Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Burqa, niqab banned in Netherlands

France has a law that effectively bans the wearing of the burqa and niqab in public. So does Belgium. Now the Netherlands is set to follow suit. (Please pardon the pun.) Lawmakers in the lower house of the Dutch parliament today approved a limited ban on "face-covering clothing".

Nothing against Muslims, you understand. The law, which still requires approval by the upper house, would cover [That's enough puns. Ed.] ski masks, full-face motorcycle helmets and, errr, Islamic robes, such as the burqa, and veils such as the niqab worn by the lady (?) in the picture. The veil makes it difficult to tell whether the person underneath is a devout Muslim lady or a devout male Islamic terrorist.

The Dutch law which passed the lower house today does not go as far as the complete bans in force (but not always enforced) in France and Belgium. It applies to the wearing of "face-covering clothing" on public transport, in educational institutions, in health institutions such as hospitals, and in government buildings.

In the debate leading up to today's vote, Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk acknowledged that public dislike of Islamic dress had played a major role in the ban. But Mr Plasterk, who is from the liberal Labour Party, said that in a free country like the Netherlands people should be allowed to appear in public with their faces covered, if they want to. But speaking out of the other side of his mouth, he added that in government buildings, schools and hospitals people need to be able to look each other in the face.

Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party, called the limited ban "a step in the right direction" and said he will push for a full burqa ban if his party wins elections due in March. Walt wonders if notice is being taken in the UK and USA. Let's see what the new year brings.

Further reading: If you're still not sure about the difference between hijabs and niqabs and burqas, please consult "Hijab, niqab, burqa -- what's the difference?", an all-time favourite of WWW readers. Readers who still think of themselves as male (in spite of the efforts of the gender identity warriors) may also enjoy "Walt's Muslim swimsuit issue!". Warning: provocative video embedded!

Monday, November 28, 2016

UPDATED: Ohio State attacker was a Muslim refugee

Reports are coming in on the mojo wire of an "active shooter" (or two) at Ohio State University in Columbus. It's said that seven or eight or nine people have been taken to hospital. The university has issued a series of tweets warning students in the vicinity of the engineering building to "run, hide, fight". No-one has actually reported hearing shots, but everyone is afraid, very afraid.

Who are they afraid of? If, in fact, someone is running amok at OSU, what kind of person could it be? Two possibilities spring to mind:
A) A radicalized extremist of the Islamic persuasion -- the sort of person B. Hussein Obama and/or Hellery Clinton would not call by name even if they were on the sharp end of the attack.
B) A young liberal snowflake so deranged by the election of The Donald that he/she/it felt compelled to attack others to protest the Nazification of AmeriKKKA.

Since "authorities" have been vigorously denying all knowledge of any motive for the attack, let's rule out (B). If the President-elect could be blamed, he surely would be blamed! So that leaves, errr, (A). Stay tuned for the first mention of cries of "Allahu akbar!"

UPDATE: Fox News reports that two law enforcement sources told them the attacker (no longer a "shooter") came into the United States as a Somali refugee, and was granted status by the Obama administration as a legal permanent resident. Quelle surprise!

The suspect's name was yet not released and "the motive behind the attack is still unclear", according to law enforcement sources. Ohio State Police Chief Craig Stone said the attacker drove over a curb and into pedestrians before jumping out and flailing around with a butcher knife. "This was done on purpose," he said. (Duh, Walt says.)

Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said police were looking into whether it was a terrorist attack. Let me save the Chiefs some trouble. If the now-deceased attacker was a Somali, he was 99% likely to be a Muslim. He is equally likely to have been one of 1000s of Islamic terrorists infiltrating the USA and other "Christian" countries in the guise of "refugees" for the purpose of killing as many of us "infidels" as possible. Donald Trump was right!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

More PC madness -- Hampshire College hauls down US flag

This afternoon there will be a demonstration in Amherst MA protesting the decision of the Board of Trustees of Hampshire College to stop flying the flag of the United States of America.

Why would they do that? Well, Hampshire College is a small liberal arts college in that most liberal of states, Massachusetts, once the fief of the Kennedys and more recently Mitt Romney. Obviously the election of Donald Trump represents a defeat for all that is Liberal and Good in America, so the flag had to come down!

The Hampshire Board of Trustees voted to stop flying flags on campus after several high-profile incidents, including an "informal decision by some on campus" by some on campus to lower flags to half-staff after the election. Later, someone burned a flag on campus. The school issued a statement saying that removing the flag would allow a discussion about its many possible meanings to students from around the world.

Speaking for the snowflakes, John Courtemanche told CNN, "Our goal is to give voice to the range of viewpoints on campus across cultures, and hopefully find common ground. We've heard from members of our community that, for them and for many in our country, the flag is a powerful symbol of fear they've felt all their lives because they grew up as people of color, never feeling safe."

Amherst Mayor Domenic J. Sarno will join today's protests, along with veterans groups and other pro-American activists. His office office said he will "attend in support and stand in solidarity with our cherished veterans and our American flag in protest of Hampshire College's continued refusal to fly the flag, which is so disrespectful to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in order for all of us to live the lives we lead. God Bless America!"

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Two strange stories about Africans and their undergarments

Walt's man on the Africa desk sent along two (2) stories that appeared on the same day on the (Zimbabwe) NewsDay website. Here they are, with my comments following.

Man jailed for stealing aunt’s undergarments

An 18-year-old Marondera man, who on different occasions stole petticoats and panties belonging to his aunt and gave them to his female neighbour, has been slapped with a four-month jail term. Shelton Muderere will serve an effective two-month jail term after Marondera magistrate Tatenda Makwenya suspended one month on condition of good behaviour, with the other month set aside on condition that he restitutes [sic] $64 to Beauty Jinga some of the missing undergarments.

Makwenya found Muderere guilty of stealing 17 petticoats, two of them belongings to Jinga, before giving the undergarments to his neighbour, Shallet Mutsengi, aged 45. The value of the stole [sic] undergarments was pegged at $94 and only $30 worth of them was [sic] recovered.

According to the State, sometime between May and November this year, Mutsengi instructed Muderere to steal petticoats and panties belonging to the complainant and bring them to her. The matter came to light when Muderere was spotted by one Narietta, while trying to steal some sanitary napkins belonging to the complainant that were on the washing line.

