Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Libyan Muslim kills three daughters after rape by Gaddafi loyalists

According to a report in the Deccan (India) Chronicle, a Libyan father -- a Muslim -- slit the throats of his three teenage daughters in an "honour killing" after they were raped by troops loyal to the Mad Colonel during the siege of the port city of Misrata.

The shocking incident was noted in a report by Physicians for Human Rights into war crimes and atrocities in the embattled city, which for two months was cut off from the rest of Libya. The report suggests that the father carried out the honour killings after facing humiliation and shame over the rape of his 15-, 17- and 18-year-old daughters.

The Boston-based human rights group has concluded that there was widespread evidence of war crimes committed by both sides during the siege. “Four eyewitnesses reported that (Gaddafi) troops forcibly detained 107 civilians and used them as human shields to guard military munitions from NATO attacks south of Misrata,” the report said.

A huge controversy emerged earlier this year after a woman named Al-Obeidi claimed that she was raped by Gaddafi's men. She later moved to the US. Reports also emerged that Gaddafi troops and loyalists were issued Viagra-type drugs to sustain their systematic rape campaign. Whether or not the drugs were obtained from online pharmacies could not be immediately ascertained.

The peaceful majority: silence and passivity make us irrelevant

Thanks to Agent 38 for sending along "A German view of Islam", some comments attributed to Dr. Emanuel Tanay, "a well-known and respected German psychiatrist". Walt has done a little checking on this piece (which has been on the Internet for over four years) and suspects the real author is Paul Marek, a second-generation Canadian from Saskatchewan, whose grandparents fled Czechoslovakia just prior to the Nazi takeover.

"Why the peaceful majority is irrelevant" appeared on 18 March 2007 on Arutz Sheva, a website devoted to "Israel national news". It remains a clear and convincing explanation of the rise of and reasons for Muslim (and other) terrorism. The author's references to history are accurate and clear. Walt sees it as worth publishing again, in its entirety.

I used to know a man whose family were German aristocracy prior to World War II. They owned a number of large industries and estates. I asked him how many German people were true Nazis, and the answer he gave has stuck with me and guided my attitude toward fanaticism ever since.

“Very few people were true Nazis,” he said, “but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had lost control, and the end of the world had come. My family lost everything. I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed my factories.”

We are told again and again by experts and talking heads that Islam is the religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace. Although this unquantified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the specter of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam.

The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history.
[My emphasis. Walt] It is the fanatics who march. It is the fanatics who wage any one of 50 shooting wars world wide. It is the fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or tribal groups throughout Africa and are gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave.

It is the fanatics who bomb, behea d, murder, or execute honor killings. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and homosexuals. The hard, quantifiable fact is that the “peaceful majority” is the “silent majority,” and it is cowed and extraneous.

Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in peace, yet the Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of about 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. China’s huge population was peaceful as well, but Chinese Communists managed to kill a staggering 70 million people.

The average Japanese individual prior to World War II was not a war-mongering sadist. Yet, Japan murdered and slaughtered its way across Southeast Asia in an orgy of killing that included the systematic murder of 12 million Chinese civilians - most killed by sword, shovel and bayonet.
And who can forget Rwanda, which collapsed into butchery? Could it not be said that the majority of Rwandans were “peace loving”?

History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt; yet, for all our powers of reason, we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points. Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by the fanatics. Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence. Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don’t speak up, because, like my friend from Germany, they will awaken one day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have begun.

Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Bosnians, Afghanis, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians and many others, have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late. As for us, watching it all unfold, we must pay attention to the only group that counts: the fanatics who threaten our way of life.
[Again, my emphasis. Walt]

A lot of truth in that. Ignoring, or by our passivity and tolerance (in the name of diversity and understanding) supporting fanatics allows them to continue their destructive mission.

We have the same problem today with the small group of radical leftists and one-worlders who have wormed their way into positions of power here in North America. The majority of Americans and Canadians just don't have the will or the courage to take their countries back. Thus we are paying the price of our ignorance and lethargy in allowing this band of thieves, radicals and "social democrats" to promote their own brand of tyranny.

Anyone who doubts that the issue is serious, without at least speaking up and trying to do something to counter it, just feeds the passivity that allows this cancer in our society to grow and spread.

So, Walt asks you to do just one small thing today. Even if you're not the type who sends FWDs to your friends and acquaintances, copy the URL of today's post and send the link to everyone on your mailing list. Let us hope that thousands, world-wide, read this and think about it. Pass it on, before it's too late.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What you're reading

Hi. Ed here. We're approaching the end of August, almost 26 months since Walt began this blog. The idea was to get people talking about some of the issues which don't get discussed much in the politically correct North American lamestream media. For instance: race, immigration and religion, on which Walt holds views contrary to the prevailing orthodoxy.

We hoped that at least a few people would read Walt's thoughts, react (comments are welcome even if not all get published), and pass the URL on to others, the point being to give thinking folks something to talk about other than celebrity train wrecks and our national preoccupation, S-E-X.

It's my job to have a look at the stats every now and then, to see how many hits we're getting, what posts draw the most interest, and where our readership is coming from. Here are three of the top 10 articles.

Help Kids Canada - a scam or only half a scam? has drawn more comments than any other piece. It still gets read, even though the first article in the series appeared back in April 2010. I can only think that it's because this scam (or half a scam) is still being run on the good-hearted and charitable Canucks.

London 2012 Olympics - Schedule of Events appeared only 11 days ago and has drawn scores of hits. I guess people are actually interested in next year's games and want to check out dates and venues. Imagine their disappointment when they find out it's a satire on the recent riots.

And now... Ed reveals the title of the most-read post. The leader -- by a country mile -- is Where next? Swaziland next? Can there really be that many people who are interested in the dark continent and the fate of the world's last absolute monarchy? This really baffled me until I remembered the picture I chose to illustrate the article.

OK. Now I understand. People -- men, I assume -- are searching Google Images and they can't resist clicking on this one. But I wonder...really...what search parameters they are typing into the dialogue box. Surely not "Swaziland".

In the final analysis, who cares. Check out whatever headline or picture turns your crank. Keep reading. Keep the comments coming. And remember that you can always e-mail Walt. Thank you for your attention!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Topless driving ban protest rocks Kiev

Shy and reclusive Agent 1 sends us some pix of a protest in Kiev, capital of Ukraine.
Activists from the Ukrainian wimmin's rights group FEMEN are showing their anger [and more! Ed.] at a law banning women from driving cars.

Agent 1's report was a little garbled, but I believe the law in question is in force in Saudi Arabia. The protest seems to have taken place in front of the Saudi embassy in Kiev.

I was hoping for a reaction shot showing the presumably outraged Saudi diplomats, but there wasn't one. Pehaps they averted their gaze in the interests of decency and geometry.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to feel good about yourself

As a public service, Walt presents nine ways to feel good (or better) about yourself, taken from How to Do Everything, from the Man Who Should Know, Red Green.

  • Sell all your mirrors.

  • Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to attach pictures of your head to attractive bodies -- of the same gender (and species).

  • Do NOT make a résumé.

  • Stay away from reunions.

  • When a friend arranges for a stranger to meet you at the airport, do not ask the stranger how the friend described you.

  • Use the Guinness Book of World Records to find people who are shorter, fatter, uglier and stupider than you.

  • Don't look too far ahead, and don't look back at all.

  • Work on identifying the positive aspects of your personality. If you can't think of any that qualifies as humility. It's a start.

  • Do something you're proud of. Failing that, stop doing something you're ashamed of.

  • Red Green's new book is a completely exhaustive guide to do-it-yourself and self-help. So it's a two-fer deal and how can you beat that. Keep your stick on the ice.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Michelle Obama vs the American people

    We are starting to see more than a few articles critical of POTUS Al O'Bama, who will be up for re-election next year, barring a Johnsonian decision to stand down rather than face the wrath of the voters. But the American lamestream media have so far ignored or covered up the Imelda-Marcos-like lifestyle of the lovely Michelle.

