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VIDEO: "The Fight of Our Lives" opens in Toronto March 26th - Follow links for other locations and how to get tickets

THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES - Defeating the Ideological War Against the West

is a hard-hitting new documentary film by Gloria Z. Greenfield that examines the internal and external threats facing the West. The cast of distinguished scholars and experts trace the emergence of anti-Western ideas and movements, and their subsequent penetration into Western academia, politics, and society. This powerful documentary conveys eloquent messages of determination, focus, and calls to action. Here's the trailer.

THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES - Defeating the Ideological War Against the West
has its Canadian premiere in Toronto on March 26th at the Odeon Cineplex Empress Walk Theatre, 5095 Yonge Street, North York, ON M2N 6Z4. Ms Greenfield will answer questions after the screening.

Click here to get your tickets. If you're not in the so-called Greater Toronto Area, please share this with family and friends who live there, and click here for information about when you can see THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES in your area... even if you live in Jerusalem!

Many thanks to Agent 6 for the heads-up!

A modest suggestion: the Christian Republic of America!

Since the rise of the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS, and the beginning of the Gulf Wars, American presidents have routinely told the sheeple that the jihadis are trying to kill us because they hate us. Why so? Democratic presidents say it's because the USA has freedom and democracy and equal rights for wimmin and gays and vizmins, yada yada yada. Republicans say it's because the camel jockeys are jealous of America's wealth, high standard of living, freedom and democracy, yada yada yada.

There is some truth in all of that, but the real reason why the Islamic terrorists are so devout, so strong in their Muslim faith that they're willing to die for it -- never mind about the 72 virgins -- goes deeper than that. It has to do with Islamic values, in which they believe, as contrasted with Christian values, which we say we believe, but really don't.

I was thinking about that on Sunday when Father Duffy was preaching a good Lenten homily about turning away from sin and turning back to the Gospel. (That's what priests in the mainstream Church say nowadays when they make the Sign of the Cross on your forehead with ashes. What ever happened to "Remember man ["person"? Ed.] that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return!" But I digress...)

I confess that my mind wandered a bit from what the good Father was saying to a passage I read in The State of Africa, by Martin Meredith (rev. 2011, Simon & Schuster), a worthwhile analysis of how the Dark Continent (including, in this case, the Arab north) came to be in its present parlous state. In Chapter 25 [It's not a short book. Ed.], "In the Name of the Prophet", the author introduces readers to Sayyid Qutb, "an Egyptian intellectual-activist whose writings influenced generations of radical Islamists.

"Once an admirer of the West and Western literature, he...turned into a formidable critic as a result of a two-year stay in the United States in the late 1940s, appalled by what he saw as its moral decadence, its materialism, racism and sexual depravity. Returning to Egypt in 1951, he became a leading figure in the Muslim Brotherhood...."

"Moral decadence, materialism, racism and sexual depravity." Indeed. And that was in the 1940s! Before the hippy-dippy `60s, when, IMHO, our Western society really began to fall apart. Those things -- particularly moral decadence and sexual depravity -- are all contrary to the values and principles of life taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ and enjoined by His Church. Yet today, those are hallmarks of our so-called Christian society.

Sayyid Qutb became one of the leading voices of the Islamic revolution, calling for the establishment, by force if necessary, of a pan-Arab theocratic state -- an Islamic republic -- in which the evils of Western society would be rejected and a society established which would be run according to the strict Islamic principles of Sharia law.

A theocratic state, like today's Islamic Republic of Iran, in which the Seven Deadly Sins are punished not just in the next world but here on earth. What would it be like, I thought, if the Ten Commandments were strictly followed in Western society. If, say, people had their  hands cut off for stealing or were stoned to death for adultery, as they sometimes are under Sharia Law.

The thought made me cringe. Here in the "Christian West" we can do what we want. We can make all the graven images we want. Or commit "serial monogamy", which is really just adultery licensed by the state. Or kill millions of innocent children and be paid by the state for doing it. Or perform every kind of what used to be called "unnatural acts".

The state doesn't care. The mainstream Church herself has pretty much stopped preaching against these sins, because... well... "everybody's doing it". Those bemoaning the fact that our Western society has "lost its moral compass" might well consider the alternative presented by Islam -- a theocracy, a confessional state with a state religion and strict laws against all those things which we know are wrong but tolerate in ourselves and others because we don't want to appear old-fashioned and (horror of horrors) religious!

How about establishing "the Christian Republic of America"? That's my brilliant idea for a better society:"One nation under God." Oh... wait... Really??? But I didn't think it would look like this!

Recommended reading: Freedom Under God, by Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, republished 2013 by Economic Justice Media. For "Communism", against which Msgr. Sheen was arguing, substitute "Islamism". Click here to read the Goodreads review. Key thought: Individual life as well as marriage and the family are also in grave danger as the State continues to expand its power to fill the vacuum left by the growing powerlessness of ordinary people.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Italian top court OKs Fascist salute as right-wing coalition heads for election victory

As Italy gets ready for its first general election in five years, the New York Times has its hair on fire over the growing popularity of "right-wing" political parties. You already know, don't you, what epithet they're hurling at groups like the Brothers of Italy. That's right. They're using the F-word -- Fascists! In "Anti-Fascist Protesters Rally in Italy as Mussolini’s Heirs Gain Ground" (24/2/48) one terrified scribe writes, "The re-emergence of extremist violence, harassment and xenophobia has gripped Italy and forced the country to reckon with the hard-right and fascist ideologies fueled by a lingering financial crisis and migration."

"Fueled by migration"... Imagine that! As if Italians would be different from the Austrians, Hungarians, Poles, Germans and other Europeans who reject the "suicide by diversity" of the Christian West espoused by such misguided "leaders" as Angela Merkel, who is, until next month at least, still the Chancellor Germany. Italians are just as fed up as the rest with having to welcome, feed, clothe and house the masses of mainly Muslim migrants being fished out of the Mediterranean every week.

Those are the same "refugees" who bite the hands that feed them, going on orgies of robbery, rape and general mayhem. It is only natural that there should be an awakening of the xenophobia which is part of human nature. And it is only natural that those feelings should find expression in what the Times calls "extremist violence, harassment and xenophobia".

As the elections approach, politically inspired violence has become an almost daily occurrence. Earlier this month, in the city of Macerata, a "fascist extremist" (the Times again) carrying a candle with an image of Mussolini opened fire on African migrants, wounding at least six people before he was arrested. Interior Minister Marco Minniti described the shootings as an "evident display of racial hatred."

Earlier this week, Italy's supreme Court of Cassation ruled that giving a Fascist salute is OK. Provided it's "commemorative" and non-violent, the straight-arm salute popularized by Mussolini is considered a free expression of thought, the court said, acquitting two Brothers of Italy (FdI) supporters who gave the salute in Milan in 2014. They had been charged under a law including such salutes as "complicity in Fascist demonstrations", which are prohibited by a postwar law banning the "apology of Fascism".

