Friday, April 13, 2018

This photo makes me feel so OLD!

OK, I AM old... older than dirt... But I hate being reminded of it by pix like this one.

In case you don't recognize these people -- I scarcely do myself -- they are (left to right) Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Scorsese, Dave Thomas, Martin Short and Joe Flaherty. What (some of you may be asking) do they have in common? Answer: all but Scorsese are alumni of SCTV, produced and performed in Canada by an all-Canadian cast... except for Joe Flaherty, who was made an honorary Canuck after the 13th season of reruns.

What's Martin Scorsese doing there? Well, according to a press release from Netflix, Mr Scorsese has signed on to direct a "Netflix original comedy special" which will explore the history and legacy of the Emmy-winning sketch comedy series. Wouldn't you wonder why Netflix couldn't find a Canuck to do that? I know I would.

I'm also wondering where the rest of the gang are. Missing from the panel will be missing funny lady Robin Duke and funny man Tony Rosato, who wasn't a happy person in real life and wound up as a guest of Her Majesty somewhere in eastern Ontario. And John Candy. He died. He was perhaps the best known of the cast, although not (IMHO) the funniest. That title goes to Rick Moranis, again IMHO.

Where is Rick Moranis? Maybe he didn't want to be involved with what is sure to be a truly dreadful production, not even worthy of Netflix, which isn't saying much. I can see a clip show interspersed with reminiscences, the sort of thing you might hear if you were sitting on the verandah of the Old Comedians Home. Ghastly. Don't stay tuned.

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