Investigations were carried out and revealed that Muderere had stolen 17 petticoats and two panties and gave them to Mutsengi. Muderere led people to the paddock, where four petticoats were hidden by his alleged accomplice and a report was made to the police, leading to the arrest of the two.

Mutsengi pleaded not guilty to the offence, denying claims by Muderere that she sent him to steal the undergarments. She will return to court on November 28 for continuation of trial.

Walt sez: That's Mr Muderere's story now. But what was he wearing when  he was arrested?!

Man found with hyena nose, tail in his undergarments

A Dete man left people attending Hwange Magistrates’ Court shocked when it was revealed how [sic] he was found in possession of a hyena [pictured. Walt] nose and tail in his undergarments claiming these were charms to protect him from any

Ability Mhlanga, 34, of Mansisiya Village in Tinde, revealed this when he appeared before Hwange regional magistrate, Portia Mhlanga facing charges of illegal possession of fake notes and removing parts of a wild animal.

The State told the court that on November 22 at around 8 PM, Mhlanga, who was at Indlovu Night Club, bought a bottle of Gold Blend brandy and two energy drinks for $10 using a fake $50 note. The barman, Nobert Ngwenya, told Mhlanga to wait for his change before being told by his colleagues that the note was fake. The police were immediately notified and during the search, Mhlanga was found in possession of four $50 notes in his pockets that bore similar serial numbers. [The notes, not the pockets. Walt]

As they continued to search him, they found a skinned nose and tail of a hyena in his undergarments, leading to his arrest. Quizzed about the nose and tail found in his pants, Mhlanga responded, "I was given this by my uncle in Binga when I was a small boy. I was instructed to always have it in my pockets or underpants wherever I go as it was going to protect me from any bad omen that could befall me.

"It used to work for me, but on that day in the bar, I do not know what went wrong because it hadn’t communicated of any danger. My uncle died some few months ago, so I didn’t know that it then stopped working. I beg the courts to forgive me as all these things were given to me by different people."

Mhlanga pleaded not guilty to the offences, arguing that a gold panner, who had hired him as a helper, should be answerable for the fake notes. He also said his late uncle and some of his relatives were answerable for the hyena body parts. He was remanded in custody to December 8 for trial.

Walt sez: I've heard of putting a sock, or maybe a banana, in your Y-fronts as a lucky charm -- something to help you get lucky -- but this is... just... weird.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

VIDEO: George Carlin explains why Americans should give thanks


This seems like an appropriate video for Thanksgiving Day.

Don't complain to me that this was recorded a long time ago. Are you going to tell me that America has improved since then? What a pity that George Carlin didn't live to see and comment on this month's election.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

VIDEO: Yiddish Hillbillies -- the music of Mickey Katz

Agent 3 sent us this riddle joke...
Q. What has four legs and chases cats?
A. Mrs Katz and her lawyer!
Better, I guess, if you hear it instead of reading it.

Here's the connection to the video. Agent 3 and Walt share a liking for klezmer (Yiddish: כליזמר or קלעזמער) music. [So let's have no more talk about Walt being anti-Semitic! Ed.] Klezmer is a musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. Played by professional musicians called klezmorim, the genre originally consisted largely of dance tunes and instrumental display pieces for weddings and other celebrations. In the United States the genre evolved considerably as Yiddish-speaking Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, who arrived between 1880 and 1924, met and assimilated American jazz.

Which brings us [at last! Ed.] to Meir Myron "Mickey" Katz (15/6/1909 – 30/4/1985), an American comedian and musician who specialized in Jewish humor. He was the father of actor Joel Grey -- famous for his portrayal of Emcee in Cabaret -- and grandfather of actress Jennifer Grey. His first moments of fame came in the 1940s as a member of Spike Jones's City Slickers, where he was known for his "glugging" vocal sound effects on tunes like "Cocktails for Two".

Mr Katz He later went on to form his own band, Mickey Katz and His Krazy Kittens. He created his own parodic musical review and recorded highly popular "ethnic" comedy albums, including English-Yiddish parodies, on the Capitol label. He was recognized as a master of klezmer-style clarinet and had several hits during his long career. Though Katz sang primarily in Yiddish, he is often as recognized as one of the godfathers of American song parody which would later be advanced by the likes of Allan Sherman and Weird Al Yankovic.

In 2009, a chap who posts on YouTube as "CineGraphic Studios" put some of Mickey Katz's music together with some vintage 16mm films -- one of his first attempts (he writes) at manipulating film to music. Here is the very fine result.

Like it? Click here to see the trailer for The Mickey Katz Project, a movie about the life and work of Mickey Katz. [Duh! Ed.]

Monday, November 21, 2016

Most outrageous pun of the YEAR

Although it's not yet the end of November, Walt thinks it's not too soon to declare a winner in our ongoing search for the Most Outrageous Pun. The MOP for 2016 was submitted, just in time for the festive season, by Agent 34. Thank you!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

PC madness in Bloomington IN

Here's another one for our "You couldn't make this stuff up" file. The Bloomington (IN) Herald-Times reports that there will be no more Good Friday and Columbus Day holidays in Bloomington, Indiana. Really. The holy day and holiday in question will henceforth be known as "Spring Holiday" and "Fall Holiday".

Why? Because the new super-politically correct names will help make the holidays more inclusive, according to Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton. (Mayor Hamilton is unrelated to Alexander Hamilton, the subject of the eponymous Broadway musical, which also happens to be very PC.) Mayor Hamilton sent a memo to city employees this week in which he explained that the centuries-old names imply cultural insensitivity. The new names will avoid even the remotest possibility of giving offence to anyone except Christians and Italian-Americans.

In his memo, Mayor Hamilton raised to new heights the bar for "celebrating diversity" ["pandering", surely. Ed.]. "We are terrifically proud of our diverse workforce at the city," Hizzoner wrote. "That diversity makes us stronger and more representative of the public we proudly serve. These updated names for two days of well-merited time off is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity."

