Monday, June 30, 2014

Aussie officials now say maybe MH370 WAS hijacked

When last we heard from the geniuses spearheading the investigation into the disappearance of Malaysian airlines flight MH370, they weren't buy into suggestions by Walt (and others) that the plane might have been hijacked by persons unknown and flown to a place unknown (but really, Diego Garcia).

Instead, the official line as of two weeks ago was that everyone on board somehow fell asleep, and the plane flew by itself into a "water landing" in the far southern reaches of the Indian Ocean -- a long way from Diego Garcia -- where it would likely be found, errr, sometime in the future. This theory was based on an educated guess by Inmarsat, with which the Australian Transport Safety Board more or less agreed.

Today, in a stunning 179-degree turn, the ATSB issued a new report by the air crash investigators which found the jumbo jet suffered a mysterious power outage after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.
Power supplying equipment on board missing flight MH370 may have been tampered with, they said. Cutting the power could have rendered the flight invisible to radar, including that operated by Inmarsat, which makes the Inmarsat theory a little less than sound, to say the least.

Aviation experts have now concluded the power cut was a deliberate act by somebody "messing about" in the cockpit of the Boeing 777. No shit, Sherlock!

How did they figure out that the power had been cut? Because the plane made unexpected contact with a satellite about 90 minutes after it took off on March 8th -- after MH370 had turned off course from Beijing, but before it turned south toward the Southern Indian Ocean. Inmarsat now professes bafflement. Their spokesthingy told the meedja, "We cannot explain it. It's another little mystery." A master of understatement, that man!

Peter Marosszeky, of the University of Wooloomaloo [New South Wales, surely! Ed.] opined that switching off the power must have been an attempt to hijack the plane. "It would have to be a deliberate act of turning power off on certain systems on the aeroplane," he said. "The aircraft has so many backup systems. Any form of power interruption is always backed up by another system. "The person doing it would have to know what they are doing. It would have to be a deliberate act to hijack or sabotage the aircraft."

Air safety expert David Gleave, of Loughborough University [Where dat? Ed.], agreed, saying it could have been "deliberate". He told The Telegraph [Oh. UK, then. Ed.] that "A person could be messing around in the cockpit which would lead to a power interruption."It could be a deliberate act to switch off both engines for some time. By messing about within the cockpit you could switch off the power temporarily and switch it on again when you need the other systems to fly the aeroplane." See Malaysia Airline MH370: 9/11-style terror allegations resurface in case of lost plane.

Now who would have done something like that? Islamic extremists, like al-Qaeda? Tibetans or Uighurs trying to strike a blow for freedom from China? Or? Well, let us not jump to conclusions. Look in Diego Garcia!

So, there's a new bad English fad

So... since when has it become acceptable to start a sentence with "So..."?

Examples: "So... the stock market was up nearly 100 points today, in spite of large losses in the energy sector." That sentence was uttered by a supposedly educated business commentator on a TV newscast. But you hear it in everyday conversation too: "So... I'm walkin' down the street, eh, and this really big guy bumps into me..." Perhaps the speaker was not so well educated. [Certainly a Canuck! Ed.] Walt has even seen it in print (on the Net) in a post on a forum for... wait for it... English teachers! "So, I found a job in China, but now I changed my mind..."

My guess is that there has been so much criticism, on WWW and elsewhere, of the use of "like" as a "pause word" that people who wish to sound as if they've advanced beyond primary school have settled on "so" as a "higher-class" alternative. They must think "So..." sounds better than "Like...". It doesn't! So, let's stop using "So..." at the beginning of a sentence to signify, "Hey, I'm gonna talk now."

While I'm at it, may I plead, yet again, for the teaching of English vocabulary in journalism schools. Will those who write for the lamestream media please stop using words of whose meaning they are unsure! Examples:
"wrestle" for "wrest" - "The Iraqi army is trying to wrestle Tikrit back from ISIS"
"fulsome" for "full" - "A more fulsome report is expected tomorrow"

As Walt sees it, the problem is that "writers" no longer feel any need or to desire to be readers, first. They don't know less common words, like "fulsome" and "wrest", because they haven't read them, properly used, in the works of people possessed of vocabularies of more than 1000 words.

No, I'm not talking only about 19th-century writers, although Charles Dickens would certainly have known the proper meanings of "wrest" and "fulsome". There are plenty of modern writers, on both sides of the Atlantic, who have great (in the senses of "large" and "excellent") vocabularies. Looking at my bookshelf, I see: William F. Buckley, Bill Bryson, Graham Greene, Studs Terkel and of course Hunter S. Thompson. HST might not have used a word like "fulsome", but I'm sure he knew what it means.

Moral: Read first, then write.
Footnote: I except (not "accept") newsreaders from my criticism. They are only bingo-callers and meat puppets. They read only the autocue. The less-than-literate clods who write what's on the autocue are the real villains.

Lesson for Pakistani lovers: don't marry without your parents' consent!

WARNING: Reading this post may shock and sicken you! ...

Now that Walt has have your attention... Here, courtesy of the online edition of The Telegraph, are horrific details of the "honour killing" of a young Pakistani couple, barely a week after they had married. Walt had this story on Saturday, but now we have a picture and some quotes from parties involved.

Sajjad Ahmed, 31, and Muafia Bibi, 17, were deeply in love, so decided to marry against the wishes of the girl's parents, who disapproved of Ahmed because he was from an inferior tribe. Residents of the town of Satrah said relatives of Ms Bibi had told the couple they supported the marriage and invited them to the town, where they were drugged.

Muhammad Ijaz, who runs a mobile phone shop, said, "Their legs and arms were tied while their mouths were gagged with pieces of cloth. The father of the girl announced loudly that he was going to slit the throat of her daughter and her husband."

A crowd gathered as they were brought to the courtyard of the family house. Someone said the children should be sent away, but, according to Ijaz, Ms Bibi’s father told them to stay and watch. "He said they should learn what would happen to them if they married someone of their own choice."

The town's police chief, Muhammad Knacker [Ed., check name please] told reporters "It is a case of honour killing. The couple were not beheaded, but were killed with the knives and had severe signs of torture on their heads."

Satrah is close to the city of Sialkot in a Punjabi area known for its conservative customs, where women have little value beyond their worth as a bride. Honour killings are nothing new in Pakistan. Hundreds go unnoticed every year, written off as domestic accidents or suicides. As reported on WWW, nearly 2.4 women were reported killed every day in 2013, but the real number may be much higher.

