Tuesday, February 28, 2017

VIDEO: Mark Steyn: Is Canada the exception to a worldwide trend?

It's been a while since we had some straight talk from Mark Steyn. Last week the erstwhile citizen of the Anglosphere was in Canada for the Manning Conference, a conservative get-together akin to the CPAC conference in the USA. The Rebel's Brian Lilley cornered him for a wide-ranging interview on Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, and the trend to populism. How much longer will Canadians stand for the Trudeau government's liberal elitist nonsense? Check it out. Running time: 13 minutes.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Liberal government of Ontario plans further attack on parental rights

Faced with the certainty of a crushing defeat in the next provincial election, Ontario's Liberal (mis)government, led by proudly lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne, has introduced yet another measure to push gender ideology into the courts, schools and adoption/child protection services, and further reduce the rights of parents to raise their children without interference by the nanny state.

Ontario is one of the most liberal, most politically correct jurisdictions in North America. Following 14 years of Liberal misrule, Ontario boys can be considered girls, and girls can be considered boys. Ontario kids are being taught a sex-ed curriculum written by a convicted child pornographer -- Doctor (((Benjamin Levin))) -- and supported by both the fragrant Ms Wynne and Patrick Brown, the leader of the province's so-oxymoronical "Progressive Conservative" opposition.

Last month Ms Wynne's government introduced Bill 89, in the Ontario legislature. Laughably called the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, the new law will do nothing of the kind. In fact it will do the opposite of what its title proclaims. The bill is an attack on parental authority and will ultimately harm children.

By expanding the application of the definition of what is "a child in need", the bill, when it becomes law, will displace children from their family home even where there really is no need. Also, by pushing gender ideology onto child services, child protection, foster and adoption service providers, the bill will force judges to take into consideration a child's "gender identity and gender expression".

According to Agent 3, Bill 89 also attacks the right of parents to direct their children's religious upbringing. Parents and those who stand in loco parentis (and Children's Aid Services et al.) must bring up the child in accordance with the child's creed -- whatever that is. For example, if a child who is somehow determined to be a Rastafarian is placed with Catholic foster parents, they must do nothing to convert the child to the Christian Faith.

By eliminating the religious faith in a child's upbringing as an element of "services" to the child, Bill 89 diminishes the important role parents play in the spiritual and moral development of a child. Similarly, foster and adoptive parents will be treated unjustly if they don't subscribe to gender theory and/or ideology. For instance, if a child equipped with a penis, but who "identifies" as a female, is placed in care, the foster parents or care providers mustn't so much as question the child's "gender choice". They might even be required to assist the child in obtaining "gender reassignment therapy" (= a sex-change operation).

Walt predicts that, although ordinary Ontarians may oppose it (see link to petition below), Bill 89 will sail through the politically correct legislature. Walt further predicts that one of the unintended consequences of the new Act will be a dramatic decrease in the already low number of good-hearted people willing to adopt or act as foster parents. What's the point of being a foster parent or adopting a child if you can't bring up children according to the family values that you know are right and good for them.

Dear Ontario readers... If you fear for the future of your province, as well you might, you must let your voices be heard. The more you remain silent (for fear of being labelled as "old-fashioned" or "unprogressive" or "homophobic"), the more freedom you give up.

Tanya Granic Allen, President of Parents as First Educators, and Queenie Yu, a real conservative activist, plan on testifying before the government committee charged with studying the bill. They hope to present a petition against the bill, with 1000s of signatures, to place on record the fact that Ontario families are not OK with Bill 89 and the Wynne pro-queer agenda. Click here to read more about the bill, and sign the petition! Tell them Walt sent you.

Canada to fund killing of 1000s of Third World babies

In the sort of humanitarian gesture for which its elitist liberals are famous, Canada's International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau will announce this week that her alleged country will support a global "safe-abortion fund" set up in response to... wait for it... President Donald Trump's order banning American financing for any organizations that promote killing of unborn children.

Speaking to the Globe and Mail while on a junket to Amman, Jordan, Ms Bibeau said Canada will join an international campaign to fill a US$600 million gap left by President Trump's reinstatement of the so-called "global gag rule" prohibiting funding to international organizations that fail to disavow abortion. This is part of an initiative called "She Decides", sponsored by the Netherlands. The idea, you see, is to promote human development and help the world's poor by killing them before they are born, thus keeping population under control. Got it?

Ms Bibeau is touring the Armpit of the World (the Middle East) this week to announce that Canada will provide C$240 million (about $182 million in real money) over three years to address humanitarian needs in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. The latter two countries are already benefiting from Canadian assistance in reducing filthy cities like Raqqa, Palmyra and Mosul to rubble. The additional funding will be used to rebuild the shattered cities and support the basic needs of those hit hardest by the Muslim civil war, including food, shelter, health care, water, sanitation, hygiene, and... of course... abortion.

On a totally unrelated note... a new report from the Toronto Dominion Bank (TSX symbol "TD" -- worth a look!) predicts that Canada's budget deficit for this year could be as high as C$34 billion (roughly $26 billion US) -- $5 billion higher than the Liberal government planned for last March, thanks to weak economic growth and, errr, pouring beaverbucks down Third World ratholes. Good thing for the Gliberals that Canucks aren't allowed to vote until 2019!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Catholic prelates warn of dangers of Muslim immigration

Speaking at a conference on religion and migration yesterday, the Roman Catholic archbishops of Prague and Bratislava issued a frank warning yesterday that a flood of immigrants can pose dangers to society, and a surge in Islamic immigration raises special concerns.

