Monday, November 12, 2018

Canadian money more funny-looking than ever

Americans have long made fun of Canada's "funny money". As you can see, the paper "beaverbucks" come in different colours. On the front are pictures of a foreign woman and four dead white men who many Canadians fail to recognize.

Four men and only one woman seemed politically incorrect to the Liberal government of Canuck Prime Minister "Mr Socks" Trudeau. To make matters worse, not one of the five people pictured is a vizmin. So a decision was made -- an egregious example of tokenism, even by Canadian standards -- to replace one of the white men with a black woman.

Conveniently, the white man who was the first to die was Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada's first prime minister (and a Conservative!), about whom there has been a good deal of controversy in recent months, similar to the controversy in the Excited States of America about Robert E. Lee. So, away you go, John Eh, and a big welcome to Viola Desmond, now appearing on the new $10 (= $7.50 in real money) banknote which goes into circulation this week.

featuring Viola Desmond’s portrait will go into circulation in a week, just over 72 years after she was ousted from the whites-only section of a movie theatre in New Glasgow, N.S.

The Canadian Ministry of Truth describes the late Viola Desmond as a civil rights pioneer and businesswoman. Her business was a hairdressing salon (surprised?) which she operated in the "historic north end" of Halifax NS, home to one of Canada's oldest black communities. On 8 November 1946 -- nearly a decade before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus in Alabama -- Ms Desmond was dragged out of the Roseland Theatre by police, arrested, kept in the lockup for 12 hours and fined. 63 years later, the provinice of Nova Scotia issued her a posthumous pardon and apology.

A spokesthingy for the black community said he hopes the new banknote will "inspire young girls to pursue their dreams and push back against injustice." He went on to say, "I'm hoping having Viola on the bill will prompt people to want to know what's the story behind her, because still, there's a lot of people who have no idea who she was and what she stands for."

Walt says good luck with that. It won't be surprising (to me) if a lot of Canucks refuse to accept the new bill on the grounds that it just doesn't look like money, at least not Canadian money. Some will wonder if the queen had a facelift. I also predict some comments from the usual gang of NPCs that Ms Desmond has been made to look as if she was "passing". All this for political correctness!

Florida, the new Zimbabwe

Regular readers of WWW [as oppoed to "irregular" border-crossers. Ed.] will know that Walt has an abiding interest in Zimbabwe, the failing African state whose name has become a metaphor for incompetence and corruption -- two nouns which have been much in use since November 8th as journalists and pundits struggle to describe the gubernatorial and senate elections in the Not-so-great State of Florida.

The ZANU-PF party has ruled the Land of Bambazonke since independence, thanks to its expertise in the rigging ["running", shurely! Ed.] of elections. For instance, when their candidate is trailing in the vote count, they simply stop counting! That's what happened in 2013 when weeks after polling day it was announced that President Mugabe had received the most votes, but not enough to prevent a run-off. The opposition candidate then withdrew from the race, leaving Comrade Bob to win in a landslide. See "'Incidences' from the Zimbabwean election", WWW 2/8/13.

They didn't risk having to compete in a run-off this year. All the results of July's polls were announced within 48 hours, except for that of the contest for the presidensity. After a couple of days of "They're coming just now," the government-appointed Zimbabwe Electoral Commision announced that Bob's successor, Comrade ED [No relation! Ed.] had won 50.8% of the vote, just enough to avoid a runoff. See "ED wins Zimbabwe presidential election - quelle surprise!" WWW 2/8/18.

Does this remind you of any election in any place you've been hearing about lately? How about Florida? In particular, how about Broward and Palm Beach Counties? I have no bias against those counties -- used to live there myself -- but can't help but notice that the stench of electoral corruption is worse than usual this year.

"Preliminary results" announced in the wee hours of Wednesday showed Republican Governor Rick Scott leading incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson in the contest for a US Senate seat, and Republican Ron DeSantis ahead of Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in the race for the state house.

To nobody's surprise, the lamestream media refused to "project" a winner, saying it was too close to call, absentee ballots hadn't been counted, a recount was possible, and so on. Why? Because the election machinery was in the control of "non-partisan" officials such as Broward County's Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, who President Trump said "has had a horrible history..."

