Monday, February 12, 2018

Doug Ford calls out Ontario PCs on pro-queer sex ed curriculum

Cazart! Even as I was writing "Ontario conservatives! Vote Tanya Granic Allen for PC party leader" earlier today, Ontario Progressive Conservative [sic] leader wannabe Doug Ford was getting up on his hind feet at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School, on his own turf in northwest Toronto, to call out not just Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government but his own party for the current state of education in the Province of Missed Opportunity.

For those who don't know, Doug Ford is the little brother -- perhaps "younger brother" would be a better phrase -- of the late Rob Ford, the crack-smoking and otherwise controversial mayor of Toronto, 2010-2014. That's Doug on the right, which is where he likes to be. My guess is that the announcement by Tanya Granic Allen that she was throwing her hat in the leadership ring (see previous post) served to warn Mr Ford that he was in danger of losing the social conservative vote -- there's a lot of them out there -- unless he spoke out against his party's liberal policies on matters such as abortion and sex education.

On the latter subject, Mr Ford said both the Liberals and PCs are to blame for the current unsatisfactory state of education in Ontario. "Educating our children is the most important job in the world," he said. "The next generation will inform how our country develops and contributes to issues facing society. Ontario needs to be a leader in the quality of education we give our children. This means that we need to arm our teachers with comprehensive and practical curriculum documents."

"The way the sex-ed curriculum was rolled out was totally unacceptable. Consultations with parents were insufficient. Unlike the Liberals, I know that parents -- not the government -- are our first educators when it comes to our children." Did you catch that play? "First educators"! That's the name of Mrs Granic Allen's group -- Parents As First Educators.

The Liberals' new sex education curriculum was implemented in classrooms in September 2015. In accordance with the pro-queer agenda favoured by Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne (a lesbian herself), they start laying the gender ideology on Grade 3 students -- that's age 8 -- to get the kiddos to "accept differences". Students start learning about puberty in Grade 4, a year earlier than before. In Grade 6, when kids are 11, they are introduced to masturbation, which teachers were urged to describe as a "common practice". Then, in Grades 7 and 8, students are taught about consent, practising abstinence, and... wait for it... anal sex. In Grade 8. Can you imagine?

1000s of Ontario parents took to the streets around the Pink Palace to protest. But it was too late. The new curriculum was presented as a fait accompli. Parents weren't consulted beforehand, and certainly wouldn't be listened to after the curriculum -- the handiwork of a convicted pedophile, (((Dr Benjamin Levin))) -- was rolled out.

It's the kind of deviltry that is hard to undo. And unlike Mrs Granic Allen, Doug Ford didn't flat out promise to scrap it. He said the sex-ed curriculum should be about facts, not teaching "liberal ideology". But would he undo it? Well... errr... what he said was "If I’m elected leader, I will take this issue to the party, to parents and to the voters. I will remain firm on this issue. I will always stand for parents having the first say in what their children learn."

Mr Ford blamed not just the Liberals but his own party. "The Liberals have refused their insight, feedback and expertise by not consulting with families on changes to Ontario's sex-ed curriculum," he said. "But the Liberals have not been the only ones who have turned a blind eye to the concerns of parents. Our own PC party, under Patrick Brown, refused to even consult its own members on what we thought of this curriculum and stonewalled debate of the issue by forbidding discussion of this policy from reaching the membership during our policy development process."

Mr Ford was obviously trying to position himself to the right of the other two "serious candidates" for the PC leadership. Former MPP Christine Elliott said parents were "shut out" during the brief and fraudulent "consultation" held in 2014, but she hasn't said what, if anything, she would do about it. The third candidate, Caroline Mulroney (daughter of Lyin' Brian Himself) has said she will "revisit" the sex education curriculum. Only Tanya Granic Allen has had the courage to say she is against it.

Dear Ontario readers, it's the entry of Mrs Granic Allen into the race that has forced the "serious candidates" to say something. This proves that if right-thinking people are both vociferous and persistent, they can make themselves heard and, please God, put a brake on the runaway liberal freight train. Join the protest! Scroll down to my earlier post, and follow the link to register today for your membership in the Ontario PC party, so you can support Tanya Granic Allen. The membership deadline is February 16th, so do it now!

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