Monday, January 7, 2019

VIDEO: Banned in Canada - how come?

Here's a modern remake of an old country and western number, "Squaws Along the Yukon", first recorded in 1960 by Hank Thompson. This version was recorded by The Indians (with Noel Brady singing lead) which is actually an Irish show band, still going strong.

Evidently phrases like "cultural appropriation" and "political correctness" haven't reached Eire yet, but they sure have reached Canada (Emperor Trudeau II, Prop.) where the NPCs and SJWs succeeded in getting the Canuck Broadcast Standards Council to ban it from the airwaves. Here are the lyrics. What's wrong with that?

The words which the PC police now find offensive are slang words from "north of 60" which have been in use since the 19th century and are still to be found in complete dictionaries of Canadian English. Some of them are now regarded as unsuitable for use in polite company -- like the N-word -- but hey, it's only a song. What's next? Pretty soon we won't be able to sing "Old Folks at Home" because it includes the word "darkies". Oh... wait...

Walt wishes to give Agent 5 a feather for his headdress for drawing this to our attention. Unfortunately 5 sent the news to an old e-mail address, so it didn't reach us until just now, when Ed. was tidying up our databases. 5, do ye likewise, and Happy New Year!

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