    Not so the British media. The online edition of the Daily Mail -- by no means the worst of the tabloids -- accuses the First Lady of squandering ten million dollars ($10,000,000) of public money on vacations. Better take your blood pressure meds before looking at "Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels: First Lady accused of spending $10m in public money on her vacations".

    Oops, did I draw a comparison with Imelda Marcos? There's a closer resemblance to Grace Mugabe, second wife (as far as we know) of Zimbabwe's President-for-Life, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Grace is the one on the left. Or is it the right? Better check out the Daily Mail article to be sure which is which.

    Walt's question for today: If the American people found out how much they're paying for Imelda's lavish lifestyle, would they still vote for her husband? Zimbabweans don't have much choice, but Americans do... if they found out. Of course in Zimbabwe the media are pretty much controlled by the government. Not like America... ... ...

    Barack Obama vs the American people

    Just discovered a great blog which I have to share with you. After all, why should Walt be the only blogger with an inkwell full of vitriol.

    Check out Yid With the Lid: Exploring theories of political relativity. A couple of days ago the writer published a great analysis of Al's strategy for winning re-election in 2012. It's called "Barack Obama vs the American People". Well worth reading!

    Libya's new rulers

    It seems to be a big week for goodbyes. Yesterday Walt said farewell to Jack Layton, who has already been canonized by Canada's lamestream media even before the unprecedented and costly state funeral is held.

    Today, it seems only a tad premature to bid adieu to Moammar Gaddafi. As of this writing the Mad Colonel has yet to be found hanging by his feet from a lamppost in Tripoli's Green Square. However, vendors of piano wire would be well advised to set up their stalls now, as the demand over the next few days should be terrific.

    Libya's so-called Transitional National Council is about to take power, thanks to more than a little random bombing and strafing by NATO warplanes. On their own, the rebels would surely be still out there in the desert, digging holes in which to bear their heads or some other body parts.

    What are they like, then, these members of the forces for reform and democracy? Walt will tell you, just in case you're having trouble interpreting the images you've seen on TV. The rebels are a murderous rabble of infighting tribesmen, incapable of organizing a piss-up in a brewery even should they wish to do so in contravention of the strictures of Islam. You read it here first.

    Communist Chinese persecution of Catholic Church intensifies

    In my previous post I explained the historical reasons -- relating to Vatican II and the 1962 Vatican-Moscow agreement -- behind the Church's fight against godless Communism. And at the end of the piece, I referred you to three previous posts on the topic of the Communist Chinese government's persecution of the underground Catholic Church in China.

    Thousands of Roman Catholic bishops, priests and laypeople have been arrested, imprisoned, tortured, even executed, because of their persistent refusal to join the "official" (state-run) Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.

    Atila Sinke Guimarães called the persescution of the Church and the faithful in China one of "the shameful and disastrous consequences of the present day Vatican Ostpolitik, which one can see is alive and active." His article was written in October, 2005, and the situation has worsened steadily since then, especially this year.

    It was only a year ago that the likes of Cardinal Bertone -- successor to Cardinals Sodano and Casaroli -- were predicting a great breakthrough, the exchange of ambassadors and cordial diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Beijing. Today, relations between the world's largest country and the world's largest church are as bad as they've been at any time since the Communists seized power in 1949.

    In mid-July, the schismatic and heretical CPCA (which is not recognized by the Vatican) consecrated a new "bishop" for the diocese of Shantou, in a ceremony which four bishops of the underground Church, still loyal to Rome, were forced to attend after being abducted by the police. According to AsiaNews, one bishop was "seen sobbing as he was dragged from his home".

    The news gets worse. This forced "recognition" of the CPCA was not a one-time thing. In fact, this was the third time in eight months that the Communist-controlled CPCA has installed a new "bishop" without the consent of Rome. Better to say, in defiance of Rome!

    The Holy See has responded by declaring that the new "bishop" and the one appointed by the CPCA in similar circumstances in June were ipso facto excommunicated.

    To most traditional Catholics, particularly Joseph Cardinal Zen, archbishop emeritus of Hong Kong, the imboglio confirms the lunacy of attempting to appease and co-operate with a Communist régime. To abandon the fight against Communism is to say that the thousands of Chinese Catholics who gave up their freedom and often their lives for the sake of fidelity to the Roman Church were wrong, and that their sacrifices were for naught.

    Here's how Atila Sinke Guimarães puts it:

    First, regarding the faithful “underground” Catholic Church, the Vatican seems to be punishing it. In effect, for 55 years those Prelates and Catholics endured every kind of physical and moral suffering because they refused to adhere to the “Patriotic Catholic Association,” directed by the Communist Party. This “underground” Church represented heroism and faithfulness to Rome; the “patriot” church represented cowardice and treason.

    When Benedict XVI invited both the persecutor and persecuted bishops to attend the [2005] Synod, he implied that the two were equal in the eyes of Rome. This fact sends a strong message to the “underground Church” to change its attitude: it should give up its opposition to the Communist government, which it should accept and support. It also suggests that Catholics end their fight against the “Patriotic Catholic Association.”

    This is what Benedict XVI is signifying to the heroic eight million Chinese Catholics of the catacombs. They should deny their glorious past of martyrdom and fidelity to the Pope because a Pope orders them to do so.

    Bookmark: For the latest facts on the Communist Chinese persecution of Catholics and other Christians, bookmark AsiaNews. Today's leading article is: "Tianshui: police arrest dozens of underground priests and lay faithful".

    Why the "new" Roman Catholic Church is soft on Communism

    Until the "reforms" of Vatican II, to be Catholic was to be anti-Communist. It was forbidden, under pain of mortal sin, for a Catholic to be a member of the Communist Party, for the same reasons that Catholics were forbidden to members of the Masonic Order or other secret societies which are against the Church and against God.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary, when she appeared to Sister Lucy, the principal seer of Fatima, warned against Communism. She said that unless the Church took action, the errors of Communism would spread throughout the world. Specifically, Our Lady asked for the Consecration of Russia, by name, to Her Immaculate Heart. This was to be done publicly by the pope, in union with all the bishops of the world.

    Popes Pius XI and Pius XII believed Our Lady's warning, but for reasons known only to themselves never performed the Consecration as She requested, although Pius XII made a half-hearted attempt during World War II. Then came a new pope, John XXIII, the first of what we now call "the Conciliar popes". It was on his watch, at the Second Vatican Council which he convened, that the doors of Holy Mother Church were opened to what Pope Paul VI later called "the smoke of Satan".

    Thus, in 1962, through the malevolence of certain influential cardinals and bishops (some of whom were undoubtedly but secretly Freemasons), the Church went soft on Communism. The warnings of Our Lady were officially forgotten, and a policy of rapprochement and appeasement was put in place of the Church's struggle against the godless atheistic ideology.

    Incredible as it may seem, the new "Ostpolitik" was even put in writing. Although its existence was denied for decades, the Vatican entered into an agreement with the Soviet Union. John XXIII conceded to the Soviet negotiator, Monsignor Nikodim, the promise not to attack the people or the régime of Russia. This was done to secure Moscow's permission for the Russian Orthodox observers to attend the Council. Since then, the Holy See has considered itself to be still bound by the commitments of John XXIII.

    The Communist press was the first to disclose the agreement; and, on this point, it has never been denied or contradicted. In its edition of 16-22 January 1963, France Nouvelle, "the leading weekly of the Party", wrote (page 15):

    "Since the world socialist system shows its superiority indisputably and enjoys the approval of many hundreds of millions of men, the Church can no longer rest content with crude anti-communism. She has even given an undertaking, on the occasion of her dialogue with the Russian Orthodox Church, that there would be no direct attack on the communist régime at the Council."

    Source: "The Vatican-Moscow Agreement", by Jean Madiran.