Mr Hamilton's unilateral decision to rename the days will be no surprise to residents of Bloomington. Thanks to the presence in the city of that great seat of liberal learning, Indiana University, Bloomington and surrounding Monroe County are overwhelmingly populated by guilt-ridden white liberals. The county gave Hellery Clinton 58.6% the vote on November 8th, preferring her to President-elect Trump [Walt loves that phrase! Ed.] by nearly 14,000 votes.

Book recommendation: Guilt, by Ann Coulter (Three Rivers Press, 2009). Amongst other things, you can read about all the confused white gliberals who "self-identified" as "oppressed minorities" and all the "hate crimes" that turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by SJWs.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

VIDEO: Trump victory has turned America into a kindergarten

Earlier today I said I hoped we'd have no more posts analyzing the Trump triumph. This video featuring Michael Matt is not about the election. It's about the aftermath -- the demonstrations being fomented by the real hate industry in which the fragile little snowflakes are encouraged to take to the streets to whine that they didn't get their way on November 8th.

The editor of The Remnant talks about the election, whining liberals, and the largest hate group in America -- the liberal left. Plus... President-elect Trump faces his first test: Will he cave in the face of hate industry pressure to fire senior adviser Steve Bannon, or will he hold his ground and stick a finger in eye of the most dangerous Christophobes in America. This is YUUUGE.

Cause for beatification of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen to proceed

Two and a half years ago, Walt was saddened to report that the cause for the beatification of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen had stalled, because of a dispute between the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Peoria over the location of his remains.

Before a beatification can be finalized, the remains of the deceased must be inspected and first-class relics prepared. This would normally be done in the place where the person to be beatified was buried. Archbishop Sheen is buried in the crypt of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, but the cause for beatification is being led by the Diocese of Peoria, where Archbishop Sheen was born and raised, and began his priesthood. Hence the conflict.

This week, New York Judge (((Arlene Bluth))) ruled that Archbishop Sheen's remains should be transferred from New York to Peoria, as requested by the late prelate's family, who showed that in his will the archbishop had indicated a desire to be buried in a cemetery in Queens, New York -- a wish the archdiocese had apparently ignored. The judge said that it was "understandable and important" that the family now wished to have Archbishop Sheen buried in Peoria, since the move would resolve the ecclesiastical conflict that has blocked the cause for the archbishop's beatification.

"Whitelash" only part of reason for Trump triumph

I think it's almost time to call a halt to the analysis of -- and liberal hand-wringing over -- the triumph of Donald Trump in the late presidential election. The lamestream media and "progressive" chattering classes have convinced themselves the 60 million Americans who voted for Mr Trump are all racists, and have run out of other things to say. The moaning of the snowflakes is dying down as cold weather forces them to move inside into safe spaces.

Enough reading of the entrails, then. The last you'll read of the topic here -- I hope -- will be the following precis of an article by Joseph Brean in today's National Post, headed "Theory that racist 'whitelash' was behind Trump victory ignores true reasons, experts say". I've selected just a couple of paragraphs.

According to Gil Troy, a presidential historian at McGill University, putting too much emphasis on race, to the exclusion of economic, cultural and security concerns, is precisely the same mistake that cost Hillary Clinton the White House.

"To reduce these people to racists, as so many Democrats are now doing with their 'basket of deplorables', misses a subtlety," Troy said in an interview. "Whitening Trump’s support too much plays into the identity politics which led Hillary to misread the electorate in the first place. Simply seeing it through a black and white lens misses the economic dimension, which I think Trump and Sanders understood, which is that at the core of the anger, the core of the frustration, is a sense of too much month left over at the end of the money.... I really think it starts with the economics."

The infrastructure of middle class American life has "exploded," he said, and the very same consumers who demand low cost products are, ironically, the same people who lose their jobs as industry and the market shifts accordingly. There is widespread unease about a declining culture, with compromised security and poor economic prospects, and a danger for the left is that fixating on Trump's blame-game rhetoric against immigrants or Muslims can risk minimizing those primary concerns. "I think the ugly bits (of Trump’s rhetoric) were reinforcers," Troy said. They were not the main message....

In an election between two disliked candidates, with a large number of voters lacking party affiliation, and economic factors pushing against Democrats after eight years in power, Clinton simply lost, as much from tactical error as from racist uprising. As the Columbia University political scientist Mark Lilla put it, Clinton pitched to every identity group except white people, and her failure in the vote should mark the end of "identity liberalism".

Footnote: I asked Mrs Walt yesterday if she had finalized her battle plan for Black Friday. "There is no more Black Friday," she told me. "It's not PC now. They're calling it 'Hot Friday' or 'Crazy Friday'." Unbelieving, I started listening to commercials on the boob tube, and sure enough.... Apparently this started last year. See "Is Black Friday racist? These college students say it is", TheRebel, 27/11/15.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

VIDEO: Gender ideology leaves Stockholm snowed in

From Walt's "You couldn't make this stuff up" file.... Gender ideology has brought Stockholm traffic to a standstill following a serious "snow event" -- we used to call it a "snowstorm" or a "blizzard" -- a few days ago.

The Swedes, as we all know, are a bunch of snowflakes -- very progressive, very feminist, very politically correct. Gender equality is a big deal in Sweden. So, according to Green Party politicians, it was unfair on women that the "old way" of clearing snow from major roads in central areas favoured men, who are more likely to work in the city and get there by car. Instead, they said, plows should give priority to clearing sidewalks and cycle paths, because women walk and bike more than men. The focus, they said, should be on areas like kindergartens, which children and parents visit early in the morning. Even if you can't understand Swedish, this video gives you the gist of the liberal ideology.

A “feminist” strategy for clearing the roads of snow in Stockholm ended in failure as the city ground to a halt in recent days.

The new system, devised by the progressive politicians of the Swedish city, tore up tried and tested snowplow routes and diverted the equipment to areas thought to be used more by women. As any conservative could have predicted, other spaces -- like main roads -- were clogged up for longer, and it became impossible to get around. A major snowstorm at the end of last week brought Stockholm to a standstill. Public transport failed, traffic piled up and injuries requiring a hospital visit spiked.

Almost a week later, buses are still struggling to run, and some 1700 public transport passengers are planning to sue. Progressive politicians have gone on the defensive, with the MP who suggested it claiming that the snowplows hadn't executed the "gender-equal" plan properly. As we all know, Swedes don't have a great sense of humour, but despite efforts to defend it, this failure of gender ideology has caused much laughter, albeit through clenched teeth.