Why is Walt telling you these horror stories? Because, dear gentle readers in America, Britain and Canada, these people are coming to your country in droves, as immigrants or "refugees". They bring with them not just their physical baggage but their cultural baggage as well, including Sharia law and honour killings.

For the sake of political correctness [not to mention the vizmins' votes! Ed.] our governments are importing barbarism and Islamic extremism. Is that what you want for your country? No?! Then why do you sit silently while your country is being overrun?!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

English as she is spoke in India

Is there a distinctive "Indian English"? Walt's The Oxford Companion to the English Language (1992) [He means his copy of the book, not that he wrote it. Ed.] answers "Indeed so!" The entry for "Indian English" takes up nearly four pages.

And now there's a hashtag for it -- #IndianEnglish -- currently "trending" (whatever that means) in the sub-continent. Here are some examples:

"Open the windows and let the atmosphere come in."
"Today is my Happy Birthday."
[Giving directions] "Go straight you will get a circle. Take a round turn from that circle"
"Please revert back"

"I hate sound pollution due to traffic. It's very horny" [a reference to the sound of horns honking]
"I have to travel out of station" [away from home]
"I've invited our backside neighbour for dinner" [from the back of the building]

Many of the most-shared tweets are images of street signs, shops and the like, with dubious spelling and grammar. Some, like the one Walt has posted here, are grammatically correct but just... Indian. To see a large and funny collation, click here.

The creator of the hashtag says it's not about Indians taking pride in the uniqueness of their brand of English. Indeed, he says, Indians are highly class-conscious, and aspire to speaking "correct" English. "An ideal Indian of class should be able to recite Wordsworth as well as literature of his mother tongue."

That said, one tweet joked: "British messed our motherland we mess up their mothertongue #IndianEnglish".

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's OK to fire an employee for wearing an Islamic France

La Cour de Cassation, France's highest court, has confirmed that a daycare centre in the Parisian suburb of Chanteloup-les-Vignes had the right to dismiss an employee who refused to remove an Islamic veil. The case that has gripped France for six years began Fatima Afif, a worker at the Baby-Loup day-care center refused to remove her headcovering. Walt can't tell from the report whether it was a hijab or niqab...surely not a burqa... Whatever it was, she wouldn't take it off, and was shown the door.

Ms Afif sued in 2010, and lost, sued again in 2011, and lost, and appealed, and lost again, as the court upheld the separation between church and state mandated by the French constitution. In its judgment, the court said "A private entity, in this case an association, can place limits on its employees' freedom to express their religious beliefs in the workplace.... Children must not be confronted with ostentatious demonstrations of religious identity."

Ms Afif's lawyer, Michel Henry, called the ruling "disappointing" and said his client will take her case to... wait for it... the European Court of Human Rights.

Walt wonders how the supreme courts of the United States, Canada or Britain -- always so mindful of "minority rights" -- would have ruled on this case. Our legal beagle, Agent 3, will be watching!

Nearly 2.4 "honour killings" in Pakistan EVERY DAY

Pakistan's Human Rights Commission recently stated that 869 so-called "honour killings" were reported in the media last year. That's 2.38 per a day. But, the Commision says, the true figure is probably much higher since many cases are never reported.

Here's an example of what Pakistani Muslims consider a matter of "honour". A few days ago, a young couple in the village of Satrah were tied up and had their throats slit with scythes. Why? Because they married for love!

The 17-year-old girl and 31-year-old man married on June 18th without the consent of their families. Very misfortunate for them that the girl's family considered the groom unsuitable because he was a member of a "less important tribe". According to police, the girl's mother and father lured the couple home late Thursday, promising that their marriage would receive a family blessing. When the couple reached home, the girl's father cut their throats.

Since this happened in a Punjabi area of Pakistan, it's possible the victims and perps might have been Sikhs, but nooooo, they were Muslims. The reports in the PC lamestream press gloss over this, saying only that "cultural traditions" in many areas of Pakistan mean that killing a woman whose behaviour is seen as immodest is widely accepted. The people's false religion -- an integral part of any culture -- has nothing to do with it!

What is "immodest behaviour"? For a woman to marry a man of her own choice is considered an unacceptable insult by many families. So is singing, looking out of the window or talking to a man who is not a relative.

Pakistani law means that even if a woman's killer is convicted, her family is able to forgive the killer. Many families simply nominate a member to do the killing, then formally forgive the killer. That's what happened earlier this week, when a tribal council in Muzaffargarh district sentenced another young couple to death for marrying for love.

The couple's lawyer said the two had appealed for police protection after their marriage on June 21st, but had not received any. The 19-year-old girl's family came to take her from her husband's family, swearing on the Qu'ran that they would not harm her and would hold a proper wedding ceremony, he said. "During this the girl shouted, cried and mourned for her life and her husband's life because she knew that they will kill both of them."

The girl was shot by a member of her family when she returned home, police said. Her husband went into hiding and her father registered the murder complaint so he could forgive the killer. "That will end the case," concluded the lawyer.

Friday, June 27, 2014

P.K. Subban dresses like a... well...

Walt hates to say this [Yah, sure! Ed.] but you've got to hand it to Montréal Canadiens star defenceman (???) Pernell Karl Subban for knowing how to dress to project the image of a... hmmm... words fail me, but "typical Canadian hockey player" is clearly not a suitable description.

The Montreal Gazette ran this picture today with a story by Dave Stubbs predicting that le CH and Subban should soon come to an agreement on a new contract, for a fantastic sum over many years. Or (Stubbs says) maybe not. Maybe they'll give him another two years for fewer dollars over next two seasons, which would bring us up to July 1, 2016 at which point the defenceman who can't play defence will be an unrestricted free agent. [It was Walt, not Stubbs, who wrote the critical comment. Ed.]

Getting back to the subject at hand, P.K. may know how to dress -- depends on what you think is good taste, I guess -- but he'd better learn how to swing his very long arms (see "Is P.K. Subban a 'nigger'?") when the cameras are on him. Compare this photo with that accompanying the article cited, and you'll see that this "crotch shot" comes naturally. Still, it doesn't look good, does it.

