Monday, April 30, 2018

"Allahu akbar!" - Latest death toll from Armpitistan

For those keeping score, Islamic extremists knocked off nearly five dozen less extreme Muslims in attacks in Afghanistan over the weekend. Better there than here! Now the details.

Item 1:
A co-ordinated double suicide bombing hit beautiful downtown Kabul this morning (local time), killing 25 people and wounding 45. Among the deceased were an AFP photographer and a cameraman for a local TV station, as well as four cops. The attack was the latest in a string of deadly large-scale bombings and assaults that have struck the capital and other cities in the shithole country this year.

The blasts took place in the central Shash Darak area, the site of NATO headquarters and a number of embassies. The American embassy condemned the "savage bombings" and pledged continuing support for the Afghan "government" and people in their fight against terrorism. "Let us know if there's anything we can do to help," it said, "short of sending more than a few thousand troops back into the quagmire. One Vietnam in a century is enough."

Inspector Hassan bin-Sober of the Afghan police said the first suicide bomber was on a motor bike. The second attacker was on foot, pretending to be a journalist and mingling with the crowd of reporters that had rushed to the scene of the first attack. He then detonated his explosives, sending the journos and himself to the Muslim Paradise. "I saw journalists covered with blood, this time they targeted the media," a taxi driver named Mohammed told surviving meeja types. "When the explosion happened, everywhere was covered with dust and fire, it was so horrific scene" with bodies and body parts "thrown about on the street and the pavement."

Item 2: A couple of hours later, a suicide car bombing in the southern province of Kandahar killed 11 children. An Afghan official who gave his name as Mohammed said a suicide bomber targeted a NATO convoy in the district of Daman, but succeeded only in killing children from a religious school located by the roadside from where the explosion occurred. 16 people, including 5 NATO soldiers [Any Americans? Ed.] and 2 cops, were wounded.

The US embassy and NATO refrained from pledging further support or from making any comment at all. Which group of jihadis was responsible for the dastardly attack remains unclear, as no-one has stepped forward to say "We did it! We killed a bunch of kids!" However, the local ISIS affiliate and the more firmly established Taliban carry out regular attacks around the country, with the Taliban usually targeting the government and security forces and ISIS targeting members of the country's the Shia minority, whom the affiliate perceives as apostates.

Walt says (for the second time in one post), better there than here. Rather than wasting billions of dollars and the lives of NATO troops trying to referee the Muslim civil war, let `em duke it out, as long as they do it in their own arena!

FURTHER READING (added 1/5/18 - MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY!) - "'Failure strategy': How NATO won the Afghan war - and then lost Afghanistan", CBC commentator Murray Brewster's review of Operation Medusa: The Furious Battle That Saved Afghanistan from the Taliban, by Maj-Gen. (Ret'd) Dave Fraser, Royal Canadian Army. Excerpt: "There is, however, a larger cautionary tale being told in this book about political hubris — one the Trudeau government should heed as it prepares to plunge the country into a new peacekeeping mission in Mali...."

Saturday, April 28, 2018

VIDEO: Kansas City Bomber - actual footage

Nooooooooooo... this isn't about another instance of "Allahu akbar!" Can't blame you for thinking that though. Believe it or not, there was a time when a "bomber" could be someone other than a half-crazed Islamic extremist. For instance, it could be one of the half-crazed guys or gals taking part in that classic American sport -- roller derby!

A staple of Saturday afternoon TV sports programming in the 60s and 70s, roller derby had it all! It drew 1000s who watched the actors -- a better word than "athletes" -- go round and round and round on small banked tracks at Madison Square Garden and smaller arenas across the US of A and Canada.

Like so many aspects of North American culture, roller derby hit peak wackiness in the 1970s. You can still get a remarkably clear sense of what the decade was like by watching this trailer for Kansas City Bomber, a 1972 soap opera on wheels (and steroids?) featuring Walt's all-time favourite sex goddess, Raquel Welch.

I watched this one-and-a-half times before I figured out where I'd seen that guy playing the evil businessman. He's none other than Kevin McCarthy, who played essentially the same character, 17 years later, in the cult classic UHF. Gotta love these movies from the day when Hollywood turned out entertainment, not politically correct SJW propaganda.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Christian crosses ordered to be hung in all government offices

Really! But (Walt hears you ask) where? Surely not in the AABC countries (America, Australia, Britain and Canada). `Struth, mate...surely not. But this is in "post-Christian" western Europe, specifically... wait for it... Germany! Well, in Bavaria, the most Catholic of all German states. Really.

As one of his first acts in office, Markus Söder, Bavaria's newly sworn-in state premier, has ordered that crosses be hung in all government buildings in the southern German state, by June 1st. He called the move an "avowal of Bavarian identity and Christian values."

Herr Söder said the directive was not a violation of constitutional rules about religious neutrality, the Premier explained, because it was a symbol of "Bavarian identity" rather than religion. He told the meeja that after the cabinet meeting at which the decision was made, he had immediately gone out to hang a cross in the lobby of the state chancellery in Munich.

The directive applies only to buildings housing agencies of the state of Bavaria, including all courts and school classrooms, but not local district buildings or federal buildings, over which the Bavarian government has no authority. It comes amid heated public debate over the role of religion in Germany society. Angela Merkel publicly rebuked her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, earlier this year after he claimed "Islam has no place in Germany."

Herr Söder, leader of the Christian Social Union (the Bavarian sister party to Frau Merkel's Christian Democrats), took over the premiership from Herr Seehohofer when the latter joined Frau Merkel's hastily cobbled-together coalition government in March. In spite of the criticism of his Islamophile boss, Herr Seehofer has steadfastly refused to walk back his statement or change his views on the issue.

Walt says Herzliche Glückwünsche to both of the courageous Christian politicians. God bless them, and send us in the politically correct AABC countries some politicians who will stand up for the Faith of our fathers!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pile of garbage collapses, kills 17 in shithole country

Nowadays Walt lives a lot further away from southern Africa than was once the case, and a good thing too. However, I do try to keep up with the news from the shithole countries of that region, for which I unaccountably retain a certain affection. Africa gets in your blood, I guess... and I don't mean that literally, thank God!

I've just received from Maputo, the capital of Moçambique, news of a disaster which befell certain residents around the middle of February. At least 17 people died and several others were injured in the improverished neighbourhood of Hulene, about six miles from the centre of othe capital. Hulene is -- not to put too fine a point on it -- a dump. Literally.