Here, from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, is what POTUS was talking about.
  • In 2004, approximately 58,000 mail-in ballots were not delivered to voters.
  • In 2012, nearly 1,000 uncounted ballots were discovered a week after the election.
  • Election results in the 2016 primary were posted on the election office's website before the polls closed.
  • A court ruled Snipes had broken election law when she destroyed ballots from the 2016 election 12 months after it, instead of the 22 months required by federal law.
Republicans blamed problems in Broward County on the design of the ballot there. “The ballot was laid out in an incompetent fashion by the incompetent supervisor of elections,” said Mr Scott's attorney, Bill Scherer, apparently referring to Mrs Snipes.

The analysts at FiveThirtyEight questioned whether the position of the Senate race on the Broward County ballot (at the bottom left-hand corner of Page 1) meant some voters skipped over the race. In Broward, some 26,060 fewer people casts voted in the Senate race compared with the governor’s race, a difference of 3.7%.

Mr Nelson's attorney, however, said he believes the problem was with the machine counters -- nothing to do with Mrs Snipes. "I am pretty confident what you are going to see are markings that were not picked up by the machines or a calibration issue that was not registering that part of the ballot," he said.

Reports that Brenda Snipes received her training in public administration in Zimbabwe are untrue. She comes from that hotbed of democracy, Talladega County AL. It's just a coincidence that the start of a statewide recount, which began Sunday morning, has been delayed by a series of technical glitches with the counting machines... in Broward County.

Stay tuned for the revised and improved results, due at 1500 EST on Thursday. Or call Mrs Snipes' office for the official figures. If you can't wait, call anytime!

Further reading: "What can we expect from Florida recount — 2018 edition?" by Brendan Swisher, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 10/11/18.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

"The war to end all wars" ended a century ago. Wars continue.

11 November 2018 is the 100th anniversary of the signing, at Compiègne, in northern France, of the Armistice that ended the Great War, aka World War I, aka The War to End All Wars. Yet wars continue. As John McDermott sings in "The Ballad of Willie McBride" says, it all happened again... And again... And again.

General Robert E. Lee, a moral and upright man whose memory is now being trashed by the NPCs, said to General James Longstreet, as they surveyed the carnage of the Battle of Fredericksburg "It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it." But it seems we have grown too fond of it.

Perhaps it's because advances in technology have reduced the body counts. On "our side", at least. Or maybe it's the advances in medicine and hygiene which means that, nowadays, more soldiers and sailors and airmen die of wounds than of disease and starvation. Whatever it is, we seem to scarcely finish one war before starting another. Sometimes we don't even wait for the first war to end, so we can fight two or three or four wars all at the same time. All for freedom, democracy, equality, human rights, and generally to make the world a better place. For "our side", at least.

Not all of the thousands upon thousands who died fighting our "good wars" did so for the sake of freedom and all that. Some of them did, but some of them died because they obeyed orders and went unflinchingly to the death to which they were sent. It is those men and women -- the ones who didn't want to be there and shouldn't have been there in the first place -- whom Walt wishes to remember today.

Friday, November 9, 2018

VIDEO: "Allahu akbar!" in Australia - Somali immigrant kills and is killed

What with the excitement of the mid-terms, the fuss over Brexit and a longer-than-usual silly season, we haven't heard much [or written much! Ed.] lately about ISIS and Islamic terrorism. Too hot for the followers of the Prophet, perhaps. But they're still out there, still hell-bent (literally, let's hope) on exterminating us Christians and other infidels.

In Melbourne, Australia, yesterday, a devout Muslim set fire to a pickup truck laden with gas cylinders, and stabbed three people, killing one. He was then sent to the Paradise of the 72 Virgins by police bullets. After the usual stammering and stuttering, the Aussie coppers finally conceded that the "incident" was a terrorist attack. They didn't use the word "Islamic", but a police spokesthingy confirmed that the attacker was an immigrant from Somalia who was "known to police and intelligence authorities because of family associations.