Doctor CZ is happy about the result of the US election

Assiduous readers of WWW may remember that Walt has a connection with Africa, having lived and worked at the southern end of the Dark Continent back in the 20th century. 

I follow the news from South Africa and Zimbabwe -- still waiting for the demise, through old age or lead poisoning, of Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe -- and my few friends who are still there follow the news from this side of the Atlantic. One such, "Doctor CZ", weighed in this week with an opinion (in his column in the Financial Gazette) on the election of Donald Trump. Here it is.

While the just-ended presidential elections in the United States never excited Dr CZ in any way since Yours Truly knows for sure that nothing really changes in American policy towards Zimbabwe, he was, however, one of those few people who were so elated at the pleasantly surprising outcome of the poll. The reason simply being that the results spite those who think experience is everything.

The danger of having career politicians is that sometimes they get too obsessed with their own self-preservation to the detriment of the whole country. What happened in the US should happen more frequently. Election outcomes should never be so predictable as sunrise and sunset.

The other thing Dr CZ likes about president-elect Donald Trump is that he tells the truth whole and raw as it is and has no time to hide behind niceties of pretending. This is what Americans voted for. They are sick and tired of leaders who pretend.

Americans do not want foreigners in their own country, and Trump promised to help them in this regard. If one is not wanted in a certain country, they should stay in their own country or go to that country where they are welcome, not to force themselves even where they are not wanted. Americans have their own country, which they should do their best to keep it to themselves, just as everyone else should do their best to belong to their own countries.

Sadly, Trump appears to be rude because just like fire and water, which cannot be carried in the same mouth, truth and politeness never go hand-in-hand.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Islamic "hyper-extremists" greatest threat to freedom and peace

Here's the non-news story of the month, if not the year. The Religious Freedom in the World 2016 report, a worldwide survery of religious freedom, has found that Islamic "hyper-extremism" is wreaking havoc, especially in the Middle East, prompting brutal violence and creating an unprecedented surge of refugees.

The report, produced by the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, sees the Islamic State as the primary example of Islamic hyper-extremism". In an introduction to the report, Father Jacques Mourad, who was kidnapped by the Islamic State and held for several months before being released, warns that "our world teeters on the brink of a complete catastrophe as extremism threatens to wipe out all trace of diversity in society."

The report says that Islamic extremism -- the phenomenon that Barack Obama and Hellery Clinton refused to name -- is most powerful in Iraq and Syria. No surprise there. It accuses the jihadis of displaying barbarous cruelty and complete intolerance of other views, in a religious war aimed at "eliminating all forms of religious diversity". The authors add that not only the Middle East is threatened, but also parts of Africa and the Asian subcontinent.

No matter how loudly and how often the lamestream media tells us that most Muslims are not extremists, and Islam is "the religion of peace", the fact is that the world has seen a flood of refugees, reaching an all-time high of 65.3 million. The report points to Islamic extremism as the key driver in the displacement of peoples, with millions fleeing from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq.

The Islamists are not the only offenders. Religious Freedom in the World 2016 also draws attention to setbacks for religious freedom outside the Islamic world, particularly in China and Turkmenistan. Case in point: An Islamist militant, wearing a shirt with the word "jihad" on it, threw a gasoline bomb at a church in Samarinda, on the Indonesian island of Borneo, on November 13th. A two-year-old child was killed and three other children injured. See "Four children injured in suspected militant attack on Indonesia church", Reuters, 13/11/16.

Further reading: Click here to download the executive summary of Religious Freedom in the World 2016. (Don't be surprised if you find yourself on the ACN e-mail list. That's OK. You can always unsubscribe if religious freedom ceases to be of interest to you.)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Websites the PC police don't want you to read

Within an hour of posting "Canadians love multiculturalism... don't they?" (below), Walt was deluged with requests [Two is a deluge? Ed.] for the list of websites recommended at the bottom of the "Hey, WHITE PERSONS" posters which have appeared in Toronto. Well hey (white person), unlike the lamestream media, Walt listens to his readers. [But it's Ed. who does the research! Ed.] Here's the list. Most of them are recommendable.

Red Ice TV - Stuff on the election (of course), Brexit, culture wars
Radix Journal - Blog. "The Red Pill" has articles like "What the Founders *Really* Thought About Race". Guess quotes from Jefferson, Franklin et al. are politically incorrect nowadays
Counter-Currents Publishing - Sells books. Guess the lefties are still heavily into book-banning. 2nd Amendment be damned.
The Right Stuff - Not Tom Wolfe. Subtitle: "Democracy is an interracial porno". Mostly about the leftward trend of politics.
Social Matter - "Not your grandfather's conservatism". For those who remember Wm. F. Buckley Jr. Serious stuff.
Taki's Magazine - Gavin McInnes contributes, so it's gotta be good. 100s of others: Michelle Malkin, Steve Sailer, Conrad Black, Kathy Shaidle. Highly recommended.
Council of European Canadians - "Promoting Canada's European Heritage". About time someone did that!
Amerika - All about "rightism": Alt Right; Traditionalist; New Right; Conservative; Nietzschean; Neoreaction; Dark Enlightenment; Deep Ecology. Who knew there were so many varieties?
The Alternative Hypothesis - Tabs on: Race Realism; Modern Racism; Immigration, etc. An obvious target for promoters of multiculturalism and diversity.

Lots of bookmarks for you there. Read. Think. Consider. Learn. You're welcome.

Canadians love multiculturalism... don't they?

Just received a report from Agent 3 that signs are appearing in the streets of Toronto that challenge the conventional wisdom that Canadians are celebrating diversity as never before, just as pleased as punch that Toronto is the most multicultural city in Canada... maybe on earth!

Toronto councillor Janet Davis, SJW, blames the election of Donald Trump -- of course -- for legitimizing "ultra right wing" posters popping up in the city that urge white people "tired of political correctness" and "questioning when immigration will stop" to join an online movement.