A garbage dump Hulene may be, but it's home to 100s of squatters who have built shanties there in defiance of local authorities. Like those who live in the Tondo district of Manila, residents of Hulene choose to do so because (if you'll excuse the expressin) the pickings are good there. The downside is the ever-present risk of disease and disaster, the latter including having the garbage slide down on you. Which is exactly what happened on February 18th when heavy rains caused a 48-foot-high heap of garbage to collapse, burying seven shacks along with their occupants.

A councillor for the municipal district told the meeja, "Up to now 17 dead bodies were recovered. We fear more might be unaccounted for. So we will keep searching for bodies buried underneath the garbage pile." As we used to say in Zimbabwe, "Shame!"

Walt tells this tragic tale not to make fun of these poor people but to point out to all the European and American do-gooders and SJWs the hopelessness of the Third World. Maputo is not the only city in Africa or Asia where land pressure leads some people to squat on land they do not own as they seek a better life in overcrowded urban centres. You can't convince them that they'd be better off at home in the rural areas, nor can anything be done to provide even a basic standard of living for everyone.

This is not the fault of the colonial powers nor of the white folks who now have a huge guilt trip laid on them by Western liberals and those in the foreign aid industry who do well by doing good. Helping the hundreds of millions of wretched people of the Third World shitholes is a worthy endeavour, but ultimately futile, and that's just a stone truth.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

UPDATED: Canuck Conservatives demand Liberals stop border jumpers

Yesterday, in "Trudeau's plan to reform Canadian immigration system", Walt told you that Québec's Immigration Minister warned Canada's federal government that, come summer, up to 400 "refugees" and asylum-seekers from shithole countries could be crossing into his province every day. And why wouldn't they, having heard about the Prime Minister of Canuckistan's "Give us your tired, your poor, your scum" tweet following the inauguration of President Trump.

Although Just In Trudeau's "Let them all in, as long as they promise to vote Liberal" stance is patently obvious, the government of Québec, which received 90% of the 20,593 illegal immigrants who entered Canada in 2017, has told the feds that they'd better help, because the province's education and social service agencies won't be able to cope with the influx.

Now the opposition Conservatives are entering the debate. Tory immigration critic Michelle Rempel today tabled a motion in the House of Commons urging the Liberal government to take "immediate action" to halt illegal border crossings, describing the flow of asylum-seekers from the USA as a "crisis without a plan." Things are so bad, said Ms Rempel, that the Mounties have had to work overtime and transfer staff from other parts of Canada to help with arduous tasks such as carrying the bags for the scores of "refugees" who arrive every day at the "unauthorized" border crossing near St-Bernard-de-Lacolle QC.

Ms Rempel told the (((controlled media))) today that she's worried that the absence of a more forceful response from the federal government to illegal border crossings could erode Canadians' support for immigration. "You're not going to get any argument from Canadians that we support immigration in this country," she said, prompting reporters to rewind their tapes to make sure they heard her correctly.

Without skipping a beat, Ms Rempel put herself firmly on the path of political correctness, adding, "My concern is that if the government does not take steps to rectify [its] failure to manage our borders, we are going to rapidly see Canadians lose that social licence for immigration, because there will be a lack of faith in the ability of the government to ensure planned and orderly migration."

The rest of her statement was inaudible due to howls of laughter and hoots of derision.

Toronto Mayor John Tory (Tory by name, Tory by politics) apparently heard that the Liberals are planning on diverting 1000s more "refugees" to the Wormy Apple and expressed grave concern in a statement reported today by CTV News. Mayor John Tory says that the city has reached the limit of its ability to provide shelter and other social supports to new refugee claimants arriving in Toronto, and is in "urgent need" of assistance from the federal and provincial governments (read: from all Canadians who pay taxes to the federal and provincial Liberal governments). Fancy that!

Toronto killer of 10 "seemed a little off"... that's all

The death toll in yesterday's mass murder in Toronto has risen to 10, with 15 wounded. Agent 3 has been following the story closely, looking for the connection with Islamic terrorism that almost everyone suspected immediately the story broke, since the weaponizing of rented trucks has practically been trademarked by ISIS.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, who is Black [with a capital B, the latest PC style for people of the coloured persuasion. Ed.] flew back from a junket to New York and appeared on local TV around sunset to promise there would be "a fulsome answer" [sic] to questions about the perp's identity and motivation before the end of the day. Agent 3 took that to mean the boys in black were working the suspect over with rubber hoses, but of course it's not PC to say that. In any case, "government officials" were quoted on the late news as saying the massacre was "not part of any organized terrorist plot".

The weasel word there is "organized". That's like the answer I give when people ask me if I belong to an organized religion; I reply "No, I'm Catholic." When he heard that, Agent 3 surmised that the perp wasn't an official "soldier" of ISIS, but a freelance jihadi, perhaps a "radicalized yoof" who had gone to the Middle East to fight the infidels and returned to carry on the Islamic war against the Christian West on the enemy's turf. Well... errr... that's not how it turned out.

The driver of the white rental van, arrested on the scene by one (1) brave cop who ignored the man's request to "Shoot me! Shoot me!", is Alek Minassian, a 25-year-old student (for seven years, already) at Toronto's Seneca College. He was apparently raised, if not born, in the north Toronto area. From his name, I'm guessing his ancestry is Armenian, so if he has any religion, it's more likely to be Orthodox Christianity than Islam.

No cries of "Allahu akbar!" were heard, just "Kill me!" No ISIS flag or copy of the Quran was found in the van or at Mr Minassians home. No-one ever heard him say anything about geopolitics or the Islamic plot to rule the world. Those who were acquainted with the murderer are saying only that he was kind of a loner, kept to himself, and "seemed a little off." So it seems we can rule out any Islamic extremist motive. Why, then, did he do it? That brings us to the crazy part.

The Georgia Straight reported yesterday evening that Alek Minassian identified himself as part of "the incel rebellion". "What's that?", I hear you ask. The term is new to me too, but the Straight describes it as an obscure movement of men who describe themselves as involuntarily celibate, or "incel" for short. In other words, guys who can't get laid and are taking it out on society at large.

The Straight continues: The name of Alek Minassian, a 25-year-old resident of Richmond Hill, appeared alongside this Facebook post: "The Incel Rebellion has already begun. We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys. All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!" It was a reference to a 22-year-old Californa man who killed seven and injured 14 in a shooting and reckless-driving spree in Isla Vista, California, in 2014.

Prior to doing this, Rodger posted a YouTube video saying he was determined to punish women who had rejected him. Rodger described them as "Stacys" and men who were sexually active as "Chads". He died of self-inflicted wounds but not before he published a "manifesto" expressing his extreme contempt for interracial couples.

