Thursday, January 31, 2019

"Allahu akbar!" in Germany - cops arrest Iraqi "refugees" in bomb plot

If the headline bears a remarkable similarity to "'Allahu akbar!' in Canada - cops arrest Syrian 'refugees' in bomb plot" (WWW 25/1/19), that's because the story is virtually the same, except that the locale is City, Germany, and the number of "refugees" arrested is three instead of two.

German federal prosecutors announced yesterday that three Iraqi refugees have been arrested on suspicion of planning an Islamic extremist bomb attack. Die polizei said Shahin F. and Hersh F., both 23, and Rauf S., 36, were taken into custody in an early morning raid by a police SWAT team in the area of Dithmarschen, near the border with Denmark. German laws forbid the release of the last names of the jihadists, for reasons of political correctness.

The two younger men are suspected of preparing a bomb attack and violating weapons laws, and the older one is alleged to have aided them. A spokesthingy for the federal prosecutor's office said the men appear to have been in the early stages of planning. "We believe that Shahin F. and Hersh F. were firmly committed to carrying out an attack," she told reporters, "but...according to our information the concrete target and timing of the attack weren't determined yet." Oddly enough (?) that's exactly what the Mounties said in the Canadian case.

But the Germans went way farther than the ultra-PC Canucks, alleging the two men decided in late 2018 to "carry out an attack motivated by Islamic extremism in Germany." Imagine that! Unlike the mealy-mouthed Canucks, they actually used the words "Islamic" and "terrorists" in the same sentence! According to the spokesthingy, there are indications that they sympathized with ISIS, although there was no evidence so far that they were members of, or directed by Islamic extremists.

In December, the spokesthingy went on, Shahin F. downloaded instructions on how to build a bomb, and ordered a detonator from a contact person in Britain, but never got it as it was its delivery was stopped by Inspector Knacker of the Yard. At the same time, the two younger men carried out tests using about nine ounces of gunpowder extracted from New Year's fireworks, and asked Rauf S. to procure a firearm.

The head of the German federal police said a task force of around 200 investigators had searched properties in three states, while keeping a close eye on the suspects, who had refugee status under Angela Merkel's discredited Willkommenskultur policy. In a remarkable statement of the obvious, he told reporters "The case shows that the threat of Islamic terrorism is still present." Imagine that (again)!

It wasn't immediately clear when the suspects came to Germany. More than a million "refugees" and asylum-seekers entered Germany in 2015-16, most of them young followers of the prophet Mohammed from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The involvement of several asylum-seekers in extremist attacks or plots has helped boost support for the anti-immigrant Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party.

Security authorities have thwarted several Islamic terrorist attacks in Germany since the killing of 12 innocent people when a truck mowed down people at Berlin's Christmas market in 2016. Yesterday's news is bound to be repeated. The barbarians are not just at the gates, but inside the gates, and there will be no getting them out now.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

VIDEO: Every skinny white airline passenger's nightmare

This is a coincidental follow-up to "Why Walt doesn't fly any more - 'Allahu akbar!' in the air", WWW 25/1/19. I must admit that, no matter how useless you think the TSA is, you don't find yourself on the plane with a fanatical Muslim all that often, at least not in North America. But the scene in today's video is all too real, and happens all that often because of the fattitude of average Americans -- the kind you see on Judge Judy. Check this out.

On January 2nd, the unidentified white woman seen in the video booted off a United Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Newark for having the audacity to complain -- not to the airline but to a friend on the phone -- about being seated between two very large black people, who she said were "squishing" her. The video was shot by the BBW on the woman's left, a nurse named Norma Rodgers, who subsequently posted it to FB to proclaim the couple's victory over fat-shaming and "negativity".

The lamestream media reports say it was Ms Rodgers who was subjected to verbal abuse, which is what she claims in her complaint to the flight attendant. What I heard the white lady say was "Oh my goodness! I don't know how I'm going to do this for the next four hours. This is just impossible cause they're squishing me. Like, friggin' just unbelievable. At least they’ll keep me warm. I can't sit here because they're both so big on left and right. I can't even sit here."

Sounds to me more like a statement of fact, rather than abuse, and please note the white lady's saying it not to Ms Rodgers but to whoever's on the other end of her cellphone conversation. It's the BBW who stops chewing on her cud to say, "Bitch, please. OK?!" Who's aboozin' whom? And Ms Rodgers is the one who says to the FA, "I will not be verbally abused by anybody. I'm not tolerating it!"

The flight attendant asks the woman if she would like to wait in the rear while they see if there is a free seat, and the offer is accepted "Thank goodness." That's when other passengers decide to confront the lady because, obviously, she's white and she doesn't want to sit with the black folkses.

One gentleman, who appears to be of the coloured persuasion, shouts that the woman's complaint is really all about MAGA. The woman tells replies that she's "not politically correct" and adds, "Why don't you try and sit between those two big pigs?" Notice that she didn't say "black" or any other race-related word. Nor did she say "fat". It's the BBW who shouts "Bitch, kiss my fat ass!" as the white lady is led away.

Such is the state of interpersonal relations in the "post-racial America" which was ushered in by the (first) election of the Prez. How wonderful to be alive in America now. Just don't count on the "friendly skies" being as friendly as they once were.

Guest editorial: Embrace liberty, get rid of the hijab!

Walt likes to make readers aware of important dates and events -- things you should know so that you can make the proper adjustments to your view of the world. In particular, you must think some more about the Religion of Peace (TM) and how our society should embrace it, and all followers of the Prophet Mohammed, including (without limiting the generality of the foregoing) ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and the Taliban. M-103.

You will hear more about being nice to Muslims on February 1st, which the powers that be (you know who they are) have decreed to be World Hijab Day. Seriously. Not making this up. The good folks at Dr. Rich Swier's blog have submitted an editorial which Walt is pleased to post below.

The mission of World Hijab Day (February 1st) is to allegedly make non-Muslims aware of the societal response to Muslim women who wear a hijab. Perhaps Muslim women feel uncomfortable wearing the hijab in public because they know that millions of Americans see the hijab as exemplifying one of many harsh tenets of Sharia law that oppress women.

The hijab has replaced the pink triangle as the progressive left’s top symbol of diversity. However, tens of millions of Americans including thousands of Muslim women view the hijab as a symbol of Islamist, misogynistic repression. Nearly sixty percent of Muslims in America do not wear the hijab according to Pew Research published by NPR on April 21, 2011.