Forza Nuova, an Italian party which marches with that salute, has repeatedly clashed with the police and masked and violent antifa protesters. Members of CasaPound, a political party that proudly claims to admire Mussolini, recently invaded the emergency area of a hospital in Bolzano to protest against homeless "refugees" taking refuge there overnight.

As anti-immigrant backlash intensifies and the antifa-fomented violence worsens, the "progressives" are pointing the finger of blame at Matteo Salvini, the secretary of the League party, and Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the Brothers of Italy, the modern heirs of the party that rose from the ashes of Mussolini’s Fascists. For the coming elections, Mr Salvini and Ms Meloni have joined forces with former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. As of this writing, their coalition is leading in the polls. Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

VIDEO: Please help find a cure for little Justin's problem

I know, I know... WWW has had a lot of stuff about Canadian politics lately. Like there's nothing going on in American politics? Like anybody cares about Canada? Really though, things are heating up in the Great No-longer-white North. Canucks are fed up, not just with winter but with their Liberal leaders in both Ottawa (the country's capital) and Toronto (the city that thinks it's the country's capital... or maybe the country itself, since TROC doesn't matter.)

In Ontario, a provincial election is due in June. In anticipation thereof, the province's oxymoronic Progressive Conservatives have fallen into their traditional trap of forming a circular firing squad. There is now a fifth candidate in their unexpected leadership contest (see previous posts on Tanya Granic Allen), none other than Patrick Brown, who just got turfed out of the leadership, a victim of #MeToo, but has now been okayed to throw his batter chapeau back in the ring.

Meanwhile, alleged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been touring India, with his ultra-photogenic family in tow, all decked out in native costumes which the Indian meeja say are waaay over the top -- too Indian even for Indians. See "Trudeau family criticized for overdoing it on their traditional Indian outfits" (Global News, 21/2/18) and try not to gag at the pix of a white man gone native.

Worse for Hairboy are the stories, which contain more than a grain of truth, that he is sympathetic to Sikh separatists who are fighting to turn the Punjab into an independent homeland, which they call "Kalistan". Thanks to Trudeaus I and II, there are hundreds of thousands of Sikhs in Canada, huddled together in the suburbs of Toronto and Vancouver, from which they send lakhs of rupees back to India to fund the separatist cause.

They also turn out reliably to vote Liberal. There are four of them in Junior's cabinet, all of whom accompanied him on his visit to their Golden Temple at Amritsar. Another one, Jaspal Singh Atwal, has joined the group and was invited to a reception to be held by the Canadian High Commissioner to India, my good Mister Patel. One of Walt's favourite pundits, Terry Milewski, revealed yesterday that Mr Atwal was convicted of the attempted murder of Malkiat Singh Sidhu, another Sikh who was also an Indian cabinet minister, on Vancouver Island in 1986. How embarrassing! Mr Atwal has now been officially uninvited.

It becomes more evident every day that Justin Trudeau has problems. Jill Colton, a former lamestream media personality with a degree in communications and a diploma in broadcast journalism, now doing commentary on You Tube, has got to the root of Junior's personality disorder, and is starting a campaign to get some professional help for him. Here's her pitch.

Walt has only one thing to add... for now.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

VIDEO: 余婷婷 (Queenie Yu) speaks against Liberal pro-queer policies

Earlier today Walt posted "Jordan Peterson talks with Tanya Granic Allen & Queenie Yu", the full version (still only 7:47) of a 2017 interview of University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson by Tanya Granic Allen and her colleague at Parents As First Educators, Queenie Yu. The subject is Ontario's perverted sex education curriculum and gender ideology.

Tanya Granic Allen is a candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Queenie Yu (余婷婷) is her colleague at Parents as First Educators (PAFE), a social conservative activist and, a few months ago, an independent candidate in a Toronto-area by-election. Ms Yu is a strong voice for family values in the Chinese community. At the time of the interview with Dr Peterson, Ms Yu appeared on Fairchild TV to explain her community's opposition to the No-Wynne government's plans to sexualize innocent children. Here's the clip.

The voice of social conservatives needs to be heard, throughout the western world, but especially in Ontario, where a general election will be held on June 8th. If you are a resident of Ontario (only), please click here to contribute to Tanya Granic Allen's campaign. You can also help by supporting Parents As First Educators. Anyone can donate to PAFE, regardless of where they live. You won't get a tax receipt, but you will get a lot of satisfaction from doing your part to stand up for Christian family values. Thank you!

VIDEO: Jordan Peterson talks with Tanya Granic Allen & Queenie Yu (full version)

Last week, in "Ontario conservatives! Vote Tanya Granic Allen for PC party leader", I endorsed Tanya Granic Allen, the only candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party who stands four-square for the Christian family values on which the AABC countries were founded. I am happy to report that Mrs Granic Allen has been officially registered as a candidate and has participated with great effect in the first televised debate, impressing even the (((controlled media))).

The liberal Toronto Star's Thomas Walkom wrote: "Thursday's debate did not showcase the party as a collection of fiscally responsible moderates. Indeed, thanks to Granic Allen's bravura performance, it was as if all energy in the party came from the hard right. She dominated the debate." Click here to see the entire debate, as moderated by (((Steve Paikin))) and aired on TVOntario. Warning: running time is almost 58 minutes.

In last week's post, we embedded a much shorter (under two minutes) video, a clip from a 2017 interview of University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson by Tanya Granic Allen and her colleague at Parents As First Educators, Queenie Yu. Some readers have asked us to post a link to the full interview. We can do even better. Here's the whole thing: running time only 7:47. Listen up!

The voice of social conservatives needs to be heard, throughout the western world, but especially in Ontario, where a general election will be held on June 8th. Tanya Granic Allen is the loudest and clearest voice of conservatism, not just in Ontario but in Canada. She needs and deserves your support. To contribute to her campaign for the PC leadership, click here. Donations are tax deductible. You must be a resident of Ontario to donate and get a tax receipt. If you are not a resident of Ontario, and still wish to help, you can click here to donate to Parents As First Educators. You won't get a tax receipt, but you will get a lot of satisfaction at having helped in this crucial effort. Tell `em Walt sent you!

Agent 34 explains the origins of the Mexican national holiday

Ed. here. This has been a slow news day in this corner of the forest. So we are much obliged to Agent 34 who sent us this explanation of the origins of the national holiday of Mexico. Muchas gracias!

Monday, February 19, 2018

"Allahu akbar!" again. This time Russia. Next time... who knows?

"Allahu akbar"! The Islamists were at it again, but you probably didn't read about it in the Western (((controlled media))) because (a) only five people were killed, (b) they were women, (c) they were Christians attending a church service, and (d) they were Russians.