The pickup was burning brightly in the middle of crowded Bourke Street while the driver stabbed bystanders and attacked police officers. The cylinders failed to explode and the fire was put out in ten minutes, by which point the rampage was over. One of the officers then shot the man wielding the knife, who collapsed to the ground clutching his chest. Video footage showed two stab victims lying on the ground nearby and bleeding.

Video posted to social media showed chaotic scenes as bystanders scattered while the attacker fought with police. One man charged at the tall man, wearing a long black shirt, with a shopping trolley just before police drew their weapons. A witness told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, "Bystanders were yelling out 'Just shoot him, just shoot him!'" So they did.

In January of 2017, Bourke Street was the scene of a fatal "incident" in which a man drove his car at pedestrians at high speed, killing six people and wounding about 30. Australian anti-terrorism authorities say their vigilance has helped to foil at least a dozen plots, including a plan to attack downtown Melbourne at Christmas in 2016. In December 2014, two hostages were killed in a café in Sydney during a 17-hour siege by a gunman who was said to be inspired by Islamic State militants.

The lesson? If you're not safe from Islamic terrorism in Australia, where can you be safe? How about New Zealand? Haven't seen any reports of ISIS activity there, but just wait.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Vatican attempts to silence tradition-minded Catholic prelates

Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider have been mentioned before on WWW. Both are on Pope Francis' fecal roster for speaking truth to power -- speaking publicly about the crisis in the Roman Catholic Church and promoting a return to traditional Catholicism. See, for example, "'How can we keep the Faith?'" in which Michael Matt introduces Bishop Schneider, one of the principal speakers at last year's Catholic Identity Conference.

Earlier in 2017, Cardinal Burke offered a traditional Pontifical Mass at the Chartres cathedral. And this summer he really crossed the line, offending the "lavender mafia" in the Vatican by giving an interview to Catholic Action in which he decried the "gay culture" in the Church.

The Holy [sic] Father would prefer that the prelates stopped airing the Church's dirty linens in public, so has instructed the Vatican Secretariat of State to take steps to silence them. In his blog Stilum Curiae, Italian journalist Marco Tosatti reports that American bishops have been "advised" by the Secretary of State ("Peter the Roman") not to invite Cardinal Burke to speak in their dioceses.

Bishop Schneider, a star speaker at traditional Catholic gatherings in the USA and elsewhere, has been told not to leave his own country, Kazakhstan -- he is the Auxiliary Bishop of Astana -- without first notifying the Vatican. One doesn't have to think hard to imagine what the Vatican would say upon receiving such notice.

Sgr Tosatti's article is written in Italian. The directives from the Secretariat of State may have been in Latin but more likely were in Italian. My grasp of Italian is pretty tenuous [Si? Ed.] but I can make an educated guess as to what the Vatican is sayingto Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke, to wit: "Eh, shadappa you face!"

VIDEO: Jordan Peterson: "What could possibly go wrong?"

Dr Jordan Peterson, "the only extant right-wing psychologist" (his own little joke on himself) answers a question posed by a Canadian student following his address to the Oxford Union in June of 2018. To Canadian Prime Minister Just In Trudeau and other well-meaning liberals, he poses the question: Have you considered the possibility that your well-meaning intervention might have unforeseen negative consequences? Under 7 minutes and well worth every second.

"Blue wave" a mere ripple; Trump still POTUS!

The sun rose in the east this morning. So did President Donald J. Trump, satisfied, I'm sure, that his presidency and his plans to MAGA are in no more danger of being derailed by the socialist Democrats than they were 24 hours ago.

As early as 1800 FMT (Fort Mudge Time) the lamestream media pundits and perplexed pollsters were starting to wonder when they were going to see the Democrats' "Blue Wave". Hours went by, and the social justice tsunami failed to materialize. Talk of mountains and molehills? The threatened Blue Wave turned out to be a mere ripple! Here's the Fox News results map showing how things turned out. [Memo from Ed. to Fox News: Hope you don't mind. We don't make any money out of WWW, and we gave ya a plug!]