Footnote: The conservatively dressed dude with Subban is Kevin Weekes, who used to play in the NHL, but was never subjected to the racist abuse that P.K. seems to attract. Can't understand why. Mr. Weekes, by the way, was a colour commentator [oh, PLEASE! Ed.] on CBC-TV's Hockey Night in Canada, but hasn't been seen since the regular NHL season ended. Maybe his contract wasn't picked up by Rogers, the new owner of the TV right? If so, Kevin should learn to dress more P.K.

"Refugees", Canada welcomes you!

In a report headed "Syrian refugee applications quietly sped up by Ottawa" CBC News shows us this lovely picture of Syrian refugees Danny Ramadan [his real name, obviously. Ed.] and his partner Aamer, whose face is obscured "because he hasn't come out to his family".

This loving couple are moving from Beirut to Vancouver after the Canadian government gave them initial approval earlier this week. On arrival, they will be given a house, a car and their first welfare cheque, in a ceremony presided over by Canuck immigration minister Jason Kenney. All expenses will be paid by the Canadian taxpayer, otherwise known as the Great White Sucker.

Walt has no further comment except to reveal the instructions given to them by the photographer moments before snapping this shot: "Try not to grab each other's crotches until after the flash!"

Questions from Ed.: Is it true what they say about Jason Kenney being a pillow-biter? Did he personally speed up the approval process? Just askin'...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

See you Friday!

Poor Len Canayen here. As his penance for publishing "Some assembly required..." (see below), Walt must refrain from posting any jokes or snide comments for five days.

Of course... without jokes and snide comments, Walt doesn't have a lot to say. So... see you Friday!

PS - June 24th is St-Jean Baptiste day. Bonne fête à tous!

Friday, June 20, 2014

VIDEO: Designer of F-16 calls F-35 "a turkey"

The F-35 is a turkey. So says Pierre Sprey, co-designer of the F-16, in an interview with CBC-TV's public affairs programme The Fifth Estate. In Mr. Sprey's not-so-humble opinion, the F-35 is an inherently terrible airplane, built for what was a dumb idea to begin with. He predicts that the plane will fail time and time again. Cost of failure? A trillion bucks. Here's the video.

Walt feels compelled, in the interests of fairness, to tell you how to find a detailed rebuttal. Tyler Rogoway is a self-styled defence journalist and photographer who maintains the website Foxtrot Alpha for In "Pierre Sprey's Anti-F-35 Diatribe is Half Brilliant and Half Bullshit", he says that Pierre Sprey's comments are... what the title says.

Walt's conclusion if that the F-35 may... may make sense for the USAF, but not for the RCAF. It is the Canadian government's proposed purchase of the "turkey" that spurred the interview with Mr. Sprey. The major problem, from a Canadian point of view, is that the F-35 has only one engine, like the ill-fated F-104/CF-104 "Widow-maker".

Three or four other types were (supposedly) considered by the Canadian Defence Ministry. All of them had two engines, like the CF-18 Hornet which the F-35 is supposed to replace. One engine may be enough for missions in America or Europe or even the Middle East [Really??!! Ed.], where, in the event of engine failure, a place to land won't be that far away. But in the barren wastes of the Great White North, if you lose your only engine, you'll be polar bear food. That's all ye know and all ye need to know.

Thanks and a right proper salute to Agent 34 who sent us the link.

Some assembly required

I do hope the reverend fathers who read WWW -- I know you're out there -- won't accuse me of blasphemy. German cartoonist Martin Perscheid drew it... And Agent 6 who sent it to us! So, not my fault...right?!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

South African lobby group gives broadcasting exec a wife

Walt's memory goes back a long way. He remembers clearly the events of 1994, when South Africa finally achieved "majority rule" -- read "black rule" -- after years of apartheid. There were people, in those days, who said black Africans were not ready to govern their country. They were not yet "fully evolved", it was said, meaning that they had only recently climbed down out of the trees. People who said such things were called "racists".

But, the "racists" argued, just look at them! Look at how they live! Look at how they dress! Why, their women run around half-naked! The counter-argument was that if the black people were still, errr, underdeveloped, that was the fault of the white oppressors, who failed to understand African customs, and wouldn't recognize that African ways and customs are by no means inferior to those of the "developed" -- read "white" -- peoples.

So, 20 years after becoming "free at last, free at last", the culture and customs of Africa's once-repressed black people are stronger than ever, as witness reports of Hlaudi Motsoeneng's recent visit to South Africa's northern Limpopo province.

Mr. Motsoeneng is the acting COO of SABC, the nation's public broadcaster. He and several other SABC execs went on a little tour of the hinterlands, ostensibly to find out how their programmes were being received by the folks out in the bush. "Not so well", was the answer given by Mudzi wa Vhurereli ha Vhavenda, a lobby group of traditional leaders and healers -- read "witch doctors" -- agitating for more programming in the local Venda language.

The Venda lobby group felt that Mr. Motsoeneng, being a "chef" -- a political appointee -- would probably respond favourably to their requests if he were given something by way of an incentive. So they gave him a bride, Vanessa Mutswari, a human resources management student, aged 22 or 23, depending on which paper you read. They also gave him a cow and a calf.

"We gave him these gifts", said Mudzi executive secretary Humbelani Nemakonde, because "he is committed to his job and understands the strategic objectives of the SABC".

But wasn't the giving of a girl a bit over the top, kind of like sacrificing a virgin? Oh no, Mr. Nemakonde told The Sowetan. "All the girls were there with their parents. Their parents knew what was going to happen and they all agreed." About ten girls were paraded in front of Mr. Motsoeneng bare-breasted, and "he chose the one he liked."

The Commission for Gender Equality said it had received a complaint after news of the Venda group's generosity was published. And the South African women's ministry said it viewed the whole process as an abuse of cultural values. "The use of women as gifts as if they were livestock is a serious regress and an insult to the gains of 20 years of democracy and freedom," its statement ran, "particularly the contribution of women."

SABC spokesthingy Kaizer Kganyago told the BBC he was unaware of the Commission for Gender Equality's investigation and that if it had any issues, they should be taken up with the Venda group concerned. Mr. Motsoeneng himself has not commented, perhaps because he has his mouth full.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vatican experts verify authenticity of miracle attributed to intercession of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Catholics praying for the beatification of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen may well offer a prayer of thanks, as a panel of theologians has approved a miracle attributed to his intercession.

The Archbishop Fulton Sheen Foundation announced that the Vatican experts had verified the authenticity of the miracle, which involved the revival of an infant who had appeared to be stillborn. In March, a panel of physicians had found that there was no medical explanation for the child's recovery.