Most Rev. Dominik Duka, Archbishop of Prague, said, "If there is migration that is unprepared and without any prospects, the whole society may disintegrate." He said that immigration must be subject to reasonable controls, which would "take into account not only the well-being of the afflicted, but we also necessarily protect the population of the host countries."

"The experience and current state of immigration in Western European countries are a sort of warning," the prelate added. "This is not any problem of the past five years, this is a problem of several decades." The Chairman of the Czech Bishopric Conference went on to say that "throughout the history of mankind, unregulated migration invariably brought violence, wars and an economic, cultural and social downfall."

Most Rev. Stanislaw Zvolensky, Archbishop of Bratislava, added a special concern about the massive influx of Muslim immigrants, noting the number of terrorist attacks by groups claiming Islamic motivation. "The facts can logically result in the conclusion that the bigger the Muslim community, the higher the likelihood of violent acts."

The prelate added that the influx of refugees was likely to affect Europe. "The arrival of thousands of migrants from the Muslim world can basically alter our civilization," he said. "We may not sustain the encounter primarily for demographic and cultural reasons in the course of decades." The countries of Western civilization had Christian roots, he explained, but the influence of Christianity on Western culture and society is on the wane.

Source: "Prague archbishop warns of uncontrolled migration", Prague Daily Monitor, 22/2/17. Walt's emphasis.

Further reading: "There Can Be No Living Together", by Jim Goad, Taki's Magazine, 20/2/17.

Your prayers, please, for John Vennari

Dear Catholic friends, in your prayers today, please remember John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News, a beloved husband, a father and dear friend. He was told by his doctors yesterday that he is now in the "active stages of dying," and may not live to see his birthday tomorrow.

John wishes everyone to know that he's not in pain. He wishes us all to know that "either we believe in Divine Providence or we don't. I believe in it, and I know that God has known for all eternity that I would be here in this hospital today, ready to die."

John also believes in miracles, as do I. Anything is possible with God. He wants us all to know that he's ready, that he loves God, and that his faith is so much stronger than his body just now. He wants our prayers.

Please pray also for his dear wife, Susan, seen here with his children and some Catholic friends at the Vigil of Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal in 2006. And please pray for John's beloved young daughters, Elizabeth and Philomena, and for his loyal son, Benedict, but especially for their dad who they love and cherish and respect deeply.

Thank you, John, for everything. God is with you, Mary is at your side and thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ are with you right now, every step of the way, united with you in prayer. You are not alone, and your unshakable faith shines like a beacon for us all. Pray for us, John. God bless you, and Mary keep. St. Philomena and Our Lady of Fatima—please pray for our brother John.

PS from Walt: This text has been adapted from an e-mail received from Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant. Thank you, Michael, for passing this along.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy birthday, Comrade Bob!

Further to "Mugabe's corpse could win next Zimbabwe election, widow-to-be says" (WWW 18/2/17), Walt hopes that Brian Gable, the Globe and Mail's estimable editorial cartoonist, will not mind our reposting of this graphic representation of this weekend's birthday celebrations for Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe, President for Life and Beyond.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Dutch Trump" reveals REALLY tough policy on migrants

So you think President Trump is coming down hard on bogus "refugees" and other illegal immigrants? Meet Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch populist Freedom Party (PVV). Netherlanders go to the polls on March 18th, and current opinion polls show PVV on track to win about 30 seats, which would make them the largest party in the new parliament.

What is it that makes Meneer Wilders and the PVV so popular? Glad you asked! It's the Dutch pushback against the invasion of their country by hordes of "refugees", asylum-seekers and other, mostly Muslim, third-world "migrants". Encouraged by Brexit and the election of President Trump [Are you SJWs getting used to it yet? LOL. Ed.] to believe they can turn things around, Dutch voters will be heading to the polls to vote for the PVV's frankly anti-immigrant platform, which includes "zero asylum", the de-Islamization of the Netherlands, the revoking of all "asylum" grants, the banning of all immigration from Muslim nations, and withdrawal from the European Union.

If you can read Dutch, click here to see the PVV election platform
. They promise to:
  • close Holland's borders
  • revoke all existing "asylum" residence permits
  • close all "refugee welcome centres"
  • ban Islamic headgear
  • denaturalize all criminal immigrants with dual nationality
  • keep ISIS supporters who fought in Syria from re-entering the country
  • close all mosques and Islamic schools
  • leave the European Union
  • institute a system of binding citizens' referenda
  • cancel all public funding for “foreign aid,” and
  • lower taxation as state expenditure drops.
Wow! Wouldn't you, dear AABC [American, Australian, British, Canadian] reader, love to see that programme implemented in your country? I want to believe it is possible to take our countries back from the third world invaders. There are precedents! Click here to read the story of Santiago Matamoros (Saint James the Slayer of Moors), who drove the Muslims out of Spain (WWW 24/7/14).

The PVV's hard-line policy has provoked a storm of protest from all the other parties in the Netherlands, who have called for a "cordon sanitaire" around the PVV to try and prevent it from taking part in a coalition government. During a recent television interview, Mr Wilders predicted PVV would be included in the next government, in spite of other parties' vowing not to work with him. "They'll have to [abandon their pledges]," he said. "You can' just shove two and a half million people aside after democratic elections. That would be very ill-advised."