Some scholars of Islam teach that the Quran does not mandate the hijab. The hijab was invented and mandated by Mussah Sadr, an Iranian mullah, in the 1970s, 1300 years after the Quran was written. Sadr issued a Sharia edict that required women to wear the hijab to allegedly prevent their rape. Women In The World media published an article on September 15, 2015 titled “The day 100,000 Iranian women protested the head scarf.” The article displayed a seldom-seen collection of photographs, shot in Tehran in 1979, of thousands of women who are not wearing hijabs or other oppressive attire prior to Sadr enforcing Iran’s new Islamist hijab law.

British Muslim Qanta Ahmed wrote on March 18, 2017 in The Spectator UK: “As a Muslim, I strongly support the right to ban the veil. At last, the European Court of Justice has made a stand for European values. Rigid interpretations of the veil are a recent invention. They’re derived not from the Quran or early Islamic tradition but from a misogyny which claims a false basis in the divine.”

The same Sharia law that dictates women must wear the hijab also advocates harsh discipline (abuse) of wives, genital mutilation of girls and honor killing of allegedly dishonorable females. Hopefully, Muslim women will embrace the fullness of the liberty that is extended to them by the United States Constitution by doffing the oppressive hijab as most other Muslim women have done in America as well as take a stand against the harsh Sharia tenets that oppress them.

Further reading (and watching): "'Ordinary Muslim' sez banning the burqa makes sense", WWW 18/1/19.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Poor Len writes: If I were Marc Bergevin...

Poor Len Canayen here. Ed. wanted an excuse to run this beautiful photo again, so has invited me to talk about what's likely to happen with/to our beloved Montréal Canadiens, now that the so-called all-star game is over and we can get on with real hockey.

It is often said that the position of the teams at the all-star break pretty much spells out where they'll finished when the regular season winds up in early April. That's good news for fans of le bleu, blanc et rouge, because the Habs, to the suprise of everyone including themselves, are in third place in the NHL's Atlantic Division, just one point behind the Toronto Maple Laffs.

Even if the positions are reversed, that would mean Toronto vs Montréal in the first round of the playoffs, something which hasn't happened since 1979. You couldn't ask for a better rivalry than that, although Montréal vs Boston would be pretty close.

The prospect of a playoff run has to change Habs' GM Marc Bergevin's plans for changes to the roster. Before the season started, when everyone was counting the Habs out before the first whistle blew, the conventional wisdom was that M Bergevin would stand pat with the team he'd assembled over the summer, and be neither a buyer nor a seller at the end-of-February trade deadline. The GM himself said he didn't see any need to pick up a "rental" to give the team a boost at playoff time. I'm guessing he is having second thoughts now, so here's my suggestion for a blockbuster trade that could keep les Glorieux from bowing out in the first round.

What I'd do... if I were Marc Bergevin... which I'm not, I know... is... wait for it... get on the phone to Chuck Fletcher, who was hired in December to manage one of the worst teams in the NHL... namely... wait for it... the Philadelphia Flyers. My feelings about Philthydelphia and its alleged sports teams are about the same as those of Bill Burr, but the Flyers have 5 -- count `em, 5 -- assets that could help the Habs, and vice versa. So I'm talking straight-up trade... or pick any 2, 3 or 4 from each list.

Philadelphia Flyers -- Scoring punch comes from 2 solid centres, Sean Couturier and Claude Giroux, and 2 good right-wingers, Jakub Voracek and Wayne Simmonds. (I should mention that Simmonds is black, and I say that to put paid to all the flak I've been taking for my repeated shots at P.K. Subban, who I'm still glad is gone.) And Habs still only have 3 experienced defencemen, so how about picking up Radko Goudas. He's the type who puts the fear on his opponents (as well as his teammates, sometimes) and Montréal needs that.

Montréal Canadiens -- Sorry I couldn't find a left-winger on Philly to trade with the Habs, who have a surplus. The real trade bait is Jonathan Drouin, who was supposed to be the next superstar who would single-handedly lift the team out of the cellar. Didn't happen last year. As for this, I see flashes of brilliance but I also see inconsistency, and I'd trade Drouin for someone who's going to show up for every game. The other two left-wingers, Artturi Lehkonen and Charles Hudon, are, sorry to say it, choke artists. Hudon tries hard, but has a problem with his hand-eye coordination or timing or something. Lehkonen just doesn't seem to care. They've both had ample opportunity to prove their worth, but have failed.

The other two players on my time-to-go list are defencemen: Karl Alzner and David Schlemko. Last I heard, Schlemko got waived through the league and is presently toiling with the AHL Laval Rocket. There's a reason why no-one picked him up. The reason, in the case of Alzner, was the size of his huge contract, one of Bergie's poorer moves. He's not a bad D-man, but just can't play the style that coach Claude Julien wants. The emphasis now is on speed and the ability to move the puck. Alzner is only a bit faster than Hal Gill (who I really liked, by the way) and seems content to stop skating when he gets to the opponent's blue line, which used to be fine, but that was then.

There you have it, fans, 5 players from each team who could be the subject of trade discussions in this off week. I know I haven't factored in age, contract terms, upcoming free agencies and so on. That's the stuff general managers think about, and I am merely a humble fan. Selah.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

VIDEO: How the CBC transforms Trudeau's Syrian "refugees"

Following up yesterday's report on the arrest of two young men in Kingston ON on suspicion of plotting a terrorist act, specifically a bombing...

1. Only one of the young men, a yoof who cannot be identified in any way under Canada's liberal Youth Justice Act, was actually charged. The other, a 20-year-old named Hussam Eddin Alzahabi [not Mohammed? Ed.], has been released.

2. Mr Alzahabi and the unidentified yoof were both "refugees" who came to Canada in fulfillment of Canuck Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's campaign promise to bring 50,000 downtrodden Muslim "refugees" to Canada where they would become loyal and productive citizens, yada yada yada. Don't believe what the CBC -- the Canadian government's truly owned broadcaster -- tells you. Listen to me! And if you don't believe me, listen to Ezra Levant as he unpacks the CBC's furious walking back of the embarrassing "refugee" part of the story.

If you missed the tragic story Mr Levant refers to -- how one of Mr Socks' "refugees" murdered BC teen Marrisa Shen -- you'll find the details here (WWW 10/9/18).

And remember, all you frostbacks out there... M-103!

