Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Walt wishes the People's Cube: Happy 13th anniversary

As one who is totally opposed, always and everywhere, to totalitarianism, groupthink and imposed conformity, Walt wishes the People's Cube a very happy 13th anniversary.

Comrade Red Square writes: Time flies like sputnik! It was only 13 years ago that our founding members posed for this daguerreotype, but it seems like yesterday. Nothing has changed. Back then the token enemy of the people was Bush; today the token enemy of the people is Trump. The struggle is the same, and so are we. This picture has aged well....

The struggle for equality of results has claimed some of our comrades over the years. But our ranks have only grown with new comrades. For our old and new members, we offer a retrospect of our old photos, for some comrades to learn from them, for some others to bring back good memories.

Walt adds: Comrades, in spite of your valiant efforts of the last dozen years, the original five-year plan (B) has yet to be fulfilled! Be like our glorious Canadian leader, Neil Macdonald, and work tirelessly for the overthrow of the fascist populists and the populist fascists! Glory to Hillary in the highest and a piece (of the action) to her marginalized people on earth!

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