Thursday, February 1, 2018

Arizona State U workshop on masturbation has been renamed

Arizona State University is nothing if not progressive -- more so than you would expect, being in Arizona and all. They have a wide variety of programmes, courses, seminars and special events, including a workshop coming up on February 13th.

"Go Love Yourself" is a workshop on the art and science of masturbation, originally titled "Go Fuck Yourself". The event will cover topics of sexual self-gratification such as, errr, masturbation. It will feature a training session from Natalie Treacy, who is described in the Facebook posting for the workshop as a "pleasure professional".

The full text of the FB page reads as follows: "Getting in touch with yourself by touching yourself. Join pleasure professional Natalie Treacy for a shame-free, pleasure focused discussion about masturbation and self exploration to get the pleasure you want and deserve."

The event is part of the ASU undergraduate student government's series on the topic of sexuality in recent history. Last November, they organized a lecture titled "The Sex Ed You Deserve" in co-operation with the Ontario Ministry of Education. [Ed., please check that before posting. There's going to be an election in Ontario in the spring and I wouldn't want to slur Kathleen Wynne's government by suggesting that they are deliberately teaching autoeroticism and other progressive perversions.] In addition to these events, they hired a Director of Sexual Wellbeing to oversee all matters relating to sexuality on campus. Now, there's a job for you. Wonder how many thousand applicants they had?

But wait (as Vince Offer used to say), there's more! In addition to the Director of Sexual Wellbeing, the Arizona State student government has announced plans to create another advisory position -- the Director of Intimacy and Healthy Relationships, who will oversee issues of intimacy and healthy relationships on campus.

This a joke, right? Satire created by The People's Cube? Not at all! Doubters are welcome to consult the student government's website, which claims that the director's active participation in discussions surrounding sexuality will help prevent sexual violence on campus. "By bridging the gap between sexual assault and other topics such as gender identity, birth control, or STI prevention and testing, we have the power to positively affect intimacy on our campus," is what the blurb says. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Note from Ed.: This announcement is presented by Walt Whiteman's World as a public service. If the picture accompanying this message is not the Natalie Treacy, we apologize, and will delete it just as soon as the facilitator send us her photo. I'm still looking into the involvement of the Ontario Ministry of Education, though.

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