute squirrels nibbling on your spring flowers. Or like rats. As is well known, except maybe in Mongolia, rodents are susceptible to the bacterium Yersinia pestis, which causes plague. Plague is perhaps best known for killing millions of people in Europe in the 14th century during a pandemic called the Black Death.

The infection still occurs today, although it is relatively rare. Humans can catch the plague through flea bites or, as in this case, through contact with the tissue or bodily fluids of an infected animal. Shortly after dining on marmot meat, the unfortunate couple developed serious symptoms, including fever and, later, vomiting blood. They died on May Day.

The deaths prompted authorities to impose a quarantine in the area where the couple lived, a town in the Mongolian province of Bayan-Olgii, bordering China and Russia. The quarantine was lifted on May 6th after no additional plague cases had been reported.

So there's your warning, dear readers. Raw marmot meat can be dangerous to your health. Avoid eating it like... errr... the plague. You're welcome.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

VIDEO: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson & Friends talk about the New World Order, political Islam and the indoctrination of our children

Walt is so pleased to find that Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is still out there! You may remember her (and been impressed, as I was) as one of the first candidates of Max Bernier's People's Party of Canada, speaking the truth in videos posted here back in the winter. See "LLTT tells why she ran for the People's Party of Canada", WWW 26/2/19. Ms Tyler Thompson didn't get elected, but will likely have another go at it in October. Meanwhile, she's got a great YouTube channel, Laura-Lynn & Friends, which I recommend wholeheartedly.

I'm pleased to repost a brand new video in which LLTT interviews award-winning international journalist, educator, author and consultant, Alex Newman, who discusses the New World Order and the agenda of chaos. Also appearing is Tanya Gaw, co-founder of Action 4 Canada, who talks about the crisis in the education of our children, who are being indoctrinated in gender ideology in furtherance of that same One World agenda.

Further viewing (for our Canuck readers): "The Conservative Party of Canada no longer represents the grassroots of our nation" - More straight talk from LLTT, posted to YouTube 6/5/19.

Tiger Woods "an unworthy recipient of a great honour?"

Speaking of liberal bias (see previous post), let us ask ourselves: What would it take to get the lamestream media to denounce the giving of a medal to an outstanding black athlete? You know the answer, right? If the medal is given by still-President Trump, then it's just so wrong on so many levels!

That's been the response of many in the (((controlled media))) to Monday's awarding by President Trump to Tiger Woods of America's highest civilian honour -- the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Mr Trump describing the 43-year-old black golfer as a "true legend" who transformed golf and then fought through years of injury to return to the sport's summit. Mr Woods is the fourth golfer to earn that distinction, and the youngest. He is one of the greatest to ever play his sport. To recover from multiple back surgeries and rehabs and knee surgeries and win as he did in Augusta is one of the truly amazing stories of this year. What could be wrong with that?

Well, lots, if you listen to or read the usual suspects in the lamestream media. One blogger writes that receiving a nation's highest civilian honour is supposed to be about the totality of a person. That goes to behaviour and contribution and impact outside of a sport. It goes to high moral character and comporting oneself with dignity and grace all the time. In his opinion, Mr Woods doesn't qualify because #MeToo, besides which he's just not a nice person. Nothing to do with being black of course.

If that's so, why did President Trump honour him? Isn't that obvious? It's just an example of Mr Trump's crass desire to take care of his friends! And for that reason, the award "diminishes what should be a grand, grand honour for others." Nothing to do with Mr Woods, really. It's all about Donald Trump.

Elsewhere, NBC Nightly News broadcast a clip of WaPo columnist Eugene Robinson suggesting that the award was diminished. (Apparently a memo has been circulated suggesting the use of that D-word.) "He gives this award, which was a hallow award, maybe someday it will be one again, to people he wants to associate himself with. And so, he likes golf," said Mr Robinson.

Over at the Clinton News Network, Jim Acosta told Wolf Blitzer, "The president’s company, the Trump Organization, hired Tiger Woods to design a golf course at the president's company's golf course in Dubai. That obviously shows that there are some business ties between these two men. And I suppose a critic could argue after watching all of this that there might be somewhat of an advertisement going on here, a TV ad going on here in handing out this Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods. It is, in effect, publicizing one of the Trump golf courses there in Dubai that Tiger Woods had a hand in. Although we should point out that particular course has not opened yet." Oh. Yes. Only fair to point that out.

I'm running out of space here, and have room for only two more examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome. CBS News gave airtime to Armen Keteyian, who co-authored a biography about Woods, to say that, yes, Mr Woods deserved the award, but "there's no question there is a branding and a marketing opportunity through the eyes of the President."

And here's my favourite, from an editorial in the Baltimore Sun which managed to sideswipe both the President and Tiger Woods. "Mr Woods has made his choice," the Sun thundered, "and part of his legacy will be embracing a man who incited bigotry and racism," adding that the President "regularly demonizes minorities and emboldens those who hate."

Walt says... Tiger Woods is a great golfer and is still going strong. Donald Trump is still President and will still be President 18 months from now. (Lifetime pct .991.) Get over it!

Canada's CTV - all the news that fits

Canada's Auditor General, responsible for oversight of the federal government's operations, released some reports today which shone some harsh light on the substandard performances and "challenges" faced by a number of government departments and agencies. Here are six of the AG's findings.

A — Half of the 16 million people who called federal call centres last year couldn't get through. Instead of giving callers the option of waiting, some centres sent them back to the automated phone system, directed them to a website or told them to call back later.

B — Even after having to pay a fine of C$550,000 (nearly $410,000 in real money) for a Labour Code conviction related to the death of three Mounties five years ago, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is unsure if all of its officers have access to the rifles and body armour needed to respond to an active shooter. Apparently Canada's national police force mismanaged the purchase, distribution and ongoing maintenance of semi-automatic rifles known as carbines.

C — Canada’s refugee-determination system is unable to process claims on time despite reforms introduced seven years ago. The "asylum-seeker" (= illegal border crosser) caseload faces a mounting backlog, with a processing system that has chronic delays and lax criminality checks. The AG projects that if the number of new asylum claimants remains steady at around 50,000 per year (!), by 2024 the wait time for decisions will increase to five years, more than double what it is now.

