Thursday, November 10, 2016

Anti-Trumpers welcome in Australia's Northern Territory

The Northern Territory (NT) is the north-central sixth of Australia. Most of it is hot and dry as Billy-be-damned. That's where you'll find Uluru, the aboriginal name for what Bruce and the guys used to call Ayer's Rock. There's a strip along the north coast which isn't hot and dry. It's hot and wet, home to some of the world's largest crocodiles.

Charming place. But they welcome tourists, maybe even immigrants. Maybe even Americans keen to leave Donald Trump's "Amerikkka". (I saw that on a sign being held up by a protester who's obviously going to have trouble adjusting.) In fact an organization called "NT Official" has started a new campaign to "promote travel awareness to the Northern Territory region". Here's one of their ads.

A press release from NT Official said, "We want people to recognise that if they want to go to the NT they shouldn't hesitate. They should just go and tell their friends to 'CU in the NT!'"

Thanks to Agent 6 for sending this along.

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