    Fast forward to the early `90s, when the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact was interpreted by the Vatican's foreign affairs "experts" -- especially Cardinals Sodano and Casaroli who were the chief promoters of the "Ostpolitik" -- as meaning that Our Lady's warnings were wrong. Communism had defeated itself, they said, and the Consecration of Russia was no longer necessary, if it ever had been. Now, they said, and in the spirit of peace and brotherhood, we should be even nicer to the Russians. And there's no harm in so doing, they said, because Communism is dead.

    Wrong! Communism is alive and well, enslaving the bodies, minds and souls of well over a billion people in Vietnam, North Korea and China. And the Communist régimes of those countries are still hell-bent -- I chose that word with care -- on destroying the Roman Catholic Church and converting or eliminating the millions of Catholics who continue to owe their allegiance to Rome.

    For more on the struggle between the "official" (= state-sponsored) Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and the real, underground Cathoic Church in China, please refer to three of my earlier posts: "Catholicism under fire in China"; "Catholics in China -- follow-up"; and "Benedict XVI to Chinese Catholics: Have courage!" I'll come back to this theme later today.

    You think it's hot here?

    Sign seen in front of Our Lady of the Brown Scapular Church: You think it's hot here?

    The point is that it's much hotter in hell. And Our Lady of Fatima told us, through the three child seers, that hell is where our souls are destined to go if we do not repent, do penance, and seek the grace that comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ through his Blessed Mother.

    Sister Lucy, the only seer who lived into adulthood, describes the vision of hell that Our Lady showed the children at Fatima.

    She opened Her hands once more, as She had done the two previous months. The rays [of light] appeared to penetrate the earth, and we saw, as it were, a vast sea of fire. Plunged in this fire, we saw the demons and the souls [of the damned]. The latter were like transparent burning embers, all blackened or burnished bronze, having human forms. They were floating about in that conflagration, now raised into the air by the flames which issued from within themselves, together with great clouds of smoke. Now they fell back on every side like sparks in huge fires, without weight or equilibrium, amid shrieks and groans of pain and despair, which horrified us and made us tremble with fright....

    The demons were distinguished [from the souls of the damned] by their terrifying and repellent likeness to frightful and unknown animals, black and transparent like burning coals. That vision only lasted for a moment, thanks to our good Heavenly Mother, Who at the first apparition had promised to take us to Heaven. Without that, I think that we would have died of terror and fear.

    But, Our Lady told St. Simon Stock, whoever dies clothed in the Brown Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire. This wonderful promise makes the Scapular the most powerful sacramental Heaven’s mercy has given us. This "garment of grace" — two simple pieces of brown wool worn over the shoulders — is a tangible sign of the Blessed Mother´s love and protection for Her devotees.

    Who could doubt Our Lady’s promise, or be so foolish as not to wear, with profoundest gratitude and reverence, this abbreviated form of the Carmelite Mantle? Click here to read the history of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and the protection and miracles given to those who wear it and heed the Blessed Virgin's requests.

    To get your own Brown Scapular, free, call 1-800-263-8160. Tell them Walt told you about it.

    Layton was right about one thing

    Agent 3 (no relation to Agent 2) says Walt didn't give a very splendiferous farewell, yesterday, to Jack Layton, the late leader of Canada's opposition New Democractic Party. A case of damning by faint praise, Agent 3 says.

    I spoke of Mr. Layton's undoubted principles, and said that one didn't necessarily have to respec the principles to respect the man. There is, however, one matter of principle on which I agreed totally with the NDP leader.

    Layton got the nickname "Taliban Jack" for his stance on Canada's participation in the war on Afghanistan. He (and his party) took the position that Canada had no business being involved in that Middle East mess, and that Canadian troops should be brought home immediately.

    By the time of the election in May, polls consistently showed that the majority of Canadians agreed with what was at first a very unpopular (and politically incorrect) view of that American war of aggression. But by then Prime Minister "Call Me Steve" Harpoon had made the decision to withdraw most (not all) of the Canadian forces, so the point became moot.

    Jack Layton was right about Afghanistan and right to oppose Canada's meddling in affairs that are none of its concern.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    Farewell, Jack Layton

    Agent 2 wonders when Walt is going to say something "splenderiferous" about Jack Layton. Mr. Layton, sometimes known as "Taliban Jack" or (more recently) "Bon Jack", was the leader of Canada's pinkish New Democractic Party. He led the NDP to its best-ever showing in the May federal elections, thus becoming Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. He passed away on Sunday after a terrible and very public battle with cancer.

    Jack Layton was one of those rare politicians who seemed always to have plenty of convictions (meaning "beliefs" or "principles") and the courage to stand by them, rather than changing with the fashion of the times. In this he was the opposite of the (perhaps mythical) Irish senator who said, "Those are the principles on which I stand. If yez don't like them, I've got others."

    Layton was also extremely well-liked, not just within his own party but by those, including Walt, who would have had little or nothing to do with his "social democractic" principles. Thus his "orange crush" sweep of Québec in May was more a vote for "Bon Jack" than for the NDP candidates or the platform on which they ran.

    Some pundits have been quick to suggest that Layton's death will do no permanent damage to the cause of the left, or "progressivism", in Canadian politics. Why? Because the undoubted respect people had for Layton must translate to respect for the principles he espoused. Walt says not.

    Nor is it good logic to say that one must respect a man because of his principles and his unswerving belief in them. If that were true, one would have to respect the likes of such extremely principled men as Mao, Stalin, Hitler, or Mussolini.

    So... Walt bids ave atque vale to Jack Layton. He'll be missed by all Canadians. Not so his principles.

    Jeffrey Simpson, writing in the Globe and Mail, has a good analysis of the likely impact of Jack Layton's death: "NDP’s future is unclear without Layton". He concludes with these words: "As Ted once said of his brother Robert F. Kennedy, so it might be said of Mr. Layton – that he saw wrong and tried to right it, and saw injustice and tried to heal it."

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    Why is the lamestream media ignoring Ron Paul?

    There are a number of Americans who believe that all those contending for the presidency -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- are bought and owned by big oil and the military-industrial complex. Except for Ron Paul. Which is why the US networks, including Fox, are totally ignoring him, even though he came second in the Iowa straw poll. Jon Stewart did a piece on this a few days ago.

    If Americans really wanted to send a message to Washington, and to the media, they would put an 'X' beside Ron Paul's name, every time they get a chance. You may not agree with the man's politics, though he is right in much of what he says, but give him credit for being honest and not letting himself be owned.

    For months and months, Ron Paul has been preaching the same lonely message about the Fed and the useless waste of money on the military industrial complex. Sometimes it appears he's the only one saying these things, but many Americans are finally starting to see that he's been absolutely right all along.

    There is no greater evidence that America's politicians and America's media work for their corporate owners than their refusal to address the people's concerns about the Fed, big oil, Wall Street and war spending. Every American thank Ron Paul -- even if they don't vote for him -- for refusing to be ignored or silenced.

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    Moneybomb for Ron

    Ron Paul will be celebrating his 76th birthday on August 20, 2011. His campaign and his supporters have organized a one-day mass donation event (moneybomb) for that day.

    Let's have a show of support for Ron Paul that the establishment will never forget!

    To participate in the Ron Paul Birthday Moneybomb, submit your pledge on Facebook and at

    Or simply go to on August 20 to make your donation.

    I'm Walt Whiteman and I endorse Ron Paul's candidacy for the presidency. And I'm not being paid anything to do so!

    London 2012 Olympics - Schedule of Events

    The city of London will be hosting the Olympic Games in 2012. Many of the famous events which go to make up this spectacular event are to be especially altered to reflect the political and social realities of modern-day Britain. A copy of these changes has been leaked to the Zimbabwe Independent, thence to Walt. Here it is:

    Opening Ceremonies
    The flame will be ignited by a molotov cocktail thrown by a native of the area dressed in the traditional balaclava and shell suit. The flame will be contained in a large overturned police van situated on the roof of the stadium.

    100 metre sprint
    Competitors will have to hold a DVD player and microwave oven (one in each arm) and at the sound of the starting pistol, a police dog will be released from a cage 10 yards behind the athletes.

