Monday, February 5, 2018

VIDEO: What Super Bowl? Bill Burr talks about Philadelphia

So, farewell then New England Patriots. And congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on a convincing victory in yesterday's Super Bowl LII. (You'll hear the Super Bowl and the Eagles mentioned at about the 8-minute mark of this video.) I should have bet. Poor Len tells me that everyone, everyone on RDS was calling Patriots by 3 or more. But I would have had to bet on (and cheer for) Philthydelphia, and, to be honest, I've never liked that city or any of its sports teams. Never.

I am not alone. Bill Burr doesn't think much of Philadelphia either, as he makes clear in this rant, recorded in 2006 when he and many of the regular comedians of The Opie & Anthony Show were on The Traveling Virus Comedy Tour, hitting large venues around the USA. Things went south when the tour came to the Philadelphia area -- actually The Tweeter Center across the river in Camden, NJ. Right from the get-go, the crowd set the tone by booing the first comedian off the stage and then proceeded to give hell to all other comedians on the bill.

When Dom Irrera was booed off the stage, Mr Burr followed him and decided to go on the offensive. He spent his entire set picking apart everything about the city -- its food, its sports teams, its icons -- all while receiving boos from the audience. But he didn't let the crowd get him, and kept hammering the audience until some started to turn in his favour. By the time the 12-minute set (counting down every passing minute) was over, much of the crowd gave the comedian a standing ovation. He replied by telling them, "Go fuck yourselves in your own assholes."

WARNING: This video is not for snowflakes! It contains offensive language, including the seven words you can't say on TV (RIP George Carlin) and many many more. If you're the type who starts clutching your pearls when someone says (see above), don't even think about clicking the start button.

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