Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tanya Granic Allen wins PC nomination; bring on the election!

For those who don't follow Ontario politics, "PC" stands for Progressive Conservative, the oxymoronical name the province's centrist party chose for itself long before "PC" (Political Correctness) became the bane of true conservatives.

The very photogenic Tanya Granic Allen, last mentioned here in March, is defiantly un-PC, in the latter sense, but is now the official PC candidate for the riding of Mississauga Centre in the June 7th provincial election.

Yesterday she won the party's nomination, defeating three other candidate wannabes (including a Muslim), in the "ethnically diverse" riding. If you look closely, you might spot one of Walt's agents in the crowd of supporters.

A strong social conservative, Mrs Granic Allen is a past president of Parents As First Educators (PAFE), an advocacy group fighting against the Liberal government's pro-queer sex education agenda. She also advises various organizations including the Catholic Civil Rights League of Canada, and Campaign Life Coalition. In 2014, she was invested as Dame of Magistral Grace in The Order of Malta.

During the recent PC leadership contest, Mrs Granic Allen spoke out against the Liberals' sex education curriculum, once saying that the decline in elementary school students' math scores was the result of discussing anal sex in the classroom. This month she came under fire from the usual gang of "progressive thinkers" and SJWs for comments she made online in 2013 and 2014. Speaking about Québec's proposed Charter of Values, Mrs Granic Allen said she opposed the niqab and burka, saying people shouldn't "dress like bank robbers when going to vote" or "ninjas when going on an afternoon stroll."

She cited an attack on two teenage girls in Zanzibar "yet another reason not to vacation in a Muslim country." And in 2014 she tweeted in 2014 that the Queen should not allow gay marriage in England. The Queen's reply is not a matter of record.

Walt joins Doug Ford in congratulating Tanya Granic Allen on being nominated. But that's just the first step in making her strong voice for Canadian Christian values heard in the Ontario legislature. The second challenge is getting her elected in a riding where white, born-in-Canada Christians are in the minority. If you're a resident of Ontario -- of Mississauga Centre in particular -- and would like to help, visit her website or click here to send an e-mail to the campaign team. Good luck, Tanya!!!

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