Liberal MP Raj Grewal confirms decision NOT to resign

Agent 3, who follows Canadian politics like a tort lawyer follows an ambulance, has sent us a short story from the Canadian Broadcorping Castration to the effect that Raj Grewal, Member of Parliament for Brampton East, has confirmed his tentative decision not to resign his seat, after first promising that he would resign to "focus on [his] mental health" and other personal problems, such as handling large sums of money. See "Told ya so! Grewal now says he will NOT resign", WWW 1/12/18.

As Walt told you, what the honourable Mr Grewal said in November was that his decision was tentative. He would have a good think over the Christmas break [Do Sikhs celebrate Christmas? Ed.] and let his anxious constituents (and financial advisors) know for sure in the new year. In a Facebook post yesterday evening (when everyone was conveniently looking at breaking news of an Islamic terrorist plot unfolding in Kingston ON), Mr Grewal said the last two months have been "a challenging time, but also a period of immense personal growth." He has since paid back his gambling debts, he said, and that every loan he took from family and friends to do so is transparent and traceable. Out of respect for his family and friends he provided no further details.

Mr Grewal has grown up sufficiently (he asserts) to be able to represent the interests of the good people of Brampton East and the state of Khalistan in the Canadian Parliament. He will therefore continue to sit in the House of Commons until the October general election, albeit as an independent MP, so as not to embarrass his good friend Mr Socks (the one on the left in the picture). Whether the Liberals will run a candidate -- with or without turban -- against him in October remains to be seen.

Friday, January 25, 2019

"Allahu akbar!" in Canada - cops arrest Syrian "refugees" in bomb plot

Cries of "Allahu akbar!" were not heard in Kington ON, because the Mounties, "assisted by the FBI", nipped in the bud a plot by followers of the Prophet Mohammed to "deliver, place, discharge or detonate an explosive or other lethal device...against a place of public use with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury." That's one of the charges laid today against a "young person" who cannot be named or otherwise identified under the provisions of Canada's ultra-lax Youth Justice Act.

Police also charged the "young person" with knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity. Along with the lad (or ladette), Inspector Knacker also arrested an adult male whom CBC News, disregarding M-103, identifies as... wait for it... Hussam Eddin Alzahabi, a friend of the "young person".

Mr Alzahabi also happens to be a "refugee" whose family, originally from Syria, came to Canada in 2017, during Canuck Prime Minister Just In Trudeau's frantic campaign to bring more than 50,000 Syrian refugees to Canada through government and private sponsorships. (The Alzahabi family had actually been in Kuwait for 10 years, but that's not important.)

According to a bulletin posted to the website of a Kingston-area Catholic church detailing the journey of the Alzahabi family, the family's sponsorship application was approved in the spring of 2016, but the family was still awaiting its final security and health checks that fall due to the "overwhelming number of applicants." It appears that those checks may, errr, never have been completed.

Mr Alzahabi's father, Amin, told the meeja today that his son had been arrested but not charged. "I want to know where he is," the father said at his Kingston home. Professing astonishment at the arrest of his son, he went on to tell a CBC News interviewer, "They tell me they search about him about terrorists. I know my son, he didn't think about that. He like Canada. He like the safety in Canada. How could he think about that? It's fake news about my son. I trust my son. I know he cannot do anything against any human, humanity. They inspected everything from my house. They didn't find anything. I think this is not good."

"Not good" indeed! Looks bad at a time when immigration and border security are emerging as the ballot questions for this fall's general election. And don't think the Prime Minister's Office hasn't noticed. Speaking at a "town hall" meeting in Miramachi NB yesterday, Mr Socks warned voters to "be wary of fear-mongering about immigration". A young Syrian "refugee" then thanked him for allowing her family to come to Canada. Any suggestion that the PM was informed in advance of the pending arrest and that the Miramichi event was a lame attempt to get in front of the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim backlash is of course nonsense, and deserving of prosecution. M-103!

Meanwhile, the Gliberal propaganda machine, in concert with the CBC and Canada's tame media [$650 million does a lot of taming! Ed.] are already working hard on damage control. At a presser this afternoon, Inspector Knacker of the RCMP said the investigation is still ongoing, and refused to comment on the ideological motivations of the people apprehended or say if they had any ties to foreign elements.

Elsewhere, Islamic community groups, mental health workers and police officers are meeting even as we speak to "calm fears and discuss ways to prevent an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant backlash". See? Those are the CBC's words, not just Walt's! Bronek Korczynski, who led the Alzahabi family's sponsorship through Our Lady of Lourdes church, said the community groups that met today will attempt to head off rumours and spread the message that the alleged offences have nothing to do with Islam. Yeah. Right.

Further reading:
"Arrests in Terror Plot Raise Questions About Canada’s Refugee Embrace", in (gasp!!) the New York Times, 25/1/19.
"Undefended border with Canada threatens both countries", WWW 21/1/19. Includes video.

VIDEO: Why Walt doesn't fly any more - "Allahu akbar!" in the air

I used to be a frequent flyer, and I'm not just talking North America, but Europe, Asia and even the Dark Continent. Saw a lot of weird stuff, but never (thanks be to God) anything like this.

According to Aerotime News, this happened yesterday afternoon aboard a Boeing 737-800 operated by Transavia (the discount airline of Air France-KLM) as flight TO4118 from Paris Orly to Tunis Carthage International Airport.

Somewhere over Sardinia, the big guy with the beard, a Tunisian and a devout follower of the Prophet Mohammed, decided he wanted to go into the aisle of the aircraft to say his prayers. The cabin crew took a dim view of this -- perhaps luncheon was being served -- and wrestled the man, heard shouting "Allahu akbar!" to the deck.

You can also hear passengers shouoting, perhaps responding to the man's cries that he was Muslim like them and that they should help him! Aerotime News quotes local news outlet France Bleu as saying the cabin crew thought the man was heading for the cockpit and they'd better do something before there was an MH370-type incident.

After the man was subdued, the plane was diverted to the Nice-Côte d’Azur airport, where it landed safely. Although he fought furiously, again shouting "Allahu akbar", the passenger was arrested by the gendarmes and transported (at no extra charge) to the local hoosegow. However, "after medical examination, his health condition led to lifting custody in the prospect of forced hospitalization in a psychiatric facility," according to the city prosecutor.

The rest of the passengers spent the night in Nice before continuing their trip this morning. [Nice! Ed.]

