Friday, January 11, 2019

VIDEO: Buy this cool game for your kids before it's banned!

Here it is, folks -- a game that teaches invaluable skills for survival in today's diverse society. It could even save your life!

Yes, it's Cut the Wire, a bomb-defusing game suitable for children aged 6 and up, available from Amazon or at your nearby Target or Walmart superstore. (Target in USA only, due to complete misreading of Canadian consumers' preferences.) But hurry! The SJWs and NPCs have targeted (pun intended) the game, claiming it's "inappropriate, particularly in an era of terrorism threats." Any particular kind of terrorism? Errr, no.

"It’s horrendous, especially in a day and age like this," said a concerned parent who discovered the item recently at a Walmart store in London ON. In response to shoppers' complaints, Walmart Canada said it has no plans to reorder Cut The Wire when its stock runs out. A spokesthingy told the CBC, "We appreciate the concerns that have been raised regarding this item. Our intent was not to offend anyone." How Canadian is that, EH?

South of the world's longest unwalled border, Target pledged to remove the product from its shelves after it started fielding criticism in late October. However, a progressive shopper recently discovered the game on sale for half price at a Target in Sunnyvale CA. "I was kind of shocked to see that in the toy aisle, let alone in Target at all," said Ben Aguirre, who was shopping with his eight-year-old son at the time. "It's kind of appalling." Yeah, kind of.

Target told CBC News this week that the game is now completely gone from its stores. "We appreciate the feedback and have worked to remove this item from our assortment," read an e-mail from a spokesthingy. "We do listen to customers and we take the feedback seriously."

But take heart, folks. You can still order Cut the Wire online, from and Walt wonders if Jeff brought Cut the Wire home for his kids, but Amazon refused to comment, its spokesthingies doubtless having other things to talk about.

UPDATE added at 1345 FMT: Agent 3 has sent along another picture worth 1000 words.

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