California, eh. And race, of course. The poison of the Golden State spreads not just across America but beyond its borders as well. If I were an Islamic extremist bent on using terrorism to purify Western society, I'd start with California, specifically Hollywood, the fount of all depravity. But then I'm just a simple old codger trying to survive in a quiet corner of the forest without having to defend myself against jihadis or nutbars driving white vans. God help me. And God help our sick, sick, sick society.

Further reading: "Toronto van suspect reportedly attended special needs program, made unusual noises", Fox News, 24/4/18. SPOILER ALERT: The noises were "meows". Saved you from reading the article. You're welcome.

Monday, April 23, 2018

VIDEO: At last?! "Allahu akbar!" hits Toronto? 9 dead, 16 injured

Toronto, Canada boasts about being the world's most diverse city in the world's most diverse country! "Diversity is our strength!" says Canuck Prime Minister Just In Trudeau, at every opportunity. Canada doesn't have enough Muslims, says his Minister of Refugees and Immigration, himself a Muslim Somali "refugee". "Bring more, bring more!"

Canada is the country whose courts refuse to allow the phrase "illegal immigrants", because (they say), there is nothing illegal about being an immigrant, even if they cross the border at an unauthorized point of entry, in an "irregular manner". (See previous story.) And it's the country whose politicians are incapable of uttering the words "Islamic" and "terrorism" in the same sentence. Which is why none of those words have been used, even in a speculative manner, in connection with an incident which occured just a few minutes ago.

All Toronto police are saying, so far, is that they have arrested a driver -- no identifying details whatever -- after a white van drove along a stretch of sidewalk near a main intersection in north Toronto, striking a number of pedestrians. We have video!

Inspector Knacker initially said 8 to 10 people were hit. An eye-witness said that he saw at least four bodies lying on the ground, covered with orange tarps which would suggest that they were dead. The van was stopped by police and the driver arrested, which would indicate that this was no accident.

Was the driver a Mohammed? What was his motive? Who will be the first to suggest that this just may be an act of terrorism? Stay tuned!

UPDATED at 1350
- Toronto Deputy Police Chief sez 9 dead, 16 injured. Doesn't sound like an accident, does it. But cops and politicos are tight-lipped, even though the perp is in custody. Toronto Mayor John Tory refused to answer questions after his presser. Perhaps he was mindful of M-103 and didn't want to say anything which would smack of Islamophobia.

Trudeau's plan to reform Canadian immigration system

As reported on WWW several times last year, hordes of non-white "refugees" and asylum-seekers have been pouring into Canada from the USA through an "unautorized entry point" not from a proper border crossing near St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC. They are being greeted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, whose function is to tell them that what they're doing is illegal, and if they cross the line in the sand [snow, shurely! Ed.] they will be detained and taken to Montréal, where they will be given food, clothing and accommodation for an indefinite period.

Last fall, the Minister of Refugees and Immigration -- a Somali refugee himself -- assured Canadians that once the cold winter weather set in, the numbers, which had been running at 150 per day in the summer, would fall. Not so. Earlier this month some 400 "refugees" from Haiti, Nigeria and other shithole countries crossed from the land of the free (etc) into Canuckistan, and were bused to Montréal to receive their Welcome Wagon hampers and welfare cheques.

Trouble is, Montréal and the province of Québec don't want them. Last Wednesday, Québec Premier Philippe Couillard called for help from the government of Canuck Prime Minister Just In Trudeau. According to the Toronto Red Star, M Couillard said Ottawa's response to his request for assistance on the refugee crisis reflects "a complete ignorance" of what's going on at the Lacolle border crossing.

"10/4!", said M Trudeau's minions, promising that the federal government will begin sending asylum-seekers directly to... wait for it... Ontario, if that is their preferred destination. Like Canada, Ontario is presently ruled by a Liberal government, that of proudly lesbian premier Kathleen Wynne, who is facing an election on June 7th, so is even more keen than Mr Socks to import some new Liberal voters.

A spokesthingy for Ontario Immigration Minister Laura Albanese said the province is working with Ottawa and Québec, but that it was too early to comment on details of how and where asylum-seekers might be transferred to Ontario. It's not clear yet whether the "refugees" will be flown, bused or sent on one of Canada's famous bullet trains, but those who indicate that they want to go to Toronto will soon be hustled out of Québec.

The City of Toronto (John Tory, prop.) is making plans to convert underused armories, schools, and hospitals into "refugee welcome centres". The city's normally pristine streets are being filled with dirt and debris, and loudspeakers installed to play recordings of gunfire and roosters crowing, so the newcomers can feel right at home.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

VIDEO: Simple exercises to keep your knees flexible

Agent 17 wrote to say that it has been a long time since we posted a video of African dancers. That is true. The only one still extant is in "Swaziland girls doing the reed dance -- VIDEO!", posted way back in 2012 to celebrate Canada Day! [Don't ask why. Ed.]

To help out, our agent sent along this excellent (and short -- one minute only) video of what appears to be a traditional dance from somewhere in west Africa. Anyone with better information about what it is should contact Ed. at the usual address, or just put it in the comments section which will open up if you click on the headline. Thanks.

And a big thank-you to Agent 17. Hope you recover soon from your efforts to keep up with the video!

"Allahu akbar!" in Afghanistan - ISIS kills scores as Americans stand by

It's "EMISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" for the American-led coalition in Afghanistan, as that wretched, so-called country plans to hold democratic elections in October. Between now and then -- i.e. for the next six months -- Armpitistan's so-called security forces will continue to struggle to prevent attacks by the country's ISIS affiliate as well as the more firmly established Taliban. Both groups are for some reason opposed to democratic elections, and regularly launch attacks, with the Taliban usually targeting the government and security forces, and ISIS targeting the country's Shia minority.

Reports coming over the mojo wire say that an ISIS suicide bomber struck a voter registration centre in the Afghan capital, Kabul, this morning, killing at least 57 people (and counting). A spokesthingy for the Public Health Ministry said another 112 people were wounded in today's attack. The Kabul police chief, General Daud "Idi" Amin, said the suicide bomber targeted civilians who had gathered to receive national identification cards. In a statement carried by its Aamaq news service, ISIS said it had targeted Shia "apostates".

If you live in Afraghanistsan and value your life, the last thing you want to do is go and register to vote. Last week, three cops responsible for guarding voter registration centres in two Afghan provinces were killed by Islamic militants. Elsewhere in Afghanistan, at least five people were killed when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Baghlan province. A spokesthingy for the provincial police chief said four other people were wounded in the blast.