Headed, "Hey, WHITE PERSON", the signs address t hose who are "wondering why only white countries have to become 'multicultural'" and figuring out that "diversity only means 'less white people'". ["Fewer white people", please! Ed.] They called for those who think along those lines to join the alt-right political movement on several Canadian and American websites.

While clutching her pearls in anguish, Councillor Davis told the meeja, "I found the posters very disturbing. I think the sentiments expressed in the poster are totally unacceptable in this city and it's [sic] very worrisome."

Further reading/viewing: "Don't even think about moving to Canada", with Gavin McInnes, WWW 9/11/16.

Ken Dryden explains how Hellery and the media blew the election

There are those who think of hockey players as big, dumb guys who beat each other upside the head with curved sticks. Some of them are. But some are well educated, thinking, feeling human beings. Intellectual, even. One of the latter types is Ken Dryden: lawyer, teacher, author, former member of the Canadian cabinet, and Hall of Fame NHL goaltender. [Poor Len wants it clearly understood that Mr Dryden played always and only for the Montréal Canadiens! Ed.]

Even when he was on the ice, in the middle of a game, Ken Dryden could be seen observing and thinking. This picture says it all. There he is, taking it all in, seeing the obvious and the not-so-obvious, figuring out what's going on. Like many thoughtful Canucks, Mr Dryden has spent the last couple of months pondering American politics, the events of last Tuesday and what the Trump triumph means for the Excited States of America, the Democratic Party and the lamestream media.

How could Mrs Bill Clinton, her Democratic and other supporters, and virtually all of the country's press and broadcast pundits get it all so wrong? Mr Dryden presents his analysis in a powerful op-ed piece in today's Toronto Star, headed "Clinton, media never understood Trump".

That the piece should appear in the Toronto Red Star is rather ironic, given that the Star has this year moved even more to the left than normal. It has long been a propaganda organ for the Liberal Party, and now finds itself the smug and self-righteous voice of progressivism and the fight for "social justice". Here are some other articles in its Commentary section today: "Why did women vote for Trump?"; "Canada could have its own Donald Trump" (intended as a warning); "Trump’s victory has become Obama’s legacy"; "We are really going to miss Obama"; "Prepare for the new world disorder"; and "How best to mount an anti-Trump opposition?"

What a load... But there is some gold hidden amidst the dross, in the form of Mr Dryden's article which is as unbiased as anything the Star would ever publish, clear and (IMHO) right on the money in analyzing what happened. And yes, I believe it could happen in Canada... and France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The next 18 months or so could well see a true "people's revolution" in which the will of the people -- the real people -- is expressed and acted upon. Let us pray....

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Can a disorderly society survive?

Just over fifty years ago, when the USA was being torn apart by race riots and other forms of "civil disobedience", Justice Charles E. Whittaker of the United States Supreme Court contributed an article to The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin entitled "The Effects of Planned, Mass Disobedience on Our Laws". These excerpts seem quite à propos as a comment on the post-election "demonstrations" in Portland OR and elsewhere.

Can any thoughtful person reasonably believe that a disorderly society can survive? In all recorded history, none ever has. On the contrary, history shows that every society which became lawless soon succumbed, and that the first evidences of each society's decay appeared in the toleration of disobedience of its laws and the judgments of its courts.

These are ancient and universal lessons. Yet, in recent times, all of us have daily seen and heasrd an ever-increasing number of accounts that show, with unmistakable clarity, the rapid spread of a planned course of lawlessness inour land that threatens seriously to get out of hand -- and, hence, to destroy law and order.

While, of course, all of our crime is not due to any one cause, it can hardly be denied that a large part of our current rash and rapid spread of lawlessness has derived from planned and organized mass disrespect for, and defiance of, the law and the courts, induced by the irresponsible and inflammatory preachments of some self-appointed leaders of minority groups "to obey the good laws, but to violate the bad ones" -- which, of course, simply advocates violation of thelaws they do not like, or, tin other words, the taking of the law into their own hands.

The remedy is as plain as the threat. It is simply to insist that our governments, state and federal, reassume and discharge their "first duty" of protecting the people against the lawless invasions upon their persons and property by the impartial and vigorous enforcement of our criminal laws and by the swift, certain and substantial punishment thereunder of all persons whose conduct violates those laws -- and to do so immediately, and hopefully before planned and organized crime has spread beyond the capacities of our peacekeeping machinery to control and suppress.

These are not platitudes, but are fundamental and vital, as every thinking man should see, to the survival of our civilized and cultured society. In no other way can we orderly resolve the issues that confront and divide us, or live together in peace and harmony as a civilized nation of brothers under the fatherhood of God.

8 ways liberals can blame themselves for electing Trump

Walt was surprised, during the late campaign for the presidensity, to find that pompous pundit Andrew Coyne, who previously masqueraded as a centrist, was a liberal in disguise. Mr Coyne is frothing at the mouth, even today, angry and incredulous that Americans could have had the temerity to disregard his (and 99% of the chattering classes') endorsement of Hellery Clinton.

I trust Mr Coyne is aghast, if not apoplectic, to read, in the very same pages as his latest rant, the excellent article by Tristin Hopper in today's National Post headed ""We'd cried wolf too many times": Eight ways liberals can blame themselves for President Trump". For those too busy to read the article, Walt reproduces here, in Letterman style, the eight-fold list.

8. Post-election protests. (You have to read the article to see how this fits in.)
7. All the damned celebrities.
6. All the political correctness talk.
5. Flawed candidate.
4. Demonizing conventional conservatives.
3. Mocking poor white people.
2. Flirting with identity politics.
1. Calling everything racist all the time.

I hope Mr Coyne and those who appear with him on CBC-TV's "At Issue" panel will have read Mr Hopper's article before next Thursday's telecast, in which they would do well to bring some salt for the large helpings of crow that should be on the menu.

Worth reading (and also from today's National Post): Rex Murphy "It wasn’t misogyny that caused Clinton’s downfall, it was all the baggage she dragged around"

Friday, November 11, 2016

VIDEO: Leonard Cohen recites "In Flanders Fields"

Leonard Cohen, the hugely influential singer and songwriter whose work spanned nearly 50 years, died Monday at the age of 82. Yesterday evening, Mr Cohen's record label, Sony Canada, posted this statement on his Facebook page: "It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away. We have lost one of music's most revered and prolific visionaries. A memorial will take place in Los Angeles at a later date. The family requests privacy during their time of grief."

