Thursday, February 8, 2018

VIDEO: Katie Hopkins: Don't let the USA become "Americastan"!

Katie Olivia Hopkins will celebrate her 43rd birthday in five days and Walt will join the many others wishing her many happy returns. She's my kind of people! [Does "kind of people" = "peoplekind"? Ed.] Mrs Hopkins is an English media personality, who first came to notice in 2007 as a reality television contestant. Nothing wrong with that. She might even become a politician some day. Like tomorrow! Later on, she became a columnist for British newspapers, initially the Sun and later the MailOnline.

Mrs Hopkins has been accused of racism by the usual gang of leftie journalists and politicians, SJWs and assorted snowflakes for daring to tell the truth about the hordes of bogus "refugees", asylum-seekers and other third-worlders who have turned London into "Londonistan". Last May she lost her job as a presenter on London radio station LBC for her comments on the Manchester massacre. (WWW 23/5/17).

Katie Hopkins has now joined The Rebel, to which she contributes Hopkins World [Clever title! Ed.], one of the site's featured sections. At the moment she is in South Africa to cover the impending resignation of President Jacob Zuma... unless she gets booted out of the country first!

Last fall "the biggest bitch in Britain" (as the Islamophiles call her) visited Lalaland, and gave an excellent speech for which she received a standing ovation. She called on Americans not to let their country fall apart and become another Britain. And she presents three ideas for fighting back against the Islamization of the USA. It's well worth listening to every one of the 24:27 minutes.

Thanks to our old buddy, Agent 17, for alerting us to this item. There are many more videos featuring Katie Hopkins on YouTube. Just search her name and you'll find hours of interesting and provocative listening.

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