Monday, February 27, 2017

Canada to fund killing of 1000s of Third World babies

In the sort of humanitarian gesture for which its elitist liberals are famous, Canada's International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau will announce this week that her alleged country will support a global "safe-abortion fund" set up in response to... wait for it... President Donald Trump's order banning American financing for any organizations that promote killing of unborn children.

Speaking to the Globe and Mail while on a junket to Amman, Jordan, Ms Bibeau said Canada will join an international campaign to fill a US$600 million gap left by President Trump's reinstatement of the so-called "global gag rule" prohibiting funding to international organizations that fail to disavow abortion. This is part of an initiative called "She Decides", sponsored by the Netherlands. The idea, you see, is to promote human development and help the world's poor by killing them before they are born, thus keeping population under control. Got it?

Ms Bibeau is touring the Armpit of the World (the Middle East) this week to announce that Canada will provide C$240 million (about $182 million in real money) over three years to address humanitarian needs in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. The latter two countries are already benefiting from Canadian assistance in reducing filthy cities like Raqqa, Palmyra and Mosul to rubble. The additional funding will be used to rebuild the shattered cities and support the basic needs of those hit hardest by the Muslim civil war, including food, shelter, health care, water, sanitation, hygiene, and... of course... abortion.

On a totally unrelated note... a new report from the Toronto Dominion Bank (TSX symbol "TD" -- worth a look!) predicts that Canada's budget deficit for this year could be as high as C$34 billion (roughly $26 billion US) -- $5 billion higher than the Liberal government planned for last March, thanks to weak economic growth and, errr, pouring beaverbucks down Third World ratholes. Good thing for the Gliberals that Canucks aren't allowed to vote until 2019!

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