Mr Wilders tweeted that there would be a non-violent revolt if the PVV was sidelined, and pointed out that an alternative left-right coalition would have to encompass five or more parties. "This will prove unworkable, and that kind of coalition would be so unstable that not only will it not serve the country, but it will be lying on its ass within a year, to put it crudely," he said. "The [immigration] sluices are wide open. We have to close our borders. Before the end of this century, Africa's population is going to increase from one to four billion people, and many of them want to come here. Only if you go to the polling booth and vote, can the Netherlands be ours once again."

Monday, February 20, 2017

VIDEO: Tommy Sotomayor: "Don't ban guns, ban niggaz!"

Tommy Sotomayor with some straight talk for American black people. He can get away with saying these things (and using the now verboten N-word) because he's, errr, black. Running time 11:29.

UPDATED: VIDEOS: What happened in Sweden?

The lamestream media, and Sweden's piously PC feminist government are pretending that President Trump was either lying or crazy when he referred on Saturday to the "terrible events in Sweden". Nothing out of the ordinary happened "last night" (Mr Trump's unfortunate phrase) they said, and it seems that is true, if you look at Friday night, February 17th. Sadly for the Swedish people, "the ordinary" is an ever-lengthening list of crimes, including rape and murder, committed by bogus refugees from Middle Eastern and North African shitholes. That is what Tucker Carlson was talking about on Tucker Carlson Tonight "last night". Check this out.

On Fox & Friends this morning, Mr Carlson said, "It seems like we may be missing the point of the story, which is there has been a massive social cost associated with the refugee policies and the immigration policies of Western Europe. Fifty years of immigration policy is coming to flower in Europe. We're not paying any attention. We're not drawing any of the obvious lessons from it. It's not working. That's the real point here."

President Trump referred to Malmö, a city in southern Sweden whose population is over 80% Muslim migrants -- legal and illegal. In January, the city's police chief issued a desperate plea for help curtailing a plague of attempted murders, beatings and rapes. "We cannot do it on our own," Chief Stefan Sinteus wrote in an open letter about the "upward spiral of violence". And it's not just typical crimes that any modern city would witness that he's talking about. Apart from the murders and rapes, Malmö had 52 hand grenade attacks last year, a jump from 48 such attacks in 2015.

And Chief Sinteus is not the only Swedish chef ["cop", shurely! Ed.] concerned about the Islamic crime wave. Police investigator Peter Springare is being investigated by the PC police now for a Facebook post in which he details what he saw during a typical week in the city of Orebro. His caseload for a five-day period earlier this month included: five rapes, three assaults, a pair of extortions, blackmail, an attempted murder, violence against police and a robbery. The suspects were all from Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey – except for one native Swede nabbed in a drug-related case. Describing those arrested, Mr Springare wrote, "Mohammed, Mahmod, Ali, again and again."

Here's another video on the terrible problems created by Muslim migrants in Sweden, to which President Trump was referring. Should we not be concerned about what happens when we allow hordes of them into our country? Or is that just being "Islamophobic"?

FURTHER READING (added 21/2/17): "Rioting erupts in immigrant-dominated Swedish suburb", Fox News, 21/2/17.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

RIP George "the Animal" Steele

So farewell then, Jim Myers, aka George "the Animal" Steele, who died in Florida this week at the age of 79.

Mr Steele will not likely arise from the grave, as it would appear in this photo, which is actually a still from one of Walt's all-time favourite movies, Ed Wood, in which he starred (as Tor Johnson, "the Swedish Angel") alongside Johnny Depp and Bill Murrray. He played Tor "the Swedish Angel" Johnson, a scary-looking wrestler who was discovered by B-movie director Ed Wood, and featured in Plan Nine from Outer Space. Wrestler turned movie actor. It made sense for Mr Johnson, and even more sense for Mr Steele.

As a WWE wrestler, George "the Animal" Steele sported a bald head, hairy back and green tongue. He was famous for his signature move of sinking his teeth into the turnbuckle pads around the ring. At a Boston Red Sox game in 2012, he pretended to take a bite from the baseball before throwing out a ceremonial first pitch.

Prior to throwing his hat and massive bulk into the ring, Mr Steele (as Jim Myers) earned a master's degree from Central Michigan University, and was a Detroit-area high school teacher and coach. In his last years, he suffered from Crohn's disease and often tweeted about his struggle with the malady, in an effort to raise funds for further research into its cause and treatment. RIP.

Mugabe's corpse could win next Zimbabwe election, widow-to-be says

Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Past-Present-and-Future President of the People's Republic of Zimbabwe, turns 93 next week. "Uncle Bob" has ruled Zimbabwe ever since the perfidious British handed the peaceful and prosperous country known as Rhodesia over to the black majority in 1980. He has never been officially declared President For Life, but that's how things have turned out. Now his second wife, Grasping Grace, says his reign will continue, even if (as most Zimbabweans wish) he dies.

Speaking on Thursday at a party rally in a dorp called Buhera, Zimbabwe's First Lady suggested that even if her husband's corpse is put on the ballot paper for elections due in 2018, people would still vote for him. The lovely and fragrant Grace has in the past made numerous controversial suggestions regarding Comrade Bob's 37-year rule, at one point claiming he will rule Zimbabwe from the grave or from a wheelchair, whichever comes first!

