Monday, February 20, 2017

UPDATED: VIDEOS: What happened in Sweden?

The lamestream media, and Sweden's piously PC feminist government are pretending that President Trump was either lying or crazy when he referred on Saturday to the "terrible events in Sweden". Nothing out of the ordinary happened "last night" (Mr Trump's unfortunate phrase) they said, and it seems that is true, if you look at Friday night, February 17th. Sadly for the Swedish people, "the ordinary" is an ever-lengthening list of crimes, including rape and murder, committed by bogus refugees from Middle Eastern and North African shitholes. That is what Tucker Carlson was talking about on Tucker Carlson Tonight "last night". Check this out.

On Fox & Friends this morning, Mr Carlson said, "It seems like we may be missing the point of the story, which is there has been a massive social cost associated with the refugee policies and the immigration policies of Western Europe. Fifty years of immigration policy is coming to flower in Europe. We're not paying any attention. We're not drawing any of the obvious lessons from it. It's not working. That's the real point here."

President Trump referred to Malmö, a city in southern Sweden whose population is over 80% Muslim migrants -- legal and illegal. In January, the city's police chief issued a desperate plea for help curtailing a plague of attempted murders, beatings and rapes. "We cannot do it on our own," Chief Stefan Sinteus wrote in an open letter about the "upward spiral of violence". And it's not just typical crimes that any modern city would witness that he's talking about. Apart from the murders and rapes, Malmö had 52 hand grenade attacks last year, a jump from 48 such attacks in 2015.

And Chief Sinteus is not the only Swedish chef ["cop", shurely! Ed.] concerned about the Islamic crime wave. Police investigator Peter Springare is being investigated by the PC police now for a Facebook post in which he details what he saw during a typical week in the city of Orebro. His caseload for a five-day period earlier this month included: five rapes, three assaults, a pair of extortions, blackmail, an attempted murder, violence against police and a robbery. The suspects were all from Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey – except for one native Swede nabbed in a drug-related case. Describing those arrested, Mr Springare wrote, "Mohammed, Mahmod, Ali, again and again."

Here's another video on the terrible problems created by Muslim migrants in Sweden, to which President Trump was referring. Should we not be concerned about what happens when we allow hordes of them into our country? Or is that just being "Islamophobic"?

FURTHER READING (added 21/2/17): "Rioting erupts in immigrant-dominated Swedish suburb", Fox News, 21/2/17.

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