Wednesday, January 2, 2019

VIDEO: Ron Paul looks at the year that was and the year to come

It's been some time since we've reposted a video featuring Dr Ron Paul. Thanks to President Trump's surprise announcement of an imminent pull-out from the Middle East, there seems to be... at last... the prospect of disengagement from the Muslim civil war. See "Getting out of the Muslim civil wars - about time!", WWW 21/12/18.

In this review, Dr Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss what the Ron Paul Institute has accomplished in 2018 and what they have planned 2019. Spoiler alert! There's a new book coming out -- The Individual versus the Collective -- and they tell you how to get an advance copy, FREE! And you'll learn how you can help spread the message of peace and prosperity. Running time: 10:27.

Naysayers (including some Republicans!) are calling on the President to reverse his decision to remove all US troops from Syria and several thousand from Afghanistan. The neocons, lametream media, and even some progressives suddenly find themselves defending the endless and pointless Gulf wars. A strong voice for the principles of disengagement and non-intervention in foreign affairs is needed now more than ever. Ron Paul is that voice, and Walt urges you, dear reader, to give him your support.

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