Another reason for the disinterest in Muslim attacks on "infidels" is that it happened in Dagestan. Who knows where that is? [I know! It's a supposedly autonomous republic of Russia, on the western shore of the Caspian Sea. You can look it up. Ed.] There, in the city of Kizlyar, a man opened fire with a hunting rifle on worshippers -- mostly women -- a Russian Orthodox church after celebrations for Maslenitsa, a traditional pre-Lent festival.

RBK, a Russian news outlet, quoted a priest as saying the attack took place immediately following the afternoon service. "We had finished the mass and were beginning to leave the church. A bearded man ran towards the church shouting 'Allahu Akbar!' [Arabic for "God is great"] and killed four people. He was carrying a rifle and a knife."

Four women were killed on the spot; one died in hospital soon after. One of them was an award-winning doctor, Lyudmila Shcherbakova, who had more than 40 years' experience working in Dagestan's hospitals. Five other people, including a police officer and a national guardsman, were wounded, two of them critically. Doctors are seen here attending to one of the victims.

The attacker was shot and killed by police at the scene. He was later identified as 22-year-old Khalil Khalilov, a local resident. Authorities have detained his wife for questioning, but, like their counterparts in Germany, Sweden, Britain and [That's enough politically correct countries. Ed.] have declined to comment on the possible motive for the attack.

Walt suggests the fact that the killer shouted "Allahu akbar!" could be a clue to his motive. If that's not enough, Islamic State, through Amaq, its information (read: propaganda) wing, claimed that one of its "soldiers" had carried out the attack. A statement posted today on an ISIS-affiliated website, says a Muslim fighter attacked "a Christian temple" in Kizlyar. The authenticity of the statement couldn't be confirmed, but the website is regularly used by IS for posting militant statements. Walt is prepared to take their word for it.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

VIDEO: Hockey players' memorable brain farts

Poor Len Canayen here. Ed. has been asking me when I'm going to write something about the woes of the Montréal Canadiens. I am not. At least not until they're officially out of the playoffs, which should be in a week or so. I also want to see what General Manager Marc Bergevin is going to do between now and the February 26th trade deadline... if anything...

Meanwhile, Habs fans need a bit of cheering up, so here's a short(ish) video that proves that everyone makes mistakes... including Marc Bergevin. Enjoy.

Americans! Will more gun control make you safer?

Chinese New Year celebrations are over, the Winter Olympics are half over (with only one Russian caught doping, so far), and life in the Excited States of America goes on as usual. Another day, another mass killing, this one a school shooting in Florida. Walt can't tell you how many that makes this year, as I've already lost count.

The usual "thoughts and prayers" have been expressed by all and sundry. But along with the expressions of grief -- real and genuine -- we're hearing shouts of anger, and plenty of them. The latest yesterday's rally at Parkland FL, where 1000s of angry students, parents, teachers and neighbours of the high school where 17 people were killed demanded that immediate action be taken on gun-control legislation.

There were also rallies in St. Petersburg, on the other side of the state, and in Fort Lauderdale, about 25 miles from the scene of the horrific crime. Delaney Tarr, a student at the school where it happened, told the crowd in front of the federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, "Because of these gun laws, people that I know, people that I love, have died, and I will never be able to see them again."

Let's think about that. What "gun laws" was Mr Tarr talking about? Laws exist, and the laws allow the purchase of an AR-15 assault rifle provided the purchaser has been properly vetted by the police and other bureaucrats charged with enforcing the laws. Since the killer, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, was known in the community to have exhibited signs of mental disturbance, it seems to me that the problem is not with the laws (or lack thereof), but with the system by which the laws are supposed to be applied.

It appears now, from public records, interviews with friends and family and online interactions, that Mr Cruz was unstable and violent to himself and those around him. Alas, even though a number of agencies, including the FBI, were notified about his threatening behaviour, but did little to stop it.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that Florida's Department of Children and Families investigated when Cruz posted on Snapchat a video showing himself cutting his arms. That was back in August of 2016. The agency's abuse hotline was told, "Mr Cruz has fresh cuts on both his arms. Mr Cruz stated he plans to go out and buy a gun. It is unknown what he is buying the gun for."

According to the paper, the DCF investigation was completed in November. The agency concluded that Mr Cruz had not been mistreated by his mother, was receiving adequate care from a mental health counsellor and was attending school. Mental health centre staff "came out and assessed the [victim]," the DCF report said "and found him to be stable enough not to be hospitalized."

"Attending school"... yes... At school, Mr Cruz routinely fought with teachers, was accused of swearing at staff and was referred for a "threat assessment" in January 2017 (two months after the DCF investigation wrapped up), according to the New York Times. School records seen by the Times show he was suspended several times in the 2016-17 school year and was frequently absent. They also show Cruz attended at least six schools, including a school for students with emotional problems, the newspaper said.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said his office had received more than 20 calls about Cruz in the past few years. He did not say what action his department took... if any. Which brings us to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, America's super-cops.

The FBI said "a person close to Cruz" called the FBI's tip line and provided information about Cruz's weapons and his erratic behaviour. The caller was concerned Cruz could attack a school. The agency acknowledged the tip should have been shared with the FBI's Miami office and investigated, but it was not. Perhaps those responsible were too busy with the investigation into the non-existent connection between Russian conspirators and the Trump campaign!

Dear American readers, how safe do you feel? Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that "they" -- terrorists, gangstas, crazy people -- aren't out to get you! The FBI, your state and local police and other agencies of social control (as I characterize them) are supposed to be "serving and protecting" you. Are they? Ha!

Now the usual gang of snowflakes, lefties and SJWs want to use events like the Parkland school killings as an excuse to take away your guns. Do you know what will happen if more restrictive gun laws are passed that would, for instance, make carrying a gun of any kind in a school zone illegal? I'll tell you! What will happen is that no-one will have a gun at school except someone evil and/or crazy enough to not give a shit about the new tough law!

Here's another question. How would such a law be enforced? What are they going to do, make all the students (and teachers and visitors) pass through a metal detector and undergo a pat-down search on entering the school? How many more law enforcement officers would that take? Would they be as effective as the rent-a-cops employed by the TSA to keep you safe at airports? Ha!

IMHO, the best defence against people like Nikolas Cruz is that envisioned by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The Parkland massacre would not have been averted if the heroic football coach or any other teacher had been packing heat, but the loss of life would have been considerably less. Perhaps only Mr Cruz would have been killed.

Let's close with a thought from Thomas Sowell, an American economist, turned social theorist, political philosopher and author, who was born in North Carolina but grew up in Harlem. "The key fallacy of so called gun control laws is that such laws do not in fact control guns. They simply disarm law abiding citizens, while people bent on violence find firearms readily available."