That was just today... so far! Yesterday, in Balkh province, a district police chief died of his wounds after being shot during a gunbattle with insurgents. A spokesthingy for the provincial police chief said around a dozen insurgents were also killed in the battle, which is still underway. The "insurgents" are reportedly members of the Taliban, who routinely attack police stations and plant roadside bombs (IEDs) targetting anyone who happens to be using the roads.

In the headline, I said "Americans [are standing] stand by". And so they are. About 15,000 US troops are in Armpitistan even as we speak. But wait (I hear you say), didn't President 0 bring our boys (and girls) home in 2014? Errr, no. He started "drawing down" US forces in 2014 but, as with so many other things, never quite got the job done. When President Trump took over 15 months ago, some 10,000 Yankee imperialists remained in country. In "The Forever War", Newsweek reported in November that 15,000 US troops were still in Afghanistan. And the Washington Post said in January that more would likely be sent this spring.

The problem is [Wapo, again] that no-one seems quite sure what they're doing there! Sending in the Marines is one thing, deploying them effectively quite another. Marine Brig. Gen. Roger Turner's forces in Helmand province saw indirect enemy fire about 20 times over the last few months. None of them earned the Combat Action Ribbon, a culturally important award in the service that recognizes those "who have actively participated in ground or surface combat", including facing firefights and roadside bomb explosions.

Keeping 15,000 American boys (and girls) in that shithole country is costing American taxpayers millions of dollars every day. If they're not doing anything, why not bring them home? All of them! That's Walt's innocent question of the day. Ask it of your Congressman (or Congresswoman) next time you see him (or her). Let me know if you get a sensible answer.

Tanya Granic Allen wins PC nomination; bring on the election!

For those who don't follow Ontario politics, "PC" stands for Progressive Conservative, the oxymoronical name the province's centrist party chose for itself long before "PC" (Political Correctness) became the bane of true conservatives.

The very photogenic Tanya Granic Allen, last mentioned here in March, is defiantly un-PC, in the latter sense, but is now the official PC candidate for the riding of Mississauga Centre in the June 7th provincial election.

Yesterday she won the party's nomination, defeating three other candidate wannabes (including a Muslim), in the "ethnically diverse" riding. If you look closely, you might spot one of Walt's agents in the crowd of supporters.

A strong social conservative, Mrs Granic Allen is a past president of Parents As First Educators (PAFE), an advocacy group fighting against the Liberal government's pro-queer sex education agenda. She also advises various organizations including the Catholic Civil Rights League of Canada, and Campaign Life Coalition. In 2014, she was invested as Dame of Magistral Grace in The Order of Malta.

During the recent PC leadership contest, Mrs Granic Allen spoke out against the Liberals' sex education curriculum, once saying that the decline in elementary school students' math scores was the result of discussing anal sex in the classroom. This month she came under fire from the usual gang of "progressive thinkers" and SJWs for comments she made online in 2013 and 2014. Speaking about Québec's proposed Charter of Values, Mrs Granic Allen said she opposed the niqab and burka, saying people shouldn't "dress like bank robbers when going to vote" or "ninjas when going on an afternoon stroll."

She cited an attack on two teenage girls in Zanzibar "yet another reason not to vacation in a Muslim country." And in 2014 she tweeted in 2014 that the Queen should not allow gay marriage in England. The Queen's reply is not a matter of record.

Walt joins Doug Ford in congratulating Tanya Granic Allen on being nominated. But that's just the first step in making her strong voice for Canadian Christian values heard in the Ontario legislature. The second challenge is getting her elected in a riding where white, born-in-Canada Christians are in the minority. If you're a resident of Ontario -- of Mississauga Centre in particular -- and would like to help, visit her website or click here to send an e-mail to the campaign team. Good luck, Tanya!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hungarians reject (((Soros))) for second time in a month

This weekend Breitbart News reported that a majority of Hungarians support Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's "Anti-Soros university law", which would force foreign universities, such as the (((George Soros)))-founded Central European University (CEU) to adhere to new regulations.

A poll conducted by the Századvég Foundation found that 70% of Hungarians support amendments to the Higher Education Act which would oblige foreign universities issuing degrees in Hungary to observe Hungarian regulations. The CEU was targetted because it was allowed to give out both Hungarian and American diplomas while not operating a campus in the USA.

Today, the left-wing billionaire admitted defeat, as CEU announced plans to move from Budapest to Vienna, in neighbouring Austria. The Deputy Rector of CEU said the university had already signed an agreement with a landlord in Vienna, but the administration was still hoping they would not have to move as they had set up a branch in New York state, as requested by the Hungarian government.

At a press conference earlier this week, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the government had yet to make a final decision on the fate of the university. As reported here, his Fidesz party won a massive two-thirds majority in the Hungarian parliament. Fidesz campaigned against the influence of foreign NGOs, many of which are part of the network of (((George Soros))) -- aka (((Gyorgy Schwartz))) -- and his Open Society Foundation.

Prime Minister Orbán has long denounced the billionaire's influence on the migration policies of the European Union claiming that the "Soros Plan" would see millions of migrants enter Europe. "The Soros network has an extensive sphere of influence within the European Parliament and other EU bodies," Mr. Orbán said last October, adding: "Its aim is to build a Europe of mixed population and to condemn the Hungarian government for opposing their view on migration."

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

VIDEO Book review: Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau

As Walt told you on Washington's Birthday [Uh, Walt... not any more. Ed.], Canadian Prime Minister Just In Trudeau has a problem. With each passing day, it looks and sounds more and more like "Junior" is fast becoming one of the least popular people in Canada. Even his own Liberal party is fed up with Prime Minister Selfie.

According to Sun newspapers' columnist Anthony Furey, a growing chorus of disenchanted Liberals are screwing up the country ["screwing up their courage", shurely! Ed.] to criticize the PM. And now there's a book -- Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau -- by Jocelyn Coulon. Since I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy yet, I leave it to Mr Furey to give you a quick review.

Further reading: If you read French, here's an excerpt published in La Presse, entitled (translated) "The fall of the minister".
And here's the blurb from Not that it'll do me any good, but tell `em Walt sent ya!

Monday, April 16, 2018

VIDEO: TV commercials of the year

Acidulous readers ["assiduous", shurely! Ed.] of WWW know that Walt likes, from time to time, to post TV commercials which are funny or creative or stupid, or any two of those three. Every now and then we give out our TV commercial of the year award. Click here to see who won the prestigious "Wally" for 2017.

Since that post is only a month old, you may be surprised to see "TV commercial of the year" in today's header. Ah, but I didn't say what year! The year is, in fact, 1962. Murray Westgate compares a 1919 headlamp with modern Atlas products which improve visibility, such as Arctic wiper blades, solvent, ice remover and headlights, sold at Imperial Esso gas stations across Canada. Spoiler alert! Mr Westgate wasn't really an Esso dealer, just a pitchman, but what a fine pitchman he was!