D — The Canadian sales-tax system failed to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, with the result that C169 million of Goods and Service Tax on foreign products and services sold in Canada in 2017 went uncollected. In addition, the federal government could not assess and collect all sales taxes on e-commerce transactions.

E — Public funds might be supporting partisan advertising due to a lack of adequate controls. Only government advertising valued at $500,000 or more is reviewed by an independent body, even though less expensive campaigns could represent a risk of partisanship. [No kidding. Ed.]

F — The National Museum of Science and Technology houses a large portion of its collection in leased storage facilities, along with many objects that have yet to be assessed or catalogued. Poor conditions in these spaces pose risks of deterioration, damage and theft.

Walt has not attempted to rank these items in order of importance, but readers will certainly guess which one I think is most significant. I think most Canadians would agree that Canada's porous border -- 50,000 illegals crossing every year, with the RCMP able to do no more than carry their bags and direct them towards the welfare office -- is the problem most in need of immediate attention.

My question for today: Which two (only) did Canada's CTV News think worthy of inclusion in its midday TV newscast? Answer: A & B. Maybe there wasn't enough time for the others, although nearly five minutes was devoted to the latest baby produced by the British royals. Funny though. Item C was mentioned prominently in other lamestream media, even the state-owned Canadian Broadcorping Castration (CBC).

In "Auditor General report more evidence of a Liberal government more taken with grand visions than actual governing", Postmedia's John Ivison writes:

In at least two cases, the problems are less a matter of neglect than the direct consequence of weak and wrong-headed decisions. Let's take the report in order of egregiousness — from clown-car policy to the merely careless. It will come as no surprise that the Liberal government's inept handling of the asylum seeker issue has had an effect similar to closing Highway 401 in rush-hour: system gridlock....

While there is clearly a bureaucratic logjam, the real blame lies in government policy. The Liberals created the problem because getting tough with refugees was not on-brand — even when it became clear that the lax Canadian system was being played by economic migrants flying into the U.S. from countries like Nigeria.

John Ivison was once a regular panelist on CTV's Sunday morning Question Period snorefest. No more. Comments like Mr Ivison's clearly do not fit the liberal narrative. And liberal bias is just as much the foundation of CTV's editorial policies as those of the CBC. The difference is that the CBC gets paid directly by the Liberal government, whereas CTV does not. But wait... The recent federal budget set aside some C$650 million for subsidies to Canada's struggling "independent" media. Guess which media will be at the head of the line.

VIDEO: The Hockey Guy explains how the Habs missed the playoffs

Poor Len here with a recommendation for all hockey fans, especially now that we're getting to the late stages of the NHL playoffs. This season I started watching Shannon Skanes, The Hockey Guy, on YouTube. He's also on Instagram, Twitter (follow the link) and Spotify. He's getting close to 100,000 subscribers (one being moi) on his YouTube channel, because he talks sensibly and independently (not a shill for the NHL) about the best of all sports.

As I was watching THG's review of last night's Columbus vs Boston game (Boston won, 3-0 and goes on to the NHL Eastern Conference final vs the Carolina Hurricanes), I got to thinking about where I've seen that face before. Using sophisticated facial recognition software, I came up with the answer, which you see at right. Shannon's nose isn't quite that bulbous -- guess he's not a drinker -- but if you picture W.C. Fields in a baseball/hockey cap, the resemblance would be striking!

As nearly as I can figure out, Mr Skanes is a Canuck, based somewhere near Vancouver. He likes the Vancouver Canucks, but also the Dallas Stars and Boston Bruins, whom he will be cheering for (he says today) to beat the Bunch of Jerks, as Don Cherry famously called the Hurricanes. THG doesn't like the Canadiens so much, but he does pay attention to them, as indeed he does with every other team in the NHL. That's why I like his videos. (I'm also impressed that he puts up three or four videos every day, 24/7 -- an output that Walt can only dream of!)

To explain why I like THG, even though he doesn't like "Canada's Team" so much, I'm reposting his video of April 24th in which he explains "How the Canadiens Missed the 2019 Playoffs". Quote: "Honestly, they are the best team that missed the playoffs. They are trending up."

Footnote: If you can't figure out how come I think Shannon looks like W.C. Fields, hit "pause" immediately after starting to play. I should also point out that Shannon and his other half love cats; one of the beasts is featured for about three minutes. And he has an amazing collection of hockey sweaters -- not "jerseys" but "hockey sweaters"!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

VIDEO: Don Cherry for NHL Hall of Fame!

Poor Len `ere. Last night I was watching the Boston v Columbus game on Hockey Night in Canada, and I got to thinking about that Don Cherry (aka Donless Cherry -- that's what Ron Maclean calls him), who was all dressed up for May the 4th (geddit?) and talking about "When I had the Bruins and Bobby Orr..." And I got to thinking, why isn't Don Cherry in the National Hockey League Hall of Fame?!

Wikipedia calls Donald Stewart Cherry (born 5 February 1934) "a Canadian ice hockey commentator". He is more than that. He is THE Canadian ice hockey commentator. Along with Ron Maclean, he co-hosts the "Coach's Corner" intermission segment on Hockey Night in Canada, the longest-running show on Canadian TV. He is a Canadian icon, known for his outspoken manner, his nationalistic opinions [How does he get away with it, nowadays? Ed.] and his flamboyant dress (see pic). Those Edwardian shirt collars must be damn uncomfortable.

Don toiled for years with the AHL Rochester Americans, and was called up for one (1) game with the Boston Bruins, the only game he ever played in the NHL. He went on to coach the big bad Bruins for five seasons, during which he had the good fortune to have on the team Bobby Orr, one of othe greatest -- Don says THE greatest -- defencemen ever to play the game. He never lets us forget it (see above).

Mr Cherry was voted the seventh greatest Canadian on a CBC television special called, errr, The Greatest Canadian (duh). In March 2010, his life was dramatized in a two-part made-for-TV movie, Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story, based on a script written by his son, Timothy Cherry. In March 2012, CBC aired a sequel, The Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II. And yet the selectors for the NHL Hall of Fame keep passing over him. I can't understand it.