Thursday, January 24, 2019

VIDEO: New campaign ad for Just In Trudeau's Gliberal Party

Canucks go to the polls in October to prove (Walt hopes) that they are not so gullible as to re-elect Mr Socks and his ultra-liberal, ultra-PC meat puppets and hangers-on. [You never know with Canadians! Ed.] The campaign has started though, with Just In Trudeau and his female alter ego Chrystia Freeland finding new ways to signal virtue every day. The state-controlled media are already engaged in furious arse-likhan, and paid advertisements will air very soon. Like this one.

Of course it's just possible that this might be a spoof, but as Ed. says, with Canadians you never know. The only way to bring sanity back to the Great No-longer-white North is to vote for the People's Party of Canada. See "Attention Canucks! People's Party of Canada now OFFICIAL", WWW 19/1/19. I'm told that in less than a week, the new party has raised over a quarter of a million beaverbucks. The handwriting is starting to appear on the wall, but will the Liberals notice? Errr, no.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

VIDEO: Why Ron Paul voted against Martin Luther King Day

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday in the USA, although not widely celebrated everywhere, including in my corner of the woods. The law proclaiming the holiday was passed by Congress in 1983. Dr Ron Paul was a member of the House of Representatives then. In this 21-minute video he explains why.

Monday, January 21, 2019

VIDEO: Populism marches on! Today, Spain! Where next?

For months now, Walt has been reporting on the rise of parties of the "populist right". (There are so many terms in use now -- conservative, neo-conservative, libertarian, right-wing, alt-right etc -- that I'm trying for one phrase which encompasses all the groups and movements whose goal is to overturn the socialistic, politically correct, one-world orthodoxy of the liberal elites, so "populist right" it shall be, at least here on WWW.

Spurred on by the success of the Brexit referendum and the election of President Donald Trump -- still going strong half-way through his first term -- parties that represent the real people who have been the silent majority in Europe and North America have won several sub-national and national elections, and are poised to take power soon in such bastions of liberalism as Germany (Goodbye, Angela Merkel!) and Canada (Good riddance, Justin Trudeau!)

Which brings us to Spain. [What?! Ed.] Yes, you heard right, friends. It wasn't so long ago that Deutsche Welle, the official German broadcaster, featured a story headed "Spain proves sterile ground for far-right parties". I love it when analyses such as that come back to bite the writer in the bum, and that's what happened in the Spanish province of Andalusia this weekend, when the populist right Vox party made huge gains in the provincial election.

In a result which the same Deutsche Welle says "has shaken Spain's political foundations", Vox won 12 seats (out of 109) in the elections, marking the first time they've made it into a Spanish parliament.

Political scientist Eduard Güell, the "unbiased" political scientist quoted by DW, says the fact that it happened in Andalusia, which has been ruled by a social democratic party since 1982, was all the more surprising.Until now, it seemed that Spain was somehow immune to the electoral rise of the populist right, like Germany's Alternative für Deutschland, Italy's League and many others. See "People's Parties on the rise. Are you in?", WWW 21/9/18

Why did Vox win bigly? An anonymous voter told Deutsche Welle's reporter, "[Vox] are the ones who have prioritized the defence of our homeland." Right! Defence of the homeland. Defence against what or who? The foreign invaders, possibly? [What? Who? Ed.] Do I have to name them? In the video you'll hear them called "migrants". What is meant is... wait for it... Muslim "refugees" and asylum-seekers. See "Saint James Matamoros, Spain needs you again!", WWW 29/7/18. Includes video on how Saint James the Great came to be called "Matamoros".

What does this mean for the future of Spain, and of Europe? Prof Güell concedes that most polls predict that Vox will make similar gains at the national level. "All signs indicate that Vox has come to stay," told DW. In his opinion, "one cannot understand how the far right has erupted in Spain without understanding the European and international perspective and how these populist far-right parties communicate and feed off each other."

Why so? Because -- this is Walt talking now -- border security and keeping out those who would replace our culture and way of life with their alien laws and ideology is the chief concern of the majority of "real people" in every country of Europe and North America! It is no surprise to me that the populist right is on the rise. The only question is whether we, the people, will rise up soon enough and strong enough to save our civilization.

Further reading: "Will the radical right consolidate power in the heart of the EU this year?" by Cas Mudde, in the very liberal Guardian, 11/1/19.
Walt's answer to the question, noting that Marine Le Pen's Front National stands at 24% in French polls, compared with 17% for Emperor Macron's party, and that Matteo Salvini is far and away the most popular politician in Italy, is YES! `tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Further viewing: "Bannon vs Frum: The future of Western politics is populist", WWW 16/11/18 - Complete video of the now famous debate.

VIDEO: Undefended border with Canada threatens both countries

For many months now, Walt has been reporting on the problems at the World's Longest Undefended Border (TM), particularly at St-Bernard-de-Lacolle QC, where 10s of 1000s of "refugees" from the USA (!) have crossed illegally into the Great No-longer-white North following Canuck Prime Minister Trudeau's infamous tweet in which he offered asylum to anyone, anyone fleeing the horros of Trump's Amerika. No questions asked. Welcome to Canuckistan. See "True stories from the US-Canada border", WWW 11/2/17 and "Canucks ask US Homeland Security to help turn back border jumpers", WWW 23/10/17.

Those stories have focused on the problems caused by the lack of border controls on the Canadian side. A particularly egregious example is the true story of Abdullahi Hashi Farah, a follower of the Prophet Mohammed who came to the USA as a refugee only to commit numerous criminal acts. American authorities would like to arrest and (maybe) deport him, so he did the logical thing and refugeed right quick to Canada, where he was arrested and released three times because he was honest enough to declare that he was in trouble in the USA. See "Somali gangsta enters Canada illegally, allowed to stay 'because he was honest'", WWW 14/12/18, includes video.

But the ever-increasing tide of terrorists and criminals runs in both directions, and at least some American lawmakers have started to notice. Last week, the incoming chair of the House Homeland Security Oversight and Management Efficiency Subcommittee, Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA), said that President Trump's focus on the US-Mexico border is leaving unaddressed threats from America's northern border. In an interview with CTV's Richard Madan, Mr Correa said that, because personnel and resources are being diverted to the southern border, the northern border is "totally wide open". Here's the report from CTV News.

"Big swaths of area between Canada and the U.S. -- nobody watching," said Mr Correa. "A lot of negative things go in and out: drug trade, arms trade, things that happen on the northern border that nobody's watching. And it's happening now." He said he had been warned by a US border agent that the Canadians were being complacent, worrying only about the bogus refugee claimants coming into their country from the the USA.

