Thursday, January 3, 2019

VIDEO: Mr Bean speaks about freedom of speech

Mr Bean is the most famous screen persona of British actor Rowan Atkinson. You knew that, didn't you? That's for anyone who may have thought Mr Bean is a real person. Mr Atkinson is rightly concerned about the intolerance of the liberal elites and the cancerous growth of political correctness. "We need to build our immunity to taking offence," he says, in this short (9:20) address at the Parliamentary Reception for the Reform Section 5 campaign.

That was in October of 2012. The campaign succeeded (bravo!) but, IMHO, the chill of censorship has only gotten worse since then. One of our readers has just been banned forever from commenting on the CBC News website. Her crime? Apparently it's including in some of her comments a link to WWW. Walt suggests that the CBC remember the old saying: Just because you've silenced someone doesn't mean you've converted him!

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