Don Cherry IS famous, for:
- coaching Bobby Orr (see above)
- being a Canadian nationalist
- disliking European-born players, especially "chicken Swedes"
- loving Canadian guys in uniform: soldiers, cops and hockey player
- owning a succession of white bull terriers, all named "Blue"
- turning down an offer of appointment to the Canadian Senate
- other stuff

But what Don is most famous for, IMHO, is something that happened forty years and five days ago, on the evening of 10 May 1979. The Bruins were playing in the seventh game of the NHL Stanley Cup semi-finals against arch-enemies, the Montréal Canadiens. The series was tied 3 games each, and the winner of the 7th game would go on to play for Lord Stanley's silverware. Boston was ahead 3-1 going into the third period and looked to be on the verge of victory. The Habs responded with goals from Mark Napier and Guy Lapointe to tie the game. With just under four minutes to play, Rick Middleton managed to bounce a puck off the arm of goaltender Ken Dryden and into the net to take a 4-3 lead. Here's what happened next.

With only 2:34 to go, the Bruins were caught on a sloppy line change -- too many men on the ice... two-minute penalty! Changing the lines is the coach's responsibility, so, as Don Cherry later told the Grope and Flail, "It was my fault. The guy couldn't have heard me yell. I grabbed two other guys trying to go over the boards. That would have made eight on the ice. Might as well have let them go."

Not wasting an opportunity, Montréal coach Scotty Bowman put out his elite power-play unit: Guy Lafleur, Larry Robinson, Serge Savard, Steve Shutt and Jacques Lemaire. Unlike Don Cherry, all five players are in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Lafleur scored the a beauty, beating Gilles Gilbert on the short side, to tie the game at 4-4. In the overtime that ensured, les Glorieux went on to win. They would then beat the New York Rangers to win yet another Stanley Cup.

Later that May, Bruins GM Harry Sinden fired Don Cherry. But here's the thing. To this day, a clip of Don responding to the derision of the Montréal crowd is still included in the intro to every "Coach's Corner". He's a classy guy, an asset to the game and to Canada, and should damn well be in the Hall of Fame, EH!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

MUSIC VIDEO: You vill enjoy ziss! Ja?

Let us take the weekend off from politics and religion. (Catholics, I don't have the power to give you a dispensation!) Here's some lovely music played by the Vienna Philharmonic during their New Year's Concert, 2016. Please pay attention to the message from the conductor, Mariss Jansons, at the beginning... or else!

Playlist: The Beautiful Blue Danube (waltz), Radetzky March (march -- duh).

Friday, May 3, 2019

Birth rate rising, abortion rate falling - Christian Hungary thriving!

An assiduous reader has asked why Walt has been focusing on the politics of Canada, Europe, even Africa, anywhere but the USA. The answer is simple. I am sick, sore and tired of what passes, these days, for politics in the Excited States of America. With Chuck and Nancy now the effective leaders of the opposition to Still-President Trump, the Democratic Party and (((controlled media))) are now in the terminal stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In their efforts to obstruct and damage the President in any way possible, the Dems are now trying to accomplish through the criminal justice "system" what they have been unable to accomplish by political means. The latest example is their empty threat to issue a contempt citation if Attorney-General William Barr did not show up yesterday for a committee hearing on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report. Of course they didn't.

While the circus under the big dome goes on... and on... I ask myself, is anybody minding the store? The country's economy, foreign policy, and (most important) security seem to have been put on hold while the Democrats pursue their "agenda of resistance". If anything significant -- a war, for instance -- is done by or to the American government, Walt will write about it. In the meantime, I'll comment on events, good and bad, in parts of the world which are not all stupidly crazy, all the time.

Like Hungary, for instance, where sanity of the Christian nationalist variety has triumphed over the secular humanist, one-world madness of (((George Soros))). On May Day, the Voice of Europe reported that Hungary, which, under the firm leadership of Viktor Orbán, embraced both nationalism and Christian values, is thriving! Marriage rates are rising, the number of abortions is falling, and Christian Hungary is seeing the highest birthrates in two decades.

This demographic turnaround has not been an accident, but the fruit of deliberate programs to promote marriage and the family while defending Hungary's cultural identity and Christian roots. The article quotes Catalan Novak, the nation's Minister for the Family -- imagine the USA having one of those?! -- as saying, “After we won the election in 2010 with a two-thirds majority, we decided to build a family-friendly country and to strengthen families raising children."

A family-friendly country! Wow! What a concept! If we brought that idea into our country, we might even see a resurgence of family values! Standing firm in its position despite fierce opposition from the socialists and one-worlders (whose real goal is ethnic replacement) left, the Orbán government enacted legislation resulting in what Ms Novak calls "a comprehensive family-support system, a family-friendly tax system, a housing program, 800,000 new jobs, and many opportunities to create a balance between life and work."

"We are living in times when fewer and fewer children are being born throughout Europe. People in the West are responding to this with immigration", Prime Minister Orbán said in last February's State of the Nation address in Budapest. "Hungarians see this in a different light. We do not need numbers, but Hungarian children!"

Similarly, IMHO, what our AABC countries (America, Australia, Britain and Canada) need is not more immigrants, but more AABC children. Call that "white supremacy" if you like, but it's working in Hungary!

Further reading: "A Replacement of Population is Taking Place in Europe", by Giulio Meiotti, of the Gatestone Institute, 14/6/17.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

VIDEO: Frank Vaughan: I was wrong about Max Bernier and the People's Party of Canada!

Just stumbled across a great video posted back in February by Frank Vaughan, a farmer (so he says) from somewhere in Canada. I'll have to check him out, see what else he's said, but in this video "Why I Was Wrong About Maxime Bernier And The PPC" he sounds as if he's got his head screwed on right... and I do mean RIGHT! Mr Vaughan talks about the People's Party of Canada, Mad Max Bernier and all the disinformation, lies and slurs that have been directed at him since he started making Canadian conservatives uncomfortable. Running time: 22:18.