In its "Northern Border Strategy", the Department of Homeland Security said the biggest threat from Canada was the illicit drug trade. It also warned of terror threats "from homegrown violent extremists [Not Islamists, surely! Ed.] in Canada who are not included in the American government's consolidated terrorist watch list and could therefore enter the United States legally at Northern Border ports of entry...without suspicion."

Rep. Correa's accusations aren't new. At a hearing of the same committe back in November of 2017, Rep. John Katko (R-NY) warned that several facilities on the American side of the border, including crossings at Niagara Falls NY and Champlain NY, have been "woefully neglected". A sign at one border crossing shows there are "200 vacancies" for Border Patrol agents at the Canadian border.

For want of adequate manpower to do proper inspections and vetting, Islamic terrorists and criminals of all religions can slip the great undefended border without detection. "We have to recognize the northern border is a threat just like the southern border," he said, "and I would argue that because of lack of attention it is more than a threat."

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Attention Canucks! People's Party of Canada now OFFICIAL

Regular readers of WWW will know that Walt is sympathetic to Canadian Member of Parliament Maxime Bernier and his newly-formed People's Party of Canada. If you want to know why, check out "'Max! Max! Max!' - Bernier's Toronto speech, complete" (26-minute video), WWW 20/11/18. One of our agents has forwarded an e-mail received from Max yesterday afternoon. Here's what he had to say.

Today is a historic day. Only four months after I announced its launch, the People's Party has today officially been registered by Elections Canada.

We are the fastest-growing political party in Canada's history! I am incredibly proud of our team of supporters and organizers across the country who made this possible.

There follows a pitch for donations, which are now tax-deductible. Our agent tells me that in less than 24 hours, that appeal brought in $72,000! Even when you convert it to real money (US$54,000) that's a lot for less than a day in Canada!

The ultra-liberal government of Just In Trudeau has called four by-elections for February, which will provide a quick test of their popularity -- falling fast! -- and the appeal of the new People's Party. If you're a Canadian citizen (no matter where in the Great No-longer-white North you live), now is the time to get involved with the only party that speaks for you!

Click here to read the party's platform -- interesting to note the similarities with the aims of France's gilets jaunes (= yellow vests) movement -- and click here to join the People's Party of Canada! Tell `em Walt sent ya!

Friday, January 18, 2019

VIDEO: "Ordinary Muslim" sez banning the burqa makes sense

Tarek Fatah, who's been mentioned and quoted in WWW before, is a columnist for the Toronto Sun. He's also a Muslim -- not one of the Islamic fanatics, but by his own account an "ordinary Muslim". Another thing that he's not is a right-wing ranter. In this video, he says that in the Ontario provincial election last June, he didn't vote for Doug Ford, the populist who won in a landslide.

So it seems Tarek Fatah is a pretty reasonable person. He's the one who gives the lie to the contention that there are no "moderate Muslims". Yet he advocates a ban on Islamic dress, particularly the burqa -- the shroud-like garment which covers conservative Muslim women from head to toe, leaving only a small slit through which they can look out. In just under seven minutes, Mr Fatah gives his reasons for such his views, characterized by the usual SJWs and NPCs as "racist" and "Islamophobic". Can you imagine a Muslim being an Islamophobe? Check it out.

Thanks and a flip of the fez to Agent 6 for sending us the link to this interview.

Further reading:
"French leader calls for ban on religious headgear and symbols in all public places", WWW 21/10/16.
"Politically incorrect Denmark bans burqa, niqab", WWW 31/5/18.
"Majority of Québécois want crucifix displayed in National Assembly, religious headgear banned in public sector", WWW 26/11/18.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Indonesian fisherman says he saw MH370 crash

Regular readers of WWW will know of my abiding interest in the flight of MH370, the Malaysian Airlines B-777 which vanished from the face of the earth on 8 March 2014. The Malaysian and Australian governments have been working, off and on, to find more than a few fragments of the plane, but admitted last fall that they still don't know what happened to it, or where. For a recap of the more recent developments, see "More pieces of MH370 (?) spark calls for renewed search", WWW 30/11/18.

Theories, including conspiracy theories, abound. My own, as posted several times in the years between then and now, is that the plane crashed into the northern part of the Indian Ocean, somewhere east of the island of Diego Garcia, which is home to a huge US military base. I believe the Pentagon, which has kept shtum on the matter, knows what happened and who is responsible, if only through a regrettable accident. Of course I could be wrong, but... lifetime pct .988.

Still, the mystery remains unsolved a new clues continue to surface. [Was that pun intended? Ed.] Today Yahoo News UK reports that an Indonesian fisherman claims he knows exactly where the missing aircraft went down. He is seen here pointing to the location, in the Strait of Malacca, a busy shipping lane wast of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Rusli Khusmin, a 42-year-old fisherman, says he saw the plane go down in a plume of thick black smoke. "I saw the plane moving from left to right like a broken kite," he told the meeja. "There was no noise, just black smoke as a result of fires before it crashed into the water." He added that there was a strong smell of acidic fumes in the air before the plane crashed. As he watched he recorded his co-ordinates on a GPS, which has now been handed over to investigators.

Mr Khusmin did not say why he waited nearly five years to come forward, but swore an oath of truth on the Koran. His evidence will be sent to Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. Stay tuned.

VIDEO: Kenyan jihadi blows self into tiny Muslim-bits

If I weren't so damn lazy, I could post a story about Islamic terrorism every day. Right now, somewhere, possibly in your neighbourhood, a demented follower of the Religion of Peace (sic) is getting ready to kill you, and possibly him/herself, by whatever means available -- vehicular homicide, shooting, stabbing or perhaps a suicide bomb. Stories like this have become so routine -- the new norm for our One World -- that Ed. and I have decided to report only the more egregious examples. Like Tuesday's attack on a Nairobi hotel complex.

The DusitD2 complex, situated in Nairobi's well-to-do Westlands neighbourhood, is popular with expats, especially non-Muslim Europeans, or "kafirs", as the Islamists call us. Kenyan police say the attack began with an explosion outside the complex, followed by a suicide blast inside, before armed assailants arrived and opened fire. The first explosion, on the terrace of the hotel's restaurant, was captured on video. CCTV footage just released to local meeja shows the attacker walking calmly to a spot in front of the terrace, waiting a few moments, then blowing himself into Muslimburger. Here it is.

At least two people can be seen passing the assailant, one of them appearing to turn his head to take a close look at him. The assailant stands still in front of the covered terrace for almost a minute, before he blows himself up. Soon after, panicked guests and workers are seen running past the scene.