Mr Mugabe was one of the ruling Zanu-PF party's biggest strengths, his widow wannabe said. "Our first strength is in President Mugabe. Even if we go anywhere people will respect him," she said, adding even children were aware of his importance. "You hear people accusing me of still wanting to continue as the First Lady of this nation," she went on, "saying that is why I don't want to tell the President to retire. I am not the only one who voted for him. Only a fool will say that. We will field a candidate of a corpse on the ballot if God takes Mugabe and people will vote for him just to show how much the President is loved."

After the thunderous applause from the Zanu-PF supporters (Sid and Doris Moyo) died down, Grace added, "Let's wait for God's time when He decides that Mugabe should stop and then we enter into the race. But one thing you must not forget is that if you don't have Mugabe's support it will be difficult for you."

Walt, who lived in Zimbabwe for some time back in the day, would add that life itself will be difficult for the people of that unfortunate country, no matter who's squatting in the State House bequeathed to the ruler by the evil whites. Mother Africa always wins.

Friday, February 17, 2017

UPDATED: Pope Francis sez "no religion" is terrorist. LMAO!

Here, without edits or comments (other than my emphasis), are two posts from today's Catholic World News.

Pope lashes out at ‘corrupt’ global system, intolerance of foreigners

Pope Francis said that “no people is criminal and no religion is terrorist,” in a message to a California conference of popular movements.

“Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist,” the Pope said. He explained his point: “There are fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions—and with intolerant generalizations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia.”

In his address the Pope strongly endorsed the efforts by grassroots organizations to bring fundamental change to the world’s political and economic systems. He said that the global system today is “brutal” in its single-minded question for financial gain, and leaves many people by the wayside. The injustices of this system cannot continue, he said; “the system’s gangrene cannot be whitewashed forever because sooner or later the stench becomes too strong.”

The Pontiff charged that powerful interests preserve their status by encouraging fear of foreigners. Commenting on the parable of the Good Samaritan, he suggested that entrenched powers today are anxious to classify people as “neighbor” and “non-neighbor,” absolving themselves of their moral obligations toward those who are in need. He also said that corruption is widespread, and “the gutting of democracies is real.”

Pope Francis made these comments to a conference organizes by the Vatican’s dicastery for Integral Human Development and by the US bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development, in association with an activist group, the National Network of People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO).

Egyptian Copt gunned down; Islamic militants suspected

A Coptic schoolteacher was shot and killed in Egypt’s Sinai region on February 16, and officials indicated that a local affiliate of the Islamic State was suspected of orchestrating the murder. See update below.

Gamal Tawfiq was shot by two men who had followed him on a motorcycle as he walked home after classes in a school in the coastal town of el Arish. It was the second murder of a Coptic Christian this week, in a region where Christians have been under attack.

The men behind Catholic World News and CatholicCulture.org, Dr. Jeff Mirus and Phil Lawler, are big fans of the Holy Father. Apparently they misunderstand the doctrine of papal infallibility, for they seem to think Francis can do no wrong or teach no wrong, no matter how much his increasingly loony pronouncements (see first story) contradict reality (see second story). May God save His Holy Church!

: Another Coptic Christian has been killed by Islamic militants in Egypt's Sinai peninsula. That's the 3rd such killing in two days and the sixth in a month. See "Sinai, Coptic Christian killed with a bullet to the neck, third victim in two days", AsiaNews 24/2/17.

"Ethnic cleansing" of Europeans opposed by Danish parliament

The Danish people -- real Danish people, descendants of the Vikings -- have had enough of scenes like this! Who can blame them? How would you like to walk into an area of the city in which you were born, only to find that it had been occupied by Muslim invaders hell-bent on driving you out?

Of course you would be furious, and rightly so! But would your government, who invited the foreigners to come and make themselves at home -- too much so -- do anything? In an uncharacteristic fit of political incorrectness, the Parliament of Denmark this week passed a motion (over the fierce opposition of the leftist parties) calling on government to reduce the number of asylum-seekers and "family reunification" migrants. Here, translated from the Danish (click here to read the original), is the text of the motion:

Parliament notes with concern that today there are areas in Denmark, where the proportion of immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries is over 50 percent. It is the belief of the Folketing [parliament] that Danes should not be in the minority in neighborhoods in Denmark.

The government and parliament have implemented a number of austerity measures that have limited asylum flows significantly, and which prevents parallel societies.

Parliament calls on the government to proceed with a political objective to reduce the number of asylum seekers and the number of family reunification, coming to Denmark.

The motion was created after Danish media reports revealed that out of the 14,754 citizens living in Brøndby Strand, more than half -- 51% -- are either immigrants or their descendants born in Denmark. Likewise, some 8645 of the townspeople of Odense are of Danish origin, while 8749 are either immigrants or their descendants.

According to figures (sadly outdated) from Statistics Denmark, other areas with large "non-western" immigrant populations include Brabrand (36%), Ishøj (32%), Bronshoj (28%), Tilst (28%), Aarhus V (27%), Taastrup (24%), Copenhagen NV (23%), and Esbjerg Ø (22%).

Just how the motion can be implemented by the Danish government is unclear, but the fact that a European parliament has finally officially taken notice of the ethnic cleansing of white people by Third World immigration is a breakthrough in itself.

Further reading (and viewing -- contains embedded video: "WAR ON DENMARK'S STREETS: Migrant chaos sparks clashes between police and protestors", Express (UK), 4/12/16.

"I once knew a man from Nantucket..."