Mr Cohen's manager, Robert Kory, said, "Unmatched in his creativity, insight and crippling candor, Leonard Cohen was a true visionary whose voice will be sorely missed. I was blessed to call him a friend, and for me to serve that bold artistic spirit firsthand, was a privilege and great gift. He leaves behind a legacy of work that will bring insight, inspiration and healing for generations to come."

Just over two years ago, Legion Magazine (published by the Royal Canadian Legion), released a video to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poem "In Flanders Fields", written by Lt.-Col. John McCrae, of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, as he contemplated the crosses marking the graves of his comrades who died in World War I. Here's the video.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

VIDEO: Ann Coulter sez ban on Muslims won the election for Trump

On Tuesday night I found myself flipping back and forth from one lamestream channel to another, not so much to see who was winning, but to see which network would have the most biased (anti-Trump) coverage. The early leader was CBS, which could see The Donald's lead in the "battleground states" building and building, but just wouldn't, couldn't bring themselves to say so.

Their excuses for not "calling it" -- projecting a Trump win -- particularly in Florida, were actually funny. Broward and Dade counties hadn't been fully counted yet because the turn-out was so high. If the margin was 0.5% or less there would be an automatic recount. Court challenges were possible. And so on, until their hand was forced by the other networks.

The worst, though, was CBC -- the Clinton Broadcasting Corporation. Well OK, really the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, which started coverage on its main network a bit late, at 9 P.M. Eastern Time. Their anchor was the venerable Peter Mansbridge, who is regarded by Canadians much as Walter Cronkite used to be by Americans. Peter's the kindly old uncle who tucks you into bed at night with a nice, warm, progressive fairy tale at the end of which the liberals triumph and everyone lives happily ever after.

On November 8th-9th, the liberal dream of eight more years of Democratic rule turned into a nightmare for the CBC's crew of Clinton shills disguised as reporters. Peter was ashen. The smug and condescending Keith Boag actually stuttered. The ever-PC "At Issue" panel had the night off. (I look forward to their "I knew it all along" routine tonight.) To replace them, CBC rang in David Frum, and for balance (LOL) a white liberal woman plus a black lesbian feminist American. Mr Frum didn't gloat. He didn't have to. He just sat there and watched the black gal get crazier and crazier, to the point where the producers wisely cut to something else.

By Wednesday night, Peter had recovered his composure and rehearsed his part of the how-come-we-missed-it routine which will be heard on all networks, American and foreign, for the next year or so. You'll get a taste of it in his interview on The National last night with well-known (even in Canada) American writer and commentator Ann Coulter. She was one of the first credible voices to say "You should have listened to me. I told you so!" She predicted a Trump victory early on, and credited the win to his ability to tap into voters' "pent-up rage for both political parties, mostly over the issue of immigration."

"There are lots of people who do not live in the United States -- billions, I believe. None of them have a constitutional right to move to America," said Ms Coulter. "We've been thinking about the poor illegal aliens and the poor Muslim refugees who aren't living in this country already, but what about the people already here? Immigration is just a government policy like any other government policy, but it's the only one that politicians, and the media, don't even think about saying, 'This should be designed to help the people who are already here.'"

Here's the complete interview.

Anti-Trumpers welcome in Australia's Northern Territory

The Northern Territory (NT) is the north-central sixth of Australia. Most of it is hot and dry as Billy-be-damned. That's where you'll find Uluru, the aboriginal name for what Bruce and the guys used to call Ayer's Rock. There's a strip along the north coast which isn't hot and dry. It's hot and wet, home to some of the world's largest crocodiles.

Charming place. But they welcome tourists, maybe even immigrants. Maybe even Americans keen to leave Donald Trump's "Amerikkka". (I saw that on a sign being held up by a protester who's obviously going to have trouble adjusting.) In fact an organization called "NT Official" has started a new campaign to "promote travel awareness to the Northern Territory region". Here's one of their ads.

A press release from NT Official said, "We want people to recognise that if they want to go to the NT they shouldn't hesitate. They should just go and tell their friends to 'CU in the NT!'"

Thanks to Agent 6 for sending this along.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

VIDEO: Don't even think about moving to Canada

One of the more bizarre sidebars in last night's TV coverage of the Trump Triumph was a report that the Canadian government immigration website had crashed under the weight of American libtards trying to get a "Get out of the USA free" card, aka a Canadian immigration visa. Agent 3 has considerable experience in this field and has some advice for Yanks yearning to come to the better half of North America: forget about it!

There is actually a border between the USA and Canada. [No wall though... yet! Ed.] You need a passport to enter Canada as a visitor. Well, not to enter Canada, actually, but to get back into the Excited States. And if it looks like your country won't let you back in, the Canadians won't admit you. If you are honest enough to tell them you want to stay, they make you apply to immigrate, just like everyone else [except Muslim refugees. Ed.] And it ain't easy.

Canada uses a complex points system to determine whether a person is allowed to immigrate. There are exemptions for anyone who can holler "refugee" and speak enough English or French to ask the way to the welfare office. There are exemptions for those who already have family in Canada. That does not include fiancé(e)s or mail-order brides/grooms. There are exemptions for temporary workers in occupations which Canadians shun, like picking fruit and packing fish. If you can't wiggle through any of those loopholes, you have to be educated, speak one or both of Canada's official languages, and have marketable skills or (better) a certified job offer.

Even if you think you can pile up enough points -- there's a self-evaluation on the Canadian immigration website, if it's working -- the unpleasant truth is that the majority of Canadians are not too keen on the idea of making it easier for US citizens to move to their country. A poll conducted last weekend by Mainstreet Research asked 5066 Canadians if they would be willing to make it easier for Americans to relocate to Canada if Trump won the election. Only 11% said they were in favour, compared with 72% who would prefer that you stay home. 17% apologized for being undecided.

So that's the bad news. The good news is that the sun rose in the east this morning, as usual. The world is not coming to an end. America will not just survive, but thrive under the new administration. You'll be OK.