VIDEOS: Canuck security minister won't acknowledge Sunni, Shia or Sikh extremism/terror threats

Poor ole Ralph Goodale. The Canuck Minister of Public Safety (kind of like "Homeland Security" in the Paranoid States of America") has been a member of Liberal governments for donkey's years, and always seems to get stuck with the task of explaining and apologizing for the nonsensical policies and actions of the fuzzy-minded one-worlders whom stupid Canucks elected in 2015.

When you don't want to put a Sikh (Hon. Harjit Sajjan -- see yesterday's post) or a Muslim (Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Refugees) in front of the cameras, it's time to pin the tail on Ralph. Check out his grovelling, mealy-mouthed performance yesterday, in which he defended the removal of three "S-words" from a terror assessment report that is supposed to update Canadians on the major terrorist threats they face.

Since Hon. Ralph didn't actually name names (M-103!), Walt can reveal that the words excised from the report were "Sikh", "Sunni" and "Shia". Here's how the report looked before the PC police got to it.

While the report, first released in December, had initially identified attackers "inspired by violent Sunni Islamist ideology" as the main terrorist threat to Canada, that line has now been cut. All mentions of "Sunni" and "Shia" extremism were also taken out of the annual report, along with section headings on both types of terrorism. The government had already cut the term "Sikh extremism" from the report following complaints from unidentified quarters. A section heading on violence linked to the fight for an independent Sikh homeland (= Khalistan) is now gone. But see "Sikh soldiers from Canada ready to liberate Punjab?", WWW 1/5/19.

The change was announced on Twitter and Facebook by Liberal Member of Parliament Ruby Sahota, who happens to be a Sikh [Really? Ed.] who represents Brampton North, an Ontario riding where Sikhs are the very visible majority. Ms Sahota wrote that she had worked with Hon. Ralph to "remove language... The report no longer contains the terms 'Sikh', 'Shia', and 'Sunni'. Words matter. Our agencies and departments must never equate any one community or entire religions with extremism." M-103!

Ms Sahota's treatment of M-103 as law rather than just an expression of the intent of Parliament is not helpful, according to a former staffer at Public Safety Canada, which produced the threat report. Phil Gurski, a former Canadian Security Intelligence Service analyst, likened the Liberal government's repeated second-guessing of the report to a comedy routine. "To my mind this is just political correctness and electioneering gone mad." Last night he tweeted, "Who is running the show at @Safety_Canada ?? The 2018 terrorist threat report keeps getting changed to appease lobby groups. Soon there will be no terrorist threat to Canada left."

Mr Gurski's opinion is not unanimous. There are lots of patriotic Canadians who agree with Ms Sahota. Here's an earlier video from Global News that presents correct thinking, as interpreted by Canada's lamestream politicians and media. [Why does Trudeau pronounce "Sikh" that way? Ed.] M-103 rules!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

VIDEO ADDED: Pope Francis accused of heresy... again

A group of 19 prominent Catholics, including clergy and scholars, chose Easter Week, recently concluded, to publish an open letter to the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church accusing Pope Francis accusing of heresy.

This is hardly "news". Over the last several years, there have been a number of letters and petitions questioning the Unholy Father's theological orthodoxy, particularly after the publication of Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love), his 2016 apostolic exhortation on marriage and the family. See "'Amoris Laetitia' - Pope Francis leads Catholics into error", WWW 10/12/16 and "Traditional Catholics formally accuse Pope Francis of spreading heresy", WWW 24/9/17.

In the still-unanswered dubia (an expression of questioning or doubt), Cardinals Walter Brandmüller, Raymond Leo Burke, Carlo Caffarra and Joachim Meisner asked Pope Francis, in more formal language,"Are we still Catholic or not?!" They asked him to clarify five fundamental points of Catholic doctrine and sacramental discipline. Answer came there none.

This new letter takes up the same theme, and would thus be unremarkable were it not for the endorsement of Dominican Father Aidan Nichols, who Breitbart writer Thomas D. Williams calls "one of the most prominent Catholic theologians in the English-speaking world." A prolific author, Father Nichols has published over 50 books and, from 2006 through 2008, was the first John Paul II Memorial Visiting Lecturer at the University of Oxford, the first lectureship of Catholic theology at that university since the Protestant Reformation.

The 20-page letter, which you can read in its entirety by clicking here, comes right to the point in the first two paragraphs.

We are addressing this letter to you [the bishops of the Church] for two reasons: first, to accuse Pope Francis of the canonical delict of heresy, and second, to request that you take the steps necessary to deal with the grave situation of a heretical pope.
We take this measure as a last resort to respond to the accumulating harm caused by Pope Francis's words and actions over several years, which have given rise to one of the worst crises in the history of the Catholic Church.

Much of the material offered as evidence of heresy comes from Amoris Laetitia, and deals with sexual ethics and sacramental theology. A large section of the letter is devoted to showing the Pope's misconduct in "praising clerics and laity who advance these heresies, or by naming them to influential posts, or by protecting clerics of this kind from punishment or demotion when they have committed gravely immoral and criminal acts." There follows a too-long list of the offending clerics, including American Cardinals Blase Cupich, Donald Wuerl and now infamous homosexual pederast and EX-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. These names appear in other posts on WWW; click on the tags below to find out why.

The question now is: will His Unholiness pay any attention? Answer: no. But if his fellow bishops will not judge him, God certainly will. Stay tuned.

VIDEO ADDED 2/5/19: While Walt was writing this, Michael Matt and his team at The Remnant newspaper were preparing "Pope Accused of Heresy (Francis Trolls His Own Church)". Here it is.

Sikh soldiers from Canada ready to liberate Punjab?

There was much tightening of sphincters across the Indian state of Punjab, and much soiling of shorts in New Delhi and Ottawa yesterday, when this photo, taken on Sunday, appeared on the Net.

WTF? Where was this? Who are those guys?! What was going on? The answer to the second question is that they were parading down Lakeshore Boulevard in Toronto -- the city that thinks it's world-class. The members of the Canadian Armed Forces (for that's why they are) are not (as some thought) Jagmeet Singh's personal bodyguards, nor are they (as rumoured) members of an elite squad of Indo-Canadians departing for a mission to liberate "Khalistan", aka the Punjab, homeland to Canada's million or so Sikhs.

