Friday, February 17, 2017

"Ethnic cleansing" of Europeans opposed by Danish parliament

The Danish people -- real Danish people, descendants of the Vikings -- have had enough of scenes like this! Who can blame them? How would you like to walk into an area of the city in which you were born, only to find that it had been occupied by Muslim invaders hell-bent on driving you out?

Of course you would be furious, and rightly so! But would your government, who invited the foreigners to come and make themselves at home -- too much so -- do anything? In an uncharacteristic fit of political incorrectness, the Parliament of Denmark this week passed a motion (over the fierce opposition of the leftist parties) calling on government to reduce the number of asylum-seekers and "family reunification" migrants. Here, translated from the Danish (click here to read the original), is the text of the motion:

Parliament notes with concern that today there are areas in Denmark, where the proportion of immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries is over 50 percent. It is the belief of the Folketing [parliament] that Danes should not be in the minority in neighborhoods in Denmark.

The government and parliament have implemented a number of austerity measures that have limited asylum flows significantly, and which prevents parallel societies.

Parliament calls on the government to proceed with a political objective to reduce the number of asylum seekers and the number of family reunification, coming to Denmark.

The motion was created after Danish media reports revealed that out of the 14,754 citizens living in Brøndby Strand, more than half -- 51% -- are either immigrants or their descendants born in Denmark. Likewise, some 8645 of the townspeople of Odense are of Danish origin, while 8749 are either immigrants or their descendants.

According to figures (sadly outdated) from Statistics Denmark, other areas with large "non-western" immigrant populations include Brabrand (36%), Ishøj (32%), Bronshoj (28%), Tilst (28%), Aarhus V (27%), Taastrup (24%), Copenhagen NV (23%), and Esbjerg Ø (22%).

Just how the motion can be implemented by the Danish government is unclear, but the fact that a European parliament has finally officially taken notice of the ethnic cleansing of white people by Third World immigration is a breakthrough in itself.

Further reading (and viewing -- contains embedded video: "WAR ON DENMARK'S STREETS: Migrant chaos sparks clashes between police and protestors", Express (UK), 4/12/16.

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