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Walt and Poor Len [and Ed.! Ed.]
wish all our Chinese readers

May the coming year bring you
happiness and prosperity.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cardinal Zen denounces Vatican's capitulation to Chinese Communists

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, a holy day of obligatory fast and abstinence in the Roman Catholic Church. The modern version of the Church doesn't make much of it, because that would mean talking about sin and the necessity of repentance, confession and absolution. It is a good day, therefore, to consider the plight of the underground church in China, the devout Catholics who refused to join the schismatic, Communist-sponsored Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, and remain loyal to Rome and to the practices of the Faith as understood for centuries, until the revolution of the Second Vatican Council.

The practices referred to include the naming of bishops by the Pope, not by the secular government. The Communist government of China prefers to appoint its own bishops to head up its puppet "church", and has relentlessly harassed and persecuted the bishops of the underground church, along with their priest and faithful laypeople, 1000s of whom have suffered imprisonment, torture and death. This doesn't seem to bother Pope Francis and his Secretary of State, who are presently negotiating with the Communists to recognize the puppet bishops and fold the underground church into the CPCA.

Just one prince of the Church has stood up to oppose the Vatican's imminent capitulation to the Chinese Communists. That prelate is Cardinal Joseph Zen, Archbishop Emeritus of Hong Kong. His message to the Vatican and to the world is that the Communists want to enslave the Church in China. See "Cardinal Zen again warns Vatican not sell out to Chinese Commies", WWW 26/1/18.

Today Cardinal Zen escalated his criticism of the Vatican negotiators (read: appeasers), refuting a statement in which Cardinal Pietro Parolin (aka Petrus Romanus - Peter the Roman), the Secretary of State, tried to explain away the Vatican's approach to the negotiations. Cardinal Zen charged that Cardinal Parolin ignores the dangers of Communist domination. He said that the Secretary of State "venerates the Ostpolitik diplomacy of his master Casaroli." (He was referring to Cardinal Agostino Casaroli, the Secretary of State from 1979 to 1990, who was noted for his efforts to "promote dialogue" with the Soviet bloc. See "Why the 'new' Roman Catholic Church is soft on Communism", WWW 24/8/11.)

According to Cardinal Zen, "[Cardinal Parolin] despises the genuine faith of those who firmly defend the Church founded by Jesus on the apostles from any interference by secular power." The prelate went on to accuse Cardinal Parolin of distorting the message that Pope Benedict XVI had sent in his letter to the Chinese Church. While Pope Benedict had called for unity among Chinese Catholics, Cardinal Zen said, Cardinal Parolin has promoted a false idea of unity, through a "dishonest exploitation of expressions of the letter of Pope Benedict." He said that true unity cannot be achieved as long as the Church in China is divided into "two communities with two structures based on two different, opposing principles."

Charging that the Vatican's proposed solution would mean suppressing the freedom of the independent Church, Cardinal Zen said, "Rewarding traitors? Castigating the faithful? Forcing a legitimate bishop to give way to an excommunicated one? It this not more like rubbing salt on these still open wounds?" He concluded that loyal Chinese Catholics would not accept the Vatican's approach. "Our suffering at the creation of a schismatic Church by others may be inevitable," he said, "but we cannot assist in its creation."

Dear Catholic readers, pray today and always, especially for faithful Catholics in China:

Further reading: "I still don't understand why they are in dialogue with China" (source for this report), by Cardinal Joseph Zen, on the AsiaNews.it website, 13/2/18.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Doug Ford calls out Ontario PCs on pro-queer sex ed curriculum

Cazart! Even as I was writing "Ontario conservatives! Vote Tanya Granic Allen for PC party leader" earlier today, Ontario Progressive Conservative [sic] leader wannabe Doug Ford was getting up on his hind feet at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School, on his own turf in northwest Toronto, to call out not just Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government but his own party for the current state of education in the Province of Missed Opportunity.

For those who don't know, Doug Ford is the little brother -- perhaps "younger brother" would be a better phrase -- of the late Rob Ford, the crack-smoking and otherwise controversial mayor of Toronto, 2010-2014. That's Doug on the right, which is where he likes to be. My guess is that the announcement by Tanya Granic Allen that she was throwing her hat in the leadership ring (see previous post) served to warn Mr Ford that he was in danger of losing the social conservative vote -- there's a lot of them out there -- unless he spoke out against his party's liberal policies on matters such as abortion and sex education.

On the latter subject, Mr Ford said both the Liberals and PCs are to blame for the current unsatisfactory state of education in Ontario. "Educating our children is the most important job in the world," he said. "The next generation will inform how our country develops and contributes to issues facing society. Ontario needs to be a leader in the quality of education we give our children. This means that we need to arm our teachers with comprehensive and practical curriculum documents."

"The way the sex-ed curriculum was rolled out was totally unacceptable. Consultations with parents were insufficient. Unlike the Liberals, I know that parents -- not the government -- are our first educators when it comes to our children." Did you catch that play? "First educators"! That's the name of Mrs Granic Allen's group -- Parents As First Educators.

The Liberals' new sex education curriculum was implemented in classrooms in September 2015. In accordance with the pro-queer agenda favoured by Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne (a lesbian herself), they start laying the gender ideology on Grade 3 students -- that's age 8 -- to get the kiddos to "accept differences". Students start learning about puberty in Grade 4, a year earlier than before. In Grade 6, when kids are 11, they are introduced to masturbation, which teachers were urged to describe as a "common practice". Then, in Grades 7 and 8, students are taught about consent, practising abstinence, and... wait for it... anal sex. In Grade 8. Can you imagine?

1000s of Ontario parents took to the streets around the Pink Palace to protest. But it was too late. The new curriculum was presented as a fait accompli. Parents weren't consulted beforehand, and certainly wouldn't be listened to after the curriculum -- the handiwork of a convicted pedophile, (((Dr Benjamin Levin))) -- was rolled out.

It's the kind of deviltry that is hard to undo. And unlike Mrs Granic Allen, Doug Ford didn't flat out promise to scrap it. He said the sex-ed curriculum should be about facts, not teaching "liberal ideology". But would he undo it? Well... errr... what he said was "If I’m elected leader, I will take this issue to the party, to parents and to the voters. I will remain firm on this issue. I will always stand for parents having the first say in what their children learn."

Mr Ford blamed not just the Liberals but his own party. "The Liberals have refused their insight, feedback and expertise by not consulting with families on changes to Ontario's sex-ed curriculum," he said. "But the Liberals have not been the only ones who have turned a blind eye to the concerns of parents. Our own PC party, under Patrick Brown, refused to even consult its own members on what we thought of this curriculum and stonewalled debate of the issue by forbidding discussion of this policy from reaching the membership during our policy development process."