The miracle still requires formal approval from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. If the Pope Francis then authorizes the release of a decree certifying the miracle, all requirements would be fulfilled for the beatification of Archbishop Sheen. Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria IL, Archbishop Sheen's hometown, said that there is "no timeline" for the final Vatican approval of the miracle, or the scheduling of a beatification ceremony. He did say, however, that the beatification would be held in Peoria.

According to Catholic tradition, beatification is the first step on the road to sainthood. Normally -- although it's hard to say what is "normal" at the Vatican these days -- a second miracle is required for canonization.

Canuck cops, paramedics nominated for group Darwin Award

What you see here is the scene of a joint training exercise, held earlier today in Kanata ON, involving the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Ottawa Police Department, and a group of "tactical paramedics". The demonstration of "How to make a forced entry into a building" resulted in serious injuries to two of Ottawa's finest and one of the paramedics.

"Forced entries" are any entries that require more than a simple door-opening, of which all police officers are assumed to be capable. If that doesn't work, the "tactical units" -- SWAT teams, if you like -- could use a battering ram or a vehicle to force their way through a barrier. Or they could use a "controlled explosion"...if they knew how to control an explosion, which is what they were supposed to be learning today.

"Tactical paramedics" are trained, in events such as today's, for high-risk scenarios such as executing warrants, scenes where an active shooter is present, or dealing with a hostage-taking. Regular paramedics generally don’t go into these dangerous scenes until police have cleared the affected area, but tactical paramedics follow police in and quickly begin assessing the situation, dealing with injured people they encounter and administering aid.

To provide "a more real-life training experience", police seek out locations with abandoned buildings, such as the one shown, where the property owner allows them to play with fire, possibly in hopes of collecting an insurance settlement. Today's exercise got way too real, as an apparently uncontrolled explosion sent three paramedics and two cops to hospital.

Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau said he couldn't comment on what might have caused the blast, since the training was being conducted under "very stringent safety protocols". The RCMP and Ottawa police are investigating each other, and the Ontario Special Investigations Unit has been called in to investigate the whole lot of them.

Until responsibility for the, errr, unfortunate accident has been properly apportioned, Walt has no choice but to nominate all participants, as a group, for a Darwin Awards Honourable Mention. Well done, those men!

Note to Agent 17: To qualify for a full Darwin Award (with bar), the surivor(s) of an incident such as this must be blown up again... and again... until dead.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest on MH370: Inmarsat says search was off target; Canadian ex-pilot blames Malaysian authorities for "bungled inquiry", suggests ulterior motive

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 vanished on March 8th. Since then, we have learned very little about where it went and what happened to it. Speculation abounds. What we know for sure is that it never arrived at its destination. That's all.

The most probable answer to the question of what happened to MH370 is that it crashed. But where? The official line is that it crashed into the sea -- the Indian Ocean -- but a "premature landing" in the jungles of Malaysia, Thailand, Burma or Yunnan (the southwestern cannot be ruled out. So thick is the canopy of treetops in such places that it's nigh well impossible to see from the air anything more than a blanket of foliage.

The search at sea has concentrated on a small part of the southeastern Indian Ocean off the coast of Perth, Australia. Hopes were raised when "pings" were heard such as might be generated by the aircraft's black boxes. A thorough search by the Bluefin robot sub found nothing, nothing.

Now Inmarsat, the UK satellite company, has told the BBC that the searchers have been looking in the wrong place! Its scientists think the plane more likely crashed in a part of the ocean further to the southwest.

Inmarsat's communications with the aircraft are seen as better clues to the whereabouts of the lost flight than the radar data so far provided by Malaysian or other authorities. The hunt for the lost jet is currently taking a short break while ships map the Indian Ocean floor. When the search resumes, the Inmarsat "hotspot" will be a key focus.

But so too will a number of areas being fed into the investigation by other groups. Australian authorities are expected to announce where these are shortly. Walt is waiting to see if his suggestion that Diego Garcia be looked at will at last be heard. If not, well, I can only cast the pearls...

If they don't listen to Walt, perhaps the "authorities" will have some regard to the opinions of Christopher Goodfellow, a retired businessman and former pilot who lives in Florida. He is a graduate of McGill and Cornell universities and a former director of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. In ‘A bungled inquiry’: 100 days after MH370 went missing it is clear Malaysia officials hiding information he blames Malaysian officials for mishandling the investigation and for hiding vital information. [You seem to have read the headline thoroughly. Ed.]

Mr. Goodfellow isn't big on the conspiracy theories, preferring to think that the loss of the aeroplane might have been the result of an accident. He wrote about this possibility before, "as a pilot with some knowledge of the issues defending two fellow pilots who were being much maligned and who could not defend themselves."

What is wanted, he continues, is full disclosure by the owners of Malaysian Airlines -- the Malaysian government holds a majority stake --of information about possible causes of such an accident. Mr. Goodfellow would like to know about the cargo MH370 might have been carrying. Walt has seen suggestions ranging from a large quantity of gold -- good reason for a hijacking -- to crates of mangosteens -- not such a good reason.

And what about failure to properly maintain the aircraft or correct deficiencies which caused at least one crash previously? Mr. Goodfellow refers to procedures by which aircraft manufacturers and regulators handle design flaws and other problems revealed by the operation of airliners. Service Bulletins issued by manufacturers, and Airworthiness Directives issued by regulators keep the industry informed.

The Boeing 777 has had its share of such notices. Two in particular are relevant to MH370: one involving a short-circuit in the hose feeding emergency oxygen to the crew, and one warning of possible rupturing of the aircraft pressure vessel due to the mounting of a satellite communications antenna.

The former was responsible for a well-documented accident (fortunately on the ground at Cairo) involving an Egyptair 777. The resultant fire destroyed the cabin and burned a hole through the plane, and would have been catastrophic if it had occurred in mid-air. The satellite antenna issue could also be fatal, tearing the aircraft’s skin and resulting in rapid depressurisation. It is time, Mr. Goodfellow says, for the Malaysian authorities to show that checks and modifications regarding these issues were complied with.

Walt agrees. And if the Malaysian authorities produce logs and records and reports showing that the plane was in tiptop condition, and carrying no dangerous cargo, so much the better, for such disclosure could only reinforce the theory that MH370 was hijacked and taken to parts unknown by ___________ ... you fill in the blank.

