Saturday, November 12, 2016

8 ways liberals can blame themselves for electing Trump

Walt was surprised, during the late campaign for the presidensity, to find that pompous pundit Andrew Coyne, who previously masqueraded as a centrist, was a liberal in disguise. Mr Coyne is frothing at the mouth, even today, angry and incredulous that Americans could have had the temerity to disregard his (and 99% of the chattering classes') endorsement of Hellery Clinton.

I trust Mr Coyne is aghast, if not apoplectic, to read, in the very same pages as his latest rant, the excellent article by Tristin Hopper in today's National Post headed ""We'd cried wolf too many times": Eight ways liberals can blame themselves for President Trump". For those too busy to read the article, Walt reproduces here, in Letterman style, the eight-fold list.

8. Post-election protests. (You have to read the article to see how this fits in.)
7. All the damned celebrities.
6. All the political correctness talk.
5. Flawed candidate.
4. Demonizing conventional conservatives.
3. Mocking poor white people.
2. Flirting with identity politics.
1. Calling everything racist all the time.

I hope Mr Coyne and those who appear with him on CBC-TV's "At Issue" panel will have read Mr Hopper's article before next Thursday's telecast, in which they would do well to bring some salt for the large helpings of crow that should be on the menu.

Worth reading (and also from today's National Post): Rex Murphy "It wasn’t misogyny that caused Clinton’s downfall, it was all the baggage she dragged around"

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