Tuesday, January 1, 2019

VIDEO: Happy New Year, Manchester! - "Allahu akbar!"

While we in North America were getting ready to party last night, a man in Manchester (geddit?), England was arrested after stabbing three people at the city's Victoria train station. Inspector Knacker of the Greater Manchester police told the meeja that a man and woman in their fifties were taken to hospital with knife injuries. An officer with the British Transport Police also suffered a stab wound and received treatment at the scene.

Counter-terrorism authorities are leading the investigation into what police described as a "critical incident". Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said, "We are treating this as a terrorist investigation which is being led by counter terrorism officers with support from Greater Manchester Police." Notice, however, the omission of the words "ISIS", "Islamic" or "Muslim". The 25-year-old suspect, whom the coppers discreetly refused to name [Try "Mohammed". Ed.] is being questioned on suspicion of attempted murder... only that... in spite of having been heard yelling "Allahu akbar!" as he was being bundled into the Black Maria. Have a listen.

That man there, the one yelling "Allahu akbar!", is now being held in custody under the provisions of... wait for it... the Mental Health Act. There is still no word as to his ethnicity, status in the UK, or religion.

Readers will remember [We hope! Ed.] the Manchester massacre of May 2017 -- a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in which nearly two dozen innocent people were killed and many more wounded by... wait for it (again)... Islamic terrorists whom the same police didn't identify as such until public pressure forced them to reveal the politically incorrect truth.

So begins 2019, another year just like last year, or possibly worse but certainly not better. (Lifetime pct .989.) And you will be there! That's the takeaway from "critical incidents" like this. No matter where you live in northern/western Europe, if you venture out into any public space -- a railway station, a market, a busy street -- you'd better watch your infidel ass. The jihadis really are out to get you!

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