Monday, November 14, 2016

Ken Dryden explains how Hellery and the media blew the election

There are those who think of hockey players as big, dumb guys who beat each other upside the head with curved sticks. Some of them are. But some are well educated, thinking, feeling human beings. Intellectual, even. One of the latter types is Ken Dryden: lawyer, teacher, author, former member of the Canadian cabinet, and Hall of Fame NHL goaltender. [Poor Len wants it clearly understood that Mr Dryden played always and only for the Montréal Canadiens! Ed.]

Even when he was on the ice, in the middle of a game, Ken Dryden could be seen observing and thinking. This picture says it all. There he is, taking it all in, seeing the obvious and the not-so-obvious, figuring out what's going on. Like many thoughtful Canucks, Mr Dryden has spent the last couple of months pondering American politics, the events of last Tuesday and what the Trump triumph means for the Excited States of America, the Democratic Party and the lamestream media.

How could Mrs Bill Clinton, her Democratic and other supporters, and virtually all of the country's press and broadcast pundits get it all so wrong? Mr Dryden presents his analysis in a powerful op-ed piece in today's Toronto Star, headed "Clinton, media never understood Trump".

That the piece should appear in the Toronto Red Star is rather ironic, given that the Star has this year moved even more to the left than normal. It has long been a propaganda organ for the Liberal Party, and now finds itself the smug and self-righteous voice of progressivism and the fight for "social justice". Here are some other articles in its Commentary section today: "Why did women vote for Trump?"; "Canada could have its own Donald Trump" (intended as a warning); "Trump’s victory has become Obama’s legacy"; "We are really going to miss Obama"; "Prepare for the new world disorder"; and "How best to mount an anti-Trump opposition?"

What a load... But there is some gold hidden amidst the dross, in the form of Mr Dryden's article which is as unbiased as anything the Star would ever publish, clear and (IMHO) right on the money in analyzing what happened. And yes, I believe it could happen in Canada... and France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The next 18 months or so could well see a true "people's revolution" in which the will of the people -- the real people -- is expressed and acted upon. Let us pray....

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