Mr Ford was obviously trying to position himself to the right of the other two "serious candidates" for the PC leadership. Former MPP Christine Elliott said parents were "shut out" during the brief and fraudulent "consultation" held in 2014, but she hasn't said what, if anything, she would do about it. The third candidate, Caroline Mulroney (daughter of Lyin' Brian Himself) has said she will "revisit" the sex education curriculum. Only Tanya Granic Allen has had the courage to say she is against it.

Dear Ontario readers, it's the entry of Mrs Granic Allen into the race that has forced the "serious candidates" to say something. This proves that if right-thinking people are both vociferous and persistent, they can make themselves heard and, please God, put a brake on the runaway liberal freight train. Join the protest! Scroll down to my earlier post, and follow the link to register today for your membership in the Ontario PC party, so you can support Tanya Granic Allen. The membership deadline is February 16th, so do it now!

Ontario conservatives! Vote Tanya Granic Allen for PC party leader

Walt finds it easy to make fun Canadian Conservatives (with a big "C") because the majority of them are so close to the centre of the political spectrum as to be virtually indistinguishable from the centrist "blue Liberals". They believe in statism, progressivism, secular humanism, and government intervention is just about every aspect of life. Nowhere is this more true than in Ontario, where the alternative to Kathleen Wynne's detestable and detested Liberal government is a party that calls itself "Progressive Conservative" -- an oxymoron if ever there was one.

When the Regressive Convertibles (as the late Dr Foth used to call them) chose a new leader, Patrick Brown, a couple of years ago, there were some social conservatives who hoped that the PCs (as they call themselves) would dare to embrace Christian family values, particularly as regards the Wynne government's pro-queer agenda, particularly their proposed new sex education curriculum, about which Walt has written before. See, for example, "Liberal government of Ontario plans further attack on parental rights", WWW 27/2/17.

It was not to be. Patrick Brown flip-flopped on the sex ed issue like a beached mackerel. During one by-election, a letter was sent out over his name saying he was against the new curriculum. Mere hours later he said he was for it, and the letter had been sent out "by mistake". He then became an enthusiastic supporter of the lesbian premier's agenda, when he said, "I strongly support the updated sex-ed curriculum. I will never support removing LGBT sensitivity or combating homophobia from schools." How's that for "progressive conservatism"?

With Patrick Brown, there was no room for social conservatives -- or sanity -- in the Ontario PC party. But Patrick Brown is gone now, a victim of #MeToo. And the PCs are scrambling to find a new leader. There are three candidates, none of whom has said flatly that he or she (there are two women, one man, running) will listen to social conservatives, let alone be a strong voice for family values and the importance of life.

So... Tanya Granic Allen has stepped forward. Mrs Granic Allen is the President of Parents As First Educators, and, as mentioned in the post referred to above, has been in the forefront of the campaign to stop Kathleen Wynne and all her works. Late last week, Mrs Granic Allen announced that she would enter the contest for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, if she can muster up the votes and the funds needed to do so.

Can Tanya Granic Allen win? Frankly, Walt doesn't think so, but that's not the point. The point is to show the "serious candidates" that there is significant support out there -- by which I mean outside of Toronto, the fons et origio of all that is evil -- for true conservative principles and the Christian values on which Western society was built.

You can help! The first thing you need to do -- by 5 PM EST this coming Friday, February 16th -- is become a member of the party. You need to be: (a) a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, (b) living in Ontario, and (c) 14 years of age or older. That's all. It costs just $10 to join, and you can do it online, at secure.ontariopc.com/Partyjoin. (Please leave the window asking who referred you blank!

If you need help getting your member, leave a phone message at 416-763-7233, and someone will call you back and help you to register. Once you've registered, please e-mail tanya@pafe.ca to let her know you've done so. Very soon, you'll receive more information about how you can vote. You don't need to attend a convention or any party meetings. Voting is going to be online and/or by snail-mail. (How's that for conservative?)

Then there's the money. The entrance fee for the race is $100,000. Until Mrs Granic Allen is officially registered as a candidate, donations aren't tax-deductible, but they are very necessary! If you can help, please say so in your e-mail, and once a campaign account is set up, Tanya's team will let you know.

If you live in Ontario and share the values and ideals that motivate Tanya, Walt urges you to get your membership in the PC party and lend her your support. Remember, the membership deadline is Friday, February 16th, at 5 PM EST! You don't even have to get out of your chair, but please act now!

Still thinking about it? Here's a very short (1:50) video of Dr Jordan Peterson talking with Tanya and one of Walt's favourite conservative activists, Queenie Yu, about gender ideology.

Click here for more videos and information on Tanya Granic Allen and Parents As First Educators

Note from Ed.: The foregoing endorsement was unsolicited and unapproved by Tanya Granic Allen. Walt has received no consideration for posting this... no consideration whatever... damn!

Friday, February 9, 2018

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton's Farewell Speech

Ed. here. It's been some time since we've dipped into the ole mailbag to answer readers' questions -- maybe because since the coming of e-mail we don't get bagsful of letters any more -- so let's do it today. From St-Louis-du-Ha-Ha QC (you can look it up), O. Leo Leahy writes: I did the math quiz you posted yesterday, and every time I did it the Math Wizard told me my favourite movie is Hillary Clinton's Farewell Speech. That might well prove to be my favourite, but I've never seen it. I guess it must be a new movie? Can you tell me where I can see it?
Yes, Leo, we can certainly help you with that. In fact, we can do even better. Here, complete and uncut, is... Hillary Clinton's Farewell Speech.

OK, it's a bit short and there's no title or credits, and sorry about the video quality, but that's really Mrs Bill Clinton, giving (via a live feed from New York) closing remarks at the Makers Conference in Los Angeles earlier this week. It sure sounds to us like we won't be hearing from her any more -- a consummation devoutly to be wish'd. You're welcome.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

VIDEO: British MP speaks clearly vs abortion, same-sex "marriage"

Last week, in a piece headed "The pinstriped populist", The Economist 's "Bagehot" opined that the selection of Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative member of the British Parliament, as his party's next leader (once Theresa May is defenestrated) would be a "calamity".

What is it that the ancient "newspaper" (as it still styles itself) has against Mr Rees-Mogg? Apparently they don't like him because he is rich, upper-class, conservative in matters both economic and social, and a practising Roman Catholic. Even with all those millstones around his neck, Bagehot fears that he has the "Moggmentum" to succeed Mrs May and lead his party into the next election. If he does, Bagehot asserts, the Tories would be wiped out because everyone knows there is no alternative to the liberal, secular humanist policies which have proven so successful in the AABC countries for over half a century.

