Thursday, November 17, 2016

Doctor CZ is happy about the result of the US election

Assiduous readers of WWW may remember that Walt has a connection with Africa, having lived and worked at the southern end of the Dark Continent back in the 20th century. 

I follow the news from South Africa and Zimbabwe -- still waiting for the demise, through old age or lead poisoning, of Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe -- and my few friends who are still there follow the news from this side of the Atlantic. One such, "Doctor CZ", weighed in this week with an opinion (in his column in the Financial Gazette) on the election of Donald Trump. Here it is.

While the just-ended presidential elections in the United States never excited Dr CZ in any way since Yours Truly knows for sure that nothing really changes in American policy towards Zimbabwe, he was, however, one of those few people who were so elated at the pleasantly surprising outcome of the poll. The reason simply being that the results spite those who think experience is everything.

The danger of having career politicians is that sometimes they get too obsessed with their own self-preservation to the detriment of the whole country. What happened in the US should happen more frequently. Election outcomes should never be so predictable as sunrise and sunset.

The other thing Dr CZ likes about president-elect Donald Trump is that he tells the truth whole and raw as it is and has no time to hide behind niceties of pretending. This is what Americans voted for. They are sick and tired of leaders who pretend.

Americans do not want foreigners in their own country, and Trump promised to help them in this regard. If one is not wanted in a certain country, they should stay in their own country or go to that country where they are welcome, not to force themselves even where they are not wanted. Americans have their own country, which they should do their best to keep it to themselves, just as everyone else should do their best to belong to their own countries.

Sadly, Trump appears to be rude because just like fire and water, which cannot be carried in the same mouth, truth and politeness never go hand-in-hand.

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