    110 metre hurdles
    As above but with added obstacles (i.e. car bonnets, hedges, garden fences, walls etc)

    Hammer throw
    Competitors in this event may choose the type of hammer they wish to use (claw, sledge etc) the winner will be the one who can cause the most physical damage within three attempts.

    Entrants will be required to dispose of as many stolen goods as possible in five minutes.

    A strong challenge is expected from local men in this event. The first target will be a moving police van. In the second round, competitors will aim at a post office clerk, bank teller or wages deliveryman. The traditional .22 rifle has been replaced in this event by a choice of either a Browning automatic handgun or sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun.

    Entry to the boxing will be restricted to husband and wife teams, and will take place on a Friday night. The husband will be given 15 pints of lager while the wife will be told not to make him any tea when he gets home. The bout will then commence.

    Cycling time trials
    Competitors will be asked to break into the University bike shed and take an expensive mountain bike owned by some mummy’s boy on his first trip away from home, all against the clock.

    Cycling pursuit
    As above, but the bike will be owned by a visiting member of the Australian rugby team, who will witness the theft.

    Modern pentathlon
    Amended to include mugging, breaking and entering, flashing, joyriding and arson.

    Swimming events
    All waterways are currently being tested for toxicity levels. Once one is found that can support human life, swimming events will be organized. Please note that the synchronised swimming event for this year will comprise dropping acid and watching all the funky ripples on the pool.

    The marathon
    A safe route has yet to be decided.

    Men’s 50k walk
    Unfortunately this will have to be cancelled as the police cannot guarantee the safety of anyone walking the streets of East London, especially anyone that appears to be, errr, mincing.

    The closing ceremony
    The flame will be extinguished by police riot water cannon following the inevitable pitch invasion by the West Ham organised hooliganism club. The stadium itself will then be boarded up before the local athletes break into it and remove all the copper piping and the central heating boiler.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    What to do with the dregs? Another opinion

    I've been more than a little preoccupied with the riots in the UK. [Do you think readers have noticed? Ed.] That's my excuse for having failed to say anything until today about similar riots closer to home, viz. Philadelphia USA. In the City of Brotherly Love, roving gangs of black teenagers have taken to beating up ordinary citizens on the streets. To stem the wave of terror, the mayor has imposed curfews and authorized harsher police measures.

    Mayor Michael Nutter -- yes, that's his real name -- blames the mayhem on moral collapse. When he speaks of family breakdown and failed communities, Hizzoner runs no risk of being called a racist, for he is black himself, unlike Daniel Moynihan, author of The Negro Family: The Case For National Action, better known as The Moynihan Report.

    The sociologist who later became a US senator asserted that the structure of family life in the black community constituted a "tangle of pathology...capable of perpetuating itself without assistance from the white world," and that "at the heart of the deterioration of the fabric of Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family. It is the fundamental source of the weakness of the Negro community at the present time."

    Moynihan adds: "The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States".

    That was in 1965, before some of the worst US race riots of the 20th century. In the nearly half-century since, things have actually gotten worse. Now we have -- in American as well as British cities -- packs of aimless, unschooled, almost feral youths, who loot, riot, rob, and beat people up just for fun.

    Fact is, the problems of Britain’s inner cities are virtually the same as the problems of America’s inner cities. In both places, the disintegration of the family is intimately linked with social and moral decay. In the US, two-thirds of black kids are born to single mothers and unmarried couples. In parts of Britain the rate is already that high. Nationally 46 per cent of children are born to unmarried mothers, according to Britain’s Centre for Social Justice.

    The Globe and Mail's Margaret Wente -- one of Walt's favourite columnists -- cites those statistics in "Unskilled, unmarried, unwanted..." Ms Wente goes on to say, "Both Britain and America have developed a large, permanent underclass whose numbers are growing. Rootless, unmoored young men with no stake in society are a major threat to social order." [My emphasis. Walt.]

    Sadly, but understandably, Ms Wente offers no solution. "The fix," she says, "isn’t nearly as obvious as the problem. It will require much more than insisting that parents set clearer boundaries for their children. More social programs aren’t the answer either. We’ve been there, done that, for the past four decades of the welfare state. If there’s one thing we should have learned, it’s that the state is totally unable to compensate for broken families."

    Indeed. So what's left? As I argued in my previous post, if the carrot doesn't work, perhaps it's time to try the stick -- and a good stout one too. Ms Wente says that 19th-century society had different ways of dealing with the problem. "Many of these [miscreants] would go to war as cannon fodder. Some would go to sea, or be transported to Australia. The more ambitious ones would strike out for the new world.

    "Today we need another way," she concludes, "But no one has a clue what it might be." Not so. Walt knows. See "Three sentences the rioters will understand". My ideas are old, but worth trying again. If anyone has better suggestions, let's hear them!

    Gangsta "culture" goes mainstream

    That's Ezra Levant's take on the riots in Britain. Mr. Levant is a columnist for Canada's QMI agency, and has been following the controversy over remarks made by London historian David Starkey. Perhaps he saw Walt's comments yesterday. Or perhaps great minds think alike. [Perhaps Mr. Levant is a little better known than Walt. Ed.]

    Whatever... Mr. Levant has also read, or read someone's remarks on Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood Speech". Here is part of the column in which Levant puts the trouble down to white and South Asian kids emulating the black gangsta "culture" they see glorified in the media.

    Perhaps Starkey could have been more careful; he said white had become black — and then immediately became more precise, meaning they had accepted a particular segment of black culture, namely gangsta rap. But his meaning was perfectly clear — to anyone who has listened to rap music, with its glorification of violence and material excess, and who has seen the glamourization of that lifestyle move from ghettos into the cultural mainstream.

    What grown men wear hoodies in public? Or their underwear up high and their pants down low? Those aren’t crimes, of course — maybe fashion crimes. But far more serious is the set of values that has been swallowed along with the cultural touchstones of fashion and diction. [My emphasis. Walt.]

    Gangsta culture calls women “hos” and “bitches,” a crude misogyny with an undercurrent of a threat of violence. It glamourizes fighting, shooting and even dying in gangland warfare. It holds that the point of wealth is to squander it on bling and champagne.

    Levant's point is that being free to talk about the problems caused by this ignorant, violent, culture of the undersclass -- without being demonized as a racist -- is part of the solution. His column is worth reading in its entirety. Click here to do so.

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Three sentences the rioters will understand

    It didn't take long after today's posts for a reader to raise the question of what I would do with hoodlums and hooligans caught looting, burning and generally causing mayhem.

    The Economist says they should be brought before the courts and shown that criminal behaviour has "long-term consequences". Such as what? Should we keep building more and bigger jails, and filling them up even faster than we can build them? That's what the lawn ordure "reformers" keep advocating. Doesn't anyone have a better idea? Ahem...

    I present not one but three (count `em, three) ideas on how to send the gangstas, chavs and other scum a message in language they can understand. (I do not speak of Jamaican English.) These ideas are not new. Two of them have been tried before, but set aside as emphasizing retribution and deterrence at the expense of rehabilitation. As if these offenders could be rehabilitated. The third idea is still being tried, but only in a half-hearted way. Here they are.

    Hard labour
    Agent 3, who was called to the bar back in the `60s, says he can't recall ever hearing "at hard labour" tacked onto the end of a prison sentence. While states and provinces across North America are campaigning to get service clubs to "adopt a highway" (meaning picking up the trash and suchlike), inmates of our prisons sit on their blacksides playing cards and watching TV.

    What's wrong with the concept of the chain gang? Such was proposed, earlier this year, by the Leader of the Opposition in the Ontario legislature, but "forces for good and progress" in the community denounced Tim Whodat and the idea for being throwbacks to the 19th century. Admittedly, there have been plenty of abuses in times past, but the idea that convicts should have to work off their debt to society -- by making big ones into little ones, for instance -- is basically sound.

    Corporal punishment
    Commentators and criminologists tell us that one of the causes of the societal breakdown we're witnessing is a lack of discipline. Not much more than a century ago, the British army was famous for its discipline, demanding unquestioning and instant obedience from uneducated and rebellious soldiers, many of them drawn from the underclass which we now wonder how to control.