FOLLOW-UP - If you're following all the twists and turns in the MH370 saga, you must read "Aussie officials now say maybe MH370 WAS hijacked" (June 30th)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Selling pot to uniformed cop -- dumb... really dumb

Agent 17 sends us yet another example of the kind of mindless stupidity with which an entire sub-class of our "society" seems afflicted. Late on the evening of June 11th, in Panama Beach FL, a local cop was on patrol in an unmarked car, but in full uniform, when he was approached by Terandell Curlee Coleman, pictured.

According to the affidavit of complaint sworn by Lt. John Deegins, while sitting in his parked car, he observed Coleman pushing a baby stroller carrying his two-month-old infant. The officer says Coleman approached him "using slang words indicating he was attempting to sell narcotics."

When Lt. Deegins showed interest, Coleman parked the stroller next to another vehicle about 15 to 20 feet away. He then offered to sell the cop $25 worth of "bud", while displaying "a small clear plastic package containing a green leafy substance appearing to be cannabis." Coleman was then arrested for "possession of cannabis with intent to sell", a misdemeanor.

But the story doesn't end there. Coleman was also charged with felony child neglect for allegedly seeking to conduct a narcotics transaction "while acting as a caregiver" for the baby, who was left attended while he was negotiating with the cop. Coleman is also facing revocation of his release on bond following an arrest earlier this year for burglary.

Coleman is in a heap of trouble, and causing a heap of trouble, albeit of a minor sort. But hey, it's not his fault. He's obviously yet another disadvantaged yoof, the product of American society as we find it after decades of political correctness and the abandonment to government of responsibility for everything. Including Terandell Curlee Coleman.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"You're a heretic!" Greek Orthodox bishops call out Pope Francis

Unafraid to call out the most powerful religious leader in the world, two Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Bishops have had the audacity to say openly what many Catholics -- not just traditionalists -- are thinking. Pope Francis is a heretic!

Who, you may ask, are these non-Catholics to say so? Understand, please, that the Greek Orthodox Church is formally schismatic because they do not accept the decree of Vatican I (the Council of 1870) on the papacy. However, the Greek Orthodox Church is part of the catholic and apostolic Church and is not heretical.

His Eminence, the Metropolitan of Piraeus, Seraphim, and His Eminence, the Metropolitan of Dryinoupolis, Andrew, both of the Church of Greece, declared the Pope (or co-Pope or whatever he is) a heretic because of his false teaching -- neither catholic nor apostolic -- during his first year in office. They wrote a harsh 89-page letter dated 10 April 2014 to the "Head of State of the Vatican City," asking Francis to renounce his "Satanic pride" in teaching and/or supporting five serious heresies:

Syncretism -- the false teaching traditionally condemned by the Catholic and Apostolic Church, that "we all worship the same god, all gods are equal," which the Second Vatican Council repackaged as interfaith "ecumenism". See footnote for comment on Francis' syncretistic sin, committed on Pentecost Sunday.

Homophilia -- a refusal to denounce homosexual acts, which are condemned in the Bible as one of the Four Sins that Cry to Heaven for retribution.

Judaizing -- false teaching on the Jews that departs from the Bible.

Sexual immorality -- Francis' failure to take firm and public action against his clergy's perpetrating grave sins such as paedophilia, likewise condemned in the Bible.

Modernism -- his wholehearted embrace of the Modernist errors of Vatican II, condemned in 1907 by Pope St. Pius X in his encyclical Pascendi.

The letter is addressed to Pope Francis with "sincere love", motivated by the need to remind heretics to return to the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church. Let us add our prayers to those of the two Metropolitans.

Footnote on the Pope's syncretistic sin: On June 8th, Pentecost Sunday ("the Birthday of the Church"), the Pope astonished and scandalized true Catholics by, for the first time in history, presiding over Muslim prayers and readings from the Qu'ran, in the presence of Muslim (and Jewish) unbelievers, in the Vatican itself! Immediately after so doing, Francis was stricken ill, and had to cancel all meetings scheduled for the following day.

Can we doubt that God is trying to teach the Holy Father that the heresy of syncretism will not go unpunished? Syncretism is a grave sin, condemned by the Catholic Church right up until Vatican II, which repackaged it as "ecumenism". This heresy, which Francis now embraces and promotes, holds that we all worship the same god, and all gods are equal. This is contrary to dogma -- that which the Church has always taught and proclaims to be forever true -- for which the Pope should beg forgiveness of the One True God, whose One True Church which Francis so misleads.

China -- not a good place to be a democrat or a Catholic

China may be far from Walt's decrepit body, but it is never far from his mind. [Or what passes for it. Ed.] I pray especially -- and hope Catholic readers of WWW will too -- for Chinese Catholics who, if they wish to be loyal to and in communion with Rome, must worship in secret, as did the first Christians. Here's a picture of worshippers at an "underground church" in Yunjiang.

They are gathering in someone's home, because the few church buildings still existing in China are owned by the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, the schismatic "church" set up by the Communists following the revolution of 1949. 1000s of Catholics, including priests and even bishops, went over to the CPCA, but other 1000s belong to the "underground Church", the True Church recognized by Rome.

Last month the underground Church lost one of its dwindling number of priests. Father John Peng Weizhao, the apostolic administrator of the Yujiang diocese, was arrested on May 30 by agents of the Communist "religious affairs department". His current whereabouts are unknown. Eyewitnesses told UCANews they were saddened -- but not surprised -- when the officials who were on hand when Father Peng was arrested now say that they know nothing about him.

Meanwhile, Joseph Cardinal Zen, the retired Archbishop of Hong Kong, has repeated his support for a democracy initiative in that "Special Administrative Region" of China. The prelate told AsiaNews that the people of Hong Kong will "hit back if they are repressed and forced to be enslaved."

Cardinal Zen is well known not just at the Vatican but to Catholics and human rights activists around the world, thus is unlikely to be treated in the same way as Father Peng. He has taken a prominent public role in support of a referendum calling for true democratic elections in Hong Kong. In a radio interview, he criticized a "White Paper" issued by the Beijing government, which stressed China’s "comprehensive sovereignty" over the region. In the Cardinal's view, the Communists may have sovereignty over the bodies of Hong Kong's people... but not their souls.

How one shoe can change a family picture!