They are Sikhs though, as is their ultimate commander, the Canadian Minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan. Mr Sajjan claimed today that he did not authorized the appearance of this squad in the annual Khalsa Day parade, in which Sikhs anticipate the, errr, liberation of Khalistan. Mr Sajjan says (now) that there was nothing wrong with these turbaned heroes being in the parade, but that their commander should have ordered "No assault rifles!" Or "at least not 'at the ready' as if you're on combat patrol! That comes later..."

Both the commander who authorized the marching contingent to carry rifles (against government policy) and whoever told them how to carry the rifles (just plain stupid) definitely have some `splainin' to do! A spokesthingy for the CAF said the army's top commander in Ontario is following up with the unit and has issued additional orders prohibiting the carrying of weapons at similar events.

She could not, however, say whether a formal investigation or disciplinary action had been launched. Chances of that happening when those involved, including the Honourable Mr Sajjan, are Sikhs? Slim and none. Hey, there's an election coming in less than six months!

MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Yellow vests +++ - Everybody's against Macron!

Hail, hail, the anti-Macron gang was all there! Populist "yellow vests" joined "black bloc" anarchists (aka "antifa"), members of the Front National, feminist activists and anti-climate change marchers, all joined the traditional union-organized May Day demonstrations in a show of solidarity against French president and darling of the progressive one-worlders, Emmanuel Macron.

Protests were held in 203 cities across France, drawing some 165,000 angry people. The main demonstration in Paris is said to have involved anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 in sometimes violent clashes with 7400 police and soldiers. There were clashes in the Montparnasse district of Paris where hundreds of anti-capitalist "black bloc" activists pushed to the front of the crowd. Bottles and other projectiles were reported to have been hurled at police with a parked police van set alight in the street. France's Minister of the Interior (the one responsible for what we call "homeland security") had warned that up to 2000 "radical activists" might try to hijack the Paris event and team up with "radicalized" protesters from within the yellow vest movement. (Not a word about "radicalized" followers of the Prophet though.)

The gendarmerie and other minions made liberal use (pun intended) of tear gas and rubber-pellet-spreading "sting" grenades in an effort to quell the minority of troublemakers who threw stones, overturned cars and erected flaming barricades in the streets. By early evening, authorities had detained more than 250 demonstrators who had "failed to respect our authoritie!", and carried out almost 13,000 "preventive searches" of people and cars. The show of strength comes on the heels of a recently enacted law that gives police the right to stop people and examine their bags and vehicles, and makes it a criminal offence for protesters to conceal their faces. (Muslims exempted, apparently.)

Last Thursday, M Macron took to the télé to make a surprise admission that the yellow vest movement, which began last November as a reaction to a new fuel tax and service cuts, had made some "just demands" and tapped into legitimate feelings of "anger and impatience for change." In response to their protests, he promised income tax cuts, a return to pension indexing, greater proportional representation and more referendums. Leaders of the gilets jaunes derided the plan of le Président as "too little, too late" and returned to the streets last Saturday, and again today.

Further reading and viewing:
"Marine Le Pen explains the Yellow Vest protests" (includes video), (WWW 27/12/18)
"What the 'Yellow Vests' want for France - good for us too?", (WWW 10/12/18)

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

UPDATED - "This is Africa!" - Air Zimbabwe down to one plane

Half a century ago, when new "nations" were being created out of European colonies in Asia and Africa -- "Ready or not, here they come!" -- one of the hallmarks of newfound independence was considered to be a national airline. Even the tiniest shithole had to have a national carrier, usually included in the post-independence deal with the mother country.

So it was with Zimbabwe, when the former Rhodesia was handed over by the perfidious British to the black terrorists led by Robert Mugabe in 1980. The slight difference was that Rhodesia already had a small but functional airline, Air Rhodesia, which had a fleet of about a dozen aircraft including a couple of Viscounts -- lovely old prop jobs -- and even a B707. Like most things run by the "white settler regime", it worked. And it was given, in working order, to Comrade Bob's Marxist government, who painted the planes with red, yellow, green and black stripes and dubbed the "new" airline Air Zimbabwe.

Thanks to the ignorance, incompetence and corruption which bedevil most state-owned enterprises in most African countries, the planes inherited from Air Rhodesia were allowed to fall apart long ago. They were replaced by a succession of other types: B737s, a BAe-146, three Chinese MA-40s, a couple of little Fokkers, and two B767s which, in Walt's daze in Zimbabwe, were the pride of the fleet. One was at the beck and call of Uncle Bob, so effectively out of service, but the rest of us were allowed to fly in the other one, occasionally. Here's a pic I took in 1993 at what used to be called Jan Smuts International Airport, in Johannesburg.

Today, that B767-200ER is the only plane Air Zimbabwe has left, and may be grounded tomorrow or the next day. NewsDay reports that one of its two engines caught fire during a flight from O.R. Tambo International Airport (the new name for "Janny Smuts") to Ha-ha-harare (the fun capital of Zimbabwe) on Sunday evening after developing a fault. According to a state released yesterday, "Air Zimbabwe wishes to inform the public that their Boeing 767-200ER servicing flight UM462 experienced a malfunction in one of its engines, which caused a 'brief' tailpipe fire."

The carrier said the malfunction did not threaten the continuation of the flight or the safety of the crew and passengers on board, and that the aircraft landed safely in Harare at 2035. Air Zimbabwe confirmed that their engineers have started investigations into the incident, but continued, "We regret to inform our valued passengers that this incident may result in a disruption of our normal schedule."

This came barely a day after the same plane was involved in a bird strike incident after take-off at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo. The plane, however, landed safely at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in the capital. In March, the struggling national airline said it was using the aircraft, the only one in service, for all its routes. Such is the reality of Zimbabwe today. Mother Africa Wins Again.