    It was not uncommon for judges to give a "hard case" the option of going to jail for several years, or joining the army. If they survived, those who joined up came out better men and better citizens. Because they were disciplined. How? By corporal punishment! The army way of life, in those days, might be summed up as "grog and flog".

    And please don't tell me that's an old-fashioned idea. Corporal punishment was still possible under many criminal codes up until the hippy-dippy `60s, when it became, yeah, uncool. And I'm talking about the so-called civilized world, not Saudi Arabia or some other Sharia law hellhole. Imagine the look on the face of a perp on hearing "sixty strokes".

    Australia was founded by convicts who had been sent to the Antipodes as punishment for crime. Since the country was just a collection of British colonies at the time, the founding fathers were not being deported but transported. Since Britain and America have pretty much run out of colonies, and Canada never had any to start with, transportation is no longer an option. But what's wrong with the idea of sending people who are in your country illegally, and commit a crime while they're there, back to where they came from?

    Nothing! Nothing except political correctness requires us to tolerate the presence in our midst of foreigners who disrupt our society and break its laws. And judges know this, so every now and then one of them has the courage to order a convict deported after serving his sentence. What happens then? They get off the plane at Kingston (just sayin') and get right back on the next plane back to London or New York or Toronto. In the unlikely event they're challenged on arrival, they all know the magic word "refugee". And so the cycle begins again.

    We have been soft on criminals for half a century now, because, as the gliberals keep telling us, "it's not their fault, but ours." They're depraved on account of they're deprived! (See previous post.)

    Hugging hoodies doesn't work! If we really want to put an end to the complete disregard of laws and social norms on display last week, it's time to get tough with the underclass. I gave you three ideas, without calling for the cutting off the hoodlums' hands or heads. Next time your elected representative tells you he or she doesn't know what can be done, tell them you know... No charge.

    Dispelling the PC bullshit about Britain's rioting underclass

    We are now being inundated by wave after wave of gliberal analysis of the causes of the riots that swept the UK last week. The problem is that British society is "broken". The "social contract" has been breached. And guess who's responsible? Certainly not those rampaging through the streets! Heavens no! They're victims, dontcha know...

    That's bullshit, as most of us know but few of us have the courage to say. As I wrote earlier this morning, the truth is that the rioters are underclass scum -- black gangstas and chavs behaving like black gangstas because it's "cool". In an earlier post I called them hoodlums and hooligans, for that's what they are.

    I'm pleasantly surprised to find the lamestream and resolutely politically correct Globe and Mail agreeing with me. [Or you could say you find yourself in agreement with the Glob! Ed.] Here's the lead paragraph from their editorial, "No excuses for British hooligans":

    There is an emerging analysis that while on the one hand there is “no excuse” for the wave of rioting, looting and wanton violence that swept London and other British cities last week, on the other hand there really is an excuse: social exclusion and systemic discrimination. Accordingly, the hoodlums are really victims, their violence and mayhem only a plaintive cry for help. They are not depraved but deprived. It is a ludicrous suggestion, one that flies in the face of two decades worth of massive expenditures in poverty-stricken areas designed to improve the opportunities, particularly, of inner city youth.

    Putting it another way, British taxpayers have spent billions of pounds doing what the liberals tell us is "the progressive thing", "the right thing", namely doling out money to the "disadvantaged" and hoping they'll stay in their place, not cause any more trouble...and vote for the government of the day. So how's that working out? Film at seven!

    There is a lesson in that for governments on the western side of the Atlantic. Even now, we keep hearing cries from the guilt-ridden (because they're white) dogooders that we should spend even more money "helping the disadvantaged". Build them special schools, we're told. Bring your peanut butter and mac & cheese to the food bank. Give them better housing and don't worry about collecting the rent.

    I'm reminded of the song "Gee, Officer Krupke", from West Side Story....
    Dear kindly social workers
    They say go earn some dough
    Like be a soda jerker
    Which means like be a schmo
    It's not I'm anti-social
    I'm only anti-work!
    Gloryosky, that's why I'm a jerk...

    Jerks, hoodlums, hooligans... that's what they are. And it's not the rest of us who made them that way! The rest of us work to provide ourselves with the necessities of life. And if there's money left over for a TV, we go and buy it; we don't break into the Source!

    How about we shut up about "social exclusion" and "systemic discrimination". Instead, let's try applying a little old-fashioned discipline, to make these poor "disadvantaged" youths shape up or face real consequences.

    "Whites behaving like blacks"

    Quick, what's the most politically incorrect thing you could say about last week's riots in the UK? Looking at the video clips, you could say that you saw blacks behaving like blacks -- burning, looting, trashing everything in sight. And you could say that you also saw whites behaving like blacks.

    So said London historian David Starkey, during a debate on the origins and causes of the riots which rocked London and other English -- not Scottish or Welsh, just English -- cities. Predictably, Mr. Starkey's extremely politically incorrect remarks have caused cries of outrage from the usual progressive right-thinking liberals throughout Britain and around the world.

    The row erupted after Dr. Starkey spoke on BBC's Newsnight on Friday, opposite leftie author Owen Jones, who wrote Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class. You may remember seeing Walt's note on chavs, referencing this book, on July 18th.

    Here's what Dr. Starkey had the courage to say: "I think what this week has shown is that profound changes have happened. There has been a profound cultural change. I have just been re-reading Enoch Powell. [The reference is to Mr. Powell's 1968 "Rivers of Blood Speech", quotes by Walt on August 10th.]

    "[Powell's] prophecy was absolutely right in one sense: the Tiber didn’t foam with blood, but flames lambent wrapped around Tottenham, wrapped around Clapham. But it wasn’t intercommunal violence; this was where he was completely wrong.

    "What has happened is that the substantial section of the chavs that you wrote about have become black. The whites have become black. A particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion.

    "Black and white, boy and girl operate in this language together. This language, which is wholly false, which is this Jamaican patois that has intruded in England. This is why so many of us have this sense of [living in] a foreign country."

    Dr. Starkey said there had been "a profound cultural change" and added that the disturbances and accompanying looting were not riots in the traditional sense, but simply "shopping with violence".

    Strong stuff, and of course reaction from the usual suspects has been equally strong. Dr. Starkey has been called a "classist" (by Mr. Jones, of course) for looking down his educated patrician nose at the scum ["chavs", surely! Ed.] doing the rioting.

    Others, such as David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham (where the rioting began) and, errr, a gentleman of the coloured persuasion, had to admit that, yes, the rioters and looters were chavs, but "those who engaged in criminal behaviour came from all races".

    Mr. Lammy, called Dr. Starkey's comments were "misleading" as well as "dangerous and divisive". Ah yes..."divisive". That and "unhelpful" are this year's code words for "You may be right but you're not allowed to say these things because our disadvantaged minorities might be offended."

    However, Dr. Starkey has his defenders. Author and commentator Toby Young told the Daily Mail that Dr Starkey was not criticising black culture in general but a "particular form of black culture, the violent, destructive, nihilistic, gangster culture associated with Jamaican gangs and American rap music". [My emphasis. Walt.]

    Young added: "Had he been talking about these qualities as if they were synonymous with African-Caribbean culture per se, or condemning that culture in its totality, then he would have been guilty of racism. But he wasn’t. He was quite specifically condemning a sub-culture associated with a small minority of people of African-Caribbean heritage.

    "Rather than being racist, he was merely trotting out the conventional wisdom of the hour, namely, that gang culture is to blame for the riots. In addition, Starkey wasn’t linking this sub-culture to people of just one skin colour, but condemning working-class white people – chavs, as he put it – who embraced it as well."