This morning's official line from the Clinton News Network, the NY Times and WaPo, is that the Democrats "took back control of the House of Representatives", while the Republicans "hung onto the Senate." Hey! Look at the map! There are 435 seats in the House. At last count, with 23 seats not yet declared, the Demns got 219 -- one more than half! Some "control"! As for the Senate, with one seat still undecided, the Republicans increased their numbers to 52.

What does this mean for the future of the US of A and for federal politics over the next two years? Militant Democrats are already hatching plots to use several powerful committees, which they will now chair, including the lower chamber's Intelligence, Ways and Means, Foreign Affairs and Judiciary committees, to stall the President's legislative agenda and generally do as much damage as they can to POTUS.

Using subpoenas, they will be able to seek access to President Trump's long sought-after tax returns. They will also be ratcheting up the probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The lefties are talking again about impeachment, chances of which are, realistically, slim and none.

The usual "analysts" are saying that Republicans will no longer be able to pass legislation without help from the Democrats, meaning that pushing through conservative bills -- on immigration and tax reform, for instance -- will become more difficult. Likewise, the Democrats are claiming to have "saved Obamacare" and protected the rights of those with pre-existing health conditions.

The fact is that derailing the President's legislative agenda is not going to be that easy. The Demns have a larger, but more fractious caucus, with several left wing-nuts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keen to turn America into another "people's republic". But there is a larger group of moderates, many of whom only mentioned the word "Democrat" in six-point type at the bottom of their signs and campaign literature. They know that they will be up for re-election in just two years, and had better not oppose POTUS too violently or irrationally. Look what happened to the Democratic senators who opposed POTUS' nomination to the Supreme Court. Every Demn senator in a competitive race who voted against Judge Kavanaugh lost!

And the Republicans are still in charge of the Senate, more so than before. Any attempt to impeach President Trump, even if it passes the House, is doomed to failure, as the trial would have to take place in the Senate, where 66 votes are required to remove POTUS from office.

The Senate is also where the President's nominations to top Cabinet and judicial posts are confirmed, and this will be easier now than it was in the case of Justice Kavanaugh. This means the President and the Republicans will be able to seat more conservative federal judges, possibly including one or two more justices of the Supreme Court, should a couple of ancient lefties shuffle off this mortal coil in the next two years.

White House spokesthingy Sarah Huckabee-Sanders described the Senate results as "historic" and told reporters the election was "a huge moment and victory for the president." And just a few moments ago, the President Himself tweeted, "Now we can all get back to work and get things done!" Indeed. The first thing I'm going to do is go out to collect on my election bets. Lifetime pct .988.

Further reading
: Thanks to Agent 3 for sending us the link to "So much for the Democrats' hammer blow against Trumpism", by Kelly McParland in today's National Post. Key quote: "His opponents still don’t grasp what it is about the president that appeals to the 40% or more of Americans who appear willing to stand by him no matter what."

Monday, November 5, 2018

Make Mount Rushmore greater!

Got this from Blazing Cat Fur -- highly recommended!

VIDEO: Don't FAIL to handle firearms safely!

Regular readers of WWW know that I am a great believer in the Second Amendment, and the right of all citizens (note, CITIZENS!) to bear arms. But if you're going to have a gun to protect yourself, your home and your family from criminals and invaders (note, INVADERS!), please learn how to use and store it properly. Practise firearm safety at all times! If you don't, you could wind up in a video like this!

The question at the end asks which one takes the prize. My vote is for Number 7. Muchas gracias and a tip of the sombrero to Agent 6 for sending this along.

UPDATED: Where's Hillary and Bill? Waiting in the (left) wings!

Here we are, just 24 hours from polling day. The lamestream media are already citing "scientific polls" which show the Democrats poised to take back the House of Representatives from the evil Republicans, but, they concede, the Republicans may just manage to "hang on" to the Senate. Of course, they admit, the pollsters and pundits got it wrong in 2016, but, they assure us, that couldn't happen twice in a row... could it???

Meanwhile, I'm busting my wrist changing channels (yeah, I still watch TV) to see what's happening out there on the campaign trail. I see President Trump (YES!) holding rallies in the flyover states, with three (3) scheduled for today, including the grand finale tonight, co-starring Rush Limbaugh and my buddy Sean Hannity. Go get 'em, guys!