Thanks again to Agent 6, who seems to be forever amused by this sort of thing. Agent 6 also sent us the hilarious photo in "Fired on the first day of work". Walt will have to coin a phrase to describe this genre. Suggestions welcome.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mission accomplished... NOT! Iraq explodes again

Looks like the cradle of civilization is becoming even less civilized -- or more uncivilized -- this week, as the world lurches ever close to the Armageddon.

Walt refers to the looming disaster in Iraq, and suggests you have a look at the map of the "cradle" in "The Coffin of Civilization", posted here back in September of 2012. See the part of the "Fertile Crescent" labelled "Assyria"? That's modern-day Syria. "Akkad" roughly corresponds to Iraq. Here's a modern map, showing today's porous borders. Consult your programme while Walt explains who's killing whom.

The yellow stain of violent Islamic extremism starts in north-eastern Syria where jihadist rebels are fighting the forces of "Basher" Assad's government, then spreads east into northern Iraq, where the majority Kurds -- also Muslims -- have been agitating for ages to establish an independent state. In fact they already have a government of sorts in the three Iraqi states shown in olive grey.

The insurgents coming in from Syria represent a new "organization", even worse than al-Qaeda, which they call "the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant". The abbreviation would seem to be "ISIL", but they have taken to using "ISIS", maybe because... well, who knows... Islam is not the monolithic religion many westerners think it is. Muslims like fighting with each other even better than waging war on infidels. [Maybe it's because we infidels are better fighters? Ed.] The ISIS jihadists are Sunni Muslims, and regard the Shia Muslims (the majority in Iraq) as, errr, also infidels.

The Kurds, as you can imagine, are encouraging the Sunni thugs to make their whey [Geddit? Kurds and whey? Ed.] quickly south to Tikrit and Baghdad, where the Shites [Ed., please check spelling] are, and leave "Kurdistan" to the Kurds. As of today, ISIS are in control of Mosul and Tikrit and are moving closer to Baghdad. Iraqi government troops are stripping off their uniforms and laying down their arms as fast as Egyptians fleeing from advancing Israelis.

Cue the inevitable "Something must be done!" from Western leaders, the Disunited Nations, etc etc. But what?! How about sending US troops in to restore order. Considering what a great job the American-led "coalition" did last time, maybe not! Even President Hussein Obama has learned (Walt thinks) that going in is one thing, getting out quite another. Won't be doing that again!

But cheer up. Iran is ready to step into the breach! President Hassan Rouhani has denied reports that three units of Iran's crack Presidential Guards have already been sent to Baghdad to bolster Iraqi government forces' defences. But, he said, Iran stands ready to intervene if things get worse. And they are sending a dozen tanks fitted with special transmissions -- four speeds in reverse and one forward... in case the Sunnis attack from the rear.

Iran has close ties with the Shia-dominated Iraqi leadership which came to power after the Americans toppled of President Saddam Hussein, whose power base was the country's Sunni minority. That little exercise cost over $1,000,000,000,000 -- that's a trillion -- and over 4000 American lives. But it was worth it, right? Errr, maybe not.

Note from Ed.: I'm reminded of the old Iraqi lovesong: I Want a Gal Just Like the Old Bag Dad Had.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

100-year-old twin sisters have their picture taken

These twin sisters just turned 100 in St. Luke's nursing home. The editor of the Fort Mudge Moan told his photographer to hurry over there and get a picture of the centenarians before they died!

One of the twins was hard of hearing, but the other could hear quite well. When the photographer asked them to sit on the couch, the deaf one said to her twin, "What did he say?"

Then the cameraman said, "Could you get a little closer together, please?"
"What'd he say?"
So they scrunched a little closer to each other.

"Just hold on for a bit longer," said the photographer. "I've got to focus."
Yet again, "What did he say?"
With a big grin, the deaf twin exclaimed, "REALLY??!! BOTH OF US???!!!"

Thanks to the shy and retiring Agent 1, who is not a twin.

French cops racist? Main non! It's only a "negro party"!

Several police officers from the Paris suburb of Kremlin-Bicêtre [no kidding. Ed.] are in trouble after photos surfaced of them in blackface at a "negro" party, according to a report in Le Figaro.

Here we see les flics, some apparently wearing frizzy or dreadlock wigs [No kidding? It's not their real hair? Ed.] dressed in what seems to be improvised African garb. This is not a costume, they explained, but a representation of normal street clothing as seen every day in many Paris suburbs.

As for the second photo, well, what can one say except that the party was meant to be private. However, one of the cops' colleagues, Claudy "the Rat" Siar -- formerly a "racial equality officer" posted the images online. Guess he was miffed at not being invited to the party.

The five officers, whose names were not published, face an internal review. It's not clear what sort of disciplinary action they may face. Deportation to... let's say Detroit... seems not to be an option.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

OOPS! It was American air power that killed US soldiers in Afghanistan!

Walt is embarrassed to admit that in "Memo to Obama: Afghanistan is over! We lost!" he relied on early reports that suggested five American soldiers serving i Armpitistan were killed by "friendly fire", which he took to me the Afghan army and/or police. WRONG!

BBC News reports that "coalition forces" had called for air support to fend off a Taliban attack in Zabul province. The airstrike was delivered by... errr... American planes. US Rear Admiral John Kirby called it "friendly fire from the air".

An Afghan soldier and an interpreter were also killed. They weren't counted in the original report.

Five (or six) "friendly casualties" beats the previous record, set in April of 2002, when four Canadian soldiers were killed by a bomb dropped by a US F-16 during night exercises in Kandahar.

Are Muslims taking over your kids' school? Beware the "Trojan Horse"!

Today's online edition of The Telegraph reports the announcement by British Education Secretary Michael Gove that, beginning in September, all of England’s 20,000 primary and secondary schools will be required to teach "British values of tolerance and fairness". Imagine that!

Why do you suppose Her Britannic Majesty's Government feels it necessary to institute this campaign? Errr... well... it may have something to do with a report by a number of head teachers [= school principals, for Walt's North American readers] revealing an organized campaign to impose a "narrow, faith-based ideology" at some schools in Birmingham.

Which "faith-based ideology" would that be? Why, Islamic fundamentalism, of course. No prizes for guessing!

A report by Ofsted, the toothless watchdog of English education, recommended placing five Birmingham schools in "special measures" after "deeply worrying" findings that the schools had been taken over by Islamists.

One of the schools was funding a Madrassa -- a school for the study of Islam -- from its own budget, while at another Muslim children had been taken on trips to Saudi Arabia. A third school regularly broadcast a call to Muslim prayer over the school’s loudspeaker in the playground while another school taught in biology that "evolution is not what we believe".