    In his blog "If David Starkey is racist then so is everybody", the Telegraph's James Delingpole said: "The cultural point he is making is indisputable. Listen to how many white kids (and Asian kids) choose to speak in black street patois; note the extent to which hip-hop and grime garage and their offshoots have penetrated the white mainstream; check out how many white kids like to roll like pimps or perps with their Calvins pulled up to their midriffs and their jean waistbands sagging below their buttocks. Is anyone seriously going to try to make the case that this isn’t black culture in excelsis?"

    Walt's answer to Mr. Delingpole is no. Of course no observant person will try to shift the blame from where it obviously belongs. We have eyes and ears. We can see and hear. We know who the perps are and what they represent. The only reason we can't say so plainly -- and take the appropriate corrective action -- is that people like Mr. Jones and Mr. Lammy find telling the truth "divisive" and "unhelpful".

    Read more:

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    Restore America Now!

    Sorry to be a bit late posting this. You'd think Iowa, being in the centre of America -- make that the Heartland! -- would be pretty much covered by wi-fi, but it seems there are a few dead spots.

    You've heard the news? The results of the Iowa straw poll are in, and it looks as if the GOP is tilting decidedly to the right! Right? You damn betcha! Michele Bachmann is today's winner. And in second place? Not Tim Pawlenty O'Nuttin, but the freedom lovers' choice, the tribune of the American majority...Ron Paul!

    Mr. Paul, with a following among libertarian-leaning voters, wanted and got a surprisingly strong showing that might just convince Republicans he's more mainstream than not, hence more "electable".

    The results of the nonbinding straw poll, held on the Iowa State University campus at Ames, came just hours after Texas Governor Rick Perry threw his nine-gallon hat in the race. Walt says you don't need the full ten gallons to take credit for an economy that looks pretty good only because the rest of the country is going into the tank. Don't look for many of Ron Paul's supporters to jump to a super-establishment candidate.

    As for today's front-runner, let's wait and see what happens when -- not "if", but "when" -- Sarah Palin declares herself unable to resist the draft any longer. The GOP doesn't have room for two poster-girls, perhaps not even one. It's time the party, and the nation as a whole, voted for substance rather than image. It's high time.

    PS - Just hedging our bets here... if what counts is putting a hottie out front (so to speak), the Paul campaign has it covered. How about this Iowa miss for running mate?!

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    The brick

    Woken up by flashing red lights, heading down the road in the direction of my next neighbour. After daybreak I will go to see what has happened and if there's anything I can do. As they say. When someone near us is stricken by "bad luck" or "misfortune" or "the fickle finger of fate", we should be reminded of our own mortality. Sometimes it's not "bad luck" but the hand of God, throwing a brick.

    I think and write this having just received, by "coincidence", the following story.

    A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something.

    As his car passed, no children appeared. Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag's side door! He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to the spot where the brick had been thrown.

    The angry driver then jumped out of the car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up against a parked car shouting, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what do you think you're doing? That's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why did you do it?"

    The young boy was apologetic. "Please, mister...please, I'm sorry but I didn't
    know what else to do," he pleaded. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop..."

    With tears dripping down his face, the youth pointed to a spot just around a parked car. "It's my brother," he said. "He rolled off the curb and fell out of his wheelchair and I can't lift him up."

    Still sobbing, the boy asked the stunned executive, "Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair? He's hurt and he's too heavy for me."

    Moved beyond words, the driver tried to swallow the rapidly swelling lump in his throat. He hurriedly lifted the handicapped boy back into the wheelchair, then took out a linen handkerchief and dabbed at the fresh scrapes and cuts. A quick look told him everything was going to be okay. "Thank you and God bless you," the grateful child told the stranger.

    Too shook up for words, the man simply watched the boy push his wheelchair-bound brother down the sidewalk toward their home.

    It was a long, slow walk back to the Jaguar. The damage was very noticeable, but the driver never bothered to repair the dented side door. He kept the dent there to remind him of this message: "Don't go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention!"

    God whispers in our souls and speaks to our hearts. Sometimes when we don't have
    time to listen, He has to throw a brick at us. It's our choice to listen or not.

    Thanks to Agent 38 for this thought for the day.

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    "I told you this would happen!": Enoch Powell

    Earlier today, I wrote about the riots which are spreading across England like wildfire. (Pun intended, of course.) What we are seeing, I said, is class warfare. Karl Marx would not have been surprised, but he would have been astonished, I'm sure, by the degraded nature of the revolting underclass.

    Marx foresaw warfare between the rich upper class and bourgeoisie and the lower class of workers and peasants. He didn't imagine that there would be a still-lower class of NEETs and chavs -- see previous post for definitions -- biting the hand of the nanny state that feeds them.

    The other element Marx didn't factor in was race. He lived and worked in 19th century England, which had yet to admit millions of immigrants from its former colonies.

    The tide of black and brown wannabe-Britons didn't reach flood proportions until the UK started winding up its empire in the 1950s. Marx was long gone by the time more dark faces than white were seen in the streets of London, Birmingham, and Leeds.

    One man who saw it -- or them -- coming, and predicted disaster, was Enoch Powell, a Conservative member of the British parliament. On April 20, 1968, Mr. Powell made what he always called "the Birmingham speech", better known then and now as "the Rivers of Blood speech".

    The speech caused a political firestorm, for Mr. Powell had the courage to say what had already become politically incorrect. He said that Britain would rue the day when it opened the doors to 1000s of third-world immigrants who would not or could not be assimilated into British society. The phrase "rivers of blood" does not appear in the speech. However, it includes the line, "As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'"

    Powell quoted a letter he received about the troubles of an elderly woman living in a Wolverhampton street where she was the only white resident. "We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre."

    Powell argued that although "many thousands" of immigrants wanted to integrate, the majority did not. Some, he said, had vested interests in fostering racial and religious differences "with a view to the exercise of actual domination, first over fellow immigrants and then over the rest of the population".

    He went on to say that those who were urging the government to pass anti-discrimination laws -- this was in 1968, remember, at the height of the "civil rights" movement -- were blind to the rising peril which would ensure. Powell said that such legislation would be used to discriminate against the indigenous population and that it would be like "throwing a match onto gunpowder."

    Mr. Powell described the position to which he thought the indigenous -- meaning white -- population would be reduced:

    "For reasons which they could not comprehend, and in pursuance of a decision...on which they were never consulted, they found themselves made strangers in their own country.

    "They found their wives unable to obtain hospital beds in childbirth, their children unable to obtain school places, their homes and neighbourhoods changed beyond recognition, their plans and prospects for the future defeated; at work they found that employers hesitated to apply to the immigrant worker the standards of discipline and competence required of the native-born worker; they began to hear, as time went by, more and more voices which told them that they were now the unwanted.

    "On top of this, they now learn that a one-way privilege is to be established by Act of Parliament; a law which cannot, and is not intended to, operate to protect them or redress their grievances, is to be enacted to give the stranger, the disgruntled and the agent provocateur the power to pillory them for their private actions."

    Enoch Powell said all of this and much more at Birmingham in 1968. His speech is worth reading in its entirety, for it paints a deadly accurate picture of the future of once-great Britain, after half a century of largely unrestricted immigration and reverse discrimination.

    The rioting in progress today has its origins in the class war, sure enough. But it is also about race. As in Watts and other American riots of the `60s and `70s, it began (in Tottenham, a poor and blighted section of north London) when a white cop shot a person of colour. Minutes later, the gangstas and looters were burning, smashing and grabbing for all they were worth. "Police brutality" and "discrimination" makes it all right, you see.

    The Brits are wringing their hands now, trying to figure out what to do, since it's obviously impossible to send them all back home. Powell advocated "voluntary repatriation", but that was over 40 years ago. Most of the boyz in the hoodz we see today were born in the UK. Which is where the class aspect of the problem manifests itself.

    The mobsters intent on wrecking anything and everything are not only black or brown, but white too. What they have in common is being part of this huge underclass, the NEETs and chavs and scum which constitute a rapidly growing cancer in the body of our society.

    How can this cancer be cured? Don't expect me to write "to be continued", for honestly, I have no printable ideas. We were warned. We didn't listen. We're still not listening, even though the disease is now endemic. In due course, I fear, our society will die. And, from wherever he is, Enoch Powell can rightly say, "I told you so."