UPDATED ADDED 1/5/19 [MAYDAY! MAYDAY! LOL Ed.] - NewsDay reports today that "Beleaguered Air Zimbabwe has bought a new plane, an Embraer ERJ-145, bringing the number of planes owned by the company to two. Air Zimbabwe was put under construction [??? Ed.] in 2018 after it was diagnosed to be a failing parastatal. The new plane is branded Zimbabwe Airways which is the name of a failed airline that was fronted by former President Robert Mugabe's son-in-law, Simba Chikore." Right there, in the last two sentences, is everything you need to know about Zimbabwe and about how things work (or not) in Africa.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Spain's right-wing Vox party makes major gains, enters Congress

In "Right-wing populism on the march: today Estonia, tomorrow ???" (WWW 3/3/19) Walt rejoiced at the rise in support for right-wing, populist parties throughout the length and breadth of Europe, not to mention the Excited States of America and even (gasp!) Canada. Where next, I asked?

The answer -- may I have the envelope please? -- is Spain! Yes, where parties of the right were thought to be discredited and defunct since the fall of Francisco Franco's Falange. Well, the Falange may have been pronounced dead, but its philosophy and policies -- against separatism and for a strong, unified country; opposition to immigration; limits on wimmin's right and "inclusion" -- continue to speak to the long-held and deep-seated wants and needs of increasing numbers of Spaniards.

Those are some of the principles which animate Spain's new(ish) Vox party, which some lefties denounce as "Falange 2.0". And the Spanish people are responding favourably. In "Populism marches on! Today, Spain! Where next?" (WWW 21/1/19), Walt applauded the success of Vox in elections to the Cortes (= parliament) of the province of Andalusia. And I quoted political scientist Eduard Güell who predicted that Vox would make similar gains at the national level. "All signs indicate that Vox has come to stay," he said. And he was right!

In a time when Spain is increasingly polarized -- it's not only the USA! -- its Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called a snap election, held yesterday, to determine the future direction of the country. The lamestream press is crowing that the Socialists won, but downplaying the fact that they were reduced to a minority in the Congress of Deputies -- 123 of 350 seats. At a victory rally last night, Sr Sánchez said, "The Socialist Party won, and we are now going to build the Spain (((George Soros))) wants." [Ed., please check that quote. My Spanish isn't very good. Walt]

Down "below the fold", the WaPo gets around to mentioning that some voters chose "Vox, a far-right faction founded on anti-immigrant, anti-feminist and anti-Catalan sentiment." In fact, WaPo acknowledges grudgingly, Vox won 24 seats to become the first far-right party to enter the Spanish parliament since the country's transition to democracy in the late 1970s!

In an op-ed piece for Deutsche Welle, Bernd Riegert calls the rise of Vox the real story of yesterday's election. He writes:

Voters longed for the return of the good old, supposedly stable and safe times. Supporters of Vox truly feel that the dictator Francisco Franco and the unscrupulous conquerors of Latin America were the ones who made Spain "great." Vox only won 10% of the vote in this election, but as has happened in other European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Italy and Austria, the right-wing swamp has the potential to grow and eventually become the nation's main political movement. This trend is nothing new, and Sunday's election served as proof that it has now caught on in Spain.

Herr Riegert's bias is showing! "Right-wing swamp" is rather Nazi, even for a German liberal believer in Merkelism. But his observation and conclusion is spot on! Which is what Walt told you in March. Today Spain, tomorrow??? Stay tuned!

Footnote: The liberals, including the government of Germany, which owns Deutsche Welle, are afraid -- very afraid -- of the resurrection of Franco's Falange, with its "illiberal" ideas. Ed. hasn't been able to get a link to the video embedded in the DW article, but I suggest you check it out -- a great example of the paranoia of the ruling elites.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

VIDEO: South Africa's loss is Canada's gain - Susanna Heystek

Among the South African farmers who saw the handwriting on the wall back in the 1990s (see my earlier post, today) was the family of Susanna Heystek (great name for farmers!), who joined the "white flees" leaving for the Old Dominions, in this case Canada, where the challenges to farming are of a different nature (read: colour) than they are in Suid Afrika.

The Heysteks settled in Alberta (Canada's answer to Texas!), and Susanna began playing the violin at age five in her hometown of Rocky Mountain House. She went on to study violin in Red Deer and joined the Red Deer Youth and Community Orchestra, of which she was concert master. After graduating high school, she went on to study at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and joined the Artemis Trio. The trio competed at the provincial level in British Columbia and won first place in the Senior Chamber category. Last year, Susanna had the honour of being accepted into the National Art Centre Orchestra's apprenticeship program.

Susanna has developed into a fine classical violinist, and also plays the viola, but hasn't forgotten her country roots. Here she plays "Bowing the Strings", written by Canadian fiddler/composer, Ned Landry. This was recorded in Airdrie AB on 9 May 2015. Intercut are some nice pictures of the wildlife of the homeland of her Afrikaner ancestors, plus picture proof that this talented young lady can still handle the ropin' and ridin'.

Further reading and viewing: Click here to visit Susanna Heystek's website, where you'll find her bio, plus links to other music videos and lots of other good stuff. On the landing page is the link to my favourite of all the classical pieces Susanna has recorded, "The Last Rose of Summer".

South Africa "Freedom Day" -- not much to celebrate

Yesterday, black South Africans celebrated the 25th anniversary of "Freedom Day", the day in 1994 when they were allowed to cast ballots in the country's first "one person one vote" election. President Cyril Ramaphosa said, "On this day 25 years ago, we founded a new country defined by the principles of equality, unity, non-racialism and non-sexism. Despite the passage of time, we remember vividly...the exhilaration of seeing nearly 20 million South Africans of all races waiting patiently at polling stations around the country to cast their ballots."

Walt was there at the time -- based in Ha-ha-harare, the fun capital of Zimbabwe -- and remembers opening a book (read: started taking bets) on how long it would take for the most prosperous nation in Africa to regress to levels of poverty and inequality like those of Zimbabwe, the Congo, Sudan and other shithole states of the Dark Continent.

It didn't take that long. Today, widespread poverty and corruption mean that, 25 years after the end of apartheid, many South Africans are still not free. In yesterday's speech, President Ramaphosa praised the work of South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, but said that the country could not be free "when so many live without enough food, without proper shelter, without access to quality health care, without a means to earn a living."

South Africa's black majority were promised that once they were "empowered", they would have white cars, white houses and white women. Pictured above is what they got.

