Friday, June 27, 2014

"Refugees", Canada welcomes you!

In a report headed "Syrian refugee applications quietly sped up by Ottawa" CBC News shows us this lovely picture of Syrian refugees Danny Ramadan [his real name, obviously. Ed.] and his partner Aamer, whose face is obscured "because he hasn't come out to his family".

This loving couple are moving from Beirut to Vancouver after the Canadian government gave them initial approval earlier this week. On arrival, they will be given a house, a car and their first welfare cheque, in a ceremony presided over by Canuck immigration minister Jason Kenney. All expenses will be paid by the Canadian taxpayer, otherwise known as the Great White Sucker.

Walt has no further comment except to reveal the instructions given to them by the photographer moments before snapping this shot: "Try not to grab each other's crotches until after the flash!"

Questions from Ed.: Is it true what they say about Jason Kenney being a pillow-biter? Did he personally speed up the approval process? Just askin'...

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