    "I didn't see this coming!": Marx

    On July 18th, I wrote about "The new oppressed minority", and introduced to you the British neologism "chavs", standing (possibly) for "Council Housed And Violent". I was looking for an example and came up with just one picture. Since this weekend, though, you've been able to see hundreds of pictures and videos of chavs in action, in the riots that have spread from a largely black area of London to several English cities.

    Who are the chavs -- the hooded hooligans we see burning, looting and pillaging their own neighbourhoods? Where do they come from? Why are they doing this? In "More about chavs", I tried to show how Britain's welfare statism -- relentless even during the government of Margaret Thatcher -- has produced a large and growing underclass of uneducated, unemployed and generally useless young people, parasites sucking on the tits of the British taxpayers. It is that scummy underclass -- on this side of the water we would call them "white trash" -- who are revolting. And no, I'm not making a cheap joke.

    Karl Marx saw class warfare as inevitable. He predicted a revolution of the proletariat -- meaning workers and peasants -- who would rise against the upper classes, the landlords, capitalists and gentry who (he claimed) held the lower classes in poverty and servitude.

    Marx had the general idea, but he never imagined that the upper classes would create and nurture the drunken mob which roams the streets of British cities even as I write.

    For the hoodlums you see kicking in windows and robbing the wounded are not workers, peasants or students. They are NEETs -- another new word for you -- Not in Employment, Education or Training. In other words, they are idlers and layabouts, who would be starving and homeless but for the largesse of the nanny state which provides them with public housing ("council houses"), free healthcare, and "allowances" for being unemployed or unemployable.

    Marx would doubtless approve of all these socialistic -- OK, communist! -- programmes. However, it was the British electorate which voted for one government after another -- not excepting that of Margaret Thatcher -- which instituted these "measures for the assistance of the less fortunate and disadvantaged". "Progressive" thinking, "progressive" thinkers and "progressive" politicians have sowed the wind. And now Britain reaps the whirlwind.

    But before we say it can't happen in America, let us remember the so-called race riots of the `60s and `70s: Detroit, Harlem, and of course Watts. While there were racial overtones to those riots, they were just as much about class as about race. In the USA, "progressive" civil rights, welfare and criminal justice policies have spawned a huge underclass which just happens to be comprised largely of brown and black people. Those are the ones who take to the streets and steal TVs to get even for "police brutality" and other real or imaginary injustices.

    Marx, it seems, was colour-blind. Perhaps it was because most of the citizens of his native Prussia and of Britain, where he did most of his thinking and writing, were white. The UK had not yet been inundated by wave after wave of South Asian, Caribbean and African immigrants.

    And in the 19th century, when Marx wrote, Britain had not yet tried putting his theories into practice. It's a pity Marx didn't live to see how his vision of Utopia played out. What happened to the Great Britain of the Victorian era? "Progressive" policies turned it into the mongrelized anti-society that is collapsing tonight.

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Karzai: No bombs in turbans, PLEASE!

    Note from Ed.: Walt is still ROFL, so has left it to me to pass on the following report from Reuters.

    Reaction today to recent news from Kabul, soon to be renamed Kablammo. Afghanistan's democratically-elected President, Hamid Karzai (half-brother of the late Wally) has asked the country's Muslim elders to use their religious influence to sway Islamist insurgents to stop hiding suicide bombs in their turbans.

    In July, two separate turban bombings killed the mayor of the Kandahar (recently handed over by the Canadians to the Americans), and a senior cleric in the city. The question now is how to tell the turbans containing explosives from those containing only air and hot air, without being politically incorrect by, say, demanding that the ragtops be removed and searched.

    One might think that there would be no objection to the removal and examination of turbans, but suicide bombers in Afghanistan and Pakistan have also used women's burqas to disguise themselves. If you follow the idea to its logical conclusion, burqas and veils etc should also be removed, and the Prophet definitely wouldn't approve of strip searches!

    A spokesman for the Krazai guy said, "From our point of view, by misusing Islamic values [the insurgents] want to draw a bad picture of Islam for the people of the world."

    Siyamak Herawi said Karzai asked the clerics to launch a campaign to convince insurgents not to use turbans and other religious attire to carry out suicide bombings, not to target mosques and to make them aware that suicide was un-Islamic. "Good Muslims should be killing infidels," the spokesman said, "not each other!"

    A Taliban spokesman -- no "spokespersons" in the Muslim world -- retorted that the Islamist group had never hidden a bomb in a turban. While it did take credit for the killing of Kandahar mayor Ghulam Haidar, Zabihullah Mujahid said the bomb had not been hidden in a turban.
    "If using a turban is an Islamic respectful and cultural issue," he asked, "then why did Karzai put it on the head of many foreign generals in the past years?"

    Appeal from Walt: But seriously folks... If this trend continues, there is bound to be a shortage of turbans in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the very near future. Please do your part to help the poor people of those countries. Contribute to Walt's new campaign: Rags for the Middle East! Send your bandanas, handkerchiefs and other rags -- please wash first -- to the usual address.

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    China to stop killing baby girls?

    Associated Press reports today that China is vowing to "strengthen enforcement" to prevent sex-selective abortions and close a yawning gender gap in a country that already has tens of millions more boys than girls.

    The pledge is in the outline of a plan for childhood development through 2020 but has no specifics. [Kind of like Congress's plan to reduce the deficit, then. Ed.] The plan said authorities would increase efforts against the non-medical use of ultrasound tests and abortion of fetuses based on gender.

    Spurred by the notorious one-child policy and a traditional preference for boys, sex-selective abortion has created a male-female ratio at birth in China of about 119 males to 100 females, compared with 107 to 100 in industrialized countries. The gap in some provinces is as high as 130 males for every 100 females. This is inconsistent with the Communists' professed goal of a peacful and harmonious society.

    The abortion of tens of millions of unborn children -- boys as well as girls -- in Communist China is just one of the "errors of Communism" of which Our Lady of Fatima warned us. She told us that unless Russia is consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope in union with all the bishops, those errors will spread throughout the world.

    And so it has come to pass. But China is not the only, nor the worst offender. Sex-selective abortion is widely used in India and in the burgeoning Indian diaspora. Every day, 1000s of little Indian girls perish, killed by abortionists hired by the children's own parents.

    Of course we white folk would never do anything like that. We don't discriminate on the basis of gender. Every day, 1000s of white children -- boys as well as girls -- meet the same fate. And yet the liberals and progressive thinkers keep pushing for "women's reproductive rights", meaning the right to kill unwanted children. Pray for mercy for their little souls, and justice for those who put their lives to an end.

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Subsidize illegal immigration?

    Some common sense on illegal immigration from Ron Paul. In a nutshell, Congressman Paul is saying if we subsidize illegal immigration, we'll just get more of it. Reduce or cut off altogether the benefits we shower on illegal immigrants and bogus refugees. End their free ride and they'll go home.

    Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. Click here to learn more about the Ron Paul Revolution.

    "Anti-homophobia" clubs mandated by Ontario government, "Catholic" schools

    We live in interesting times, as the Chinese say. Especially in the politically correctest city in the politically correctest state or province anywhere. That would be Toronto, Ontario.

    Wringing its hands over the persistence of "homophobia" in Ontario schools, the government of "Premier Dad" McGuinty has pronounced itself in favour of "gay-straight alliances" or "anti-homophobia clubs". This is all part of its policy of "equity and inclusive education". God forbid... [You're not allowed to say "God". Ed.] OK... Richard Dawkins forbid that we should offend or upset anyone, no matter how "special" or "different" they are.

    The comrades and progressive thinkers at the Toronto school boards, both Catholic and "public", have rushed to jump on the LGBT bandwagon. The Toronto Catholic board has proposed an Equity and Inclusive Education policy, to be voted on at the end of August, which includes "anti-homophobic measures". The "public" Toronto District School Board already has a similar "inclusionary" policy.