The militant Islamist group known as Al-Shabaab, which is based in Somalia and allied with al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the brazen attack, which claimed the lives of 21 people, plus the five militants killed. Kenyan authorities say all the followers of the Prophet have gone to Paradise and are being serviced by 72 virgins... each. Nothing more to see here folks, nothing to worry about... until next time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

In PA, even God has to pay His taxes

600 acres in Potter County PA -- "God's country" -- but not after the state of Pennsylvania seized it. For details, click here to read "Celestia - God's Acres", by "Pennsylvania Jack". Thanks to Agent 34 for pointing the way to this interesting bit of Americana.

VIDEO: Poor Len Canayen apologizes to Antti-hero

Poor Len, again! [Hey! That rhymes! Ed.] In my mid-season review of the performance of the Montréal Canadiens and the various members thereof, I may have given the impression that we fans, not to mention his teammates, the coaching staff and everyone else, lacked confidence in the Habs' backup goalie, Antti Niemi. [Yes, you did. Ed.] After last night's game against the Florida Panthers, you will never read such a suggestion in this column again. I'm sorry.

Last night Niemi stopped an incredible 52 shots out of 53 -- a career high for him -- leading les Glorieux to a 5-1 victory, good for fourth place in their division and the first wild card spot in the Eastern Conference, if the playoffs started today. As in Monday night's game at Boston, the opposition scored first, but the Habs replied with determination, speed and a well-balanced attack.

Captain Shea Weber scored the first Montréal goal with a blistering shot from the top of the left circle. Tie Domi broke out of his scoring slump, with not one but two goals. (Unfortunately, the first one was disallowed.) And amazing rookie Jesperi Kotkaniemi scored on a single-handed rush from the blueline, with a Florida defender draped all over him -- one for the highlight reel! Speaking of which, here's the video.

The third star of last night's highly entertaining match was Shea Weber. Tie Domi was No. 2. And the first star, quite rightly, went to Antti Niemi. He received a standing O from the fans, and a huge smile and big hug from starter Carey Price. From me, "Congratulations. Ya done good!" As long as both Price and Niemi stay healthy, I believe we're in good shape for the playoffs. Les Canadiens seront là!

Monday, January 14, 2019

VIDEO: Alleged Native American videos self drinking beer

I complained on Saturday that my blood hadn't risen to a boil in the last few days. Well, the temperature has started to go up, but so far that's more the result of amusement than anger, for I just watched what must surely be the phoniest video of the new year. Here it is.

Yes, folks, it's Fauxcahontas, aka Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), proving that she's just a regular guy -- about as much "guy" as she is Indian -- slopping down a bottle of suds [Well, we only see her swallow a mouthful. Ed.] in her average American kitchen, where she is joined by her average American (non-Indian) husband. This proves they're not members of the east coast elite, you see -- just normal folks like us hinterland-dwellers.

But really, doesn't everyone know that ladies don't drink beer? And that Native Americans often have an extremely low tolerance to alcohol? [Alcohol? In American beer? Ed.] I'm going to run out and register the trade name "Fauxcahontas beer", because that brand is sure to be even more as popular than Billy Beer -- remember? -- when Liz becomes Prez.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

VIDEO: Jordan Peterson: How far is too far? Conservatives know, liberals don't

Here's a video to make our left-leaning readers [Both of them? Ed.] uncomfortable. Dr Jordan Peterson argues that we on the right side of the political divide have learned how to "box in" the extremists who preach such things as white supremacy. The left, on the other hand, can't draw a line in the sand to exclude the radical socialists and communists who advocate such things as forced equality. The failure to keep out the antifa types, Dr Peterson says, is the fatal flaw of leftist American politics. Something to think about before the football games come on...

Saturday, January 12, 2019

VIDEO: Tuba Skinny Jazz Band

It's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon. [Watch it! Ed.] A lot of stupid stuff has happened in a lot of stupid countries around the stupid world, but nothing that got my blood up to the boiling point. So, dear readers, let's take a break from assininity and acrimony and enjoy some fine Dixieland jazz, performed by the Tuba Skinny Jazz Band. Band members and playlist below. Running time: 45:30.

The Tuba Skinny Jazz Band 
at the Albita Springs Opry, 19 June 2017

Shaye Cohn, Cornet - Barnabus Jones, Trombone - Craig Flory, Clarinet
Jason Lawrence, Banjo - Max Bien-Kahn, Guitar
Greg Sherman, Guitar and vocals
Todd Burdick, Sousaphone - Robin Rapuzzi, Drums and washboard

1. Two Wide Babies
2. Kansas City Stomps
3. Any Old Time
4. Cold Morning Shout - South St. Trio Segue
5. Any Old Time - Jimmie Rogers
6. Deep Bayou Moan
7. Fire Works
8. Rooster Crowin' Blues
9. Bella Mina - from the Bahamas
10. Pearl River Stomp - Tuba Skinny
11. Jungle Partner

Hope this made your January day a little brighter. Thanks to Alice Glick for posting this on YouTube.

Friday, January 11, 2019

VIDEO: Buy this cool game for your kids before it's banned!

Here it is, folks -- a game that teaches invaluable skills for survival in today's diverse society. It could even save your life!

Yes, it's Cut the Wire, a bomb-defusing game suitable for children aged 6 and up, available from Amazon or at your nearby Target or Walmart superstore. (Target in USA only, due to complete misreading of Canadian consumers' preferences.) But hurry! The SJWs and NPCs have targeted (pun intended) the game, claiming it's "inappropriate, particularly in an era of terrorism threats." Any particular kind of terrorism? Errr, no.

"It’s horrendous, especially in a day and age like this," said a concerned parent who discovered the item recently at a Walmart store in London ON. In response to shoppers' complaints, Walmart Canada said it has no plans to reorder Cut The Wire when its stock runs out. A spokesthingy told the CBC, "We appreciate the concerns that have been raised regarding this item. Our intent was not to offend anyone." How Canadian is that, EH?

South of the world's longest unwalled border, Target pledged to remove the product from its shelves after it started fielding criticism in late October. However, a progressive shopper recently discovered the game on sale for half price at a Target in Sunnyvale CA. "I was kind of shocked to see that in the toy aisle, let alone in Target at all," said Ben Aguirre, who was shopping with his eight-year-old son at the time. "It's kind of appalling." Yeah, kind of.

Target told CBC News this week that the game is now completely gone from its stores. "We appreciate the feedback and have worked to remove this item from our assortment," read an e-mail from a spokesthingy. "We do listen to customers and we take the feedback seriously."