Murray Westgate was there for the start of television in Canada in 1952. With a welcoming smile, friendly eyes and soothing baritone, he was Canada's original TV pitchman. Dressed as a neighbourhood Esso station attendant -- complete with crisp black bow tie and peaked cap -- he extolled the virtues of Imperial Oil in live 90-second commercials, broadcast during Hockey Night in Canada, the country's longest-running TV show.

Mr Westgate also introduced the Hot Stove League -- the panel really did sit around a wood stove -- and it wouldn't have been viewed as unusual for him to become part of the hockey talk. He'd also do the sign off at the end of the night. The HNIC telecasts broadcasts had about two million viewers every Saturday night, remarkable for a country of about 14.5 million at the time when Canada was still the Great White North.

Now he is celebrating a milestone of his own, turning 100 today! Walt and Poor Len [and Ed.! Ed.] wish Murray a HAPPY CENTENARY!

Footnote from Ed.: I have unable to verify the accuracy of the old story that Mr Westgate, arriving for work one night a little tired and emotional, told viewers to drive into their "nearby Imperial Asshole station".

Sunday, April 15, 2018

You call this journalism? - Fox 59, Indianapolis

The previous post, about the kirpan fight at the Sikh gurdwara in Greenwood IN, came from the Fox 59 website. Fox 59 covers Indiana like the dew, and its "reporters" are paragons of American journalism, as she is practised these days. Browsing the site, Ed. found the following story, which we republish in its entirety, exactly as written by the Fox newshounds.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A man died after a shooting at an Indianapolis strip club early Wednesday.

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan police, officers were dispatched in response to a disturbance at Senate and Morris around 3 a.m. They arrived to find a man dead from a gunshot wound in a parking lot near Lenny’s Gentlemen’s Club at 255 W. Morris St.

Employees said a number of people were involved and the disturbance spilled outside. A 43-year-old man fired a shot and was detained for questioning, police said.

The victim was identified by the Marion County Coroner’s office as John T. Doe, 21.

Investigators are trying to piece together what led to the shooting and were interviewing several witnesses about the case. IMPD said the crime scene was contained to the business.

IMPD said the case is currently classified as a death investigation.

Mass stabbing at Indiana Sikh temple

For those who don't know much about Sikhism -- an offshoot of Hinduism -- is that it has strict dress requirements, particularly for the male members. All observant Sikhs are required to wear turbans, which is why Sikhs don't play hockey. They also wear special underpants, but we need not concern ourselves with that.

The requirement which you should know about, if you find yourself in the company of Sikhs, is that they must carry a kirpan -- a ceremonial dagger such as that being shown off by the young man in the picture.

That's something that you should bear in mind if you live in the Greater Toronto or Vancouver areas of Canada, or any part of North America which has a sizeable Sikh community. Like, for instance, Greenwood, Indiana. As in any place inhabited by a colony of Sikhs, Greenwood boasts a Sikh gurdwara, or temple. The one on South Graham Road in Greenwood is called the Gurdwara Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Sikh Temple.

The gurdwara is the site of many activities, including the occasional knife fight -- make that kirpan fight -- between various groups of Singhs. (All Sikhs are Singhs, but not all Singhs are Sikhs [like cognac and brandy. Ed.]) According to Fox 59 News, one such took place this afternoon, when some 150 worshippers were involved in which local police described as a "brawl", which apparently broke out during a "transition of power ceremony".

The Greenwood Mayor's Office reported that six to twelve people were stabbed, but the number actually injured seems to have been no more than three or four. Police investigations into the extent of damage suffered by victims, and who exactly was involved in the attacks, have been stymied by the fact that all of the victims as well as their assailants were named "Singh". Local sherlocks have, however, figured out that the cause of the brawl was that those in power did not wish to step down.

Anti-semitic German rappers get "music" award on "Holocaust Remembrance Day"

Walt hates hip-hop and rap. To call such forms of artistic expression "music" is to insult Euterpe, not to mention Saint Cecilia. But in the decadent west, there are people who like it. Festivals are held. Prizes are awarded. Go figure.

This past Thursday, the Echo Music Award's Hip-Hop/Urban prize was given to German rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang, seen here humbly acknowledging the acclaim.

Walt never heard of these guys, but it seems the duo have risen to fame... or notoriety... over the use of anti-Semitic over lyrics comparing themselves to Auschwitz prisoners. In their "song" 0815, they refer to an infamous German death camp, saying their bodies are "more defined than an Auschwitz prisoner".

The lyrics have sparked a heated debate in Germany, which, according to the (((controlled media))) is still haunted by lingering memories of Nazi crimes. Despite the controversy, their album Young, Brutal and Handsome 3 sold more than 200,000 copies, hence the award.

The award was given on Yom HaShoah, the day which Israel has designated as "Holocaust Remembrance Day", dedicated to the alleged six million Jews killed during World War II. The timing of the award is perhaps an example of the sense of humour for which Germans are deservedly famous.

Friday, April 13, 2018

This photo makes me feel so OLD!

OK, I AM old... older than dirt... But I hate being reminded of it by pix like this one.

In case you don't recognize these people -- I scarcely do myself -- they are (left to right) Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Scorsese, Dave Thomas, Martin Short and Joe Flaherty. What (some of you may be asking) do they have in common? Answer: all but Scorsese are alumni of SCTV, produced and performed in Canada by an all-Canadian cast... except for Joe Flaherty, who was made an honorary Canuck after the 13th season of reruns.

What's Martin Scorsese doing there? Well, according to a press release from Netflix, Mr Scorsese has signed on to direct a "Netflix original comedy special" which will explore the history and legacy of the Emmy-winning sketch comedy series. Wouldn't you wonder why Netflix couldn't find a Canuck to do that? I know I would.

I'm also wondering where the rest of the gang are. Missing from the panel will be missing funny lady Robin Duke and funny man Tony Rosato, who wasn't a happy person in real life and wound up as a guest of Her Majesty somewhere in eastern Ontario. And John Candy. He died. He was perhaps the best known of the cast, although not (IMHO) the funniest. That title goes to Rick Moranis, again IMHO.

Where is Rick Moranis? Maybe he didn't want to be involved with what is sure to be a truly dreadful production, not even worthy of Netflix, which isn't saying much. I can see a clip show interspersed with reminiscences, the sort of thing you might hear if you were sitting on the verandah of the Old Comedians Home. Ghastly. Don't stay tuned.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

VIDEO: Students say we need to bring God back into our lives

Agent 9 sent us the link to this short (2:17) video, posted to YouTube back in 2015 by students at East Catholic High School, in Manchester CT. The recent massacre at Parkland School makes it even more relevant now than it was when first posted.

