Monday, February 27, 2017

Liberal government of Ontario plans further attack on parental rights

Faced with the certainty of a crushing defeat in the next provincial election, Ontario's Liberal (mis)government, led by proudly lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne, has introduced yet another measure to push gender ideology into the courts, schools and adoption/child protection services, and further reduce the rights of parents to raise their children without interference by the nanny state.

Ontario is one of the most liberal, most politically correct jurisdictions in North America. Following 14 years of Liberal misrule, Ontario boys can be considered girls, and girls can be considered boys. Ontario kids are being taught a sex-ed curriculum written by a convicted child pornographer -- Doctor (((Benjamin Levin))) -- and supported by both the fragrant Ms Wynne and Patrick Brown, the leader of the province's so-oxymoronical "Progressive Conservative" opposition.

Last month Ms Wynne's government introduced Bill 89, in the Ontario legislature. Laughably called the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, the new law will do nothing of the kind. In fact it will do the opposite of what its title proclaims. The bill is an attack on parental authority and will ultimately harm children.

By expanding the application of the definition of what is "a child in need", the bill, when it becomes law, will displace children from their family home even where there really is no need. Also, by pushing gender ideology onto child services, child protection, foster and adoption service providers, the bill will force judges to take into consideration a child's "gender identity and gender expression".

According to Agent 3, Bill 89 also attacks the right of parents to direct their children's religious upbringing. Parents and those who stand in loco parentis (and Children's Aid Services et al.) must bring up the child in accordance with the child's creed -- whatever that is. For example, if a child who is somehow determined to be a Rastafarian is placed with Catholic foster parents, they must do nothing to convert the child to the Christian Faith.

By eliminating the religious faith in a child's upbringing as an element of "services" to the child, Bill 89 diminishes the important role parents play in the spiritual and moral development of a child. Similarly, foster and adoptive parents will be treated unjustly if they don't subscribe to gender theory and/or ideology. For instance, if a child equipped with a penis, but who "identifies" as a female, is placed in care, the foster parents or care providers mustn't so much as question the child's "gender choice". They might even be required to assist the child in obtaining "gender reassignment therapy" (= a sex-change operation).

Walt predicts that, although ordinary Ontarians may oppose it (see link to petition below), Bill 89 will sail through the politically correct legislature. Walt further predicts that one of the unintended consequences of the new Act will be a dramatic decrease in the already low number of good-hearted people willing to adopt or act as foster parents. What's the point of being a foster parent or adopting a child if you can't bring up children according to the family values that you know are right and good for them.

Dear Ontario readers... If you fear for the future of your province, as well you might, you must let your voices be heard. The more you remain silent (for fear of being labelled as "old-fashioned" or "unprogressive" or "homophobic"), the more freedom you give up.

Tanya Granic Allen, President of Parents as First Educators, and Queenie Yu, a real conservative activist, plan on testifying before the government committee charged with studying the bill. They hope to present a petition against the bill, with 1000s of signatures, to place on record the fact that Ontario families are not OK with Bill 89 and the Wynne pro-queer agenda. Click here to read more about the bill, and sign the petition! Tell them Walt sent you.

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