So said Homer Simpson in an episode, years ago, in which... Well, it doesn't matter. What matters in today's hectic world is to take time every day to have a good laugh. If you haven't heard or read any good jokes lately, open a book [Wat dat? Ed.] and read a few. It doesn't have to be a jokebook. How about a book of limericks? The limerick is an art form -- a blend of poetry and humour -- which seems to have been eclipsed by stand-up comedy which consists of political and ethnic insults.

We [Walt and Ed. Ed.] think it's time for something gentler. We have each contributed one of our favourite limericks, to wit:

There once was a man from Madras
Whose bollocks were made of rolled brass.
When they tinkled together
They played "Stormy Weather"
And lightning shot out of his ass.

There once was a man from Japan
Who wrote poetry no-one could scan.
When told it was so,
He replied, "Yes, I know,
"But I like to get as many words into the last line as I can."

Readers are invited to add their own favourites. No bonus for limericks about The Donald. And it doesn't matter because there are no prizes anyway. Click on the headline to open this post in a new window, and post your fave in the comments box. [I'm watching these for "language", so watch yours! Ed.]

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Habs shocker! Therrien out, Julien in

Cazart! Should have seen it coming. I (Poor Len) was watching the Montréal Canadiens get blanked by the Boston Bruins on Sunday night, and thought to myself, "Are these guys trying to get [Michel] Therrien fired?"

Well of course they were! Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, it appears to me that the team was hammering the final nail into the coffin that they began building the night Therrien yanked Carey Price after a couple of soft goals, and get the Stare Seen Across Canada. Et maintenant, pour Michelle, c'est terminé.

The lack of cordial relations between Michel Therrien and some of his players has been the subject of discussion before, notably last year when Habs GM Marc Bergevin was forced to choose between the coach and the "transcendant defenceman" (Dave Stubbs' phrase -- where's Dave now?), and, predictably, chose Therrien. Subban didn't have a lot of friends in the room.

With Price, and (to a lesser extent) Max Pacioretty, it's a different story. Both are genuine team leaders on the ice and in the dressing room, one by virtue of the "C" on his chest, the other by being, on many nights, the best player on the ice. As Price goes, so goes the team. And after an amazing start in October and November, Price... and the Habs... have been going steadily downhill. Price is untouchable, and rightly so, so... adieu Michel!

The funny thing is that this same thing happened before, in 2003. Therrien had coached le CH for three or so mediocre years, so he was given the boot and Julien brought in to replace him. Three years later, then-GM Bob Gainey gave the other boot to Julien and went in behind the bench himself, not that it did any good. I hope we're not going to go through this every 14 years!

As for Michel Therrien, my guess (since I missed this week's shocker) is that he'll wind up with the Las Vegas Golden Knights, due to join the NHL next year as Gary Bitchman's craze for promoting hockey in the desert continues unabated. All the talk last week, when Julien was fired, was that he'd be a perfect fit for Vegas. Since Julien and Therrien have the same physique, the same temperament and are both French-Canadians, Therrien should do just fine in Sin City. American fans won't even be able to tell the difference. Lifetime pct .986.

À lire: "Les défis de Claude Julien", de Mathias Brunet, La Presse, 15/2/17.

À voir (to see!): This week's edition of the HI/O show, with Montreal Gazette sportswriter Pat Hickey, and two former CH bruisers: Knucks Nilan and Georges Laraque. [That guy -- Laraque -- is HUGE! Too bad he wasn't really mean. Ed.]

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

VIDEO: Johnny Carson as the Great Carnac

I see Mickey Flynn has resigned, in the middle of the night no less. He is carrying the can, and rightly so, not for having talked to the Russkis about sanctions before he and President Trump were sworn in, but for being less than candid about having done so. It seems to me that Mr Flynn's resignation indicates that the new administration will indeed be different from the last quarter-century. The Clinton, Bush II and Obama administrations were all the same, in terms of stonewalling, denial, and a refusal of anyone to take responsibility for anything. Those who have high hopes for the Trump administration should be encouraged.

And now for something incompletely different. A number of readers welcomed Walt's posting of a clip from the old Tonight show in which Johnny Carson interviewed Robyn Hilton, a very budding starlet. One of my favourite segments of the show was the occasional appearance of the Great Carnac, a mystic seer from the pre-Islamist Middle East, who could divine the questions preceding the answers printed on the outside of hermetically sealed envelopes which had been stored on the front porch of Funk & Wagnall's, yada yada yada. The questions were inside the envelopes, see. The answers were printed on the outside. This was actually a refinement of the "Question Man" gag pioneered by Steve Allen, the first host of Tonight. Betcha didn't know that...

Anyhoo, here's the Great Carnac, featuring Johnny and Ed McMahon, he of the hearty laugh. Only geezers like me will get some of the jokes, but the funniest one -- SIS BOOM BAH is the answer -- seems to tie in nicely with Mike Flynn's resignation. Enjoy.

[Ed., I told you I'd tie it all together at the end!]

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jews must choose! (Arabs and Africans too!) : Marine Le Pen

As reported here a few days ago, Marine Le Pen is leading the polls in the race for the presidency of France. There is a better-than-even chance that she will make it through the two rounds of voting in the spring, to become the leader of the nation, by popular choice. (Lifetime pct .989.)

Here's one of the reasons why.