Mr. Gove said that this would change. He told Parliament, "We already require independent schools, academies and free schools to respect British values. Now we will consult on strengthening this standard further, so that all schools actively promote British values." Mr. Gove did not include the word "Christian" in his speech, nor did he explain exactly what values should be considered "British".

However, current guidance asks schools to "enable pupils to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law" and "provide pupils with a broad general knowledge of public institutions and services in England". Pupils are also encouraged "to respect the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs".

How that last part squares with letting Muslims drive their "Trojan Horse" into Britain's schools is similarly unclear.

And, dear reader, lest you think the Islamic fundamentalists are only taking over British schools, be aware that the camel's nose is already inside the tent flap in every Western country, particularly places which are determined to "celebrate diversity" at the expense of European Christian culture and values, such as Ontario (see below).

Have you checked your kids' school lately to see what's going on there? Do they, for example, have a prayer room for the Muslim kids, but not for the Christians? (Could be...even in a so-called Catholic school. See below.) Take a look. Take a good look!

Further reading (lots of it!) on WWW:
"US schools turning kids into Muslim fanatics, says ACT! founder"
"Islamization of Ontario schools still part of government agenda" - Ontario residents! Please keep this in mind as you vote on Thursday!
"Muslim camel's nose inside door of 'Catholic' school"
"Geert Wilders warns USA: Muslims taking over Europe -- you're next!"

Memo to Obama: Afghanistan is over! We lost!

While Walt was wondering what to make of the swap of one (1) American deserter for five (5) top Taliban commanders, something else happened. This weekend, five American servicemen were killed in Afghanistan...apparently by members of the Afghan armed forces.

An official statement of the so-called "international coalition" called the killings a "friendly fire" incident. Walt takes this to mean that the killers were not the dreaded Taliban or al-Qaeda, but the very people the US occupying forces are there to serve and protect. America's friends, you might say...or not. After all, with friends like that...

This latest demonstration of the folly of leaving American troops in the sandpit even one day longer comes hard on the heels of Obama's Rose Garden "victory lap" in celebration of the 5-for-1 prisoner swap. Woohoo, sez the Prez, we brought home this courageous hero who was "captured on the battlefield" after serving with "honour and distinction". [Actually it was Susan Rice who said that. Ed.]

OK, Susan Rice said it. But Obama told a war-weary nation that even though he was going to leave some 10,000 American soldiers in the line of (friendly) fire for another couple of years, they need not fear being left behind! Unless of course they're dead, in which case they'll be brought home in body bags -- still not left behind!

The controversy surrounding the Bergdahl deal is not about one confused and reluctant soldier. (Bergdahl flitted around with ballet and Buddhism before joining the army, but became disillusioned with the invasion of Afghanistan about 90 seconds after arriving there.) Rather it is about President Hussein Obama, his foreign policy in general and his conduct of the war in particular.

The prisoner swap represents -- or should represent -- a moment of truth for all Americans, including Susan Rice, Chuck Hagel and the Prez himself. The war is over. America lost. Again. In 2016, unless a new president [Hellery Clinton? Ed.] extends the mission again, the Americans will finally leave. Afghanistan will remain as it was -- a benighted wasteland of warring tribes. The expenditure of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives will have been for naught -- a total (and criminal) waste.

Further reading: "White House's Handling of Bergdahl 'a Joke'", by Dr. Charles Krauthammer, in National Review Online. And yes, we do have the video.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

$3,000,000 reward offered to MH370 whistleblower

Walt stands to become a rich man -- about time, sez the missus -- if only he can get the phone number or e-mail address for the person or persons offering a huge reward for the whistleblower who reveals what really happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

According to BBC News, 5000 large / $5,000,000 / five million bucks is being raised by relatives of the passengers aboard MH370, who haven't been seen since the aircraft vanished into thin air two months ago (less a day). The families hope a reward of $3 million will tempt a whistleblower to tell what he or she knows. The remaining money will pay for private investigators.

Ethan Hunt, who is heading up "Reward MH370", said, "We are convinced that somewhere, someone knows something, and we hope this reward will entice him or her to come forward."

Sarah Bajc, whose partner Philip Wood was on board, said families wanted to look at the tragedy with "a fresh set of eyes". She explained, "Governments and agencies have given it their best shot but have failed to turn up a single shred of evidence, either because of a faulty approach or due to intentional misdirection by one or more individuals."

Danica Weeks, wife of Paul Weeks, another missing passenger, said, "We've been cut off so many times at the gate that we're just now having to take things into our own hands, think outside the box and just try and do something to find this plane."

Since Chuck Hagel probably isn't going to call Mr. Hunt -- not even for $3 million -- Walt hereby claims the reward for revealing (yet again) that the place to look is Diego Garcia. See "MH370: 1 + 3 = ??? Walt puts two possibilities together" and "For the second time: Diego Garcia is a key piece of the MH370 puzzle", and at least two other posts, before and since.

Any whistleblower in the US military who can provide details, and wants to remain anonymous, is welcome to e-mail Walt. I'll make sure the information gets passed on and will share the reward in a fair and reasonable manner.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sgt Jasmine Jacobs: Racist US Army don' like ma do!

"To go through the natural hair journey, and come to terms with the fact that you're beautiful the way you naturally are, and then an entire organisation wants you to cover up all that, makes you doubt yourself."

So says Sergeant Jasmine Jacobs, of the Georgia National Guard, originator of a petition demanding the repeal of US Army Regulation 670-1, which updated the forces' grooming standards. Here's what the rules say about hairstyles.

* Braids are authorised, but they "must be of uniform dimension, small in diameter (approximately 1/4 inch), and "show no more than 1/8 inch of scalp between the braids".
* Cornrows must also be 1/4 inch in dimension with no more than 1/8 inch of scalp showing. Cornrows can be braided or rolled, but not twisted. Only one style can be worn at once.
* Any unkempt or matted braids or cornrows are considered dreadlocks and are not authorized.
* Hair's bulk that "exceeds more than 2 inches from the scalp" is forbidden, and short hair must be longer than a quarter-inch from the scalp.

Need us to draw you a picture? Here it is, straight from the Army Manual for the Functionally Illiterate.