    In the Catholic board's proposed policy, we read "The Board recognizes that any form of social or cultural discrimination is incompatible with Catholic moral principles and is in violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code". Ah yes, the dreaded Human Rights Code, which puts the fear of the Crown (if not the Lord) into all Canadians.

    Apparently the so-called Catholic board has forgotten that it is a tenet of the True Faith that homosexuality is morally disordered, contrary to the laws of God as well as the laws of nature.

    But Coptic Christians -- mostly immigrants from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti -- have not forgotten. Fr. Jeremiah Attaalla of the Ti Agia Maria and St. Demiana the Martyr Coptic Orthodox Church said his congregation is upset by the Toronto Catholic School Board’s proposed gay-friendly policy.

    "In these young grades, we don’t want teachers talking about God creating Adam and Steve," Fr. Attaalla said. "It’s Adam and Eve."

    The Coptic Orthodox parents are threatening to pull their children out of Toronto’s Catholic schools if the board goes ahead with its proposed equity policy. In a letter to the board on behalf of four Coptic Orthodox churches, Fr. Attaalla said the Coptic Church is vehemently opposed to any education about homosexuality.

    The letter demands that teachings in Catholic schools remain true to Catholicism. “Our members do not want gay-straight alliance groups in our Catholic schools,” the letter says. “We will pull our children from the Catholic schools if they go ahead with it.”

    A not unreasonable position for Christians adhering to one of the oldest branches of the Church. But, since the "public" board -- the one that provides prayer rooms for Muslims -- already has pro-gay policies, the Coptic congregations may have no choice but to go private.

    "Having our own school may be our only option, especially for people who can’t afford private school," said Fr. Attaalla. "But we are a rich church, so we’ll fund a new school if we have to."

    Catholic and Orthodox Christians! Pray to St. Michael the Archangel to defend your schools against the attempts by the state to remove from Catholic schools the last remaining shreds of true Catholic teaching.

    And pray that the weak and deluded "Catholic" trustees of your school boards may be confounded in their efforts to impose the will of the secular humanists on those who still believe in the True Faith handed down to us through the Apostles by Our Lord Himself.

    Friday, August 5, 2011

    Let's see what the lobsters are doing

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be a lobster, caught in a trap? Now you can see for yourself. For the last two weeks, an underwater webcam in a lobster trap in Halifax harbour has been streaming live. Walt has been so busy watching that he's hardly had time to write!

    The website was created by Ralf Pickart. (He has trained his dog to call him by name -- "Ralf! Ralf!") "People see a perspective they never experienced before and they are not able to experience," Pickart told the CBC yesterday. "Nobody is diving for a lobster trap and watching it for several hours."

    The webcam is one of 43 across Nova Scotia on Pickart's website, and the lobster cam is by far the most popular. "I expected that people would like it, it was one of our expectations, but I never expected 14,000 hits just on the first day," Pickart said.

    Here's the link: Enjoy... and imagine how delicious these babies would taste with drawn butter and a glass or three of a good Ontario VQA.

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    A dark and stormy night at the Fatima Center

    It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents — except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.

    So begins what has long been regarded as the worst novel ever written in the English language: Paul Clifford, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. The annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest uses the phrase as a signifier of purple prose. The contest, run by the San Jose State University English Department, celebrates the worst extremes in "dark and stormy night" writing.

    Walt has just seen Part I of 2011's sure-fire winner. Place your bets now, ladies and gentlemen, on Russian Sunrise: A Novel of Faith and Hope, by Bruce W. Walters, M.D. Published by Good Counsel Publications, Russian Sunrise is, according to its prologue [Prologue? In a novel? Ed.] "a novel exploring in detail what might be, based in broad concept on what will be."

    Over 10 lines later we learn it's about what Russia and the world will be like when the Pope finally performs the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the author and 1000s of Catholic believers in the Message of Fatima devoutly wish.

    A "disclaimer for a work of fiction" assures us that the persons and events depicted are products of the author's imagination. They are also incredibly two-dimensional caricatures of real people, straight out of Catholic Comics. Here's an example of a dinner conversation between Mariya (Mary) and Mikhail (Michael):

    (Mikhail): "Now I'm terrified. Everything about you seems exactly right, Mariya, and all of a sudden I can't see any escape route for myself. I'm captured, disarmed, defenseless, and there is no hope of escape. I'm a prisoner and I love it!"
    (Mariya): "You've got it bad, Misha. I'm so glad. Because a lot has happened in the past two months that seems too good to be true. It's almost like a fairy tale. I met this impossibly handsome and intelligent and talented older man who seems very youthful, and who just happens to be a crown prince. I have only recently been informed that I am a princess. He falls in love with me, and takes me to a fairy tale ball in New York where we dance the night away and steal the show and end up all over the television and newspapers ever since. I begin to dream of spending my life with hi, and then I sense that, if we don't watch out, we will end up as a king and queen, living in a royal palace and presiding over a Christian nation."

    Chapter 20 goes on like that for nearly eight letter-sized pages. And there are 22 more chapters, just in Part I. I would call it a sure cure for insomnia except that morbid curiosity has so far kept me flipping the pages just to see if it gets any worse. [It does. Ed.]

    One of the minor characters of the good doctor's fertile imagination is one "Father Nicholas Gottschalk"*. We are told that "he is without doubt the world's best-known Fatima advocate". What a coincidence, then, that Good Counsel Publications is one of the imprints of the Fatima Center, whose founder and director is Father Nicholas Gruner. Father Gruner often refers to himself (modestly) as one of the world's best-known Fatima advocates.

    Also an obvious coincidence is the name of the fictional pope who, in 2015, finally performs the Consecration in 2015. It's Pope Nicholas VI, "the first German several hundred years". Pope Nicholas was the former Jacob Cardinal Ritter. Yes, clearly a fictional character.

    Russian Sunrise comes highly recommended, according to five lengthy blurbs on the back cover. (One of them runs to two paragraphs and 13 lines.) Anyone who has read The Fatima Crusader will recognize the names appended to the ringing endorsements. They are all employees or associates of Father Gruner.

    I regret not being able to give this travesty of a roman à clef my endorsement, although I will gladly nominate it for the Bulwer-Lytton prize. Using a novel to promote a religious or political ideal is not a novel idea. And it can work, when it's done well. Sadly, Russian Sunrise is not well done. It is not even medium rare. It is merely half-baked.

    * Footnote: "Gottschalk", in German, means "God's servant". And Father Nicholas Gruner just happens to be of German descent. Another coincidence, no doubt. And yes, Russian Sunrise actually has footnotes! In a novel! Even Sir Edward knew better than that.

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Black sexual offender to be Canadians' guest indefinitely

    In May, Walt brought to your attention the case of "You doesn't have to call me Johnson" Aziga, the first person ever to be convicted of murder in Canada by reason of having knowingly infected his sex partners -- note the plural -- with HIV/AIDS. At the time, the Crown was seeking to have Aziga declared a dangerous sexual offender, so that instead of being eligible for parole at some time in the distant future, he would be incarcerated "at the pleasure of Her Majesty", meaning (potentially) forever.

    Canadians will doubtless be pleased to know that the Crown's application has been successful, and Johnson has been slapped with the dreaded DSO label. Apparently his defence that he was convicted by a racist jury, besides which he was neurotic about an undescended testicle, didn't work. The Crown argued, and the judge agreed, that Aziga should be labelled a dangerous offender because his abnormally high libido could lead him to reoffend.

    So what happens now? Aziga has been in jail for eight years already, at a cost to the Canadian taxpayer of about $100,000 per year. Rather than spending another couple of million providing him with a bed and three squares a day, would it not make more sense to send him back to his native Uganda?

    On the other hand, this could be a plan by the Canadian justice minister, Robbie Nicholson, to reduce Canada's prison population. Yeah, that's it. Just put the hyper-libidinous, AIDS-ridden Johnson in the showers with the rest of the boys, and let nature take its course. Smart thinking!