Among other epithets, Bagehot calls Mr Rees-Mogg "eccentric". This would appear to be because, unlike most politicians, Mr Rees-Mogg is unafraid to state his opinions, however at variance they may be with the "conventional wisdom" or politically correct thinking. Case in point, an interview given early last September to ITV's Good Morning Britain in which the MP confounded the interviewers by stating, clearly and calmly, his opinions that (a) life begins at the point of conception, making abortion for whatever reason wrong, and (b) marriage is a sacrament and "the view of what marriage is is taken by the church, not parliament." Here's the clip.

For this precious minute alone, Jacob Rees-Mogg deserves (IMHO) the Order of Saint Thomas More... and if there isn't such a thing, there should be! If only Pope Francis would speak so clearly, and with such high regard for the tenets of the True Faith!

Simple math quiz reveals your favourite movie... every time!

Walt doesn't hear all that often from Agent 5, but the messages we get are always interesting. This one is no exception. It's a simple math exercise -- it only takes about ten seconds -- which is guaranteed to reveal your all-time favourite movie. Amazingly, it really works! Walt and Poor Len Canayen [and Ed.! Ed.] have tried it, and we all got the right answer, the first time!

Do not cheat. Do your math
, then scroll down to the list of movies below to see if the math wizard has correctly read your mind.

1. Pick a number from 1 to 9.

2. Multiply that number by 3.

3. Add 3.

4. Multiply by 3 again.

5. Your total will be a two-digit number. Add the first and second digits together to find your favorite movie of all time in the list of 17 movies below.

Scroll down for your movie

Movie List

1. Gone With the Wind
2. E.T.
3. Blazing Saddles
4. Star Wars
5. Forrest Gump
6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
7. Jaws
8. Grease
9. Hillary Clinton's Farewell Speech
10. Casablanca
11. Jurassic Park
12. Shrek
13. Pirates of the Caribbean
14. Titanic
15. Raiders of the Lost Ark
16. Home Alone
17. Mrs. Doubtfire

Now, isn't that something? Велике дякую, 5!

VIDEO: Katie Hopkins: Don't let the USA become "Americastan"!

Katie Olivia Hopkins will celebrate her 43rd birthday in five days and Walt will join the many others wishing her many happy returns. She's my kind of people! [Does "kind of people" = "peoplekind"? Ed.] Mrs Hopkins is an English media personality, who first came to notice in 2007 as a reality television contestant. Nothing wrong with that. She might even become a politician some day. Like tomorrow! Later on, she became a columnist for British newspapers, initially the Sun and later the MailOnline.

Mrs Hopkins has been accused of racism by the usual gang of leftie journalists and politicians, SJWs and assorted snowflakes for daring to tell the truth about the hordes of bogus "refugees", asylum-seekers and other third-worlders who have turned London into "Londonistan". Last May she lost her job as a presenter on London radio station LBC for her comments on the Manchester massacre. (WWW 23/5/17).

Katie Hopkins has now joined The Rebel, to which she contributes Hopkins World [Clever title! Ed.], one of the site's featured sections. At the moment she is in South Africa to cover the impending resignation of President Jacob Zuma... unless she gets booted out of the country first!

Last fall "the biggest bitch in Britain" (as the Islamophiles call her) visited Lalaland, and gave an excellent speech for which she received a standing ovation. She called on Americans not to let their country fall apart and become another Britain. And she presents three ideas for fighting back against the Islamization of the USA. It's well worth listening to every one of the 24:27 minutes.

Thanks to our old buddy, Agent 17, for alerting us to this item. There are many more videos featuring Katie Hopkins on YouTube. Just search her name and you'll find hours of interesting and provocative listening.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Canuck PM's "peoplekind" joke (?) proves "PC humour" an oxymoron

Canada's pussified Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is being rightly ridiculed in his own and the other AABC countries for a remark he made during one of his recent "town hall meetings". Yes, we have the video. Here 'tis, [with apologies from Ed. if you couldn't see it before. Had to find a different source. Ed.]

You heard right. M Trudeau told the woman asking a question that she should say "peoplekind" instead of "mankind". He was taking questions from the usual gang of SJWs and other lefties at MacEwan University in Edmonton AB, as part of a cross-country tour which looks suspiciously like campaigning on the taxpayers' dime.

The questioner, one of the church ladies from the controversial feminist "World Mission Society of God", apparently wanted to make a point about volunteerism. She said, "We have received the Queen's Award in the UK; we have received many awards. However, unfortunately in Canada, our volunteering as a religious charitable organization is extremely difficult. We came here today to ask you to also look into the policies that religious charitable organizations have in our legislations [sic] so that it can also be changed because maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind."

Then M Trudeau cut her off, saying, "We like to say 'peoplekind', not necessarily 'mankind', cause it's more inclusive." Seriously. That's what he said. Now that his horrible example of over-the-top political correctness has gone viral, he says it was just his attempt at a "dumb joke". If that's the case, the joke backfired on Hairboy, who has been mocked by commentators in the blogosphere and even in the (((controlled media))).

He has been accused of "manspaining feminism". And he has been called names, like "the Canadian Kim Kardashian". That epithet came from the pen (or keyboard) of Rita Panahiis, an American-born Iranian-Australian opinion columnist and critic of Islam. "'We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind'," she wrote. in the Heraldsun. "That's one woke himbo." (A "himbo" is a male bimbo. Geddit?)

Well, Rita... we get the governments we deserve. The American people elected Donald Trump. And their smug neighbours to the north elected... Canada's Kim Kardashian. LMAO.

Footnote: Agent 3 reports that Her Britannic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II (by her Canadian representative, the Governor-General) today gave Royal Assent to a bill changing the second line of the English version of O Canada (Canuckistan's national anthem) from "True patriot love, in all thy sons command" to "True patriot love, in all of us command". Let all peoplekind rejoice! (Walt likes the French lyrics much better!)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Up to 34,000 African "refugees" to be deported...

...from Isarel. From Israel! Surely you didn't think it was going to be one of the AABC (America, Australia, Britain, Canada) countries, did you?
Only those champions of human rights, the Israelis, would have the chutzpah to send refugees and asylum-seekers back where they came from! And that's just what the government of (((Benjamin Netanyahu))) is going to do, starting this week.

On Sunday, the Israeli government started handing out notices to 20,000 male African migrants giving them two months to leave the country or risk being thrown in jail. They're being offered not just a plane ticket back to Africa, but the equivalent of $3500 in cash too. The message is clear -- take the money and go home!

There are some 34,000 African "refugees" and asylum-seekers in Israel, some of whom are seen in this picture saying "Hell no, we won't go!" [One of them seems to be upset that he didn't get his free bicycle. Ed.] Most of them came from veritable shitholes such as Sudan and Eritrea, and crossed into Israel through its porous border with Egypt prior to 2013 when Bibi erected... wait for it... a wall! (OK, it was more of a strong fence, but it did the trick. Donald Trump doubtless took note!) See "There goes the neighbourhood", WWW 10/8/12.

