Tuesday, February 14, 2017

VIDEO: Johnny Carson as the Great Carnac

I see Mickey Flynn has resigned, in the middle of the night no less. He is carrying the can, and rightly so, not for having talked to the Russkis about sanctions before he and President Trump were sworn in, but for being less than candid about having done so. It seems to me that Mr Flynn's resignation indicates that the new administration will indeed be different from the last quarter-century. The Clinton, Bush II and Obama administrations were all the same, in terms of stonewalling, denial, and a refusal of anyone to take responsibility for anything. Those who have high hopes for the Trump administration should be encouraged.

And now for something incompletely different. A number of readers welcomed Walt's posting of a clip from the old Tonight show in which Johnny Carson interviewed Robyn Hilton, a very budding starlet. One of my favourite segments of the show was the occasional appearance of the Great Carnac, a mystic seer from the pre-Islamist Middle East, who could divine the questions preceding the answers printed on the outside of hermetically sealed envelopes which had been stored on the front porch of Funk & Wagnall's, yada yada yada. The questions were inside the envelopes, see. The answers were printed on the outside. This was actually a refinement of the "Question Man" gag pioneered by Steve Allen, the first host of Tonight. Betcha didn't know that...

Anyhoo, here's the Great Carnac, featuring Johnny and Ed McMahon, he of the hearty laugh. Only geezers like me will get some of the jokes, but the funniest one -- SIS BOOM BAH is the answer -- seems to tie in nicely with Mike Flynn's resignation. Enjoy.

[Ed., I told you I'd tie it all together at the end!]

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