The message the students want to get through to the rest of us is that we should be more concerned with God than with being politically correct.
No more "prayer shaming", they say. Let's bring God and prayer back into our lives. Amen!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

VIDEO: "Climate Barbie" has no time for "climate change deniers"

Walt's Canadian agents say they're enduring a never-ending winter. Mother Nature may skip spring and go straight to summer, they say... around June 20th. Global warming... HA!

Canada's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change [sic], Catherine McKenna -- aka Climate Barbie -- has no time for those "climate change deniers", as she calls them, who insist that global warming and changes in the climate are the result of human activity, which can be changed. She says so herself, in this interview with Evan Solomon on CTV's Question Period.

There, in a nutshell -- word chosen deliberately -- is everything that's wrong with the "progressive" policy on the environment. Climate change is junk science at best, a hoax at worst, and the liberals (and Canada's big-L Liberals) are in denial about that.

Canadians are moderate sheeple, not much inclined to rise up in protest against anything except the NHL, but the majority of them simply don't believe in climate change, and are opposed to their Liberal government's California-dreamin' carbon tax policy. Climate Barbie doesn't get it. In fact she doesn't even want to hear any dissent from politically correct liberal thinking. She says so herself. And her boss, pictured below, agrees with her.

Footnote: Why on earth does she (along with so many others of her generation) preface every utterance with "So..."? What is that -- kind of like verbal punctuation meaning "I'm starting to speak now!"? I don't get it! See "So, there's a new bad English fad", WWW 30/6/14.

Further reading: "Climate Alarmists Maul Inconvenient Polar Bear Expert", by James Delingpole, Breitbart News, 11/4/18. Susan Crockford is a polar bear expert with a message that climate alarmists don’t want to hear: polar bear populations are thriving and are certainly in no danger from thinning summer sea ice supposedly caused by ‘man-made global warming.’

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Walt congratulates Viktor Orbán on Hungarian election win

A wave of nationalism -- make that white nationalism -- and populism continues to roll over eastern Europe, making the elites of the European Union and western Europe (Hello! Angela Merkel) nervous. The latest victory for the forces of ethnic solidarity and anti-Islamization came on the weekend, when Hungary's conservative-populist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, won a third term in office in a landslide. The farther-right Jobbik party finished second.

Mr Orbán's party, Fidesz, won not just a decisive majority but (along with some smaller allies) an outright super-majority, making possible changes to Hungary's constitution. During the campaign, Mr Orbán promised to push through legislation described by his government as the "Stop (((Soros))) package". "The reason we submitted this package before the elections," he told the meeja today, "is in order to allow the Hungarian voters to cast their vote knowing our intention on this. This has happened and we believe we are mandated by this election to pass this law."

Among other things, the proposed laws would require NGOs that work on migration-related issues to register with the interior ministry. They could be rejected on a national security basis after vetting by security agencies. Any foreign funding for migration-related activities would be subjected to a 25% tax.

Mr Orbán ran his campaign on the single issue of migration, and blamed a network of the political opposition, NGOs and critical media of being part of a plot orchestrated by the Hungarian-American billionaire (((George Soros))) to send millions of non-Christian (read: Muslim) "refugees" and asylum-seekers to Hungary.

Prime Minister Orbán has been one of the most determined foes of the compulsory migrant quota regime which the European Union is trying to shove down the throats (or some such orifice) of Europeans, at the behest of liberals and anti-Christian NGOs. Their pro-Muslim campaigns have become the focal point for an increasingly influential eurosceptic, anti-mass migration alliance within the EU, centred on the Visegrád Four countries -- the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

The top politicians and bureaucrats of the European Union, along with the (((controlled media))), have their hair on fire over Mr Orbán's win. One newspaper, however, will not be joining the rending of garments and nashing of teeth. That would be the 80-year-old Magyar Nemzet and its sister station Lanchid Radio, which are closing immediately due to financial problems.

Viktor Orbán is best known on this side of the Atlantic for his robust defence of Christian Europe against the tsunami of Muslim migrants washing over the continent. Unlike President Trump, he succeeded in getting a wall build along the southern border of his country. The erection of the wall and strengthening of border security cut illegal immigration by over 99%, while western European countries like Germany and Sweden put the welcome mat out for all the flotsam and jetsam of the Middle East and Africa with disastrous results.

The Orbán viktory (geddit?) should serve as confirmation and encouragement to POTUS and all others campaigning for an end to the Islamization of the West. A tip of Walt's hat to Mr Orbán and a thumb of Walt's nose to (((George Soros))).

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Христос воскрес! Bоістину воскрес!

Walt and Poor Len
[and Ed.! Ed.]
wish our Ukrainian readers and friends
and all who follow the Julian calendar
Happy Easter!

"Allahu akbar!" (?) in Germany: 3 dead as van crashes into crowd

It was a fine spring morning in the German city of Muenster. Hundreds of people thronged the downtown market square. People were sitting in front of the popular Kiepenkerl bar, enjoying their beer and bratwurst, until a van roared down the street at high speed, crashing into the patio and a crowd of pedestrians. The body count so far: at least three people killed and 20 injured.

Following the crash, the driver of the van shot himself to deadh. Another suspect -- maybe more than one -- may have fled the vehicle after the crash, according to eyewitness accounts. Inspektor Katzenjammer of the local polizei said the driver's identity was unknown. So also his motive. A suspicious object was found inside the van, but police declined to comment on a rumour that it was a black flag with some kind of foreign writing on it.

A spokesthingy for German Chancellor Angela Merkel -- yes, she's still in office -- offered her condolences and said Frau Merkel was terribly terribly sorry that the German people couldn't see the benefits of Willkommenskultur. [Ed., please check that last part.]

The police coverup ["investigation", shurely! Ed.] continues. The koppers put out a brief statement on social media describing the situation as "confusing" and told members of the public, "Please don't speculate." (They didn't say what we shouldn't speculate about! Three guesses....) ”Walt will bring you further details just as soon as the first denunciation of Islamoophobia is released.

VIDEO: Great and Holy Friday liturgy at St. Elias Church

For those who have never experienced the beauty of the liturgies of the Eastern churches, we offer this video of the Great and Holy Friday liturgy at Saint Elias the Prophet Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic Church, in Brampton ON, in the Eparchy of Toronto. Recorded in 2017, the video runs 1 hour 37 minutes.