Although Angela Merkel's Germany is catching up quickly, France is home to western Europe's largest Jewish and Muslim minorities, with up to half a million Jews and an estimated five to six million followers of the Prophet finding refuge within her borders. Those who enter the country as "refugees" and asylum-seekers are, it seems, loath to give up the citizenship of their miserable homelands, just in case they ever want to return. For a holiday, let's say. (Tens of thousands of "refugees" living in Switzerland are reportedly using their welfare payments to fund extended holidays back home in the countries from which they supposedly "fled in fear of their lives".)

In a recent interview with France 2 TV, Mme Le Pen said that, if her Front National takes power in the spring, French Jews holding dual Israeli citizenship will have to give up one of their nationalities if Marine Le Pen. And dual nationals of Arab and African countries would have to renounce their French citizenship. French nationals, she explained, would be barred from holding the citizenship of countries outside the European Union, except for Russia, which she described as part of "the Europe of nations".

Israel, she said, "is not a European country and doesn't consider itself as such." But, she added, "I'm asking the Israelis to choose their nationality. It doesn't mean that if they don't choose French nationality, they have to leave."

As for Merkans, Mme Le Pen said that, despite her support for Donald Trump and her enthusiastic backing of his Executive Order restricting travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority states, holders of French and American passports would have to give up their French citizenship if they wished to hold onto their US passports. She did not say whether or not the same rule would apply to British dual nationals.

How refreshing to hear a European leader say that hers is a European country, and intends to remain that way. Those who want to keep one foot in Europe and the other in the desert wastes of Asia or Africa must realize that they can't have it both ways. Choose, they must!

À lire: "Le grand remplacement", commentaire de Steve Sailer, (in English), Taki's Magazine, 8/2/17.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Should criminal refugees and illegal aliens be identified as such?

Following reports in the Canadian media (and here on WWW!) that a Syrian "refugee" was arrested in Edmonton AB for sexual assaults on six teenaged girls, the usual suspects have started pissing and moaning that it's not fair to identify, as such, "refugees" and asylum-seekers charged with criminal acts.

CBC News quotes one Mohamed Huque, the totally unbiased executive director of the Islamic Family and Social Services Association, as saying that identifying miscreants who claim refugee status will "inflame a segment of our population who already harbour a bias, a discrimination or unfair views towards newcomers." That's his polite way of calling people who don't welcome Muslim invaders -- pardon, "newcomers" -- "racists".

The effect, of course, would be to "embolden" people like Alexandre Bissonnette, now the only suspect in the attack on a mosque in Québec City a couple of weeks ago. See "What REALLY happened at Québec City???", WWW 5/2/17 (includes great video with Gavin McInnes!) Mr Huque said the case is already being used "to incite fear of new immigrants, and has cast a negative light on thousands of refugees."

Obviously the best way to keep stories about the criminality of refugees -- Syrians, Muslims or "other" -- from being used to inflame passions against these poor seekers after freedom and a better life is not to ask them to refrain from abusing the hospitality of the host nations, but... wait for it... to keep such stories from being published. Or, at least, to stop identifying the perps as Muslims or Syrians or refugees or asylum-seekers or anything that would distinguish them from law-abiding white Christians.

Will Canada's government start censoring the lamestream media? Maybe, maybe not. Will the LMS start censoring themselves? They already do! The CBC, guilty guilty guilty of allowing comments on the Québec mosque story (only after the Mohamed became just a "witness") has kept closed the comments box on the West Edmonton Mall story and the terribly offended reaction of Mr Huque and the SJWs.

In the USA, by contrast, the new administration will start publishing weekly lists of crimes committed by illegal aliens. A new Office for Victims of Crimes Committed by Removable Aliens will provide quarterly reports studying the effects of the victimization by criminal aliens present in the United States, and will publish quarterly reports on the immigration status of all prisoners inside the country. So says President Trump's "Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States", issued on 25 January 2017.

During his election campaign, President Trump pointed out that illegal immigrants and "other non-citizens" in US prisons and jails had around 25,000 homicide arrests to their names (United States Government Accountability Office, March 2011). He also referred to the fact that there are at least two million convicted criminal aliens now inside the country, and that since 2013 alone, the Obama Administration had allowed 300,000 criminal aliens to return back into U.S. communities.

The executive order was issued in the interest of enhanced national security. Mr Trump pointed out, during the campaign, that between 9/11 and the end of 2014, at least 380 foreign-born individuals were convicted in terror cases inside the United States. (U.S. Senate Immigration Subcommittee, June 22, 2016).

The measures in the Executive Order should therefore have come as no surprise to anyone who had bothered to read Mr Trump's election promises. Contrary to what is now being asserted by the legal beagles hired by Democratic state governments to challenge the Oder, it is merely forcing the Department of Homeland Security to "ensure the faithful execution of the immigration laws of the United States, including the INA, against all removable aliens, consistent with Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution and section 3331 of title 5, United States Code," and "make use of all available systems and resources to ensure the efficient and faithful execution of the immigration laws of the United States."

In other words, President Trump's Executive Order does not in fact create any new laws, and merely insists that existing laws be enforced. Surely that's not asking too much of the courts... is it?

Footnote: In response to the Edmonton cops' request for more information about the West Edmonton Mall assaults, one witness and one additional victim of the Syrian refugee pervert have come forward. Walt will bring you further news of the Syrian refugee pervert as and when it happens. Censorship be damned!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome to Canada, Syrian refugees!