Yesterday, President Ramaphosa (who replaced Jacob Zuma, President No. 3, who was forced out over a string of corruption scandals and a penchant for polygamy) said, "As we celebrate 25 years of democracy, we need to focus all our attention and efforts on ensuring that all South Africans can equally experience the economic and social benefits of freedom."

The reality of post-apartheid South Africa is that any progress made to fulfill the promises made to the country's blacks has been undone in just five short years. Today, South Africa is one of the most consistently unequal countries in the world. More than half the population lives in poverty, while a staggering 27% of people are unemployed. And that's according to the government's statistics, which are believed to be wildly over-optimistic.

Since 2011, three million more South Africans have been pushed below the poverty line, according to a study by the national data agency, Statistics South Africa, released this week. More than 30.4 million South Africans (55.5% of the population) live on less than 992 rand (about $75) per person per month.

Those figures, collected in 2015, are actually more optimistic than numbers from 2006, when two-thirds of South Africans were living in poverty. But it captures the painful one-step-forward, two-steps-backwards dance the country has been engaged in over the last decade trying to improve the lives of its population. In 2006, 28.4% of the country was found to be living in extreme poverty. That number had only inched downwards to 25.2% by 2015.

Those numbers aren't likely to improve. In the last year alone, South Africa has entered recession and seen its sovereign debt rating adjusted to junk status, making life harder for everyone, especially the poor. The national power supplier, Eskom, is effectively bankrupt. With massive power outages threatened, those who can afford to are rushing to buy generators and storage batteries. The "povo" (= truly poor) are buying or making candles.

Because of the seizure of productive white farms (and the murder of the white farmers, detailed previously on WWW), millions of South Africans are now facing "food insecurity" -- shortages of food, hunger, even the prospect of starvation -- the crisis which now besets Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and other black-run states to the north. This in a country which was once a net exporter of foodstuffs.

The reality of post-apartheid South Africa is that the majority of its citizens live in grinding poverty. The full effect of the 2008 global financial crisis, initially hidden by the euphoria and capital injection of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, is now being felt. The country has also fallen victim to the sluggish growth seen by other commodities-driven economies, unable to improve on 3.3% growth in 2011, the highest GDP has peaked since the financial crisis.

The real problem, though, is South Africa’s inability to implement its own policies. In other words, the black government is incapable of managing the economy or the country. In 2012, the country launched a "National Development Plan" with much pomp and an explanatory animated video showing how much better life would be once they got organized. (18 years after the end of apartheid, they couldn't blame the whities any more.) But a lack of political will and simple competence have left the plan adrift. By almost all measures, South Africa is going to miss the goals -- reduction of poverty from 39% in 2009 to 0%, and the complete eliminate of hunger, by 2030 -- it set for itself in the plan.

Even the commission tasked with seeing the plan through is frustrated by the lack of government support to do so, despite having an office a few doors down from the president. The group's deputy commissioner told the meeja recently, "We have a plan, we like it very much, we take it to parliament, the whole world praises it... And we are the ones that don't implement it." Nothing more need be said. Mother Africa Wins Again.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

NEW TUBA SKINNY VIDEO: "Won't You Be Kind to Me?"

Ed. again. While we wait for Walt's blood pressure to get somewhere near normal, it falls to me to find other stuff for this space. "Other stuff" includes topics other than politics, religion and -- sorry, Len --hockey. From time to time we like to share a bit of music, guaranteed to brighten you day. In January we introduced Tuba Skinny, a New Orleans traditional jazz band formed in 2009. The ensemble includes tuba, trombone, cornet, tenor banjo, guitar, vocals, washboard, and clarinet, and is inspired by the jazz and blues music of the 1920s and 1930s.

The band has performed on streets and stages around the world, including music festivals in Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain. They're all great musicians, but my favourite, the erstwhile leader of the band, is Shaye Cohen. The granddaughter of noted jazz musician Al Cohn, she plays (in addition to cornet) the fiddle, piano, accordion, banjo and spoons! The only thing I've never heard her do is sing.

Listen for Shaye's stage direction before and during this performance of "Won't You Be Kind to Me?", a Memphis Jug Band/Hattie Hart song from 1929. This video was recorded on April 14th at The French Quarter Festival, Jackson Square Stage. Thanks to James Sterling for putting it up on YouTube.

VIDEO: Reid Henrichs likens his dead rooster to socialists

Ed. here. A couple of Walt's agents (PBUT) have noticed that Walt has been MIA since the atrocious Islamic terrorist attack in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. He is not ill, just having difficulty finding words that won't get him arrested for "hate crime", Islamophobia, racism or all of the above. While he's recovering his faculties, I'll repost some interesting articles or videos, so faithful readers will have something new(ish) to read and watch.

We begin with "What My Dead Rooster and Socialists Have in Common", a Valor Ridge video featuring Reid Henrichs.

In this educational allegory, Mr Henrichs describes how an entitled, aggressive, and ungrateful rooster met his end. There are also many similar traits between farm life and real world socialists. The utopia they plan to bring about is far worse than the reality of luxury they live in. Socialism is the most corrupt, oppressive, and deadly ideology this planet has ever seen. The information in this video is for educational purposes, and serves to illustrate the wisdom of nature over the mischief of progressive do-gooders who actually do evil.

Out of the mouths of farmers and other "plain folks" oft comes wisdom.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

ISIS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka massacre of over 300 Christians

Further to yesterday's "Suspicions confirmed" post... it will be recalled that following the Christchurch, New Zealand shoot-up of a couple of mosques, perpetrated by a "white nationalist", "racist" etc etc, there was a tsunami of white Christian guilt. World leaders condemned unequivocally the terrible act of Islamophobia, called for confiscation of the guns of everyone except "the authorities, etc etc. Mounds of flowers and teddy bears piled up in front of mosques around the world, and vigils were held everywhere. The Pope prayed for the victims. The prime minister of New Zealand and other worthies donned Islamic headscarves to show solidarity with the poor oppressed Muslims.

