Thursday, February 22, 2018

VIDEO: Please help find a cure for little Justin's problem

I know, I know... WWW has had a lot of stuff about Canadian politics lately. Like there's nothing going on in American politics? Like anybody cares about Canada? Really though, things are heating up in the Great No-longer-white North. Canucks are fed up, not just with winter but with their Liberal leaders in both Ottawa (the country's capital) and Toronto (the city that thinks it's the country's capital... or maybe the country itself, since TROC doesn't matter.)

In Ontario, a provincial election is due in June. In anticipation thereof, the province's oxymoronic Progressive Conservatives have fallen into their traditional trap of forming a circular firing squad. There is now a fifth candidate in their unexpected leadership contest (see previous posts on Tanya Granic Allen), none other than Patrick Brown, who just got turfed out of the leadership, a victim of #MeToo, but has now been okayed to throw his batter chapeau back in the ring.

Meanwhile, alleged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been touring India, with his ultra-photogenic family in tow, all decked out in native costumes which the Indian meeja say are waaay over the top -- too Indian even for Indians. See "Trudeau family criticized for overdoing it on their traditional Indian outfits" (Global News, 21/2/18) and try not to gag at the pix of a white man gone native.

Worse for Hairboy are the stories, which contain more than a grain of truth, that he is sympathetic to Sikh separatists who are fighting to turn the Punjab into an independent homeland, which they call "Kalistan". Thanks to Trudeaus I and II, there are hundreds of thousands of Sikhs in Canada, huddled together in the suburbs of Toronto and Vancouver, from which they send lakhs of rupees back to India to fund the separatist cause.

They also turn out reliably to vote Liberal. There are four of them in Junior's cabinet, all of whom accompanied him on his visit to their Golden Temple at Amritsar. Another one, Jaspal Singh Atwal, has joined the group and was invited to a reception to be held by the Canadian High Commissioner to India, my good Mister Patel. One of Walt's favourite pundits, Terry Milewski, revealed yesterday that Mr Atwal was convicted of the attempted murder of Malkiat Singh Sidhu, another Sikh who was also an Indian cabinet minister, on Vancouver Island in 1986. How embarrassing! Mr Atwal has now been officially uninvited.

It becomes more evident every day that Justin Trudeau has problems. Jill Colton, a former lamestream media personality with a degree in communications and a diploma in broadcast journalism, now doing commentary on You Tube, has got to the root of Junior's personality disorder, and is starting a campaign to get some professional help for him. Here's her pitch.

Walt has only one thing to add... for now.

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