President Trump put a freeze -- perhaps temporary, perhaps permanent -- on allowing Syrian refugees into the USA. Canada's Prime Minister (and chief advocate for diversity in the free world) Justin Trudeau, promptly declared that anyone turned away from the Land of the Free was welcome to come to Canada. Especially Syrians, provided they're Muslim Syrians. Just say the magic words, "I vote Liberal!" and you're in.

What to make of the suggestion that some of those to be allowed in to the Great No-longer-white North are potential terrorists, or at least criminals? Oh pish-tush! quoth Hairboy. These are just peaceful people who have been oppressed and marginalized and disadvantaged, and deserve nothing but sympathy... and welfare cheques to show the love.

Walt wonders if M Trudeau has heard today's news from Edmonton, Alberta. That's the site of West Edmonton Mall, one of the biggest shopping centres in North America... hell, in the world! [How big is it? Ed.] It's soooo big that it has its own lake, complete with a little submarine you can ride in, part of a huuuuge water park, all indoors. (Anyone who's been to Edmonton will understand why.)

This weekend the waterpark was booked for a private party by the Non-Academic Staff Association which represents non-academic staff working on the University of Alberta campus. Police were called in about 10:30 PM on Saturday, following reports that a man had inappropriately touched six teenage girls while they were in swimming.

In his mild-mannered Canadian way, police spokesthingy Scott Pattison told the meeja, "It's fairly shocking. It's involved and traumatized six individuals and their families." The girls, all under 16, "were very courageous in coming forward and talking to the lifeguard," he added. "That’s not always the case."

Police arrested a man on scene and took him into custody. [Are we coming to the surprise ending? Ed.] Yes. The alleged pervert, now charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference, is Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, a Syrian refugee and father of six, who was not heard to shout "Allahu akbar!" as he was led away.

Innocent question: If Mr Soleiman is convicted, will he be sent back where he came from? Obvious answer: NO. Lifetime pct .989.

Footnote: Last year Sweden took in 163,000 "refugees" and asylum-seekers. CBC News (which doesn't seem to have the West Edmonton Mall story yet) quotes the Swedish Minister of the Interior as saying that 60,000 to 80,000 of them are to be deported or "asked to leave voluntarily". So polite those Swedes. But Canucks will be even more polite, even if it kills them!

Monday, February 6, 2017

VIDEO: Johnny Carson interviews starlet Robyn Hilton (1974)

I confess that politics and religion have me feeling somewhat worn out. My blood pressure is rising, and my doctor says they don't make the happy pills any more, so why (he suggests) don't I watch some TV, chill out a bit. Well, I tried that, and it just made things worse. SNL makes me apoplectic. Nothing for it, then, but to go to YouTube to hunt up some funny stuff from the the Golden Age of TV, back in... errr...

OK, there was no time when TV was anything other than the "vast wasteland" described by Newton Minnow. Bit I distinctly remember a number of shows that I enjoyed watching. One was The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. I watched that show regularly from back in the Jack Paar days until Johnny retired and handed over to Jay Leno. One of the recurring features I enjoyed -- the Great Carnac was the best -- was Johnny's interviews with young and hugely talented (wink wink) starlets, like Robyn Hilton, who appeared on 17 January 1974.

Ms Hilton -- no relation to Paris -- was born Robyn Molinaux. She popped up (or out) here and there on US TV and movie screens in the 70s and 80s. Her only appearance that I can remember was in Mel Brooks' excellent comedy, Blazing Saddles. Wait a minute (I hear you saying), wasn't Madeline Kahn the only credited actress in that piece? Oh nooooo! Robyn Hilton played "Miss Stein", the secretary to Governor William J. Le Petomane, played by Mel Brooks himself. Remember now? On Johnny's show she appears as a blonde, and gives ample evidence of the reasons why she was cast in the role. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

VIDEO: What REALLY happened at Québec City ???

What REALLY happened at Québec City is a good question, a very good question. Here's a précis of the story so far, as reported in the lamestream media and discussed on WWW here, here and (especially) here.

Just over a week ago, President Trump announced a temporary ban on travel to the USA by nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries. The ban was decried immediately by all right-minded progressive thinkers. One of the most vociferous decriers was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A week ago he got up on his hind feet to declare that the ban and its author were evil, all Muslims are wonderful peace-loving people, and any of them who were turned away from the USA would be more than welcome in Canada.

Even as Hairboy was speaking, two (2) people burst into the Islamic Centre (mosque) in the Sainte-Foy district of Québec City and opened fire on worshippers caught with their bums in the air. A shout of "Allahu akbar!" was heard. Six followers of the Prophet were killed and several more (numbers vary) wounded. Québec City cops immediately arrested two "suspects". One was Alexandre Bissonnette, a French-speaking Canadian. The other was Mohamed Belkadir, a "Muslim Canadian" said to be "of Moroccan origin".

After a night in police custody, M Belkadir was declared to be No Longer A Suspect, and released. Inspector Clouseau called him a "witness", not a suspect. M Trudeau chastised Fox News for describing him as a "Moroccan". The "witness" said police treated him very nicely.

That's the processed cheese version of a story which becomes more complex the more you think about it. What, Walt wonders, is the sharp cheddar version? What really happened there? The Velveeta version leaves unanswered these very good questions:

  • What kind of "witness" is Mohamed Belkadir? Do they mean he was just an innocent bystander? Or is he now a Crown witness? (That's the Canuck term for someone who has turned "state's evidence".)
  • How come other witnesses said there were two attackers, but the police now say there was only one?
  • How come Alexandre Bissonnette has been charged with six counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder, but none (0) of terrorism or anything like that?
  • Why did the reports of someone shouting "Allahu akbar!" disappear from the stories in the lamestream media?