The Israeli government says the migrants not genuine refugees, but economic migrants, looking for work rather than asylum. Interior Minister (((Aryeh Deri))) said Israel's first obligation was to its own citizens, rather than the migrants. "They are not numbers, they are people, they are human and I am full of compassion and mercy," he told Army Radio. "But the small state of Israel cannot contain such a vast number of illegal infiltrators."

He was repeating what Prime Minister Netanyahu told his cabinet last September, that the tens of thousands of Africans who are living in Israel illegally "aren't refugees, or at least most of them aren't. Most of them are looking for jobs." He vowed, at that time, to "remove [the] illegal aliens who don’t belong here." See "All illegal aliens to be deported, government says", WWW 20/9/17.

The usual chorus of liberals and SJWs are whining that it's inhuman to send women and children to their death back in their homelands. The Israeli government insists that its deportationpolicy adheres to international law, and that people will not be sent back to Eritrea or Sudan, but to relatively safe places like Uganda. And, it adds, only men will be deported... at this time. Women, children and men with families in Israel will be allowed to stay for now, along with anyone having an unresolved claim for asylum. Nearly 15,000 asylum claims have been received. Of the 6800 requests reviewed so far, Israel has granted refugee status to 11 migrants.

Walt finds it hard to understand how so many American liberals and SJWs of the Jewish persuasion can be so vociferous in support of the DREAMers and other illegal immigrants, yet remain silent about Israel's treatment of those who have entered the Zionist entity illegally. I guess I just don't understand the principles and values of Judaism.

The Economist's snarky putdown of Bono

Unlike ageing rock star and SJW Bono, I have never been to Timbuktu, although many people, including my sainted mother, have told me to go there. Timbuktu is the fabled chief city of what was supposed to be a great African kingdom, once upon a time. Today it is more or less in the middle of Mali, one of those countries President Trump rightly described as "shitholes".

Until 1960, Mali was a part of l'Afrique Occidentale Française (French West Africa), a colony of, errr, France. As in the rest of post-colonial Africa, things started to go downhill once the French let the local people run their own railroad. I'm speaking metaphorically, as to the best of my knowledge Mali doesn't actually have a railroad any more. Half of the population is under the age of 16. The average Malian woman has six children. Barely a third of the population can read.

To make matters worse, ancient divisions of race and tribe turned into a shooting war which has heated up, cooled down, then heated up again in a vicious cycle ever since independence. Seems that the Tuareg and Arab minorities, who are concentrated in the northern part of the country don't like being ruled by black Africans. Whoda thunk it? There were major rebellions in 1963 and 1990, but the most major of all occurred in 2012, when the northern rebels went from being a secular nationalist movement into a militant Islamist insurgency.

In 2015 the warring parties signed a peace deal, which has proved meaningless. Violence has continued to escalate. Just last month, four separate attacks killed scores of people. According to an article in this week's Economist (from which the previous two paragraphs were excerpted), Mali's vast northern desert is a breeding ground for jihadism. And "insecurity", as the newspaper calls it, has spread to the central part of the country, including Timbuktu.

Reporting from Timbuktu, the anonymous writer of the article -- the Economist never runs bylines -- says, in what must be the best putdown of the year, so far: "...all is not well here.... At one time tourists used to pour into Timbuktu to ride camels across the desert. Now most of the foreigners at the airport wear army uniforms. The city has said goodbye to Bono, a rock musician who once played there. But in most other respects things have got worse."

Bravo, anonymous writer! That brilliant bit of snark puts you in the lead in the competition for Walt's prestigious Golden Finger award for 2018. Keep up the good work!

Monday, February 5, 2018

MH370 search vessel inexplicably turns off tracking system

More mystery from somewhere in the south Indian Ocean. A month ago tomorrow, Walt reported that a US company, Ocean Infinity, had sent a specially equipped vessel out from Durban, South Africa, to search again for the remains of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which vanished in mysterious circumstances on 8 March 2014.

Previous searches in an area to the west of the Australian coast turned up nothing. A decision to stop looking was made in December of 2016, but late last year the authorities decided to let Ocean Infinity have a go.

While the first search was in progress, debris from the Boeing 777 had washed up on the shores of South Africa, Moçambique and Réunion Island, in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean, leading Walt and many others to suggest that the searchers would do well to look to the northeast, to the area around Diego Garcia, the site of a huge American military base. So guess where the search ship, the MV Seabed Constructor, headed? You got it! Due east, right back to the area that had already been scoured without success.

But when they reached the search area, something happened. This weekend News.com.au, an Australian news site, reported that the Seabed Constructor mysteriously switched off its Automatic Identification System (read: tracking system) near an object which the first search teams had not only spotted, but tentatively identified as the fuselage of MH370. Here's the sonar image.

What do you think, boys and girls? Does it look like the wingless body of an aircraft to you? Me either. Turns out that's now thought to be the wreck of the Peruvian transport vessel SV Inca, which vanished en route to Sydney in 1911. Picture: State Library of South Australia

THE state-of-the art vessel tasked with finding missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 mysteriously switched off its Automatic Identification System (AIS) for more than three days, sending some observers into meltdown. But it seems the searchers decided to stop for a better look. Who knows? The sunken ship might be filled with treasure!

But was that the real reason why the search vessel "went dark" last Wednesday? Might it have just been a case of someone adjusting the AIS system settings ahead of departing for Fremantle (Australia), or was it a deliberate action because something else is going on? Is it possible that someone aboard the Seabed Constructor read Walt's advice and had another think about the proposed search area?

People following the progress of the search online have also been made with the missing plane itself. MH340 vanished from radar after its aircraft communications, addressing and reporting system (ACARS) was switched off less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur. One Reddit user commented, "Rogue captain?" Another replied, "If it starts pinging in the Malacca Strait that would be something."

Like the Indian Ocean itself, the mystery deepens. Your comments are welcome. If you know something, tell us! If you're on the landing page and have something to say, click on the headline of this post, and a comments window will open. You never know who's reading WWW!

VIDEO: What Super Bowl? Bill Burr talks about Philadelphia

So, farewell then New England Patriots. And congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on a convincing victory in yesterday's Super Bowl LII. (You'll hear the Super Bowl and the Eagles mentioned at about the 8-minute mark of this video.) I should have bet. Poor Len tells me that everyone, everyone on RDS was calling Patriots by 3 or more. But I would have had to bet on (and cheer for) Philthydelphia, and, to be honest, I've never liked that city or any of its sports teams. Never.

I am not alone. Bill Burr doesn't think much of Philadelphia either, as he makes clear in this rant, recorded in 2006 when he and many of the regular comedians of The Opie & Anthony Show were on The Traveling Virus Comedy Tour, hitting large venues around the USA. Things went south when the tour came to the Philadelphia area -- actually The Tweeter Center across the river in Camden, NJ. Right from the get-go, the crowd set the tone by booing the first comedian off the stage and then proceeded to give hell to all other comedians on the bill.