Not convinced yet? Check out this video by Gavin McInnes, in which he explains in detail why there isn't one single part of the Great No-longer-white North that you would want to move to, even if you could. Don't listen to all those hysterical liberals. Listen to Gavin, and Agent 3, and Walt. You're welcome.

You need TRUMP to spell TRIUMPH !!!


Ed. here. Walt was heavily into Ma Nifkins' Jellied Gin when he sat down at the computer. He managed to type just those few letters before collapsing in a heap. I have revived him, but he is in no condition to drive, much less write. He demands to be driven to town to start collecting on his bets. When we get back, I'll have a go at the stack of scribbled notes littering the floor like autumn leaves.

We have some space to fill here. I think this flag will do nicely.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

6 solid Canadian stocks for nervous US investors

The S&P was up 2.22% yesterday. Wall Street seems to think Hellery is going to win. It wants her to win, as it would, considering her plans (disclosesd only in private audiences with business tycoons) to make the rich richer with open markets and open borders. But suppose she loses? What happens to US stocks and bonds then?

Here's another great idea from Walt. Just in case... I recommend putting some money into reputable Canadian stocks. If the US market goes south [to Mexico? Ed.], you'll be protected. If not, you can get your money out with no fuss and (probably) no loss and put it back into homegrown equities. [Smith & Wesson should be a good buy. Ed.]

Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is in Canadian dollars. As of yesterday, you could buy one beaverbuck (C$1) for just under US$0.75. So to figure out how much my recommended shares are going to cost you in real money, just multiply the price by .75. You can buy through most American brokers. FYI, some US brokers are actually owned, or will be owned soon, by Canadian banks. Just this fall, TD Ameritrade (owned by Toronto Dominion Bank, my pick in the financial sector) announced plans to acquire boutique brokerage Alfried Fried & Co. and discount broker Scottrade.

So, without further ado, here are half a dozen good Canadian stocks to add to your portfolio. (Stock symbols are in brackets.)

Toronto Dominion Bank
(TD) - The Canadian banking system is far superior to that of the US. Canadian banks emerged virtually unscathed from the meltdown of 2008-9. TD is now the sixth-biggest bank in the USA. Closed at C$60.37 yesterday, pays a dividend of 3.64%. Good as gold.

Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN) - Sells electricity and gas to customers in (mostly) the Canadian west. Prices for hydro and gas are going up. A hard winter is coming. Canucks will pay to keep warm. C$11.48, with a dividend of 4.83%.

Air Canada (AC) - Canada's biggest airline was a dog for many years after privatization but has recently started making money, although it doesn't yet pay a dividend. The big news is that the government has just raised the ceiling on foreign ownership from 25% to 49%, which means that foreign airlines [like Emirates? Ed.] are likely to come piling in. I expect the share price, C$12.83, to take off. (Geddit?)

Crescent Point Energy Corp. (CPG) - This is an oil play that got hammered by the crash of crude prices, then by the great Alberta wildfire. But CPG's properties are in Saskatchewan, and business will come back strong if the Keystone XL pipeline goes ahead (under Trump!) and/or the Canadian government finally approves an east-west pipeline. C$15.46 and still pays a dividend of 2.33%.

Fortis Inc. (FTS) - See above regarding pipelines. C$43.47, 3.68% dividend.

Canadian Tire class A non-voting (CTC.A) - Going to "Crappy Tire" is a Saturday morning ritual for Canadian men. They've been selling automotive supplies since the 1920s, and now have big box stores all over the country selling hardware, D-I-Y stuff, sporting goods, you name it. And they own sporting goods and clothing stores to boot! (Geddit?) Rock solid at C$132.35, with a dividend of 1.74%.

Disclaimer: I hear you asking if Walt has any money invested in any of these stocks? Answer: You betcha! Go and do ye likewise. You're welcome.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Americans! It's YOUR call!

I'm going to keep this short and simple, just like my own goodself.

The United States of America cannot afford another four years of Democratic liberal secular humanism. It's time to end the rule of the corrupt "progressive" elites. If you don't do it now, you may never get another chance.

You have only this one day to save the USA from the Clintons. Vote for Donald J. Trump!

If you just can't vote for Trump, at least vote for the Republican candidates for Senate and the House of Representatives in your state and district. A Republican Congress will be America's only defence against a Clinton dictatorship.

Americans! Do not fail your country! Go to the polls and vote to make America great again!

Worth reading (even if you've already voted): "The rise and fall of Hillary Clinton, exemplar of the U.S. ruling class culture of entitlement", commentary by Father Raymond J. de Souza, in the National Post, 8/11/16. Key quote: "She will win the election, but her presidency is already lost."

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Shoot, Habs, shoot!

Poor Len here (but not pictured -- that's my dream girl, there), with some thoughts on the performance, Friday and Saturday, of Canada's team -- the Montréal Canadiens.

Let's start with the numbers that count. 12 games into the 82-game NHL schedule, les Glorieux are 10-1-1 -- 10 wins, 1 defeat in regulation time, 1 defeat in a shoot-out -- a total of 21 points out of a possible 24. That's good for first in their division, first in their conference, and first in the NHL overall! If they could keep winning at that pace, they could wind up with 146 points. And, let us pray, the Stanley Cup!

Now then, about Friday night's debacle at Columbus. Going into that game, the Habs were 9-0-1, on a 6-game win streak, so it was clear they were going to lose sometime. The only questions were when, and how badly. No-one, no-one, expected it would be on Friday night, by a score of 10-0!

That's the worst pasting the Habs have suffered since 1995, the night Patrick Roy said he'd had enough. I think no-one, including the opposing team, would have blamed Habs #2 goalie, Al Montoya, for heading into the Ohio hills, never to be seen again. But it wasn't solely his fault. And I don't blame Michel Therrien for leaving him in net for the third period. The game was out of reach midway through the second, and there was no point in putting Carey Price in for the third, running the risk of having him (Price) injured.

Yes, Montoya's goaltending was sub-par, but the Habs' defence was worse, and their offence worse still! They have been outshot in their last four games (including last night's 5-4 victory over Philthydelphia) and were fortunate to have Price between the pipes for three of them. Both he and Montoya should sue the other 18 guys for non-support. You can't take just one shot every five minutes or so and expect your goalie to give you a win, regardless.

