Thursday, November 10, 2016

VIDEO: Ann Coulter sez ban on Muslims won the election for Trump

On Tuesday night I found myself flipping back and forth from one lamestream channel to another, not so much to see who was winning, but to see which network would have the most biased (anti-Trump) coverage. The early leader was CBS, which could see The Donald's lead in the "battleground states" building and building, but just wouldn't, couldn't bring themselves to say so.

Their excuses for not "calling it" -- projecting a Trump win -- particularly in Florida, were actually funny. Broward and Dade counties hadn't been fully counted yet because the turn-out was so high. If the margin was 0.5% or less there would be an automatic recount. Court challenges were possible. And so on, until their hand was forced by the other networks.

The worst, though, was CBC -- the Clinton Broadcasting Corporation. Well OK, really the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, which started coverage on its main network a bit late, at 9 P.M. Eastern Time. Their anchor was the venerable Peter Mansbridge, who is regarded by Canadians much as Walter Cronkite used to be by Americans. Peter's the kindly old uncle who tucks you into bed at night with a nice, warm, progressive fairy tale at the end of which the liberals triumph and everyone lives happily ever after.

On November 8th-9th, the liberal dream of eight more years of Democratic rule turned into a nightmare for the CBC's crew of Clinton shills disguised as reporters. Peter was ashen. The smug and condescending Keith Boag actually stuttered. The ever-PC "At Issue" panel had the night off. (I look forward to their "I knew it all along" routine tonight.) To replace them, CBC rang in David Frum, and for balance (LOL) a white liberal woman plus a black lesbian feminist American. Mr Frum didn't gloat. He didn't have to. He just sat there and watched the black gal get crazier and crazier, to the point where the producers wisely cut to something else.

By Wednesday night, Peter had recovered his composure and rehearsed his part of the how-come-we-missed-it routine which will be heard on all networks, American and foreign, for the next year or so. You'll get a taste of it in his interview on The National last night with well-known (even in Canada) American writer and commentator Ann Coulter. She was one of the first credible voices to say "You should have listened to me. I told you so!" She predicted a Trump victory early on, and credited the win to his ability to tap into voters' "pent-up rage for both political parties, mostly over the issue of immigration."

"There are lots of people who do not live in the United States -- billions, I believe. None of them have a constitutional right to move to America," said Ms Coulter. "We've been thinking about the poor illegal aliens and the poor Muslim refugees who aren't living in this country already, but what about the people already here? Immigration is just a government policy like any other government policy, but it's the only one that politicians, and the media, don't even think about saying, 'This should be designed to help the people who are already here.'"

Here's the complete interview.

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