I could go on, but will leave it to The Rebel's Gavin McInnes to propound what is certain to be dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Is it possible, he asks, that M Belkadir got a plea deal from the authorities? Why would such be offered? For reasons of political correctness, and to spare the Liberal governments of Canada and Québec the embarrassment of having to admit that the country has a Muslim problem. Have a listen.

"Vote for civilization!", Marine Le Pen tells French

Marine Le Pen, leader of  the Front National, today excoriated globalization and Islamic fundamentalism and called on the people of France to vote for civilization!

In her closing speech to this weekend's party at Lyon, Mme Le Pen blasted the "two totalitarianisms" threatening France. "We are at a crossroad...," she told the crowd. "This election is a choice of civilization." She asked whether her three children and other young citizens would have the rights and culture of the current generation. "Will they even speak our French language?"

Yesterday, to applause and cries of "On est chez nous!" ("We are at home!"), Mme Le Pen unveiled her "144 Commitments" -- a nationalist agenda that envisions a France unshackled from the European Union and NATO, that puts French people first. She promised drastic cuts in immigration, to ensure work, health care and other services for French citizens first.

Mme LePen said she is defending France's patrimony -- material and immaterial -- "which has no price" and is "irreplaceable." Running on the campaign slogan "In the Name of the People", she called on all French patriots, whether of the left or right to join with her. In politics, she explained, "the division is no longer right-left (but) patriot-globalist. You have your place at our side."

The FN leader told a cheering crowd that globalization is erasing France, just as Charles de Gaulle said predicted some six decades ago. Islamic fundamentalism is "planting itself in some neighborhoods...and vulnerable minds," she said, listing Muslim veils, mosques and prayer in the streets as unacceptable cultural dangers that "no French person...attached to his dignity can accept."

Talking about the effects of massive immigration, Mme Le Pen said, "When you arrive in a country, you don't start violating laws, demanding rights.... There will be no other laws and values in France but French."

Mme Le Pen's 144 Commitments include a promise to limit immigration to no more than 10,000 per year, and restrain "family reunification" policies that haave allowed many immigrants from former mainly Muslim French colonies such as Morocco and Algeria to bring in relatives. She also promised to add 15,000 police and 6000 border patrol officers, and to arrange for foreigners convicted of crimes to serve their prison terms in their homelands.

The French go to the polls this spring to elect a new president. Opinion polls show Mme Le Pen as favoured to win the first-round vote on 23 April. Whether or not she would win the run-off, on 7 May, depends on who opposes her. The socialists and right-wing parties are in disarray, beset by scandals, making it possible that a hitherto unknown centrist, Emmanuel Macron to be the other name on the final ballot. Walt will be watching closely.

Note from Ed.: Thanks to Poor Len Canayen for helping with translation. He reports that a lot of folks in La Belle Province wish a Marine Le Pen would emerge there, tout de suite!

Friday, February 3, 2017

VIDEO: Poor Len introduces a hockey show Habs fans should watch

Poor Len Canayen here. With SuperBowl coming up, it's time to talk hockey! High time too, because, since the beginning of the NHL season, Ed. hasn't allowed me any space at all -- zero -- to talk about how right I was that the Montréal Canadiens would be a vastly improved team this year, thanks to Marc Bergevin's genius trade to Nashville of P.K. Subban in return for which the Habs got one of the two best defencemen in the league -- Shea Weber.

I content myself with saying that I was right, and Dave Stubbs and all the other flaks for the "transcendant defenceman" (Stubbsy's phrase) were wrong. The Predators are having a mediocre season. Les Glorieux started off like gangbusters, causing some -- OK, me -- to wonder if they were going to finish the season with under 10 losses out of 82 games, like the 1976-77 club which still ranks as the Best. Hockey. Team. Ever.

First in their division, first in their conference, first overall in the NHL. Then came the 10-0 debacle in Columbus and we fans readjusted our expectations. The Habs had a very good record through October and on into November. Then came the injuries. I need both hands to count the number of regular players who were out of the lineup in December and January. Suffice it to say that at times it seemed there were more members of the St. John's farm team on the ice than members of the Big Club. Thank the hockey gods that Carey Price remained healthy, although arguably not at the top of his game.

In spite of the injuries and a pretty tough schedule in January, the Canadiens remain at the top of their division, and by the end of the month should be assured of a berth in the playoffs. The regulars are returning, one by one, with only Brendan Gallagher not able to answer the bell for tomorrow's afternoon game against OV and the Washington Capitals. Moreover, the Habs have added a good, experienced defenceman, Nikita Nesterov, acquired from the Tampa Bay Lightning. He scored his first goal as a Canadien in last night's rather shabby 3-1 loss to Philthydelphia.

Nesterov and the other Russians -- Montréal is beginning to look like the old Red Army squad -- are the subject of this week's discussion Hockey Inside/Out, a weekly quarter-hour of hockey chatted produced by the Montreal Gazette. It's a good little show that all Habs fans ought to watch, if only to enjoy "Knucks" Nilan's Montréal accent. Do all Canadians talk like that? Check this out...

Note from Ed.: This is not a promo piece for Poor Len. He is not one of the panelists on the show.