On the other side of the aisle, I see President 0 (that's "zero", as in zero accomplishments, zero concern for the future of America), dropping his G's and shouting himself hoarse, urging "folks" (whether citizens or not) to get out and vote for "hope"... and "change", of course. Whoa! Haven't we seen this movie before? How did that work out for you? And how are you now, two years into the presidency of someone who believes in not just talking but acting!

Not seen on TV in the last week: Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Mad Maxine Waters. And yes, I have watched CNN and PBS! Speaking of the Clinton News Network, I have also been mildly surprised by the absence from the Blue Team of Mr and Mrs William Jefferson Clinton. Wouldn't you expect the Democratic heavyweights (geddit?) -- one a former President and the other a former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady -- to be out there stumping for the Smurfs (geddit?). My sources tell me that numerous Democratic candidates have issued stern warnings to Hellery and Slick Willy to stay the hell away from their territory!

That doesn't mean that the Clintons are inactive, though. They are getting ready for a speaking tour, modestly titled "An Evening with the Clintons", which is going to play such Democratic hotbeds as New York, San Francisco and, errr, Toronto next year. If you want to bathe in bullshit for a couple of hours, you'll have to shell out anywhere between $136 and $1712, the latter being the price of orchestra seats at New York's Beacon Theater on April 11th. $136 is the price for seats in the back, behind a pillar.

Ask yourself why Mrs Clinton and her husband (the one who she says has been "cleared" any kind of sex crimes) would mount such a tour. And why in 2019. It's not as if they need the money, although donations to the Clinton Foundation have kind of dried up of late. Think about this...

If the Republicans keep control of the House in tomorrow's mid-terms, the re-election of Donald Trump seems like a sure-as-little-green-apples thing. But if the Democrats win the House and the Republicans keep the Senate, that leaves a divided Congress, and a President who's going to have even more trouble implementing his MAGA programme. And that sets the stage for a real contest in 2020. Who better to champion all that is good and progressive than Hellery Clinton, who (the "resisters" say) really won the 2016 election but got euchred by that silly, old-fashioned Electoral College?

Keep the possibility of a Clinton comeback in mind when you go to vote tomorrow. Could America stand another four or eight years of that "First Family"? Oh noooooooo!!!

FURTHER READING (added 12/11/18): "Bribe her, distract her, trip her if you have to, but don’t let Hillary Clinton run for president again", by Vinay Menon, in the Toronto Red Star, 12/11/18. Wins a Wally award for the longest headline of 2018, but worth reading to see a liberal giving a truthful warning to the Demns.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

VIDEO: Bannon vs Frum debate goes on despite antifa near-riot

Last night in Toronto, Steve Bannon, former advisor to POTUS and founder of The Movement, was scheduled to debate the pros and cons of populism with cuckservative never-Trumper David Frum in one of the Munk Debates, an occasional circle-jerk for Canada's chattering classes.

Days before the event, the usual gang of SJWs, snowflakes and NPCs, led by Big Labour (Hello! United Steelworkers) and Canada's pinko New Democratic Party, started protesting. Petitions were circulated. Speeches were made. Marches were marched. The theme? "Free speech = hate speech!" For, as we know, the lefties are all for free speech and allowing people to voice their opinions, as long as the opinions are politically correct.

The organizers refused to cave, and the debate went ahead, but not before about 1500 antifa types, including cheerleaders from Canada's Communist and Socialist parties, held up traffic in front of the venue for about 45 minutes, trying to prevent the entry of the audience, not because they wished to speak, but because they came to listen! Here's some video from Global TV News.

Protesters chanted, booed and jeered at those waiting in line, and held up signs with slogans such as "refugees are welcome" and "human rights are not up for debate." Inspector Knacker of the Toronto Police "Service" tweeted that a dozen protesters will face "various charges". Two officers were injured during the near-riot.

Inside, Mr Bannon acknowledged protesters' right to free speech, before emphatically stating that populism is "a new political revolution." The question to be asked, he said, is what kind of populism will take root? "It's not a question of whether populism is on the rise and whether populism is going to be the political future," Bannon said. "The only question before us is, is it going to be populist nationalism or populist socialism?"

