Friday, June 27, 2014

P.K. Subban dresses like a... well...

Walt hates to say this [Yah, sure! Ed.] but you've got to hand it to Montréal Canadiens star defenceman (???) Pernell Karl Subban for knowing how to dress to project the image of a... hmmm... words fail me, but "typical Canadian hockey player" is clearly not a suitable description.

The Montreal Gazette ran this picture today with a story by Dave Stubbs predicting that le CH and Subban should soon come to an agreement on a new contract, for a fantastic sum over many years. Or (Stubbs says) maybe not. Maybe they'll give him another two years for fewer dollars over next two seasons, which would bring us up to July 1, 2016 at which point the defenceman who can't play defence will be an unrestricted free agent. [It was Walt, not Stubbs, who wrote the critical comment. Ed.]

Getting back to the subject at hand, P.K. may know how to dress -- depends on what you think is good taste, I guess -- but he'd better learn how to swing his very long arms (see "Is P.K. Subban a 'nigger'?") when the cameras are on him. Compare this photo with that accompanying the article cited, and you'll see that this "crotch shot" comes naturally. Still, it doesn't look good, does it.

Footnote: The conservatively dressed dude with Subban is Kevin Weekes, who used to play in the NHL, but was never subjected to the racist abuse that P.K. seems to attract. Can't understand why. Mr. Weekes, by the way, was a colour commentator [oh, PLEASE! Ed.] on CBC-TV's Hockey Night in Canada, but hasn't been seen since the regular NHL season ended. Maybe his contract wasn't picked up by Rogers, the new owner of the TV right? If so, Kevin should learn to dress more P.K.

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