Thursday, February 23, 2017

Your prayers, please, for John Vennari

Dear Catholic friends, in your prayers today, please remember John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News, a beloved husband, a father and dear friend. He was told by his doctors yesterday that he is now in the "active stages of dying," and may not live to see his birthday tomorrow.

John wishes everyone to know that he's not in pain. He wishes us all to know that "either we believe in Divine Providence or we don't. I believe in it, and I know that God has known for all eternity that I would be here in this hospital today, ready to die."

John also believes in miracles, as do I. Anything is possible with God. He wants us all to know that he's ready, that he loves God, and that his faith is so much stronger than his body just now. He wants our prayers.

Please pray also for his dear wife, Susan, seen here with his children and some Catholic friends at the Vigil of Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal in 2006. And please pray for John's beloved young daughters, Elizabeth and Philomena, and for his loyal son, Benedict, but especially for their dad who they love and cherish and respect deeply.

Thank you, John, for everything. God is with you, Mary is at your side and thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ are with you right now, every step of the way, united with you in prayer. You are not alone, and your unshakable faith shines like a beacon for us all. Pray for us, John. God bless you, and Mary keep. St. Philomena and Our Lady of Fatima—please pray for our brother John.

PS from Walt: This text has been adapted from an e-mail received from Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant. Thank you, Michael, for passing this along.

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