But take heart, folks. You can still order Cut the Wire online, from and Walt wonders if Jeff brought Cut the Wire home for his kids, but Amazon refused to comment, its spokesthingies doubtless having other things to talk about.

UPDATE added at 1345 FMT: Agent 3 has sent along another picture worth 1000 words.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Democrats react to POTUS' address to the nation

Another picture worth 1000 words...

Poor Len Canayen's mid-season report on the Habs

Ed. here. For the Montreal Canadiens, aka "the Habs", it's now three games past the half-way point of the NHL season. I've been bugging our sports editor, Poor Len Canayen, to get his report in, but he wanted to wait a bit to see if he could discern a trend sufficient to enable him to make a prediction. Monday and Tuesday nights' games yielded mixed results so he has given up. He writes:

Tank youse, Ed. Let's start with the trend. The Canadiens are up and down like a toilet seat at a mixed party. After 44 games, they are 23-16-5, for a total of 51 points, or, in baseball parlance, .579. If the playoffs started this morning, they'd have the second and last wild card spot in the Eastern Conference, but the New York Islanders are right behind them with 50 points and three games in hand. Will les Glorieux be there for the post-season? Hard to say.

What I can say, with pleasure, is that the Habs are having a much better season than anyone, including moi, predicted. GM Marc Bergevin made some major deals in the summer which are paying off handsomely. Notable are the acquisitions of Max Domi, Tomas Tatar and whiz kid Jesperi Kotkaniemi, who are all contributing to a much improved offence.

The defence corp is still iffy. Stalwart (and now captain) Shea Weber returned from injury in December -- not a moment too soon -- to relieve the pressure on Jordie Benn and (especially) Jeff Petry, but finding three more reliable D-men seems to be a challenge. Star goalie Carey Price has stayed healthy most of the season so far and seems to be regaining his form, albeit a bit slowly. According to the stats, backup Antti Niemi is the worst goalie in the league (starting 10+ games) but has more wins than losses to his credit.

Now for a closer look...

Forwards: Playing alongside Max Domi seems to be helping Jonathan Drouin, who last year delivered much less than expected, but this year is one of the Habs' leading scorers. Still need to play better in his own zone, though. Tough little guy Brendan Gallagher plays his heart out every night and has the goals (and bruises) to show for it. Deserves the "A" on his chest. Andrew Shaw, another scrappy little guy, has finally got his temper under control and is playing the best hockey of his career, IMHO. More Irishmen on the team, please!

M Bergevin got rid of the Russians and brought in Finns. Apart from Niemi and Kotkaniemi, there's Joel Armia, who's a decent 3rd or 4th liner, and Artturi Lehkonen, who IMHO plays like a Swede and should be traded to a team like Vancouver. One of the few authentic Canadiens on the team, Phillip Danault, is improving every year and has earned his spot at centre of the first line. Compatriot Charles Hudon is only playing because of injuries to others, and can be relied on only to choke, as he did last night.

Paul Byron, who missed quite a few games due to injury, still has his incredible speed but doesn't always have the finish when he gets to the opponents' net. The 4th line is a work in progress. Kenny Agostino works hard but hasn't got much to show for it. Matthew Peca is a defensive liability, and Michael Chaput has discipline issues. The guy I like is Nicolas Deslauriers; every team needs a tough forward and Nic's da man!

Defence: It's great to see Weber back after missing over a season with a game leg. He still has the cannon shot from the blue line, and still dishes out fear-inspiring checks, but his passing seems a little off, compared with yesteryear. He brings solid leadership to the team and is a great mentor for the others. But can he teach guys who don't want to be taught or don't have the talent? Veterans Karl Alzner and David Schlemko have been waived through the league and sent down to the Laval farm club. They will not be missed.

That leaves the youngsters -- Victor Mete, Brett Kulak and Mike Reilly -- who have all done time in Laval and are with the big team "on trial"... and because the Habs don't have anyone else. Mete has speed but not size. Kulak has the size but not the smarts, same as Reilly. Mete seems like the best bet for a permanent spot on the blue line, but Bergie still needs to find a couple of good, big, fearsome guys to beef up the defence. Hint: Alexei Emelin is cooling his heels in Russia and would surely welcome a phone call.

Goal: To what I wrote above, I will only add that, as we saw a week ago, if Carey Price gets sick or injured, putting all the work on the aging shoulders of Antti Niemi, the Canadiens will be in big trouble. Charlie Lindgren is the No. 1 goalie on the Laval Rocket, but IMHO is not the one you want behind the Habs' D. Too "hot", compared with the ultra-cool Price. Young Michael McNiven sat at the far end of the bench when Niemi started three games in a row at New Year's, but (in spite of being endorsed by Don Cherry) is an unknown quantity. A seasoned, reliable backup goalie is needed... soon!

To all the Habs fans who read WWW, our best wishes for the New Year! Les Canadiens seront là!

Monday, January 7, 2019

VIDEO: Banned in Canada - how come?

Here's a modern remake of an old country and western number, "Squaws Along the Yukon", first recorded in 1960 by Hank Thompson. This version was recorded by The Indians (with Noel Brady singing lead) which is actually an Irish show band, still going strong.

Evidently phrases like "cultural appropriation" and "political correctness" haven't reached Eire yet, but they sure have reached Canada (Emperor Trudeau II, Prop.) where the NPCs and SJWs succeeded in getting the Canuck Broadcast Standards Council to ban it from the airwaves. Here are the lyrics. What's wrong with that?

The words which the PC police now find offensive are slang words from "north of 60" which have been in use since the 19th century and are still to be found in complete dictionaries of Canadian English. Some of them are now regarded as unsuitable for use in polite company -- like the N-word -- but hey, it's only a song. What's next? Pretty soon we won't be able to sing "Old Folks at Home" because it includes the word "darkies". Oh... wait...

Walt wishes to give Agent 5 a feather for his headdress for drawing this to our attention. Unfortunately 5 sent the news to an old e-mail address, so it didn't reach us until just now, when Ed. was tidying up our databases. 5, do ye likewise, and Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

"Christ is born!" - To all Eastern rite Christians, "Happy Christmas!"

"Ось Діва в утробі зачне, і Сина породить,
і назвеш ім’я Йому: Еммануїл."
Isaiah 7:14

Today Orthodox and Catholic Christians of the Eastern rites celebrate the Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Walt, Poor Len [and Ed.] wish all our friends and readers who are worshipping today a very merry Christmas, and a peaceful and happy new year!