Montréal's top four defencemen -- Weber and Emelin, Markov and Petry -- have been OK, but also guilty of egregious errors, especially Markov who -- let's face it -- is getting old and just doesn't have the speed any more. Pateryn and Beaulieu are the third defence pair. The latter is too often careless with the puck and lacking in concentration and commitment. Time to let him watch from the press box, IMHO, and try out Hanly, or maybe Barberio, who's currently languishing in St. John's.

That brings us to the Habs' so-called offence. After starting the season with four goals a game for the first four games or so, production has fallen off. And a lot of their goals are being scored by the defence. The best front line, in terms of consistency, has been the fourth line -- Danault, Mitchell and (usually) Flynn. What does that tell you?

Montréal is getting good efforts from most of the forwards, particularly Alexandr Radulov, a great off-season pick-up by Marc Bergevin. What's been missing is effort and intensity from some of the old pros who the club should be able to look to for leadership. Hello, Max Pacioretty! "Patches" has scored only two goals in 12 games, and has not played well without the puck. You may have the "C" for "Captain", Max, but you need a much bigger "E" for "Effort". I would have said the same to Asst. Capt. Tomas Plekanec, except that he scored the game-winner last night -- his first of the season -- and is dependable on the penalty kill.

Final note... All the centres except Torrey Mitchell need to work on winning face-offs. Not one Montréal centre (except Mitchell) is over 50% at the dot. You can't shoot the puck if you don't have it! And to everybody... when you do have the puck, shoot the blessed thing! Be inspired by the great Habs players of yesteryear: Lance Ledisc and Lance Larondelle. Don't wait for the perfect set-up. Shoot the puck as hard as you want! Some of them are bound to go in.

Commentaire de Guillaume Lefrançois, La Presse: Le Canadien vient possiblement de jouer ses trois moins bons matchs de la saison, accordant 120 tirs et 14 buts. Mais il s'en est tiré avec quatre points sur une possibilité de six, dans une séquence de trois duels en quatre soirs.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Walt can't call it

Here we are in the last weekend before the Election of the Century (so far). The candidates are neck-and-neck coming to the wire. Unless one horse (or part thereof) stumbles (and one has been seen on video doing just that), it's going to be close... really close!

Fox News reports that Shrillery Clinton has a 2-point edge over Donald Trump, according to a new national poll of likely voters conducted Tuesday-Thursday. In the four-way race, Mrs Bill Clinton tops The Donald by 45% to 43%. She was up by three points a week ago, and by six in mid-October. Garry "What's Aleppo?" Johnson gets 5% and Greenie (((Jill Stein))) brings up the rear with 2%. Only 4% of those polled were undecided. The other 96% said they'd made up their minds -- some had voted already -- and just wanted to get the whole thing over with.

It's funny to hear the lamestream meeja talking about the polls. After the third debate, when Hellery was in the ascendant, the Clinton News Network and all the others except Fox were crying "Look at the polls. It's all over! Clinton can't be beat!" But since the FBI bombshell, with every national poll indicating a virtual tie -- numbers within the margin of error -- the same gliberals are telling us that national polls don't matter, because what really counts is the vote in the Electoral College.

Looked at that way, Mr Trump has a hard row to hoe. To win the Electoral College, he has to win key swing states like Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. In fact he pretty much has to run the table. But you never know. Not all the electors pledged to vote for a certain candidate can be counted on to do so.

Just today, Fox News reports that a Democratic elector in Washington state says he won't cast his vote for La Clinton if (as is likely) she wins the state in Tuesday's election. Robert Satiacum, a member of the Puyallup Tribe, supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, which the Vermont senator won by approximately a 3-to-1 margin. He said he believes Clinton is a "criminal" who doesn't care enough about American Indians and "she's done nothing but flip back and forth." He told AP, "She will not get my vote, period."

So who knows. I am reluctant to put my sterling record (lifetime pct .991) on the line on this one. I find it hard to be objective, since I believe Mrs Clinton ought be in the prisoner's dock, not the Oval Office. And, even though the wish may be father to the thought, I think there are more Trump supporters out there than the polls would indicate. I have some bets with Trump + 5 points, but nobody's giving me that kind of an edge today. Nope. Can't call it. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

VIDEO: Keep the demon in human form out of the White House! (Michael Matt & Christopher Ferrara)

Walt just received, and must share with you, the latest edition of The Remnant Forum, a dialogue between Michael Matt and Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq. I've stripped out their scathing criticism of Flakey Francis' visit to Sweden to commune with the Lutheran heretics, leaving Chris's incredibly emotional appeal to American voters to keep "this demon in human form" (and her perverse husband) from getting back into the White House. Running time is about 12 minutes. I guarantee you won't fall asleep.

"Hello there! We're your new neighbours!"

The four most feared words in the English language: "We're your new neighbours!"

Here's a little factoid for you. The Obama maladministration has welcomed 13,210 Syrian "refugees" to the Paranoid States of America. That number is up 675% -- six hundred and seventy-five percent -- from the same ten-month period in 2015.

Of those admitted, 13,100 (99.1%) are Muslims: 12,966 Sunnis -- they're the ones fighting for ISIS and the Syrian rebels -- 24 Shia, and 110 "other Muslims". Only 77 (0.5%) are Christians. Another 24 (0.18 percent) are Yazidis.

Think about that when you vote on November 8th.

Canadians need not bother to think. The damage is already done. Walt doesn't have up-to-date figures or a percentage breakdown, but has heard Justin Trudeau and his Elmer Fuddly "Minister of Refugees" boast of admitting 35,000 "refugees" up to the end of February 2016. That's nearly three times as many as were admitted to the USA, coming into a country just over a tenth the size (population-wise).

As in the USA, nearly 100% of the "refugees" admitted to Canada are Muslims. They get preferential treatment too: living quarters in hotels and motels until Habitat for Humanity or someone gives them a free house; food allowances; transportation allowances; instant access to medical and dental care (including psychiatrists to treat their PTSDs); and other kinds of welfare not available to ordinary Canadians. All on the taxpayers' dime, of course.

Hey, Canucks! That's what you voted for. There's no point in whining in the lamestream meeja now. Looks good on ya!