Sunday, November 27, 2016

More PC madness -- Hampshire College hauls down US flag

This afternoon there will be a demonstration in Amherst MA protesting the decision of the Board of Trustees of Hampshire College to stop flying the flag of the United States of America.

Why would they do that? Well, Hampshire College is a small liberal arts college in that most liberal of states, Massachusetts, once the fief of the Kennedys and more recently Mitt Romney. Obviously the election of Donald Trump represents a defeat for all that is Liberal and Good in America, so the flag had to come down!

The Hampshire Board of Trustees voted to stop flying flags on campus after several high-profile incidents, including an "informal decision by some on campus" by some on campus to lower flags to half-staff after the election. Later, someone burned a flag on campus. The school issued a statement saying that removing the flag would allow a discussion about its many possible meanings to students from around the world.

Speaking for the snowflakes, John Courtemanche told CNN, "Our goal is to give voice to the range of viewpoints on campus across cultures, and hopefully find common ground. We've heard from members of our community that, for them and for many in our country, the flag is a powerful symbol of fear they've felt all their lives because they grew up as people of color, never feeling safe."

Amherst Mayor Domenic J. Sarno will join today's protests, along with veterans groups and other pro-American activists. His office office said he will "attend in support and stand in solidarity with our cherished veterans and our American flag in protest of Hampshire College's continued refusal to fly the flag, which is so disrespectful to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in order for all of us to live the lives we lead. God Bless America!"

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