Tuesday, June 10, 2014

OOPS! It was American air power that killed US soldiers in Afghanistan!

Walt is embarrassed to admit that in "Memo to Obama: Afghanistan is over! We lost!" he relied on early reports that suggested five American soldiers serving i Armpitistan were killed by "friendly fire", which he took to me the Afghan army and/or police. WRONG!

BBC News reports that "coalition forces" had called for air support to fend off a Taliban attack in Zabul province. The airstrike was delivered by... errr... American planes. US Rear Admiral John Kirby called it "friendly fire from the air".

An Afghan soldier and an interpreter were also killed. They weren't counted in the original report.

Five (or six) "friendly casualties" beats the previous record, set in April of 2002, when four Canadian soldiers were killed by a bomb dropped by a US F-16 during night exercises in Kandahar.

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