Sgt. Jacobs feels put upon because she "no longer has options for [her] natural hair care." She told an interviewer, "I would have had to constantly be putting on a wig or figuring how to get weave sown into or glued into my hair, because none of my natural hair styles were authorized any longer."

What's a black girl to do?! "Where is a soldier in the field supposed to get her weave done?" asks Lori Tharps, co-author of Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America. And of course that's the root of the complaint. While the regulations apply to all soldiers -- regardless of race, colour or creed -- Sgt. Jacobs called them "racially-biased", using the hair of honkey women as a baseline. ["hairline", surely! Ed.] Apparently the Army hasn't noticed that black hair, which grows out rather than down and is very curly, is difficult to pull into a bun or wear loose in an even manner, styles which are OKed by the new guidelines.

Inevitably, the usual suspects have accused the Army of racism. "These updated regulations [are] very discriminatory," says Congresswoman Barbara Lee -- black, female, Democrat, California. Ms Lee's own hairstyle (see official picture) would probably pass muster, but, she told BBC News, "They used words such as 'unkempt' and 'matted' when referring to traditional hairstyles worn by women of colour."

Maybe so, Walt says, but they didn't use the N-word... "nappy". All the same, the backlash from the Volvo liberals and lamestream media led Defense Secretary Chuck "5-for-1" Hagel to call for a policy review. At the end of April he gave military leaders three months to "evaluate comprehensive regulations as they pertain to black women".

And in May the House of Representatives approved an amendment to the defence spending bill, calling for a review of the policy. Walt predicts the return of the afro, as America continues to celebrate diversity.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Toronto man caught committing indecent act with cucumber

Now there's a headline you don't see every day -- thank goodness -- even in Toronto, the fount of all evil. Here's the story, from the CTV Toronto News website.

Police have made an arrest after a woman reported a man performing an indecent act while holding a cucumber at a Toronto library in April.

A 26-year-old woman told police she was studying at Agincourt Library, near Sheppard Avenue East and Kennedy Road, on the evening of April 7 when a man approached her table. The man sat down, opened his laptop and began to commit an indecent act while holding a cucumber, Toronto police allege in a press release.

On Saturday, Inspector Knacker received a call for a suspicious incident at the same library. When the SWAT team arrived [Seriously? Ed.] they were directed to a man sitting in the library holding a cucumber. Police said that he was recognized from the incident in April.

Fredrick Tennyson Davis, 49, of Toronto, was arrested on Saturday and charged with an indecent attack and two counts of failure to comply with probation.

The good burghers of Toronto ought not to be surprised by stories like this, given that deviant sex and sex with vegetables have been actively promoted on at least one website OKed by the Toronto District School Board for inclusion in the "Community" listings on their website. See "Sex with vegetables? Toronto school board links you to more info".

Ah yes... "Toronto the Good"... we hardly know ye.

RIP Tank man and all victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre

Let us not forget what happened 25 years ago today. Here is an iconic picture to serve as a reminder.

On 4 June 1989, the world -- outside of China -- saw this image of a lone man staring down a procession of tanks in Tiananmen Square, the main square of Beijing, the capital of Communist China. What happened to him is unknown, but he's presumed to have died, along with hundreds of students and other young people who were demonstrating for democracy and freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech, not to mention democracy, remains unknown in China. The so-called "People's Republic" remains in the iron grip of the Communist Party. Censorship is so complete that most of today's university students have never heard of Tiananmen Square and "the events of 6.4.89", as the massacre is known. When Walt was teaching in China, some years ago, we foreign teachers were forbidden -- on pain o9f dismissal and deportation -- to even mention "the three T's": Taiwan, Tibet and Tiananmen Square.

Those few students who had heard of the massacre had been brainwashed to think that the quelling of the demonstration -- it wasn't even an uprising, you understand -- somehow helped the development of a modern, prosperous China! Today, there will be demonstrations in Hong Kong, where a limited amount of free speech is still allowed. But in China proper, Tiananmen Square will not be mentioned. The Communists have succeeded in erasing it from the public consciousness.

However, the grim story remains alive in the West, thanks in part to the efforts of media like Frontline, the flagship public affairs series of American public broadcaster PBS. Frontline has produced an excellent documentary on Tiananmen Square called "The Tank Man". Click here and follow the links to watch it online. (Sorry, not available to Chinese IP addresses.)

9-1-1? Help! My dog licked me!

Whaddya do when something -- anything -- goes wrong? Why, call 9-1-1 of course! What if my dog, with his horrible doggy breath and wet doggy tongue, licks my face? That's right! Call 9-1-1-!

Must have been a slow news day yesterday, because CBC News made space and time for a story about people tying up the 9-1-1 emergency call service with pocket dials and calls that are just plain stupid.

The Emergency Management Office of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia [It figures. Ed.] says 20% of all 9-1-1 calls are pocket dials -- when you sit on your phone and your buttock presses the speed dial number -- or other non-emergencies. Said dispatcher Michelle Burhoe, "It makes it a little more difficult for us to concentrate on one task at a time because we're constantly stopping to answer the 911 calls when they're pocket dials."

The pocket dials cause trouble because the operator has to stay on the line until she/he can confirm that the call really isn't an emergency, which means that the caller has to pick up the phone and fess up. If the caller can't or won't talk to the dispatcher, police must respond, which is annoying for all concerned and costly to taxpayers.

Bogus emergencies are a problem too. Ms Burhoe recounts an incident in which "We had a 911 call from a man who wasn't sure if he needed medical attention because he was licked by a puppy. We [also] had a little boy call because he was terrified of a spider."

Constable Pierre Bourdage of Halifax Regional Police said officers were called to 5,300 misdialed 9-1-1 calls in 2013. "A police officer will give you a little warning," he said, "and sometimes it's a child, or the phone was knocked over. But we do have to check that everyone is safe and no one is in danger."

Bogus calls can attract a hefty fine. If you do misdial, Walt advises you to stay on the line to tell them, so police aren’t dispatched. If you're embarrassed, just say you meant to dial 9-1-2. You're welcome.

Further reading: When your dog licks your face, is he/she/it actually giving you a kiss? See Dog licking your face and what it means

Monday, June 2, 2014

VIDEO: We don't need gun control; we need IDIOT control

Here's a great compilation of firearms fails -- the results of mixing weapons and stupidity.

No candidates for Darwin Awards here, but that's more good luck than good management. Hope you noticed that they weren't all Americans... just the fat ones.

Thanks and a tip o' the toque to Agent 6.