We are pleased to share with you a short video of Father Roman Galadza and the children of Saint Elias Ukrainian Catholic parish (Brampton, Ontario, Canada) as they carol from home to home on the Feast of the Nativity.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Praise God! Independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church created today

Thanks and praise be to the Lord Our God, and to his servant, Saint Vladimir the Great. It was he, the grand prince of Kiev, who converted to Christianity in A.D. 988, was baptized in Chersonesus and proceeded to baptize his family and people in Kiev, in what is now known as the Baptism of Rus' (Хрещення Русі).

Not long after the Baptism of Rus', in 1054 A.D., the Church founded by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ split apart, as the churches of the east separated themselves from Rome in the Great Schism. This was the culmination of a gradual process of estrangement that began in the first centuries of the Christian era. Linguistic and cultural differences, as well as political events, contributed to the estrangement. The eastern Orthodox churches, although holding similar beliefs to the Catholic Church, because they do not acknowledge the primacy of the Roman Pontiff, are therefore schismatic.

In the centuries that followed the Great Schism, the Orthodox Church divided itself into a number of national churches -- Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox, etc. For the last 330 years or so, the so-called "Great Russians" have dominated their cousins, the Ukrainians, whom they disparagingly call "Little Russians". In matters religious, the Russian Orthodox Church has denied the distinctness of the Ukrainian believers, claiming that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is nothing more than a branch of the Russian church.

Today, all that has changed! An independent Ukrainian Orthodox church was created today at a signing ceremony in Istanbul, formalizing the split with the Russian church to which it had been tied since 1686. In front of scores of clerics and Ukrainiaqn President Petro Poroshenko, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, signed the "Tomos" forming the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

In his address, Patriarch Bartholomew said, "The pious Ukrainian people have awaited this blessed day for seven entire centuries." The patriarch, considered "first among equals" in Orthodox Christianity, said Ukrainians could now enjoy "the sacred gift of emancipation, independence and self-governance, becoming free from every external reliance and intervention."

Walt's readers, and the world at large, must not forget that not all Ukrainians are Orthodox believers. There is a large and vibrant community of Ukrainian Catholics -- loyal to Rome and followers of the Byzantine rite of Catholicism -- well-established in the western part of the Ukraine, and even more so in the communities of the Ukrainian diaspora, particularly in Canada. Let us ask our Lord, through the intercession of Saint Vladimir, to bless all Ukrainian believers -- Catholic and Orthodox -- and hasten the reunification of all believers in His one true Church.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

VIDEO: Mr Bean speaks about freedom of speech

Mr Bean is the most famous screen persona of British actor Rowan Atkinson. You knew that, didn't you? That's for anyone who may have thought Mr Bean is a real person. Mr Atkinson is rightly concerned about the intolerance of the liberal elites and the cancerous growth of political correctness. "We need to build our immunity to taking offence," he says, in this short (9:20) address at the Parliamentary Reception for the Reform Section 5 campaign.

That was in October of 2012. The campaign succeeded (bravo!) but, IMHO, the chill of censorship has only gotten worse since then. One of our readers has just been banned forever from commenting on the CBC News website. Her crime? Apparently it's including in some of her comments a link to WWW. Walt suggests that the CBC remember the old saying: Just because you've silenced someone doesn't mean you've converted him!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

VIDEO: Ron Paul looks at the year that was and the year to come

It's been some time since we've reposted a video featuring Dr Ron Paul. Thanks to President Trump's surprise announcement of an imminent pull-out from the Middle East, there seems to be... at last... the prospect of disengagement from the Muslim civil war. See "Getting out of the Muslim civil wars - about time!", WWW 21/12/18.

In this review, Dr Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss what the Ron Paul Institute has accomplished in 2018 and what they have planned 2019. Spoiler alert! There's a new book coming out -- The Individual versus the Collective -- and they tell you how to get an advance copy, FREE! And you'll learn how you can help spread the message of peace and prosperity. Running time: 10:27.

Naysayers (including some Republicans!) are calling on the President to reverse his decision to remove all US troops from Syria and several thousand from Afghanistan. The neocons, lametream media, and even some progressives suddenly find themselves defending the endless and pointless Gulf wars. A strong voice for the principles of disengagement and non-intervention in foreign affairs is needed now more than ever. Ron Paul is that voice, and Walt urges you, dear reader, to give him your support.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Toronto: one picture worth 1000 words

From the Great No-longer-white North, Agent 3 sends this screen grab from the CTV Toronto news page. The baby girl's name is Fatima; her father is... wait for it... Mohammed. No further comment. M-103

Further reading: "Coming soon, believe it or not -- Islamic Party of Ontario", by Tarek Fatah, in the Toronto Sun, 1/1/19.

VIDEO: Happy New Year, Manchester! - "Allahu akbar!"

While we in North America were getting ready to party last night, a man in Manchester (geddit?), England was arrested after stabbing three people at the city's Victoria train station. Inspector Knacker of the Greater Manchester police told the meeja that a man and woman in their fifties were taken to hospital with knife injuries. An officer with the British Transport Police also suffered a stab wound and received treatment at the scene.

Counter-terrorism authorities are leading the investigation into what police described as a "critical incident". Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said, "We are treating this as a terrorist investigation which is being led by counter terrorism officers with support from Greater Manchester Police." Notice, however, the omission of the words "ISIS", "Islamic" or "Muslim". The 25-year-old suspect, whom the coppers discreetly refused to name [Try "Mohammed". Ed.] is being questioned on suspicion of attempted murder... only that... in spite of having been heard yelling "Allahu akbar!" as he was being bundled into the Black Maria. Have a listen.

That man there, the one yelling "Allahu akbar!", is now being held in custody under the provisions of... wait for it... the Mental Health Act. There is still no word as to his ethnicity, status in the UK, or religion.

Readers will remember [We hope! Ed.] the Manchester massacre of May 2017 -- a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in which nearly two dozen innocent people were killed and many more wounded by... wait for it (again)... Islamic terrorists whom the same police didn't identify as such until public pressure forced them to reveal the politically incorrect truth.

So begins 2019, another year just like last year, or possibly worse but certainly not better. (Lifetime pct .989.) And you will be there! That's the takeaway from "critical incidents" like this. No matter where you live in northern/western Europe, if you venture out into any public space -- a railway station, a market, a busy street -- you'd better watch your infidel ass. The jihadis really are out to get you!