This is the new church building, replacing the one which burned to the ground just before Easter of 2014. The interior is not yet complete, as it will take many years to create new icons to replace the beautiful old ones which were lost. But, as the pastor, Father Roman Galadza (you can hear him clearly in the video) always says, the church is not the building but the people, and the people are there, stronger and more numerous than ever. It is particularly heartening to see so many young people taking part if the celebrations of the death and Resurrection of Our Lord.

Easter services continue today and tomorrow. Click here to view the schedule and a message from Father Galadza on the church website.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Lesbian premier of Ontario warns yoofs: People like me will outvote you!

Agent 3 tells us that nearly half a century ago, he met Catherine Swift, who was then whipping up enthusiasm (= members + funds) for the newly-formed Canadian Federation of Independent Business, a pro-business and therefore mildly conservative organization which is still promoting free enterprise and freedom from unnecessary government. [Is there such a thing as "necessary government"? Ed.] Ms Swift went on to become Chair of the Board of the CFIB, and has since moved on to become spokesthingy for Working Canadians, which sounds to me like dangerously populist group.

As such, she does a lot of writing, some of it quite provocative, including the following short polemic which was picked up by the Niagara Independent, a new blog which looks like a worthwhile read for residents of the attractive side of the river.

A few weeks ago, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne made an astonishing statement. When speaking to a roomful of Humber college students, she urged them to make sure they voted in the upcoming June 7 provincial election.

If she had just left it there, it would have been a commendable reminder of the importance of participating in our democratic system to a group that might never have voted before and needed some extra encouragement to do so. But Wynne didn’t leave it there, but rather added the absurd and objectionable comment “If you don’t vote, then somebody who looks like me is going to vote, some senior person, older than me, some white person”.

Wow – the notion of old, white people actually voting? The horror!

Wynne has made a career of calling out others as racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist etc. when anyone opposes her views or policies, no matter how legitimate the criticism. It is particularly hypocritical for her to have made such an ageist, racist statement as she did to the college students.

This certainly did not demonstrate the “inclusiveness” that Wynne and her Liberal friends profess to practice. Instead it merely exposed the superficial nature of the Liberal brand and the divisive nature of identity politics that seeks to pit one group against another, no matter how corrosive that divisiveness is to society as a whole....

What Wynne likely had in mind in making this silly statement was the fact that young people have a track record of low voter turnout while a larger proportion of older voters do tend to get out and vote. Younger voters also have a higher likelihood of voting to the left of centre, exemplifying the old adage “If you are under 30 and not a socialist you have no heart, but if you are over 30 and not a capitalist, you have no brain”.

These realities are true not just in Ontario, but world-wide, as age and life experience have a habit of chipping away at youthful ideals that big government is a good thing and governments always have the best interests of citizens at heart. [My emphasis. Walt]

This ridiculous comment by Wynne did get some mention in the media but it was basically a one-day wonder. If a Conservative had said anything like this, it is likely we would still be reading about how unacceptable it was several weeks later. Although the mainstream press may have forgotten about this incident, I imagine there are many old, white folks who won’t when they head into the ballot box on June 7. And deservedly so.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Walt wishes the People's Cube: Happy 13th anniversary

As one who is totally opposed, always and everywhere, to totalitarianism, groupthink and imposed conformity, Walt wishes the People's Cube a very happy 13th anniversary.

Comrade Red Square writes: Time flies like sputnik! It was only 13 years ago that our founding members posed for this daguerreotype, but it seems like yesterday. Nothing has changed. Back then the token enemy of the people was Bush; today the token enemy of the people is Trump. The struggle is the same, and so are we. This picture has aged well....

The struggle for equality of results has claimed some of our comrades over the years. But our ranks have only grown with new comrades. For our old and new members, we offer a retrospect of our old photos, for some comrades to learn from them, for some others to bring back good memories.

Walt adds: Comrades, in spite of your valiant efforts of the last dozen years, the original five-year plan (B) has yet to be fulfilled! Be like our glorious Canadian leader, Neil Macdonald, and work tirelessly for the overthrow of the fascist populists and the populist fascists! Glory to Hillary in the highest and a piece (of the action) to her marginalized people on earth!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Review: Alta Vendita - The Masonic plot against the Church

Until his untimely death a year ago, John Vennari+ was the editor of Catholic Family News, a popular speaker at Catholic conferences, and the author of many articles and books on the Catholic Faith. I had the pleasure of working with him, off and on, for many years. I enjoyed his sharp sense of humour, and was inspired by his devotion to the True Faith and, especially, Our Lady of Fatima.

To commemorate his life and work, the Fatima Center has just published a second edition of The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita: A Masonic blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church.

Mr Vennari wrote the first edition (TAN Books, 1999) as a translation and commentary on a document, originally published in Italian in 1859, written by "Piccolo Tigre" (the code name of Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini) for the highest lodge of the Italian Carbonari, a network of secret revolutionary societies active in Italy in the 19th century. It is a blueprint for revolution against the state, and against Holy Mother Church -- a revolution which continues in the mainstream Roman Catholic Church of the 21st century.

The 19th-century revolution in the Church, fomented by Mazzini and others intent on Her destruction, was condemned by Pope St. Pius X in his famous encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis (On the Doctrines of the Modernists), published in 1907.

Following the Saint's motu proprio of 1910, requiring the Oath Against Modernism to be taken by "all clergy, pastors, confessors, preachers, religious superiors, and professors in philosophical-theological seminaries", the virus of revolution lay dormant for half a century, only to be given new life in the 1960s, when the architects of Vatican II -- many of them secret Freemasons -- told us the Church must "reform itself" and "get with the times".

Thus began the jettisoning of all that has given the Church Her character and constant teaching. The diabolical disorientation which the Church and the faithful are now experiencing has not happened by chance. In The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, John Vennari shows that the disasters of the mainstream Church -- e.g. the questioning of the existence of Hell by the Pope himself! -- are the culmination of a long process of patient planning by a Masonic group that has infiltrated the Church, not to take over its government openly, but to transform it from within.

According to the booklet (only 43 pages), their goal is to turn the Church from its mission of supernatural salvation to a focus on saving the world. Thus Her mission becomes "social justice" rather than salvation. All we hear from the Church's leaders -- up to and including the Pope -- these days is globalism, immigration, open borders and other ideals of secular humanism. There is lots about helping our neighbours, but little about helping ourselves to save our own souls.

Can there be any doubt that the revolution Mr Vennari describes is in "progress" -- the word itself has a distored meaning -- right now? We must fight it, but to fight it, we must first recognize it. To get your copy of The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, click here to e-mail the Fatima Center or call (toll-free in North America) 1-800-263-8160. Tell `em Walt sent you!