Dear American citizens, please keep that question in mind when you go to vote on Tuesday!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Indian priorities on display -- world's tallest statue

Here it is, dear readers, a photo of the World's Tallest Statue, unveiled just in time for Hallowe'en in India's western state of Gujarat.

Nearly 600 feet tall -- twice the height of the Statue of Liberty -- the "Statue of Unity" really is a biggie! Indeed so! It depicts Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (or "S.V. Patel" for short), a leader of India's independence movement. Mr Patel, who orchestrated the annexation of India's self-governing "princely states", is not exactly a champion of unity. His political philosophy fits better with the aggressive nationalism of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party than more famous heroes of independence, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, who stood for the softer ideals of peace and tolerance. However, Mr Patel, like his millions of namesakes aroound the world, is a "Guj" -- a Gujarati. So that explains it.

Another prominent Guj is India's Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi, who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. Prime Minister Modi is a member of the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Hindu extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Mr Modi's administration has been blamed for the Gujarat anti-Muslim riots of 2002 Gujarat riots, but a Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team found no evidence to initiate prosecution proceedings. So that's all right then.

Mr Modi's administration has also been criticized for failing to significantly improve health, poverty, and education indices in Gujarat, and now in India as a hole. [Ed., don't correct my spelling. Quod scripsi scripsi!] Which brings me the question of priorities. The Patel statue is said to have cost upwards of $400 million dollars. This in a country where according to the World Bank, nearly two-thirds of the people still defecate in the open. Makes you think, doesn't it? If you're an Indian politician, maybe not.

Further reading: "Shitting in fields leads to gang rape, hanging of Indian girls", WWW 30/5/14.

Footnote: Another famous Indian who, although he's not named "Patel", is almost certainly a Gujarati, is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, who is being written out of The Simpsons following NPC criticism that he is just a racist caricature. In an episode last April, Lisa said to her mother, "Something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect. What can you do?" Indeed.

Saudi sisters' suspicious deaths -- MEA CULPA

I am glad, now, that when I wrote "Saudi sisters' suspicious 'suicide'" (WWW 31/10/18) I didn't use the old joke ending "Worst case of suicide I ever saw." It turns out -- and this is my apology to the family of Tala and Rotana Farea -- that their deaths were not affairs of "honour" after all. New York City police are now saying that the girl, found dead on the banks of the Hudson River on 24 October, preferred suicide over returning to Saudi Arabia. Let that sink in....

NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said sources in Virginia, where the Farea sisters had previously been living, informed investigators that the two women had been in the United States for two to three years and would "rather inflict harm on themselves and commit suicide than return to Saudi Arabia.... Everything that we’ve seen thus far is pointing to something other than a crime taking place," he said at a presser this afternoon, "but we're not ruling anything out."

Chief Shea went on to say that detectives believe the women may have applied for asylum in the USA after alleging that they were victims of abuse. A witness told police he saw the women in a park on West 158th Street in Upper Manhattan on the morning of October 24th, while he was out exercising. They were sitting about 30 feet apart with their heads in their hands and appeared to be praying, the witness said. They were seen floating along the Hudson River that afternoon.

The sisters, whose bodies were loosely bound together with duct tape, were found lying on rocks near the river, fully clothed in black jackets with fur trim and black leggings. There were no obvious signs of trauma, and detectives believe the women were alive when they entered the water. Their bodies are believed to have washed ashore with the tide and stayed when it went out, said Chief Shea. The investigation continues, and the medical examiner's office will ultimately determine the cause of the girls' deaths.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

VIDEO: If the Democrats win the mid-terms...

You've probably heard the stories about how, when Hitler committed suicide and Berlin fell, many Nazis fled to South America. Check out this short video:

But doesn't that prove the stories are true? Oh no!!! Pause at 3:40 and you will see that these are really United Nations troops rehearsing for the triumphal entry into Washington if the Democrats win the mid-terms. Don't say you weren't warned!

Note from Ed.: Dear Republican readers, please take this cum grano salis. But DO get out and vote!