Wednesday, April 18, 2018

VIDEO Book review: Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau

As Walt told you on Washington's Birthday [Uh, Walt... not any more. Ed.], Canadian Prime Minister Just In Trudeau has a problem. With each passing day, it looks and sounds more and more like "Junior" is fast becoming one of the least popular people in Canada. Even his own Liberal party is fed up with Prime Minister Selfie.

According to Sun newspapers' columnist Anthony Furey, a growing chorus of disenchanted Liberals are screwing up the country ["screwing up their courage", shurely! Ed.] to criticize the PM. And now there's a book -- Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau -- by Jocelyn Coulon. Since I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy yet, I leave it to Mr Furey to give you a quick review.

Further reading: If you read French, here's an excerpt published in La Presse, entitled (translated) "The fall of the minister".
And here's the blurb from Not that it'll do me any good, but tell `em Walt sent ya!

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