Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jews must choose! (Arabs and Africans too!) : Marine Le Pen

As reported here a few days ago, Marine Le Pen is leading the polls in the race for the presidency of France. There is a better-than-even chance that she will make it through the two rounds of voting in the spring, to become the leader of the nation, by popular choice. (Lifetime pct .989.)

Here's one of the reasons why.

Although Angela Merkel's Germany is catching up quickly, France is home to western Europe's largest Jewish and Muslim minorities, with up to half a million Jews and an estimated five to six million followers of the Prophet finding refuge within her borders. Those who enter the country as "refugees" and asylum-seekers are, it seems, loath to give up the citizenship of their miserable homelands, just in case they ever want to return. For a holiday, let's say. (Tens of thousands of "refugees" living in Switzerland are reportedly using their welfare payments to fund extended holidays back home in the countries from which they supposedly "fled in fear of their lives".)

In a recent interview with France 2 TV, Mme Le Pen said that, if her Front National takes power in the spring, French Jews holding dual Israeli citizenship will have to give up one of their nationalities if Marine Le Pen. And dual nationals of Arab and African countries would have to renounce their French citizenship. French nationals, she explained, would be barred from holding the citizenship of countries outside the European Union, except for Russia, which she described as part of "the Europe of nations".

Israel, she said, "is not a European country and doesn't consider itself as such." But, she added, "I'm asking the Israelis to choose their nationality. It doesn't mean that if they don't choose French nationality, they have to leave."

As for Merkans, Mme Le Pen said that, despite her support for Donald Trump and her enthusiastic backing of his Executive Order restricting travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority states, holders of French and American passports would have to give up their French citizenship if they wished to hold onto their US passports. She did not say whether or not the same rule would apply to British dual nationals.

How refreshing to hear a European leader say that hers is a European country, and intends to remain that way. Those who want to keep one foot in Europe and the other in the desert wastes of Asia or Africa must realize that they can't have it both ways. Choose, they must!

À lire: "Le grand remplacement", commentaire de Steve Sailer, (in English), Taki's Magazine, 8/2/17.

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