When Dom Irrera was booed off the stage, Mr Burr followed him and decided to go on the offensive. He spent his entire set picking apart everything about the city -- its food, its sports teams, its icons -- all while receiving boos from the audience. But he didn't let the crowd get him, and kept hammering the audience until some started to turn in his favour. By the time the 12-minute set (counting down every passing minute) was over, much of the crowd gave the comedian a standing ovation. He replied by telling them, "Go fuck yourselves in your own assholes."

WARNING: This video is not for snowflakes! It contains offensive language, including the seven words you can't say on TV (RIP George Carlin) and many many more. If you're the type who starts clutching your pearls when someone says (see above), don't even think about clicking the start button.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

"Prophets" use dwarf to con credulous African man out of $7000

Note from Ed.: Walt still hasn't been heard from, but I hate to leave this space empty on Superbowl Sunday, when some of our readers will undoubtedly be looking for alt-entertainment. So here's a true story from Zimbabwe, in the southern part of Darkest Africa. Some people who live there, like our old friend Dr CZ, admit that it's a shithole. (Not that it's the only one.) But others say that under its new dictator, Zimbabwe is a modern, progressive democracy, full of educated and industrious people, with a prosperous future ahead of it, once they get past some old customs and superstitions. Like the belief in witchcraft, illustrated by this account from today's Zimbabwe Standard.

Three suspected fake prophets allegedly brought a midget to a family in Emakhandeni, Bulawayo and lied to the family that the dwarf was the goblin which was responsible for their son's mental illness. The con artists convinced the family to part with $7000 to cleanse the boy. This case was brought before the courts following the arrest of one of the conmen and was heard by Bulawayo magistrate Nyaradzo Ringisayi. Godfrey Manyoka (30) was being charged with fraud and was remanded out of custody on $200 bail.

The court was told that between October 21 and 31 last year, Manyoka and his two accomplices, who are still at large, went to Khumbulani Mkhwananzi's house in Emakhandeni. The trio allegedly connived to misrepresent to the complainant that they were genuine prophets able to conduct prayers as well as cleansing ceremonies to heal his son who has a mental illness.

The suspects on October 21 allegedly planted weird objects in Mkwananzi's yard to convince him there were evil things brought by witches resulting in the child’s illness. It is alleged that they further lied that there was a tokoloshi [= goblin. Ed.] living in the complainant's house ceiling which contributed to the child's illness.

On October 23, they brought with them a dwarf who was completely naked and they claimed he was actually a goblin, known in the local vernacular as a "tokoloshi". Mkhwananzi remained outside the house while the three entered the house. The "tokoloshi" started talking from outside threatening to kill the boy if it is not paid with 20 herd of cattle by Mkhwananzi. The "tokoloshi" said it wanted the cattle delivered to its homestead in Chipinge while the three were busy praying inside talking to it.

Mkhwananzi was made to believe that the utterance by the purported tokoloshi was genuine. Mkwananzi was charged $7000 by the fake prophets to purchase 20 cattle in Chipinge for the tokoloshi. On October 24 Mkhwananzi gave the three conmen $5000 while $375 was transferred into the accused persons' EcoCash account as payment towards the purchase of 20 cattle in Chipinge and transport for the three to go to Chipinge as per instruction of the "tokoloshi".

He also made a transfer of $2050 into EcoCash account of Esinath Nyambo, one of the suspects who is still at large to settle the balance for payment of the 20 cattle. After the payment the three did not go to Chipinge. Through this misrepresentation they swindled Mkhwananzi of $7351 and nothing was recovered. A report was made to the police leading to Manyoka's arrest.

That's the end of the report. Such stories are not unusual in that part of the world. No wonder so many Africans want to emigrate to the UK or the USA or any Western country where tokoloshis are unknown... or almost....

Credit where credit is due: The excellent drawing of a river goblin was lifted from "Crapsack Goblin Game Idea", by Jeff Russell, in his blog
Blessings of the Dice Gods.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Superbowl weekend

Note from Ed.: I never knew Walt to be a big football fan, but that's the excuse he's given me for taking this weekend off. He is out of town, it seems, for there are no tracks leading to or from his cabin in the pines. But where's Walto? Answer have I none. Surely there's no truth to rumours that he has been out protesting the Islamization of our country.

Noooo.... Although Walt might well agree with the sentiment expressed on the sign this concerned citizen is holding, he (Walt) is not the type to stand outside in the cold for more than about 45 seconds. Perhaps on Monday he will tell us what he's been doing.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Arizona State U workshop on masturbation has been renamed

Arizona State University is nothing if not progressive -- more so than you would expect, being in Arizona and all. They have a wide variety of programmes, courses, seminars and special events, including a workshop coming up on February 13th.

"Go Love Yourself" is a workshop on the art and science of masturbation, originally titled "Go Fuck Yourself". The event will cover topics of sexual self-gratification such as, errr, masturbation. It will feature a training session from Natalie Treacy, who is described in the Facebook posting for the workshop as a "pleasure professional".

The full text of the FB page reads as follows: "Getting in touch with yourself by touching yourself. Join pleasure professional Natalie Treacy for a shame-free, pleasure focused discussion about masturbation and self exploration to get the pleasure you want and deserve."

The event is part of the ASU undergraduate student government's series on the topic of sexuality in recent history. Last November, they organized a lecture titled "The Sex Ed You Deserve" in co-operation with the Ontario Ministry of Education. [Ed., please check that before posting. There's going to be an election in Ontario in the spring and I wouldn't want to slur Kathleen Wynne's government by suggesting that they are deliberately teaching autoeroticism and other progressive perversions.] In addition to these events, they hired a Director of Sexual Wellbeing to oversee all matters relating to sexuality on campus. Now, there's a job for you. Wonder how many thousand applicants they had?

But wait (as Vince Offer used to say), there's more! In addition to the Director of Sexual Wellbeing, the Arizona State student government has announced plans to create another advisory position -- the Director of Intimacy and Healthy Relationships, who will oversee issues of intimacy and healthy relationships on campus.

This a joke, right? Satire created by The People's Cube? Not at all! Doubters are welcome to consult the student government's website, which claims that the director's active participation in discussions surrounding sexuality will help prevent sexual violence on campus. "By bridging the gap between sexual assault and other topics such as gender identity, birth control, or STI prevention and testing, we have the power to positively affect intimacy on our campus," is what the blurb says. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Note from Ed.: This announcement is presented by Walt Whiteman's World as a public service. If the picture accompanying this message is not the Natalie Treacy, we apologize, and will delete it just as soon as the facilitator send us her photo. I'm still looking into the involvement of the Ontario Ministry of Education, though.