Sunday saw a much more horrific attack on Christian churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka. The death toll has now reached 321 -- six times that of the New Zealand massacre. The response of world leaders was muted, by comparison, perhaps even "guarded", because, errr, there was the possibility that the killers of over 300 Christians -- not Muslims but Christians -- might turn out to be, errr, Muslims, hell-bent on revenge for the New Zealand atrocity. For that to be the case would be embarrassing for the liberal politicians and lamestream media who only see non-white followers of the Prophet as victims of white racism, Islamophobia, etc etc.

Unfortunately for those who insist that Islam is "The Religion of Peace", it has now been revealed, by no less a personage than the Sri Lankan Minister of Defence that the Easter attack on churches, hotels and other sites in the South Asian nation was "carried out in retaliation" for the shooting massacre at two New Zealand mosques. The minister, Ruwan Wijewardene, told Parliament the government possessed information that the series of bombings in and outside of Colombo that killed more than 300 people was carried out "by an Islamic fundamentalist group" in response to the Christchurch attacks. Which is pretty much what Walt said yesterday. Perhaps Mr Wijewardene is a reader of WWW.

Mr Wijewardene did not name the "Islamic fundamentalist group". If he doesn't read (or believe) Walt, he should at least check reports in The Guardian and other lamestream media that ISIS has claimed, through its AMAQ news agency, that the atrocities were the work of "fighters of the Islamic State". To wit:

Pictures are also circulating on the Internet -- notably on siteintelgroup.com -- purportedly showing the suspected suicide bombers, including purported National Thowfeek Jama'ath leader Moulvi Zahran Hashim pledging allegiance to ISIS.

These photos have not been published by AMAQ. Rather, it seems, they are being circulated by ISIS fanatics to encourage others.

Some of the lamestream media, and many apologists for Islamic extremism, persist in the fiction that "the motive for the bombings remains" unclear. The Sri Lankan government at least got that part right. The attacks, said Mr Wijewardene, were in retaliation for the killing of 50 Muslims last month at mosques in New Zealand. "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord" is something you might find in Judeo-Christian Scripture, but not, apparently, in the Holy Qu'ran.

I'm waiting for Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Hellery Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Fauxcahontas -- hell, any of them -- to condemn the Islamic extremism which is the source of 99% of the world's troubles. But I'm not holding my breath. Are followers of the Prophet not told, "Kill the infidels wherever they may be found!" Just because you're Islamophobic doesn't mean the Muslims aren't out to get ya!

Monday, April 22, 2019

VIDEO: Kate Smith (racist!) sings "God Bless America!"

Why is Walt posting this today? Because word has just reached us from Philthydelphia that the NHL Flyers have removed from in front of the team's arena a statue of the late Kate Smith, which had been there since 1987. Flyers fans had long believed that their team would win crucial games if Kate sang "God Bless America" (instead of "The Star-spangled Banner") before the puck drop. And that's the way it turned out, 90% of the time, when this video was recorded on 19 May 1974.

So what happened? Why was the late Kate's statue first covered up, a couple of days ago, and then taken down? Well, it turns out that Ms Smith, like all other white Americans of her era, was a racist! Why, she recorded overtly racist songs, like "Pickaninny Heaven" (1933) and "That's Why the Darkies Were Born", written in 1931 and considered simple satire at the time. And her cartoon likeness appeared in a 1939 ad for Calumet Baking Powder that also used the "mammy" caricature -- think Gone With the Wind -- a well-known racist depiction of black women. For shame!

And so, 80 years later, Kate Smith becomes the latest victim of political  correctness and the anti-racism SJWs. Thank goodness she passed away in 1986 and didn't live to see what has become of the America she loved.

Further viewing: Kate Smith's introduction of "God Bless America", a movie short from 1943. This super-patriotic song was written by (((Irving Berlin))) in 1918. He revised it in 1938, and the revised version, introduced in the film This Is the Army, became Ms Smith's signature song.

Sri Lanka: Suspicions confirmed; Islamic terrorists kill nearly 300

No cries of "Allahu akbar!" were actually heard -- drowned out by the noise of the explosions perhaps -- but the government of Sri Lanka has now confirmed that yesterday's attacks on Christian churches and luxury hotels were carried out by a local militant group named National Thowfeek Jama'ath, with the help of an international network.

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne told a news conference this morning that all the bombers were citizens of Sri Lanka. He added that the government was investigating whether the group had international support. "We do not believe these attacks were carried out by a group of people who were confined to this country. There was an international network without which these attacks could not have succeeded."

What kind of an "international network"? Mr Senaratne did not go into details, but as Walt told you yesterday -- something you won't read in the lamestream media -- senior police officials have identified National Thowfeek Jama'ath as a group of Islamic terrorists. The "international network" could therefore refer to al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Shabaab or the Taliban... any of them of all of the fanatical jihadis hell-bent (I mean that literally) on exterminating "infidels" such as those shown in this photo, taken some years ago, of some Lankan Catholics and your obedient servant.

Earlier today, a Lankan government forensic crime investigator said an examination of the Islamist attackers' body parts showed that they were suicide bombers. That detail really fascinates me. What body parts, I wonder? Did they have "Allahu akbar!" tattooed on some appendage?

This morning a "controlled explosion" occurred in a van near one of the attacked churches, when bomb squad officials were trying to defuse a bomb found near the departure gate of the Colombo airport. Elsewhere, 87 detonators were found at a Colombo bus station. And on Sunday afternoon, security forces raided a house in Colombo only to lose three officers killed in another explosion. 24 "locals" have now been arrested. That's less than 1/10th of the number killed in the bombings, which has now risen to 290, with over 500 reported injured.

Further reading:
"Horrifying moment car bomb blows up outside Sri Lankan church after police attempted to defuse it the day after Islamist terror attacks killed 290 people", Daily Mail (UK) 22/4/19.

And more:
"The Sri Lanka Jihad Massacre and the Decline of the West: How many times is the charade of denial going to play out?", by Robert Spencer on the FrontPageMag site, 22/4/19. Mr Spencer quotes an Indian media source as identifying three of the jihadis by name: Zahran Hashim, Abu Mohammad and Mohamed Azzam Mohamed. Why, he asks, can't Western leaders like the UK's Theresa May and Canada's Just In Trudeau bring themselves to utter the words "Muslim" or "Islamist", when the evidence is there. Walt's answer: Political correctness still rules the West! M-103!