Shvartsers! Canada, Germany, Italy agree to take "refugees" Jews don't want... but not enough to satisfy Israelis who want them ALL gone

For months now Israeli Prime Minister (((Benjamin Netanyahu))) has been under pressure to get rid of the nearly 40,000 African "refugees" and asylum-seekers infesting his country, particularly the old capital, Tel Aviv, where this picture was taken.

Turns out the Jews don't like having goyim -- especially black goyim -- in their midst any better than we like having Jewish ghettos in our cities. In spite of a history of having been driven, often at gunpoint, from one part of the world to another, Jews can be just as xenophobic as the rest of us. And they don't like foreigners very much either.

As Walt reported in "Up to 34,000 African 'refugees' to be deported" (WWW 6/2/18), Mr Netanyahu's government came up with a plan to send most of them back to Africa. Not to their own shithole countries, like Eritrea and Somalia, which don't want them and won't take them, but to other, more peaceful (?) shithole countries, like Rwanda and Uganda, where they can be relatively safe and start new lives.

Sadly for all concerned, the threat of a forced expulsion didn't sit well with Bono and other non-Jewish do-gooders in other parts of the world. Even critics in the homeland of "the chosen people" called the plan unethical and "a stain on Israel's image as a refuge for Jewish migrants." (Not that the black asylum-seekers were Jews, but the phrase has a nice ring to it.)

Groups of Israeli doctors, academics, poets, Holocaust survivors and rabbis all appealed to halt the government's deportation plan, and the usually stubborn Prime Minister Netanyahu caved. This weekend he announced a new plan, worked out with the UNHCR (the refugee agency of the Disunted Nations), whereby some 16,000 "migrants" would be deported to Western countries -- Germany ("More Wilkommenskultur please!"), Italy (which just voted overwhelmingly for anti-immigration parties) and... wait for it... Canada ("Diversity is our strength!" - Trudeau II).

Sadly (again!) for Mr Netanyahu, 16,000 isn't even half the horde of "refugees" camping in shanty-towns and "jungles" in Tel Aviv and other urban areas. The rest, according to the new plan, would be granted official status and allowed to remain in Israel, where they would be "integrated" into Jewish society.

Yeah. Right. LOL. Except Israelis weren't laughing, but whining [Really? Ed.] and yelling NIMBY! So once again Bibi caved. In a dramatic about-face just hours after the announcement, he said in a Facebook post that he was suspending the implementation of the agreement with the UNHCR while he consults with his officials.

Indeed.... Will Canada, Italy and Germany get 1000s more unassimilable "refugees" -- most of them Muslims, by the way -- to make their populations even more diverse? Can the Israelis come up with another way to get rid of the undesirables while at the same time preserving their image as the original persecuted people? Will the (((controlled media))) denounce the Jews for being Islamophobic racists? Walt's predictions: Yes, Maybe and NO! Lifetime pct .985.

Monday, April 2, 2018

"Mexico has got to help us at the border!" tweets POTUS

Earlier this morning, in my report on the findings of a French public opinion poll strongly supporting deportation of Islamic extremists, I opined that the only leader of the so-called Western democracies likely to listen to the people who elected him (or her) is President Donald J. Trump. Now I see by the mojo wire that POTUS is up and on the job, calling on Congress to use the "Nuclear Option if necessary" to keep undesirable migrants out of the USA. Here's what he tweeted while Walt was still asleep.

The President has previously called for the "nuclear option" -- changing Senate rules to end the filibuster -- but establishment Republicans have rejected that option. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans will welcome the filibuster when they return to being the Senate minority, something that (IMHO) seems sure to happen if the anti-Trumpers in the GOP persist in their obstructionism.

Mr Trump began tweeting about immigration this past weekend, threatening to pull out of NAFTA unless Mexico does more to stop people from crossing into the United States. Mexico must "stop the big drug and people flows," he said, "or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA. NEED WALL!"

With a caravan of 1500 potential wetbacks heading north even as I write, strong action to close the border by whatever means would seem to be exactly what the American people want. And President Trump doesn't need a public opinion poll to tell him so!

83% of French back expulsion of "most dangerous" foreigners

A new poll taken days after a self-proclaimed "soldier of ISIS" killed four people, including a heroic police officer, in the French town of Trèbes, shows the French public strongly support a serious crackdown on radical Islam. An overwhelming majority are in favour of deporting some 20,000 "most dangerous" foreigners tagged as "fiché S", meaning that security services have a file on them.

The poll, taken by Odoxa-Dentsu and published on March 30th in Le Figaro, gauged support for proposals put forward after the terrorist attack by Laurent Wauquiez, leader of France's newly-formed Republican Party. (Good choice of names, eh!)

Click on the graphic to enlarge it for ease of reading. If you don't read French, Walt will list M Wauquiez's four modest suggestions:
* Ban salafism (approved by 88% of respondents to the poll)
* Place in "administrative detention" the most dangerous "fiché S" cases (87% approval)
* Expel (= deport) the "fiché S" foreigners (83%)
* Re-establish the state of emergency lifted only a few weeks prior to the Trèbes "incident" (61%)

The blue circles show how support for the propositions breaks down according to the political preferences of those polled, from left ("de gauche") through "REM" (the party of President Macron) to right ("de droite") and "FN" (Marine Le Pen's Front National). It's worth noting that even leftists and centrist REM supporters approved the ideas put forward, with only one exception.

The bar graph at the left shows response to the question: Would you be in favour of some curtailment of liberties in order to better assure the security of the French people? 61% of those polled said YES, and even 50% of self-identified leftists agreed.

As for Salafism - a term which may be unfamiliar to some of our readers -- the majority of responders support banning of the radical Islamic sect, even though over half of them acknowledged that implementing the ban in France would be difficult, if not impossible. Breitbart London has previously reported on the nature of Salafism, which contains many radical preachers who see violence as legitimate in pursuance of its aims and which provides the intellectual basis for the Islamic State. A regional director of the German constitutional police said in 2017 that "every jihadist terrorist we've seen in Europe in recent years came from the Salafist scene."

The opinions of the French public are clear, and strong too. Will the government of Emmanuel Macron listen to the people? Are such politically incorrect opinions ever listened to by the government of any of our western democracies? Walt can think of only one prime minister or president who would heed the opinion of the people who elected him. I won't tell you his name but his initials are Donald Trump!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Jesus the Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! Alleluia!

The Holy Women at the Tomb, by William-Alphonse Bougereau

Walt Whiteman, Poor Len Canayen
[and Ed.! Ed.]
wish all our Christian readers
Happy and Holy Easter