Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Dutch Trump" reveals REALLY tough policy on migrants

So you think President Trump is coming down hard on bogus "refugees" and other illegal immigrants? Meet Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch populist Freedom Party (PVV). Netherlanders go to the polls on March 18th, and current opinion polls show PVV on track to win about 30 seats, which would make them the largest party in the new parliament.

What is it that makes Meneer Wilders and the PVV so popular? Glad you asked! It's the Dutch pushback against the invasion of their country by hordes of "refugees", asylum-seekers and other, mostly Muslim, third-world "migrants". Encouraged by Brexit and the election of President Trump [Are you SJWs getting used to it yet? LOL. Ed.] to believe they can turn things around, Dutch voters will be heading to the polls to vote for the PVV's frankly anti-immigrant platform, which includes "zero asylum", the de-Islamization of the Netherlands, the revoking of all "asylum" grants, the banning of all immigration from Muslim nations, and withdrawal from the European Union.

If you can read Dutch, click here to see the PVV election platform
. They promise to:
  • close Holland's borders
  • revoke all existing "asylum" residence permits
  • close all "refugee welcome centres"
  • ban Islamic headgear
  • denaturalize all criminal immigrants with dual nationality
  • keep ISIS supporters who fought in Syria from re-entering the country
  • close all mosques and Islamic schools
  • leave the European Union
  • institute a system of binding citizens' referenda
  • cancel all public funding for “foreign aid,” and
  • lower taxation as state expenditure drops.
Wow! Wouldn't you, dear AABC [American, Australian, British, Canadian] reader, love to see that programme implemented in your country? I want to believe it is possible to take our countries back from the third world invaders. There are precedents! Click here to read the story of Santiago Matamoros (Saint James the Slayer of Moors), who drove the Muslims out of Spain (WWW 24/7/14).

The PVV's hard-line policy has provoked a storm of protest from all the other parties in the Netherlands, who have called for a "cordon sanitaire" around the PVV to try and prevent it from taking part in a coalition government. During a recent television interview, Mr Wilders predicted PVV would be included in the next government, in spite of other parties' vowing not to work with him. "They'll have to [abandon their pledges]," he said. "You can' just shove two and a half million people aside after democratic elections. That would be very ill-advised."

Mr Wilders tweeted that there would be a non-violent revolt if the PVV was sidelined, and pointed out that an alternative left-right coalition would have to encompass five or more parties. "This will prove unworkable, and that kind of coalition would be so unstable that not only will it not serve the country, but it will be lying on its ass within a year, to put it crudely," he said. "The [immigration] sluices are wide open. We have to close our borders. Before the end of this century, Africa's population is going to increase from one to four billion people, and many of them want to come here. Only if you go to the polling booth and vote, can the Netherlands be ours once again."

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